Friday, February 27, 2009

TZ's Friday...

Weather : Gloomy and Cloudy

TZ health : Gloomy but recovering ... 

I woke up at about 9am this morning felling much much more better than last night... I was suffering like I was in hell (err... how i know how hell liked ... anyway, just an expression). Running nose, coughing none stop, dizziness, head spinning... you name it i had it... I could not sleep until 2am... *Sob Sob* 

After drank a nice cup of warm milk... TZ just sleep like a baby... *bubu*.... When i woke up today i was so fresh and ready to go to DBKL to pay the assessment which due on Feb 28th 2009... I promised my dad that I would go to help to pay the assessment... so i did I did... I dragged my heavy sick body up, took a nice hot and steamy shower... wash every inch of my body... got changed and headed to DBKL headquater @ Jalan Raja Laut. 

I was planning to complete the payment within an hour cause the parking besides DBKL costs RM3.50 for the first hour... hey it's damn expensive. So, without wasting anytime, I quickly locked the car and headed to DBKL payment counter... Since i don't have the statement with me, I got the inquiry number... there were a counter that was so friendly and helped me to print out the statement... So efficient... *Two Thumbs Up*

Later, the lady that served me transfered my number to the payment counter... I only waited for 10 mins to be my turned to pay for the assessment... wow! so good service and they were having a big smile and greeted me when i approached the counter... i felt so warm and felt like i was in Canada... i was trying to find out how to give a notes or two about the services and experience that i had... Unfortunately, they don't have that kind of services ... it's was so discouraged... sometime it's good that we also shown appreciation how the service crews treated us... but the person only passed me a complaint form even though i asked for an appreciated form... sigh! sigh! sigh!... I just gave up this as the parking time was running out... sorry Miss service crew... I should have met your boss for writing an appreciation notes but no one would pay my damn expensive carpark... I felt so sorry... 

I managed to get back to my condo @ about 12pm... Just in time to watch the news @ TV1... boiled the water for my noodles... yes! I cooked noodles today... yeh! TZ cooked again today but not picture to show... just a plain Korean instant noodles with Mushroom, Vegetable, Eggs and Mussels... Yum! Yum!... 

After lunch i took some medicine and just dozed off on the couch @ the living room....

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Virus is back again...

I though i'm recovering and happily go back to gym for my dancing class yesterday ... but i was wrong! wrong! wrong!... I am coughing like crazy since this morning and it turned from worse to worst... I'm sneezing and sneezing with having the running nose now... Just pop another 2 more panadol soluable ... I better go to take a nap now before it got worst worst worst ...  

Goodbye to my gym session tonight with Little Gray Dot... dude, sorry for the last minute cancel... I don't think i could have energy to go to gym tonight... *sneeze* *cough cough* Moreover, i might be complaint by someone in the gym stated that i spread the germ to all the people in the gym... *cough cough*...

Sigh! Sigh~~~ The virus is back or never even go away!... Please go away... i don't wanna you to be around ... shoot! shoot! shoot!

hit the bed now... ciao!

My lunch...

To go with the flow of saving money during the unstable economy situation... TZ has started his cooking for his lunch one week ago... no more Tony Romas, TGIF, McD, O'Brien, Subway etc... 

Let me introduced what i cooked my lunch.... just a very simple lunch

Frozen Seafood Pasta

Defrost the Frozen Pasta

Cooking the pasta in boiling water 

After a few minutes... I took out the pasta and broil the vegetable... followed by cooking the tomato mushroom sauce for pasta.. yum yum...  At the same time, i cooked the mushroom soup...

tada.... here is the result of my cooking ... How is it?... 

Mushroom Soup

Seafood Pasta

Not tough to cook seafood pasta but it has been long time i didn't cook pasta... i was a bit rush and don't know what to do when the water overflew @ the stove ... sigh! sigh~~~ Need to do more cooking to train myself back to cooking mode ... Kakakaa :)

Insomnia, Fantasy Girl, Beautiful, Krazy, Cookie Jar, In the Ayer, Right Round, Switch...

hahaha.... you must be thinking what kind of title is this???... 

kakaka... there are all the songs that i danced in my line dance funk last night @ Fitness First Summit... i was so enjoy all the songs with the moves... 

