Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Looked back on March 31st 2008....

One year ago today was my last day in a big corporation... It's 1 year anniversary... I still remember the bitter sweet moment of my life ... At that time, i was excited to get the change... When i looked back on the moment... It's a big changeIt was a big change which i became freelancer than a permanent job holder... Is being a freelancer fun? Errrrr.... not really... :p

It was a moment that i missed my office so much after my 8 years... I was a bit emo over the office and my colleagues... so i blogged about my feeling via Goodbye my dear office. This was how playful we were in our office ... 

The company treated us a very nice farewell lunch... we had our buffet lunch @ Cyberview lodge and we took a nice team photo that would gave us lots of good memories now.. I missed all my ex-colleagues. (Beginning of a New Chapter) *Sob Sob*

The organizing committee also organized a finale party @ Borneo rainforest cafe - Sunway... I was drunk (was still able to walk but not drive) and fortunately i was not driving on that night ... My ex-colleague drove me back and i spent a night in his place ... 

Today is March 31st 2009... all of the bitter sweet moment was just like yesterday... time really flies.... 


on Craving for food @ 3am

The DUKE highway construction company casting the cement has given me a sleepless night until now... I could not sleep due to the noise... It was like this video clip... 

So damn noisy.... they were casting illegally and even cut off our complaint... will blog about this in a separate blog entry... i have lots more to say... stay tune eh!

Anyway, let's go back to what i would like to blog about... food! As i was organizing all my photo directory which consist of the photo i took for the past one month... I realized these photo 

Crispy bowl - Fried Oyster (O-Chien)

Pork Sate... Yummy! 

Ku-bak Noodles (Beef Noodles)

Sarawak Laksa

Frankie took Jonzz and I for Sarawak Laksa before sent us to the airport ... thanks Frankie for bringing me to taste the original Sarawak Laksa before i left Kuching... :)

Kolo Mee - Famous Noodles in Sarawak

Oopsss... it's 3am in the morning and i'm craving for food in Meow Meow city ... this is not healthy and i'm so sooooo sooooooo hungrrrrrrry now... drool drool drool.... blek! Anyone care to send me a Kolo Mee???....

Monday, March 30, 2009

Seafood Dinner @ Carey Island

I was invited to a dinner and movie on last Saturday evening... It was an excited moment for me as i never been to a place called Carey Island... Where is Carey Island? Errrrr... somewhere near Banting i believe... Anyway, with the gorgeous sunset ... the place was just a perfect place for a nice and quiet dinner... 

We arrived @ the restaurant with a just nice timing to view the sunset ... it was a gorgeous sunset at Carey Island while Kuala Lumpur is raining cats and dogs... kakaka :p I was attracted to the nice sunset view and busy on taking shots of the sunset and the surrounding area... :)

Sunset @ Carey Island

Another artsy shots as the pattern of the wave attracted my attention :)

Photo cut from history book ... hehehe :)

Anton was busy ordering the food, he knew the place well... of coz he knew what is nice in that restaurant... :) So the whole table of us was waiting for our food ... I was so touched as Anton treated us his 20 years old collectible whisky :)

I was quoted with "TZ is so Macho, drinking whisky on the rock..." Errrrr.... my face turned red even I haven't drank a sip... inside me I was so happy.... someone said i'm Macho... immediately a tune come into my mind... "Macho Macho Man..... blah blah blah" Blek!  Anyway, this was a very nice whiskey... it tasted very smooth.... it's even better without ice. 

Few minutes later, the first dish that we ordered has arrived... followed by lots of dishes... the whole table was full...  we managed to capture two dishes... errrr... coz we were so hungry ... focusing on eating instead of taking picture of our food.

Fried Rice Noodles

Butter crab... yum yum! This is the signature dish of the restaurant

We were chatting at the same time taking our dinner, sipping the nice whiskey too... :) We were talking from one topic to another... Time flies so fast, it's time to leave the restaurant for our movie night out...  

