Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Income Tax ...

Errrrr.... no income also need to pay tax ... poor TZ... 

I'm working out my tax filing for 2008 now... I straightaway become so poor and dropped into financial crisis like what we have in the world after the income tax period ... no more vacation :(  I need a job fast...

I wish our government uses our tax payer money wisely please!!!... This is all our hard earned money eh!


Ouch! that's the expression of hurts... How deep is the hurts to a particular person is where how a person could take it...

Does a Decision hurts?
Does a Truth hurts?
Does a relationship hurts?
Does a friendship hurts?
Does an action hurts?
Does Waiting hurts?
Does a sad song hurts?
Does a sweet memory hurts?
Does an injury hurts?
Does trust hurts?

I know i have made a decision which i had hurt one of my good friend out there... I know it's very hurtful and i'm glad this friend of mine is so understanding. I know the truth is so hurting and i just wanna to apologize that i hurt you... it takes time to heal the hurt and i hope we could still be friend and would like to walk together to heal your hurts.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

why this has to be happening...

I wanna to scream... as loud as i could ... everything in my life seems like upside down... why? why? why? i was treated like this.

Birthday lunch @ Downtown KL...

I was invited to two of my friends birthday @ downtown KL last Saturday... The birthday luncheon was held in a nice and simple place called delicious. The theme of this restaurant or cafe was simplicity... the glass that brought all the natural lights into the restaurant ... It was a nice place for a nice afternoon gathering.

We arrived @ the restaurant on time but to our surprise the rest of the people were not there yet. Anyway, the setup of the restaurant was a great place to take some nice picture... :p

Later the group came in and the luncheon party kicked started . We started ordering and chit chat along the way as the waiters and waitresses serving the food.

Inside Delicious

Flat White

Mushroom Mascarpone Spaghetti

I was sitting facing this nice residence building ... I was dreaming when sitting in this restaurant to be able to own one unit in the opposite building ... guess what? This is the latest luxury condominium called One KL

One KL from Delicious

One KL

We left the restaurant about 5pm... and headed back to KLCC to take a train back. I enjoyed the food, the fun and the company of all my dear friends... thanks for inviting me. :)

Happy Birthday Bong & Joshua

Monday, April 27, 2009

Away from KL on mid next week.... :)

I just placed my hotel reservation on my vacation before my work starts... I had a feeling that i might be going to start work most probably on June (yet to confirmed)... so i have to make use of my last month of enjoying my holiday... :)

Yuppie... vacation in the beach resort next week... List of things that i need to purchase before my vacation ... still in progress of listing... :p

Will update in more detail in the later post ... Gotta hit the gym now ... otherwise i will be late for the step class tonite ... see you eh!

Friday, April 24, 2009


I woke up this afternoon with muscle soreness after the intensive BodyStep that i attended yesterday... I was feeling so lazy to get up from my bed. It's has been so long i didn't sleep till 12:00pm, just didn't know what's wrong with me? i woke up by a call from my friend otherwise i might be sleep until night. Errrrr.... 

Let's roll back to last Monday, I was having my gym session in Klang Bukit Tinggi... I attended Jason's Bodypump and he was asking me to join his Friday night Body Attack in IOI... So i promise him that i will join... he told me he might be also joining me on Steven's step class after his. So i told him "Deal!".... Errrrrrr.... now i was feeling muscle soreness, leg soreness and laziness... Go or Not Go! 

I think of not going to the gym tonight ... so far to drive over to IOI tonight and have gym there... I'm so lazy... TZ is so sooooo soooo lazy... but for me Promise is a promise ... definitely i will have to go to his class but whether i will stay until Bernard's class ... ermmmm let's see! :p

Ok! since i have promise Jason to go to his class tonight... I gotta get ready in a short while before i caught in the jam. Ciao!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Two more days ...

Hehehe... two more days ... my long waited dance party is here ... yes! is here :p I'm excited to see how many songs i could dance after two months of practice... 

Bernard the dance instructor has recently introduce another two more new songs... It's a nice to dance ... I'm still learning the step. It was launch last Saturday... 

Three 6 Mafia - Lolli Lolli (Pop That Body)

Flo Rida Ft. Wynter Gordon

hehehe... gotta go now ... ciao! TZ off for his dance class... :)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day morning @ Kuala Lumpur

I woke up extremely early this morning ... 4am. hehehe... you must be wondering as i always told everyone that i'm not a morning person... but why TZ woke up so early today? There were two reasons... 

1. I promised my sister that I would send my parents, sis and bro-in-law to LCCT airport 
2. I wanted to look @ the peaceful Kuala Lumpur in April 22nd 2009 - The world claimed that it's an earth day.

