Friday, August 28, 2009


I was preparing for the big day of my 2nd attempt (1st attempt)... finally it came on August 28th 2009 2pm. I was sitting @ T_break cafe, ground floor of Komplek Antarabangsa waiting for 2pm to come. It was a long wait so that i could avoid the terrible jam in downtown KL. You know it's FRIDAY... :(

I went up to the SAP office @ about 1:45pm and the receptionist directed me to HCL-AXON training center @ next door. I headed to the office, before entering the office i dropped by the toilet to release some burden... All the while my heart was beating bum bum bum!!... it was a big moment for me. you know? 

So what's the big moment? Yup it's my 2nd attempt of my SAP ABAP exam which i has been preparing since two weeks ago. I was not 100% confident but at least 80%... better than last attempt... blek~ :p I was a bit disorganized when i got started on the exam. My hands were shaking non stop... hmmm.... No! I'm not panic but just don't know why? Maybe i drank the coffee before the exam. Bad Bad moment for TZ... Sigh~ Anyway, I took a big breathe and continued my exam. 

Of cause clock kept tickling at the right upper corner of the screen... I was peeping @ the clock from time to time just to make sure i was on par with the time ... Yeh! I finished all the questions within the 1.5 hours before the exam ended. Went back to revise and recap all the unsure answers... quite a number of changes i had made... 

Last 5 minutes... I was still revising... My heart was pumping faster and faster... when the time shown only left a few second ... I tried to close my eyes... Just don't wanna to see the result... When i opened my eyes I saw the breakdown of the result... So, do i pass my exam? hehehe....

Late in the evening, I received one of my friend's text to ask whether i pass my exam... 

Friend : Pass?
Me : Fail wor :'( :'(
Friend : Adoi, so sorry to hear.
Me : hehe... Just teazing you lar... I pass my exam.
Friend : CHEEBAI! :-p :-p :-p

Yup ... I  Pass! I Pass! You are talking to a certified SAP ABAP consultant now ... ;-) hmmm... how much should i charge you... :p

What's Next?

hehehe... I wish i could be a pensioner with lotz of money... Dream Dream TZ... Need to start searching for job. Anyone have SAP ABAP job to recommend???? ... 

Coming coming ... is coming....

Time never stop and wait for anyone... the clock keeps tickling and my heart keep pumping ... yaya... If not i would have died... Anyway, it's 3 hours to go for my big moment again. Let's get over this... I really need that piece of paper. Please give me the piece of paper!!!!...  

Anyway, gotta go now to get ready to hit downtown KL before the busy and crazy Friday afternoon. Errrrr... I meant the traffic. I wouldn't wanna to late for my big moment. 

Catch up with you later. Ciao!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Tired of ...

It has been 3 days i didn't hit the gym... life is so sucky as i was preparing the very important day to come on tomorrow afternoon... hehehe... not my wedding eh~ but I don't wanna to review now ... wait till tomorrow night... Just be patient eh!... 

Anyway, I closed myself in my room, my condo since Tuesday... no hanging around in Starbie, no going out lunch with my friends... Just stay @ home. Hey i'm not sick... just has important thing to do. Everyday i was looking at this of coz not the same thing again and again but similar... :(

REPORT demo_mod_tech_assign_component.
col1 TYPE c VALUE 'X',
col2 TYPE c VALUE 'Y',
END OF line.
DATA comp(4) TYPE c VALUE 'COL1'.
PERFORM demo USING line.
FORM demo USING p TYPE any.

or this 

or this

Do all of these ring your bell? Anyway, go to go now... need to continue my important task. Until tomorrow... have a nice evening eh!... 

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Quickie...

I'm focusing on my study... so not much update until Friday. Coming ... Coming... another 1.5 days... Ish! still have so much need to revise... Gotta go now. Back to my study :p

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

To take or not to take ? ....

I was so indecisive since last Friday... This things has bothered me for at least 2 weeks... another 2.5 days is the day... This morning i was still wondering between To Take or Not To Take. After i was sitting in the living room looking @ the four walls. I decided TO TAKE. 

Gotta go now... need to focus on my decision. Ciao :)

Monday, August 24, 2009

My ShitHole year...

What is ShitHole? ShitHole = University life. I just don't know twinkie nowadays stated University life as ShitHole... Then what should we address the working life ... SepticTank ... huhahahahahaaaaa..... :p The ShitHole leads to SepticTank... blek!