Anyway, I would like to thanks Anton for organized this night out gathering before i leave Uganda for my assignment... Thanks Anton! So you wanna to know who else were in the dinner and movie night out? ... Scroll down to our group pictures... eh!


Can you see how many of us in total??? :p

Friday, March 27, 2009

On learning to take portrait photo...

I'm not good in taking portrait photo in fact i was very bad in this area too... I was a virgin... blek! I could not capture the best moment of the object... especially human... Sigh! Sigh! Sigh! 

I was given this opportunities to help out my friend who wanted to setup a blog for herself ... So she approached me on asking me to take a couple of photo for her blog... Hey! not just a simple shots.. she was so serious that she went to the saloon and get her hair set followed by the beauty center for her make up... :p  Yup! she's serious...

Here you go some shots that i took... an amateur shots.... kakaka :p

Too bad i don't have external flash... :(

That's all folks .... my first portrait photo taking ... it was fun and would like to thanks Pooi Ling for giving me this opportunity to practise. 

Pooi Ling! welcome to the Blog Community... 

Folks, Pooi Ling's blog is still under construction at this moment. Anyway, just dropped by her blog and say hello eh! 

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Visiting a mall in town...

This mall has opened since last year ... this is the first time i visited this mall. I'm sipping my coffee now in the Starbucks @ Tropicana City Mall... I marked another new outlet in my list... the 54th outlets of Starbucks that i visited.. :)

Anyway, I took some pictures of the Tropicana City Mall (TCM)... The TCM is a nice mall, the whole mall looks very spacious and empty ... not many people ... 

Tropicana City Mall - ground floor

Look a like roof with Pavilion...

Meanwhile, the starbucks is very nice... new and the whole starbucks is full of natural lights as the ceiling is very high... Good environment to have a peace of mind... 

Starbucks @ Tropicana City Mall - 54th outlet

Classic black & White

BTW, the 53rd outlet Starbucks was marked @ Kuching International Airport before i left Meow Meow city... hehehe... i have been to all the Starbie located in Meow Meow City.

Starbucks @ Kuching International Airport - 53rd outlet

Anyway, I'm very sleepy now ... so sooo sooooooo sleepy. Maybe i should go home and take a nice sleep.

Blogging live by TZ @ Starbucks Tropicana City Mall

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Breakfast @ KL Sentral Starbucks + Ideation Workshop

Bahija picked me up @ 7:00am and we carpooled over to KL Sentral for the Ideation Workshop organized by MDEC. It was a very interesting but tired workshop as we need to crack our head for new and fresh idea to get the RM150K grant from MDEC pre-seeding fund. This workshop actually triggered our thinking process to solidify our ideas... 

We arrived in KL Sentral as early as 7:20am. Walked over to Starbie and what we found out was the Starbie was not open yet.

We are not Open Yet... 

We were sitting in front of Starbie to wait for them to open for business... This was the 2nd time i was the 1st customer of Starbie .. muhahaha.... :p Bahija and I orderd two sets of the RM6.50++ set breakfast which is one Grande fresh brew Kenya coffee and Minced Chicken Omelette Sandwich... 

After the breakfast, we walked over to Plaza Sentral and headed to the MSC incubation center @ 3rd floor, where the workshop was being held. The meeting room was quite nice and when we arrived there... it was only 11 people... Guess how many attendees in total? The organizer expected to have 30 people ... It was 8:30am and only 1/3 of people turned up... Oh Malaysian... why you have the Malaysian rubber time... Sigh! Sigh! Sigh!... 

Anyway, Bahija and I chosen a nice seat as we were early... I hooked up with the internet and started surfing while waiting. The class started 1/2 hour later... :p The facilitator took about 2 hours plus near to three hours to go through the introduction and everyone's idea.... I presented my idea about creating some animation thingy... got a feedback that i should look into the domain that i'm familiar with... hehehe :p 

The class went more and more fun and excited as we would be able to know the technique on generating ideas from the workshop... The workshop ended with a take home assignment i.e. need to produce a solidify ideas (One pager) before April 2nd 2009... how? I have no solid idea now which is related to the ICT... Errrrrr..... Anyone could suggest some innovative idea using ICT to solve some day to day problem ... :p Do you have any challenging problem?