The sunrise was not happened until 6 something ... I still managed to have some time to drive back to my condo, opened my balcony door... and started the snapping the peaceful early morning KL view... The birds were humming with the traffic noises from the nearby road ... hehehe... fortunately the DUKE HIGHWAY still asleep.... :)

Sunrise @ Kuala Lumpur - 6:30pm

Sunrise @ Kuala Lumpur - 7:00am

Sunrise @ Kuala Lumpur - 7:30am

hahaha... you usually will see this truck in the morning... collecting our trash... in the earth day... this has triggered me how much rubbish we have created in a day? Anyone know the answer... mind to share?

Happy Earth Day 2009
Please love our earth 
help to keep our earth green

Camwhoring @ Kuching

I know I know this is happening one month back ... i just got these picture from Jonzz last week... I was so busy with lots of things happening in the last few weeks of March ... was preparing myself to Uganda but after that it didn't happen... what a waste of my time ... sigh~ sigh~ sigh~ :-(

Finally i met Jonzz last Monday over a dinner @ seremban when Chris visited Kuala Lumpur. Jonzz burnt all the pictures and i got this copy... 

Thanks Jonzz for all those camwhoring of me ... :)

I was texting my tour guide who was in Kuala Lumpur while i was in Kuching for all the recommended place to eat ... hehehe ... thanks to the technology and a special thank to my buddy for supporting me while i was in Kuching via phone :) thanks Dude!

Kitty please don't... TZ... I'm a good boy ... I just visiting your city, no going to do anything funny ... just camwhoring... blek!... Please don't step on me! 

I always see SmashpOp dude takes photo of himself jumping ... so i would like to try too...asking Jonzz to take me while i jump... hehehe... this was definitely an amateur jump... as if like I was going to break the plank... blek! Jump TZ Jump!

Can you see the sweat? TZ was working hard to grain the rice for his dinner later ... work hard TZ work hard... otherwise no dinner for you... blek! 
 My pirate look a like camwhoring ... how's it? ... got pirate look eh ???? :p Don't play play ... TZ the pirate was here.

TZ ended up in jail due to too much of camwhoring... what an unlucky day after all camwhoring in Meow Meow city also get jailed ... *sobsob* 

That's all folks .... 
the model has been jailed no more camwhoring ... blek! :p

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

When i'm back on my feet again ....

How many hours?
How many days?
How many Months?
How many Years?
I have been waiting for some dream of mine to be happening 

I have been waiting for my Uganda project for nearly one years.... how many more hours, days, months or years that i have to wait to get my dream comes true... yaya! I'm very naive and stupid to wait for dream to be realized in a unquoted timeframe...  My parents, my relatives and my friends have kept asking me this question...

Honestly, I just don't know what am i waiting for now ... i just got fed up of my current situation which lead me nowhere... i was trying very hard to let go the wait but everytime i tried harder to let go... the resistant seems like shouting to me... "TZ hold on TZ hold on, you will be there... just a few steps away" ... I just don't know what to do now .... I know i have to let go and move on with my new life and ended this chapter of my life ....  I hope all of you won't bored with my rumbling... btw, thanks for your support so far... Just me that need to fight on my inner self to get over this so called  "opportunity".... sigh~ sigh~ sigh~

Anyone care to slap me on my face and wake me up... so i could feel the pain and let go whatever that had been dragging me for months... "give up or not to give up"... i know one person will definitely very angry with me as he has been asking me to throw away my this "opportunity" and move on but until today i still hang on with it ... Sorry dude I have let you down! Hope you still be my friend eh!... :(

I was sitting in Coffee Bean after my drinking session with my management that i was engaged on the Uganda project ... I was listening to my iPod and this song suddenly pops up that got me thinking of my future ... I should be back on my feet again ... searching for the TZ one year back .... the TZ that everyone knows... A tough fighter, A strong stand dude, A dude that accept challengers in an optimistic way... A dude that tough when facing any resistence... where is all those characteristic of TZ ... seems like it's gone ... I have to find myself back ... Back on my feet again ... :p


Monday, April 20, 2009


Every sunset in regardless beautiful or not, it has marked the end of the daylight... it tells us how much time we will have for the rest of that day... i was amazed with how beautiful were all the sunset that i have seen and taken a shot of ... The moment of beauty was not going to be there forever but that particular scene was registered into our memory... 

Sunset @ Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia

Sunset @ Bali, Indonesia

Sunset @ Carey Island, Malaysia

Sunset @ Mabul Island, Sabah, Malaysia

The waiting for the sunset to be appeared sometime was a good long wait ... we have to had patient to wait for the finale ... the changes of the surrounding scenery was definitely a transition from time to time ... Waiting is to challenges on our patient, after the waiting what will be the outcome ... sometime the outcome will not be the nice one thought... as what we have expected... 

Sunset @ Penang - 5:21pm

Sunset @ Penang - 6:48pm

Sunset @ Penang - 6:52pm

Sunset @ Penang - 7:09pm

Sunset @ Penang - 7:29pm

While waiting for the sunset i was thinking about whether the wait was worth... whether all the while that i have been waiting will bring me what i expected and what i want like this beautiful sunset... Errrrrr.... Why i kept waiting for the unknown outcome .... why? Why? Why?.... i wish the waiting that i have will give me like this gorgeous and beautiful sunset in Teluk Bahang Penang.... the sunset was so splendid that i was so hesitate to leave the sunset even though it was going to be dark... 