Guess what? TZ managed to follow the dancing steps in the class today but still could not dancing very well ... still a bit stiff... kakaka... at least better than when i got started. Bernard the instructor has known me by name and he was checking to make sure i was able to follow all the step. What a nice instructor... :)

I'm progressing and i have confident to learn to dance before end of March 2009... TZ can do it :) Here's a clip that taken quite sometime ago that i found it in Youtube when i search for Bernard line dance... the person on the stage is Bernard, the instructor of Line Dance funk... Enjoy! 

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Having my light dinner @ Old town Cafe...

I left home early to beat the extreme traffic @ the surrounding area of Summit USJ... whenever you tune in the radio station... Jalan Kewajipan i.e in front of Summit ... for sure there will be jam! jam! and jam! 

I reached Summit about 5pm... got myself a nice and quiet corner @ Old town Cafe. Sigh! I didn't bring my camera (A520) with me. It was in another bag of mine... otherwise i will take a snapshot of the nice sunset. You must be wondering how i capture this picture shown below... hehehe... I captured this on my last visit... I sat on the same table today :)

So what am i having for today? Errr.... 
1. Omega Soft Boiled Eggs 奥美加生熟蛋
2. OLDTOWN Homemade Sticky Rice 旧街场生炒糯米饭
3. OLDTOWN White Milk Tea 旧街场白奶茶

i'm not very full but at least have something for me to burn later during my workout in the gym... Looking forward for my line dance funk class with Bernard... :) hopefully i would not puncture half way and just sit there to watch other people dance. 

Gotta get ready to hit the gym... Ciao... Reporting live from Old Town Cafe Summit Subang. Claimed to have 4mb wifi connection... hey it's true man... It's very very fast :)


I woke up feeling way way better ... no fever, no itchy throat and no sweating... but i have a sexy voice now... a very muscular voice :) hiak hiak...

I have lots of things to accomplish today... 
** send my sister to KL Sentral 
** Pay my TM net bill in Bangsar ... could not pay online, TM net sucks ... my a/c have problem ... ish!
** Go grocery shopping @ Plaza Damas... 
** Take a quick nap 
** Head to Fitness First Summit for my line dance funk tonight.

that's all folks .... enjoy the rest of your Wednesday eh! What's your Wednesday like??? ... :)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Sweating .... recovering... dancing

I locked myself in my condo today... I was so bored... nothing much to do... I was sitting in the living room watching some documentary @ TV1 ... Guess what? I just dozed off most of the time... Thanks to all my MSN friends that wishes me to get well soon... And all my blogger friends to wishes me to get well soon too. I'm recovering ... 

I was sweating the whole day long even though i didn't do any exercise... I drank so many litres of water which loss through all the sweating... I'm sweating now too... i felt my inner body is so hot... felt like i'm having fever but when i checked my temperature... it's not fever... the temperature is showing normal.. Errrrr... why i kept sweating, sweating and sweating ... 

hahaha... after the sweat, me smell so musky and sexy with all the sweat. Blek~ I took a shower twice today because i could not bare with my sticky and sweaty body... 

Gotta hit the bed soon... It's 10 something now... ciao! Will have to be fit to go my dancing class tomorrow... :)

Sick Sick please go away....

I was not in a good shape since I woke up yesterday morning ... head was spinning...throat was so itchy... the whole body like was going to break down... Anyway, I was fighting with the sickness throughout the day until after my gym workout in the evening... I was totally gave way to the virus after my Step and Bodypump workout... ok! ok! ok! Virus you win the games ... Sigh~ Sigh~ Sigh~....