Hey, I gotta to go to the gym shortly ... need to clear up my mind after long day of workshop that drained all the juices from my brain... Ciao!

Skating on the icy water...

I went skating with a bunch of my friends last Saturday. It has been about 10 years since my last skating ... are you sure 10 years... YES! 10 years ... hehehe.... i sound like i'm so old .... blek!

In our group there were 2 of us who were virgin on skating ... you know skating was not a hard thing ... just need some guts and focus to learn... So these two friends of mine were willingly to sacrificed their virginity... :p

My friend in Canada once told me there are 5 falls to graduate from learning skating ... i got all 5 when i learnt skating on frozen river... kekeke :p
1st fall : Unable to balance. Oops! Fall and sit on the ice ... 
2nd fall : Unable to walk properly (too slippery). Fall and sit on the ice again.
3rd fall: Unable to control and skate well (leg too stiff ). Fall and sit on the ice after the 1st attempt to relax the legs 
4th fall : Enjoy skating but hardly could control on turning (One spin). Fall and sit on the ice.
5th fall : Unable to stop ... hit and fall... 

We started to drag these two friends of us into the center which has nothing to hold... so they have to learn on balancing and walking on the ice helpless... hehehe  Is this torture or what? I think this is a good way to learn ice skating ... faster way to learn up skating :p

Two to three hours later, the two friends of mine actually has learnt on balancing and walking on the ice... indeed they learnt on slow skate too. But how many times they have fell and sat on the ice... Errrrrrr.... need to ask them... :p Coz i was not there all the time when they learnt. Just dropped by once a while to check their progress...  I was skating and roaming around the ice skating rink which is full of water... went through in between those people whom were standing @ the ice rink... I basically cruising around the ice rink... looking at lenglui and lengzai... And also to be seen... blek!  

I noticed most of the skater have wet butt... why? The ice skating rink was so bad quality that instead of the solid drier ice layer ... the Ice Skating rink in Sunway was covered with icy water... My friends have a wet butt too... hehehe... I was the only one who don't have wet butt... but i have a wet left knee as i felt on with left knee after being knocked by a person who was not able to stop ... #$#@%##$@#... 

Anyway, i was so enjoyed the time that we spent in the ice skating rink.... We left the rink at about 7pm... Before my last round of skating .... I was sitting on the bench talking to my friend Guess What? my friend has pointed out one small kids shoes whom was not tighten enough...the small kids walking with a tilted leg... it was so soooooo dangerous... So i quickly went to talk to the mother and helped the mother to bring the small child back to the bench area from the rink, the mother was helping the small kid to retighten the shoes.  I was off to my last round of skating in the rink... I bet the mother has seen me performing in the ice skating rink... later, the mother approached me and asked for my help to teach her daughter some basic step. Her daughter was holding the side and learnt by herself ... 

I was so eager to teach her as she was so sweet... hehehe.. another virgin :p But unfortunately, I didn't have time as my friends have decided to leave the rink for dinner .... sigh! Sigh! sigh!... I should have told my friends that i would not join them for dinner and continued teach the sweet lady... 

It was a tired but enjoyable afternoon in the icy water skating rink... 

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

TZ is being lazy...

You must be thinking where is TZ... blog no update since Friday... What happened to TZ? BTW, anyone miss me? Errrrr... I'm being so emo... kakaka

Anyway, I'm being lazy to blog... fortunately i'm still not too lazy... still blog about i'm being lazy... okok! gotta to hit the bed now ... ciao

Damn! The Duke Highway is making so much noise ... it's 2am ... Sigh! Sigh! Sigh!... 