Before I left the place, I had made two wishes... 
* I wish i could get a nice outcome after my long wait for my project to be started. 
* I wish i could have this forever with the person that i love...

Can my wishes be granted please? :p

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Obsession over Char Koey Teow (CKT)

I was obsessed over Char Keoy Teow (CKT) for the past few days when i was in Penang after reading the comments in my previous blog entry about CKT...

Danny: damn !! i love all the 4 food in the pics... but i think love CKT most.. 

JL: I like the Char Kuey Teow best. Tried it once and after that no other Char Kuey Teow has beaten the Penang one. Wakaka

CKT CKT... yummy! Again this blog entry is dedicated to my friend Anton... Dude! i tried 3 different Char Keoy Teow in 3 different places. The cost of the CKT were different from each other... So anyone wanna to guess how much for each CKT... 

CKT #1
Venue: Gurney Drive 
Cost : RM$.$$ 

CKT #2
Venue: Lorong Selamat
Cost: RM$.$$

CKT #3
Venue: New Park World Food Court
Cost: RM$.$$

What do you think? Which one is the most expensive? And how much each cost... :)

Friday, April 17, 2009

On taking pictures @ Kek Lok Si

I woke up and felt like visiting Kek Lok Si impromptu... Grabbed my camera and drove to Kek Lok Si near Ayer Itam.

When i arrived there, there were not much of people there... it was a nice time to visit and took piccies... Instead of taking the picture of Kek Lok Si, I just focus on the flowers @ surrounding and smaller object within the Kek Lok Si... It's more artsy piccie than the normal tourism booklet pictures...

Reflection from the water after rain

Through a barred windows

Joss Stick

Art craving @ Temple

Green plant

The Bird and the flowers

A yellow dance in the middle of the grass

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Dining @ the Hawker food city

I was having my vacation up north @ the famous hawker food city... yup the city of Penang... As i was talking to Anton two days back ... he was asking me to have Char Keoy Teow... So Anton the Char Keow Teow is dedicated to you... Hiak Hiak

Last night, I was craving for Penang Hawker food... so i drove down to Gurney Drive food court for Penang hawker food ... I know Penangite will say i'm very tourist ... in fact i'm a tourist... blek! Anyway, i like to go to Gurney Drive food court is because there's a place that u could get reasonable variety of hawker food ...

Guess what? To satisfy my craving ... I had 4 different types of main course ... hehe not to mention about the starters, side dish and dessert. WoW! TZ were able to eat 4 main course ... hehehe good eh!


Assam Laksa

O-Chien (Fried Oyster)

Char Keoy Teow

What is your favorite Penang Hawker Food ?

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Dinner @ capital city of 9 States

A friend of mine that i recently met in Kuching, Chris was in town last night. Since i will be leaving town this afternoon for my 5D/4N vacation up north... I decided to meet him for dinner last night... As he knew Jonzz whom is staying in Seremban too so the best place for dinner was to head down to Seremban

Honestly speaking... driving down to Seremban was so challenging... the weather was so bad ... the heavy pour hinder the visibilities that i could hardly see when i was driving from Cyberjaya heading to Nilai... damn it has been so long that my last encountered such a bad weather ... Blek! Still nothing could block TZ for going to Seremban for dinner :p

Reached Jonzz place slightly over 6pm... Picked up Jonzz and there was a suggestion to go Malacca for dinner ... haha! I didn't agree with the idea at all...  i was so drained after driving in the bad weather with lots of stress... Anyway, we decided to try out the nice beef noodles in Seremban... Errrrr... Not Open! Damn!

Jonzz suggested to go to another place where we had dinner when BengBeng came to Seremban... The place 4 of us (Jonzz, Froggy, Bengbeng and I) have dinner couple months ago...That place is quite okay... we ordered three dishes

Pork Knuckles

Fish Head noodles

Anyone wanna to see a close up on how the Pork Knuckles meet looks like ... 

After dinner, we dropped by the famous Seremban Siew Pau place to purchase the Siew Pau. Later we headed to Jusco @ Seremban 2... Since i haven't been to the Starbucks @ Seremban... Jonzz was suggested Starbucks in Seremban 2...Hehehe... i marked another Starbucks in my list ... the 55th outlet...  

Jonzz and Chris were chat about the functions of the DSLR camera as Chris just bought a Nikon D90... So he was so interested to discuss and chat with Jonzz, the expert... I was a bit out of the conversation as i was busy taking every single objects in Starbucks... So just wondered anyone know what is this? Just give it a guess .... 

okay... gotta to go and get ready for leaving KL for my vacation destination ... Wanna to know where am i going ... stay tune with my blog eh! :p Ciao!