I was having light fever last night when i came back from the gym... After finished all the washing (gym clothing, dishes), I was chatting with my friends in MSN as usual... one of my friend said that i did too much workout that's why i'm sick ... errrrr... am I? blek!... 

Another doctor friend of mine asking me to hit the bed earlier and asked me not to sleep in nude... errrrrr... how he knew that i sleep naked ... hmmmm :p Oh yes! I wrote once about sleeping naked in my recent tagged... oops... the whole world knew i sleep naked now ...  *face turn red* 

Guess what? Since young I have always be a good boy and listen to the doctor's advices... So i went to sleep @ 11am. I woke up @ about 9am this morning... not totally recovered but feeling better... I took my light breakfast and dozed off again in the living room until 11am... 

It's about lunch time ... what should i have for lunch... errrrrrr.... 

I'm lazy to cook, 
I'm lazy to go out to buy my lunch even it's just take a lift and go down to the cafe... 
i'm thinking to have Pizza and Buffalo Wings from Dominos

Do you believe that people who felt sick usually have some strong food craving ... errrrr... I want to eat buffalo wings and Pizza from Dominos. Okay, at one time, i was so pissed and boycott them... but i would like to break the boycott and order a pizza now.. so can i have Pizza from Dominos? Or anyone kind enough to buy me lunch and send it to my place with TLC ... :p

I'm still feeling a bit tired and a bit weak to hit the gym today... a day off for Gymrat TZ... no gym today! My mission today is sleep sleep sleep and recover as soon as possible... zzzzzzzzzZZZZZZzzzzzz

Monday, February 23, 2009

Weird Message from Yellowman and friends

Who is Yellowman? hehehe... i bet when i sing this song everyone will know who is Yellowman... So, let's TZ sing for you... hmmm ekekeke.... *clearing the throat* 

errrrrr... On second thought, I think i better not singing, otherwise all of you will not be coming back to my blog again... sigh! So i found this advertisement to replace my singing ... let the advertisement show you what i meant... 

Ok, enough for the song... So back to what i would like to blog about... I got this text sent out by this phone number +60184718947 on via text that shocked me ... 

"[Free Daftar] nak tonton HOT video di dlm blk X-ray hospital KL yang diterbit dlm surat khabar terkini. Tekan ON AW htr ke 33807 Utk 18 keatas shj" 

translate to english: 
[free registration] wanna to watch the HOT video in the X-ray room @ hospital KL which was published in the recent newspaper. Send a text ON AW to 33807. For age 18 and above only.

Sigh~ Sigh~ Sigh~... who actually do this and send out this kind of spam message ... the police and the hospital KL should find out who is the owner of +60184718947... and sent this person to jail for intruding other people privacy... Anyway, I'm not interested to subscribe it ... just would like to blog about this to share with all of you ... BTW, I just worry about digi gave away my information which has shown that some one has got hold of my number and send the message out via the network... Have you received this kind of message? What would you do if you receive these messages? Complaint to Digi? 

my Piano...

If i said i know how to play piano... do you believe? yes or no?.....

Anyway, I was chatting with Medie007 on MSN and he sent me this youtube clip which this guy is playing the song Beautiful by Akon.

By looking @ the clip, I think of my long lost Piano lesson... I started playing piano when i was in primary one. My parent has trained me to listen to classical music since i was still in Kindergarden... so i like quite a number of classical music from Bach era till the modern age etc ... But my favorite composers are Mozart, Tchaikovsky and Beethoven. :) 

Along the years, I had learned many pieces of song but mainly classical song... I stopped my piano lesson when i was in Secondary Five... which i got not much time to practice due to my SPM examination. I have no choice but to give up my Piano lesson. It was quite a waste but anyway, i had made a right choice... 

It's now remain a chapter in the book of TZ's life... I was not playing piano for nearly a decade plus as i don't have a piano with me now. Anyway, i think playing piano is nice as it could calm a person down and let the person relax himself or herself and enjoy the music... 