Friday, March 20, 2009

It's Friday night again...

I'm going for an important dinner tonight ... ciao!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

60 Earth Hour - How KL city looks like?

I think by now everyone was aware there is a 60 Earth Hour campaign on March 28th 2009 (Saturday)... The campaign is to encourage everyone to participate to have light out for an hour from 8:30pm to 9:30pm.... This is a world wide event... eager to see how the world look like without lights ... Can we see the twinkle twinkle little stars as what we had before or just can't see anything at all... because of the hazy night without lights...

I was sitting on my balcony for the past few days to think on how the KL will look like on March 28th 2009 8:30pm-9:30pm... especially the famous KL landmark the Petronas Twin Tower... i bet the Petronas Twin Tower will be also participate in the lights out campaign so do rest of the tower in KL downtown including those important landmark etc... Will the city council also switch off all the street lights including the traffic lights ... blek! 

KLCC twin tower before 12am

KLCC twin tower after 12am

Just wondered will the twin tower look like after 12am on March 28th 2009 8:30pm-9:30pm... it's an interesting question... so let's find out. I will get my equipment prepare to take some interesting shots.

I think this is a good campaign at least all the people in the world are aware on how important we need to save our earth before it's too later ... let's provide a good environment for our next generation... Let's lend a hand to help our earth. 

Side Notes:
Not related with the 60 Earth Hour... i'm in Coffee Beans right now writing this entry... guess what two interesting scenario has drawn my attention.
1. A couple was seeking the consultation from a feng shui master / fortune teller on how to get their life back... and the guy whom is the fortune teller/feng shui master was carried a laptop... errrrr... so high tech! I curious how much this couple paid for their consultation... in this economy, maybe if you know Feng Shui / Fortune telling... you might be earning good money eh! :p 
2. One uncle with strong BO came into the Coffee Bean... took a sit on the table besides me without buying any drinks...happily shouting on the phone with loud voice telling the other party that he has already reached Starbucks which located opposite the Secret Recipe...errrrrr.... I just gave him a weird stare! .... and i thought *uncle, this is coffee beans not starbucks... can't you differentiate ah? one brown and the other is green... Starbuck is across the road* blek~ 

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Rainy Wednesday with enjoyable gym session

I woke up at 5:30am this morning... just wanna to have a change of my daily life ... you must be thinking is there something on... appointment? Going for Bak Kut Teh in Klang again? hehehe... nope... I decided to hit the gym for 7am basic step @ FF-IoI mall. 

I got a text from my friend "Wake Up! Wake Up!" @ 5:30am... and i replied "Wake up already about to give you a morning call... hehehe"... pulled my lazy ass up and hit the shower. Before hitting the shower, I walked over to the balcony and checked out the KL city view in the early morning ... it was so hazy but after a close look ... i realized it was raining outside... Sigh~ Of all the days, why mother nature wanna to pour water from the sky early morning today... really spoiled my mood to the gym ... Sigh~ sigh~ :( Anyway, no rain would stop my gym session... 

The road was full of water whenever it rained cats and dogs ... cars on the road was crawling along the highway... It has been quite a while i drove in such a heavy rain... i realized it was aa challenge to drive under such heavy rain especially for the highway condition that we had in Malaysia.. see our govt spent so much money to support the development of bad quality highway. Why i say so? The water was not flowing out via the drain, most of the time the water was catch and stagnant at the edge of the fast lance in the highway. And those drivers still maintain  the recommended speed in the fast lane... So, when the car drove over the water, it splashed... One car nearly hit my car when i cruising the Putrajaya highway due to the damn pool of water... so so soooooo dangerous!!!. Highway engineers and designers, please design a highway which will not catch a pool of water on the road when it rain... we want a safer highway!