I was so tempted to move the piano from my parent house to my current place.. so i could pick up the piano again... So, you must be thinking what songs that i usually play... So, here you go some songs that i liked to play during my piano lesson... hehehe... I could not list down all the songs... just selected two to three to let you have a feel... 

Turkish March by Mozart

Pour Adeline by Richard Clayderman

Fur Elise by Beethoven

Hehehe.... don't ask me to play the piano now ... I really need time to brush up on playing the piano... my finger no longer as flexible as before which i could easily roaming on top of the piano... Need to get back to groove and practice make perfect... 

So, what music instrument are you playing?... 

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Body Pump with Mr. Shy @ Fitness first Maxis

I asked Mr. Shy to join me to attend the bodypump class @ Fitness First Maxis today... It has been quite sometime I haven't attend the bodypump class with Mr. Shy... so i decided to text Mr. Shy last night and he's okay to have the class together.

I was early, I just popped in and had my breakfast @ Starbucks KLCC. Mr.Shy joined me after 30 mins later. We sat there until about 12:30pm... i walked over to my car and grabbed my gym clothing while Mr. Shy was hitting the gym. 

Since Mr. Shy was early to get into the gym and the class .... I was asking him to book a place for me in the class... Guess what? When i arrived, I was shocked to see my starting warm up weight was 10KG each side which has already setup by Mr. Shy... hehehe... Mr. Shy, were you expecting me to start with 10KG? ... hahahahaaaaaa...  Anyway, thanks for booking and setting up the weights for me :)

Jackson was our instructor for bodypump this afternoon. I told Mr. Shy that i would challenge myself to have the same weight as what Jackson had... i didn't know Jackson has selected all the power track... I was suffering while pushing myself to stay align with him.. hahaha... Mr. Shy was giving me a big smile... Blek!

Anyway, here you go my weight for Bodypump
Warm up track: 5 KG each  
Squart track: 10KG each
Chest track: 7.5KG each
Back track: 8.5 KG each
Tricep track: 5KG each
Bicep track: 5KG each
Lunges track: No weight
Shoulder track: 2.5KG plate each / 5KG each barbell.
Abs Track: No weight
Cool down Track: No weight

Guess what? I challenged Mr.Shy to add 1KG each for his Bicep track... it was a bicep track with only one quick recovery... tough! tough! tough! it was way way tough especially the finale 16 reps of bottom half... ouch! ouch! ouch! ouch!  ^_^ 

After the workout ... My muscle was so sore... the hamstring was so so so sore as i had two hours of pilate and line dance funk yesterday :p ... Had a quick lunch with Mr. Shy and we left KLCC at about 4pm.

Photographing @ Genting Highland

Last Wednesday, I was having a photographing session in Genting Highland with Chester. Why we choose Genting? Reason being it has been 8 years, i haven't stepped into Genting... it's time for me to see Genting after 8 years.

Chester and I parked our car @ 1 U, we hopped on to the Genting highland shuttle from 1 U to the Skyway station. It costs us RM8.50 one way including the skyway transfer... It's value for money. Imagine a Rapid KL already cost RM2.00. This bus journey was only RM3.50 and it brought us until Skyway Station @ Genting Highland.

Once we reached the skyway station, we hopped on to the skyway cable car... there's where we began our photo shooting ... I got roughly about 200+ shots for that day itself... 

Skyway cable car

Genting Hotel

Some random shots indoors too in the First World Plaza...

A young man and the advertisement

Statue of Liberty goes wild

Bowling anyone ?

SnowWorld in Genting ... cool

Man made Canal within the building

Later we moved out to the outdoor shots ... mostly targeted on flower and some outdoor scenery picture.

First World Hotel

Splashing @ Outdoor Theme Park

Buddhist Temple 

That's it folks ... more picture are available @ TZ photo with the Genting Highland tagged

Friday, February 20, 2009

On getting ready for tonight Funky Dance Class...