Reached FF-IOI mall after an hour challenging drove... My friend has already arrived there and was doing his cardio...  hehehe he was staying closer to IOI mall than me :p We headed to Janet's class at about 7am,  the whole class was full of Aunties as i expected... we were the only two cute guys there ... kakaka :p Since it has been long time i didn't share board with others... I suggested to share board with my friend...  He agreed since he has not had experience of sharing board. The class started with lots of turns here and there... turn until those aunties also confused... hahaha guess what? both the cute guys were able to catch all the steps that taught by Janet and in par with the speed of the instructor too... *Two Thumbs Up*

The class went through an hour... since my friend has to rush for his appointment @ 9pm... I stayed on for my own weight workout (Back, Chest, Bicep, Tricep and Abs)... I skipped Shoulder for today. After the workout,  cool down and took the shower... then headed Old Town Cafe for their set Breakfast... I ordered Set A (1 cup of Kopi-O, 2 pieces of toast with butter, 2 Omega Eggs). The total after tax was RM4.40... 

Left IOI and headed back to my condo after the breakfast... caught in the jam even after 10am @ the Sungai Besi... blek! re-route to hit Jalan Loke Yew instead... So i went back with Jalan Kinabalu and Jalan Kuching. Wow! surprisingly the traffic was so smooth... As a whole it took me 1 hr plus to reach my condo. Washed up my gym clothes and i'm chilling out in the living room now... kakaka... :p 

What is basic Step? since i could not find clip for Janet's class ... here is a clip that show you what is basic Step in the HeartPatrick's U-tube.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I should have posted this entry last night ... since i was not in the mood to write this post... Since i promise my readers to get this post today... :) Here you go.... Okay... some background to those of you that do not know why Ritchie and who is Ritchie? 

I went to the Semanggoh Wildlife Center and met Ritchie... He is friendly, muscular and cute too... After the visit Semanggoh... i sent my friend an text telling him that i met this guy who is muscular and sooooooo cute... visit my previous entry here.

errrrr.... is he cute? So, he's Ritchie? Yes / No?

Ritchie? Errrrr... what do you think?

How about this guy...Cute? Ritchie? Errr ... He didn't look muscular :p

Ritchie Ritchie... are you Ritchie? Do you know Ritchie?

So who is Ritchie? Are you ready to meet the muscular and sooooooooo cute guy that i met during my trip to Semanggoh Wildlife Center... "Drum please"... 

Hello... My name is Ritchie... Nice to meet you~

Ritchie: I'm born on 1989... I'm the king of Semanggoh Wildlife Center... glad to meet all of you... do take my pictures eh!... 

Ritchie is having his meal

Closer shots of Ritchie... so is he CUTE?

Monday, March 16, 2009

Not in mood ...

I'm not in mood ... nooooooooooot in mood .... 

So not going to blog about Ritchie... Sorry folks, promise will have Ritchie picture up tomorrow.
Going to sleep and hope for a better tomorrow .... 

Sula bulung. 

Sunday, March 15, 2009

On visiting Semanggoh Wildlife Center...

Jonzz and I saw some notes on the white board @ the lodge... The notes stated Semanggoh (1 pax)... So we started to ask the hotel person where is Semanggoh and any transportation, how much to go to that place ... what could we see @ that place etc ... lots of questions like a small kiddo... 

Since we haven't been to the place, we arranged the transportation... it cost us RM25... RM20 for the transportation and RM5 for the entrance fee... it was quite cheap... better than the Sepilok center in Sabah... which was so expensive... sigh~

Anyway, what we could see in Semanggoh Wildlife Center... hehehe.... continue reading.... 

Flower Flower Flower .... Orchid lar.... 

At about 9pm... We need to gather @ the entrance of the walk way to the feeding and spectator platform for some briefing before we were allowed to enter.... Lots of rules.... be quiet, do not use flash etc...  Once the door open, three of us, Jonzz, Chris, and I were walking towards the feeding / spectator platform... so what were the wildlife center feeding... errrrrr.... it's actually Orang Utan. :)

The spectator platform was @ the end of the walkway... we need to stand @ the platform quietly to wait for the Orang Utan to travel to the feeding platform... It was interesting because the rangers were calling names... each of the Orang Utan has a name... btw, there were two new born Orang Utan who has no name yet... they were waiting for people to adopt... I was so tempted to adopt one of the baby Orang Utan and name him TZ... kakaka :p But unfortunately with my current financial condition... I don't think i could afford to adopt an Orang Utan... Sorry man!