I was googling through Fantasy Girls by Caprice in then it shown that the YouTube has a copy of his MTV... a demo version. Hurray! It's good enough for me to practice my funky dance step... Guess what? Caprice is a Malaysian group which now his song is ranked #9 in the HITZ.FM MET Chart. 

How's the song? Nice???...

Hehehe, I could still remember clearly all the steps as i attended the Funky Dance class yesterday morning @ the Curve. Bernard was launching this new song for the class so we had danced almost four times during the class. Unfortunately, I was no a good dancer ... my body was not as flexible as most of the people in the classs... and i'm so shy to shake shake... I ended up dancing like a robot and found that it's very challenge to pick up the dancing step... Sigh!

While practicing at home this afternoon, I was able to shake a bit with remembering almost all the steps but as i watch myself from a small mirror... still i was dancing like a robot.. my body was as stiff as a tree trunk... imagine the wind blowing the tree... only certain part of the tree wave...  *sob sob* Anyway, I'm glad as i knew i was improving... better than my first time in the class.. Anyone have some best known method that could help me to be more flexible in the dance class... overcome the stiffness of my body while dancing ... Please don't ask me to drink before the dance class... I don't wanna to smell like dancing alcohol bottles... *Wink*

Anyway, I'm trying very hard to relax and enjoy the dancing as much as i could... need to get use to the dance by end of March 2009... Another one month to be able to dance and follow all the step in Bernard's Funky Dance Class. 

Thursday, February 19, 2009

A spy in Coffeeland: RM0.50 ++ coffee in a Restaurant... Believe it or Not?

You must be thinking TZ is a joker... where can we get RM0.50 ++ coffee in Kuala Lumpur especially in a restaurant ... It's true i did have this in one of the nice restaurant that most of us consider an expensive restaurant. Even better package, this place come with Internet access. Hehehe... I'm now in the place waiting for my coffee to be served ... how many cup of RM0.50++ coffee that you can drink when you purchase a coffee in Starbucks for RM7.90 after the RM2.00 off with the tumbler.... Hiak Hiak ... plenty!

Okay.... so now let me show u where you can get RM0.50 ++ coffee in Kuala Lumpur. The RM0.50 ++ coffee only limit to weekdays 3-6pm. Too bad the RM0.50++ coffee is no applicable during weekend and public holiday... 

If you are not a coffee drinker, no worry! they served Hot Choclate and Tea for RM0.50++ too ... hehehe, let's go to Tony Romas to chatting and gossiping... :) we definitely could spend at least 3 hrs there ... Anyone interested?

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A spy in Coffeeland : 51st Starbucks outlet ...

If you still remembered couples of months back, i have written an entry that listed all the starbucks in Malaysia that i had visited (total 49 outlets)... Few months back, I visited the starbucks @ 6th floor Pavilion which has marked the 50th starbucks in my list... 

Today, I have set my step into a new Starbucks which located  @ First World Plaza, Genting Highland... this has marked another outlet in my list... This outlet is in the state of Pahang... Guess what? this outlet has become 51st outlet of Starbucks that i visited in Malaysia *wink wink*

Starbucks @ First World Plaza is a bit unique... it has two floors and from the outside, u actually see like a building by itself... surrounded by the water. You are able to see the boat man paddling the boat and surround the Starbucks at the same time listening to the soft music. The price of the Ice Cafe Latte is one dollar expensive compare to outlet in KL.

Unfortunately, I have no time to visit other 2 outlets in Genting Highland ... the one @ the lobby of First World and the other @ the lobby of Highland Hotel... hehehe... maybe there will be my next trip target :p

ABC Tagged...

Since i was tagged by FoongPC... Let's me entertain you with some meme information to stay your boring or busy Wednesday.. just have a good laugh eh! :p

A. Attached or single? Errrrr... not single 2 years ago, but now... single!  : )

B. Best Friend? errrr... who is my best friend... I think you might be my best friend ... are you? Put your name in the comment eh! say... "TZ best friend is ...... "

C. Cake or Pie? Cake... why cake? Why? Why? Why? I also have no idea ... because it started with the "C" and i got one every year... :p

D. Day of choice? My birthday... i got so many wishes from around the globe... anyone forgot to wish me... you may wish me now.

E. Essential Item? My Macbook and internet... otherwise not able to blog and entertain my dearest reader.. kakaka

F. Favorite color? Black... make me look more slimmer ... kakaka (I'm not that fat that need to use black to draw people illusion )

G. Gummy bears or worms? Of coz Gummy bears, I'm not frogs, fishes, birdies...etc. i only love gummy bear from US ... not Made in Malaysia.

H. Hometown? Metropolitan Kuala Lumpur... but now a bit disappointed with the botak Kuala Lumpur city... trees are slowly disappear... give me back all the trees.

I. Favorite Indulgence? Muscle Pain... weird eh!

J. January or July? January... my birthday drop in this month... What July have to do with me? i didn't celebrate Canada day or US independence day.

K. Kids? You must be kidding ... :p

L. Life isn't complete without? gossiping ... lots of gossiping surrounding our life ... do you gossip?

M. Marriage date? coming soon! Don't ask me how soon... 

N. Number of magazine subscriptions. None... don't like to subscribe Magazine... i just purchase from the newspaper stand or book shop.

O. Oranges or Apples? I like Apple with a bite... 

P. Phobias? there's all kinds of phobia... Ablutophobia, homophobia, Counterphobia and much more ... see phobias list for complete phobias... so which phobias is listed in you ??? mind to share?...

Q. Quotes? Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going. So just don't motivate yourself to exercise ... make exercise a habit ... :)

R. Reasons to smile? *Smile* *Wink*

S. Season Of Choice? Winter ... able to skate on the river ... and go skiing :)

T. Tag five people. Who should i tagged ... hehehe " The first five person that read this entry"

U. Unknown fact about me? I like to sleep naked (no bare minimum)... anyone have the same habit as me ??? :p Hey keep it secret eh! shhhhhh... and no picture please! ...

V. Vegetable? good for health... :)

W. Worst Habit? errrr... what worst habit i have ... anyone can let me know :p

X. X Ray or Ultrasound? which part of my body ?

Y. Your favorite foods? Used to be Japanese... Now... Ugandan food (African food)

Z. Zodiac sign? Aquarius

hehehe... are you having a good laugh by now? ... now go back to work or study --> message from your boss / teacher / lecturer etc... kakaka :p

Update [Feb 18th 2009]: Why no one comment today... worry to be the first five to read my tag and got tagged eh!.. kakaka :p Just joking with you only. Looking forward for your comments eh!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

New Photo Frame...

My dad's friend just came to Malaysia from China and got my dad a photo frame as a gift...

errrr... the color a bit out i know ... i have not placed any photo into the photo frame yet... looking for some photo that will look nice with the photo frame... In searching of photo for display with this photo frame, I encountered these two pictures that i took two Saturday ago @ KL birdie park...  

So how's these two pictures with the photo frame... okay? Nice? If not okay or nice... i can always search and change to others ... kakaka :p

Monday, February 16, 2009

A spy in Coffeeland : An afternoon @ Starbucks, KBT

I walked in and ordered my usual Ice Cafe Latte with my Starbucks tumbler... I was a bit shocked as the barrister still remembered me... hehehe... how she could remember me? Maybe i'm blogger celebrity now ... don't you think? Or I'm Mr. Klang Bukit Tinggi *flex flex my muscle*... hahaha :p Anyway, she remembered me coz there was this one early morning... I was sitting there waiting for her to open the Starbucks for business. That's why she remembered me... aiyo... i think i need to change my wardrobe to be more Malaysian like.... kakaka

Guess What? I was the only one that used my tumbler to purchase coffee... seems like no one interested to get the RM2.00 off from the regular price in Klang Bukit Tinggi ... everyone here is very rich... :p No like poor TZ... really need RM2.00 off ... blek!~

After I got my coffee, i chosen a nice place to settle down... doing my usual surfing net, chatting with people in MSN etc. Suddenly i got this inspiration of writing an entry for my blog today... so i started this entry ... 