After a few minutes of calling... a mother with her child swung over a rope and landed @ the feeding platform... Later followed by couple of others Orang Utan.... 

Mother and her child

ahahahahaha..... I'm Tarzan

What should i do right now, so many human being are looking @ me?

After the food intake... there was an Orang Utan started with showing us some acrobatic swing and hanging himself upside down :) 

Hey everyone! Look @ me .... where is the Clap Clap eh!

Later he just sat on top of the spectator platform... the ranger was asking us to avoid standing below the Orang Utan unless we wanted a warm shower... hehehe. Anyway, before the shower came i managed to took a shot..... are you able to find where is the Orang Utan?

High risk shots .... No warm shower... Stop taking shots of my butt :p

We left the place at about 10am... no one could stay on with the Orang Utan... so we walked back to the civilization, hopped up the van that we came with... and headed back to the city. On the way back, I text one of my friends regarding i met a cute and muscular guy on visiting the Orang Utan in Semanggoh Wildlife Center... He's so cute and friendly....

Me: Hey dude, I met a new friends name Ritche... He is muscular and so friendly...i managed to get his picture... will share with you later. He is so sooooooooooo cute. 
Frenz: You are so gay. Are you sure you're not? hehehe
Me: Errrrr.... Did i ring your gaydar?
Frenz: You are so gay. so gay. so gay. Blek!
Me: Errrrr.... :o

Since i promised my friend to show him the picture of Ritche... so stay tune eh! I will post Ritche picture tomorrow.... hehehe :p 

Anyhow, it was a nice visit to our friends' home Orang Utan + met a new friend name Ritche... *Two Thumbs Up*

Line Dance Funk Party '09

Line Dance Funk Party is an annual event or annual party to be exact, held since few years back, hosted by the instructor himself; Mr Bernard Lim. The latest party was held last year in November at Sunshine Club and it was a blast. With more than 30 upbeat songs, the floor was swept with funky choreographed moves that made everybody shook their bomb-diggity to the rhythm.

As for this year's, it is planned to be held in this coming April 25th.

Venue : Lot PT 4512 (PT 48672),
Jalan 25/70A, Desa Sri Hartamas,
50480 Kuala Lumpur.
(Located behind Coffee Bean Hartamas)

Location Map :
Cover Charge : RM 90 (including dinner buffet)
Stand a chance to win lucky draw minimum cash prize RM1000 !

I was invited by Bernard to join this party yesterday before the line dance funk... I eager to attend this annual event as i'm progressing well to learn up the steps... i enjoyed myself in the dancing class... 

hehehe... I'm humming the tune of the dance track now while writing this entry... there were 30 tracks in the coming party but i only know errrrrr...... less than 10... how how how how???  How to dance in the party... hiak hiak!

Anyway, I also don't know whether i will be in Malaysia or not ... but if i'm in Malaysia i will definitely attend this party... It's a fun party as we can dance in the real dancing club environment instead of dance in the class room... 

Hey... come and cookie jar ... 

PS: I search around the Youtube and found some clips on the line dance funk party 2008 @ Sunshine club...

Friday, March 13, 2009

On experiencing the Sarawakian Culture...

I could now differentiate which culture belongs to which ethnic after a day in the well known Sarawak Cultural Village... but still not expert .... hehehe. Lots of artifacts displayed in each of the cultural house with the friendly guides had triggered my eagerness to learn and experience more on  the Sarawakian ethnic culture and their day to day life.... 