Okay... sitting in front of me was this lady who were so talkative... blah blah blah blah... none stop... she was not only talkative but also talking and laughing very loud... LOUD! ... like thunder and lightning struck during rain... *check out the weather outside... it's sunny now* kakaka :p She's 18 years old ... how i knew? hahaha... she was talking so loud and i could hear every single word that she said. She was talking to this guy who is sitting opposite her and back facing me who is going to start his work at 6pm here... yet to know whether he is her boyfriend or not... from my observation he is not. She kept complaining to him about another person who seems like her boyfriend... anyway ... who cares ... blek~!

Since i was sitting near the window, there were one couple who brought cheap McD meal from McD and sat outside Starbucks... the husband bought an ice blended and they started to eat the food in front of the staff... the wife fed the husband with fries ... the wife bitten one bite and hold the burger for her husband for another bite... hey man this is not McD ... this is Starbucks ... follow me STARBUCKS!  Sigh! Since when starbucks become so "cheapo".... Sigh! Sigh! Sigh!...

Hey guess what? I saw one person just walked in with the same tumbler as i had ... kakaka :p We are the fan of Starbucks ...  moreover he is using Macbook too what a good match... he is sitting just at the other corner !!!!!.... No i'm not going to talk to him... 

Another boring Monday ...

I am watching Live Telecast from Parliament... another new parliament session opening today... Let's see who is sleeping this morning ... wakakaka... btw, is Malaysia really operate in democratic mode or just show show only after the Perak event... LoL

I was bored with my life nowadays... my project will not be starting on next month... so i have another month to hang around in this mode...How to make myself busy on March? 

hmmm... i need to start my CSCP examination study. Need to take the CSCP exam on June this year. I postponed it to this year as it's only have 2 exam per year since i was supposed to go to Africa on June last year. 4 books to study... will have myself busy with the study...   

One thing i could not concentrate on my study @ home with the noisy pollution from the DUKE HIGHWAY construction... the highway construction that works 12 hours a day in regardless the communities and its surrounding. Took away our quietness and relaxing moment in the evening... #$@##@%#@#@##@!#@#  I wish the company that own the DUKE Highway close shop.... yes! close shop.

What i'm planning to do today... nothing much ... just going to the gym gym gym gym gym gym and gym... maybe start my study.

What is the goal on TZ's life nowadays? NONE! .... :( I felt so lifeless, so moody, nothing to look forward, disappointed with my career life, disappointed with life in Malaysia, money is getting lesser and lesser etc... oops am I in depression now? sigh!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

TZ is going to visit the city of Meow Meow...

I have reserved my air ticket from KL to this city via Everyone can fly carrier... The city is famous for Cats... meow meow mewo... I will spend about 6 days @ the city and its surrounding i.e. March 5th - 10th 2009. I'm working on where to visit and what to see during my stay in this city... I'm going to take picture of the famous waterfront during 4pm - 6pm when it's approaching the sunset. Heard that they have nice sunset @ the waterfront.

Anyone have idea what city i'm going to visit?

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Disappointed and Upset...

I was heading to IOI for my regular 3 back to back classes Body Attack, Step and Funky Dance. As usual i reached IOI at about 5 something... went over to OldTown Cafe to take two Omega Eggs + a glass of coffee before my 3 classes... 

Since i was @ the gym 45 mins before the first class started, I moved over to the PT front desk and asked for weighing ... errrrr... A PT was so nice to help me and he keyed in all the detail on the weighing machine. 

Guess What? The result was so disappointed ... *Sob Sob*
I was a bit upset as my percentage of fat has increased since my last measure one month ago way before Chinese New Year... is it because of Chinese New Year or TZ munch munch @ nite nowadays. 

The new reading is fat = 20.1% with Fat Mass = 15.4KG In order to reduce to 16%, i need to lost 3.7KG of fat. So TZ has to change his diet, workout and sleep early everyday. Can TZ do it ??? Yes! TZ have the confident to reduce 3.7KG in one month... kakaka ;p A change needed ... 

Sigh! Sigh! Sigh! Sigh! .... 

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Riding on Big Birdie...

While everyone is busy to take nice shots of the Thaipusam event... I was trying to avoid the crowd and decided to drive down to Seremban to meet Jonzz. I told Jonzz that i would like to ride on the big birdie when i am going to Seremban... so my dream came through last Monday ... I got the chance to ride on the big birdie... Hiak Hiak...

Getting up on the big birdie

Stress.... riding on the big birdie

Smile on TZ's face after getting use on riding the big birdie

Getting down from the big birdie

So, what's the feeling? Errrrr.... no pain, feeling excited, a bit stressful in the beginning which I was not bonded with the big birdie yet... few minutes later, i was so comfortable with the big birdie and enjoy the moment of riding it. Later, i just gave up of riding the big birdie as i was pity that he was suffering as i was so heavy... blek! :p Anyway, satisfied with riding on big birdie... kekeke :p 

Jonzz, his brother, both of Jonzz's bro's friends and I... total 5 of us drove to this Ostrich farm called Jelita Impian... it was on the way to Jelebu not far away from Seremban. We paid RM8 per pax and a guide actually brought us around the farm. Our fast stop was to look at the baby Ostrich... then follow by the adult ostrich... then the eggs.

Hello, my name is Ostrich... welcome to Jelita Ostrich Farm

We are happy couples, we are going to celebrate V-day...

Cat walk

Demo on the right way to ride on a big birdie

Big birdie Race

Have you ever ride on a big birdie? Mind to share your experience? :)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Lunch with one celebrity from Ku Milikmu

Again ... thanks to Bahija for arranging a simple luncheon @ downtown KL with Matt, Corine and Stewart.

Recently, my friend Matt has acted as David in the drama called Ku Milikmu as it's showing in TV3 now. Since it has been a long time we haven't had lunch together... Since it's Matt's birthday, Bahija has arranged a luncheon with Corine, Matt and me in downtown KL... Stewart who were here in KL joined us too in the luncheon @ Secret Recipe The Weld. Good opportunities to do some catch up at the same time celebrating Matt's birthday... I was teasing Matt on his character in Ku Milikmu... kakaka :p

Lunch with Matt


errrrr... which character does Matt hold in Ku Milikmu... you will not miss as he's the only Mat Salleh in the drama. If you are interested to watch Matt action.. watch the Ku Milikmu every Tuesday 9pm @ TV3... or you may watch the whole series @ Ku Milikmu archive by login into So, anyone wanna his autograph?... 


PS: can you spot Matt in the picture ... hehehe ... my birthday @ Chili's Bangsar recently

Monday, February 9, 2009

Birdie Shots : Birdie head & sexy butt

Everyone, let's play some guess guess game... let's guess head and butt belongs to who...

Picture #1 : I'm taking my snack... who am I? Africa Grey Parrot

Picture #2 : Is my butt sexy?... who am i? saddle stork

Picture #3 : This butt is dedicated to vincent ... who am i? Peacock's butt

Picture #4 : Can you see the hole?... who am i? Ostrich 

Picture #5 : I'm not Horny bill... Froggy... who am i? hornbill

Picture #6: Who am I? cattle egret

Picture #7 : Hiak Hiak ... my neck is long... anyone know who am i? Ostrich

Picture #8 : I like fish... who am i? yellow bill stork

Picture  #9: I like to dance bollywood dance... who am i? Indian Peacock

Lot's of different type of birdie... out of total 9 ... how many you really know their name?... :) Give it a try eh!... but no birdie gift for those who guess right or wrong ... kakaka :p