One of the highlight for all its visitor to this cultural village was the 45 mins cultural dance performance from different ethnic in Sarawak. This has given us the opportunities to watch the performance in one place or else we need to travel around Sarawak to watch these performance. To share with all of you what i experience during the performance dance, i managed to capture some video clip while Jonzz was helping me to capture some interesting shots... :)

Iban traditional dance - Ngajat Lesong / Ngajat Pahlawan
This is a traditional welcoming dance performed by the villagers to welcome their warriors after they have come back from a victorious battle. (source: Passport to a most pleasant and unfortable experience)

So how's the dance like ... just watch it 

Bidayuh traditional Dance - Rajang Be'uh
This dance usually performed after the harvest season as a form of entertainment for guest of the longhouse. The movements of the dancers with outstretched hands imitate the movements of the eagles as they flap their wings in flight. (source: Passport to a most pleasant and unfortable experience)

Watch the clip on how the dance like .... :)

Orang Ulu - Kanjet Ngeleput
This dance potrays the nimble but stealthy steps of the warrior as he goes about on a hunting trip in the jungle, searching for his prey. He sees his target, take aim and blows out a deadly dart which seldom fail to find its mark. (source: Passport to a most pleasant and unfortable experience)

Let's watch the warrior dance ... 

While watching the performance, we came across a cute boy who trying to imitate the step of what happened on the stage... he went over to the front and dance like the warrior... i should have captured his dancing with my camera but i just too busy capturing the performance on the stage... hehehe... Jonzz did take a shot of the boy... The boy was so sporty... :)

Is he cute?

After the cultural performance, there was a break for all the staff in the cultural village... including all the guides within the houses from 12:15pm - 2pm... So we decided to take our break too. We headed to the restaurant near the entrance for our lunch... It was a very traditional and artistic restaurant with all the art from various tribe/ethnic.

Artsy Roof

The friendly waitress passed us a menu on what they served in the restaurant... the first thing that drawn my attention was the Sarawak Ethnic & Exotic Set Lunch. The set lunch cost RM15 per person which includes
* Free Flow of Cordial Drinks
* Green Vegetable on Season
* Umai Umai Sarawak
* Chicken Cooked in the Bamboo
* Ikan Assam Pedas
* Steam Rice wrapped in Banana leaf

Sarawak Ethnic & Exotic Set Lunch

There were two dishes that i found it's unique and hardly could get it @ West Malaysia... There were the Umai Umai Sarawak and Chicken Cooked in Bamboo (Pansoh Manok). 

Umai Umai Sarawak (raw fish Salad)

The Umai is traditional lunch meal for the Melanau fisherman. Thin silvers of raw fresh fish, usually iced but not frozen, combined with thinly sliced onions, chili, salt and juice from sour fruits like lime or assam. The dish is usually accompanied by a bowl of toasted sago pearls and it is so simple that fisherman prepare it easily on their boats. 

Hehehe... this is a dish for the brave ... hahaha... I was brave ... I finished the plate :p How it taste? Errrr... just like the japanese Sashimi... unfortunately the restaurant did not served the bowl of toasted sago pearls... os i could not let you know how the real traditional taste... blek~

Chicken Cooked in Bamboo (Pansoh Manok)

This is an Iban dish... Cut chicken pieces, mushroom, lemongrass and tapioca leaves are stuffed into bamboo and cooked over an open fire. This seals in the flavor and the result is succulent and juicy tender chicken with gravy hinting of lemongrass and bamboo. 

How it tasted? Just like some stew chicken but with a strong aroma of the leaves and bamboo... it's a nice dish when go with the rice ... Yum! Yum!

Overall, I enjoyed the traditional food from different ethnic... I learnt and experienced so much from watching the cultural dance and visiting all the houses in the Sarawak Cultural Village ... Moreover, we had the opportunities to interact with the people inside the long house... just like the living museum concept... :) I would give a *Two Thumbs Up* for this place. Try not to miss this village when you visit Kuching in the future eh!