Since it's the convocation season now... I saw lots of post and Facebook regarding convocation... I would like to roll back some of my lovely shitHole life. I had an enjoyable ShitHole life back in Canada... Yup! the coldest country in the world. Lotz of snows and i was enjoying myself with the winter there. In fact, the winter was my favorite season among the four... :)

You must be thinking when was my university life... errrrrr..... I have graduated about one decade ago. Back then i don't have digital camera, all my pictures was taken with my film camera and it's a compact consumer camera... hehehe... 

To show to all of you, I have retaken some of my pictures with my D70 and using iPhoto to enhance the resolution... so here you go the piccie of TZ @ ShitHole ... 

Time really flies... i have been in SepticTank for about a decade now... Currently i'm out from SepticTank temporary ... so where am I ? I also don't know...  

Sunday, August 23, 2009

A visit to luxury condominium

I got an opportunities to visit a luxury 5 stars condominium in Shah Alam... This condominium is not the normal condominium in downtown KL.  It's ..... 

hehehe... see i told you this is not normal condominium... Yes! in fact this is a condominium for the people who already passed away... Errrr.... Don't put me wrong, I'm not doing any advertisement for this company... So why i got to go to this place? The story started with my mom's chinese ink painting association was invited by this company to do a demo on the chinese ink painting every Sunday for 10 times. That's the reason i was there today, accompany my mom to this place ... :p

Since i was not going to demo on any ink painting... I decided to bring along my Nikon D70 to see what i could snapshot... Guess What? I snapped 100 over shots within an hour... They do have some nice flowers, inserts and animals... 

So, are you ready to see my shots on the Shah Alam Memorial Park - Tang Villa?

Main entrance to the building

this is the entrance of the condominium

Pagoda surrounded by the flowers

A nice fish pond with tortoise inside

Some plant with the skyline

Bridge over the pond

Oh ya... I forgot to show all of you my mom's painting... This is the main purpose that i went to Tang Villa... ;p


Mom signing her painting 

The weather was so hot until i could not stand the heat, after the lunch, mom and I decided to leave the place. So i got out from there at about 2pm. That's folks a short visit to the luxury 5 stars condominium in Shah Alam... Coming next: Posting on Flowers, Inserts and Animals shots that i captured in Tang Villa, Shah Alam Memorial Park. Stay tune eh!

p/s: it didn't seems attractive enough for me to invest a unit over there for my future... The package just not right and please do not ask me what is the package ... I'm not going to promote this for the company. Blek~

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Dinner @ Sushi Zanmai, The Garden

Few of my friends suggested to meet up @ The Garden after their work... We have decided to meet up in Sushi Zanmai @ The Garden. Since the reservation quota has full... we have no choice but line up for the food... this is really not TZ.... TZ don't like to line up for food. I about to suggest to go for other food outlet as there's plenty of establish food outlet in Mid Valley and The Gardens... At the end, i went with the flow i.e. continue waiting in the line since the rest decided to wait.

I have been to Sushi Zanmai three months ago, i like the food but i still clearly remembered the Chawanmushi order took us 40 mins... we were waiting and waiting for the Chawanmushi to be delivered... so guess how long it took for the Chawanmushi to be delievered this time?

As usual, i brought my camera along to take some nice, juicy food piccie to tempt my dear readers and make all of you drooling... hiak hiak hiak ... I'm so sooooo soooo bad...

Table setting

Salmon Don

Shikate mushroom sushi

Sake Maki

Lobster Teriyaki


So, do you wet your own clothes? Drooling eh!...
Back to my early question. How long it took to get the Chawanmushi delivered this time? hehehe ... it took 20 mins, half of the time compare to my last visit... So what was the key learning? Just order the Chawanmushi as early as possible cause it took at least 20-40 mins to deliver, but there was a worth waiting as the Chawanmushi was very nice :)

Overall, it was a nice dinner and everyone was satisfied...

P/S: I didn't bump into clayden. Didn't saw any people with green sleeve... maybe it's too many people in the restaurant that i din notice... FYI, the restaurant was full.

Friday, August 21, 2009

My simple Vegetarian lunch...

I have been cooking my lunch almost everyday... I fed up of eating outside food... decided to cook myself. Since the AH1N1 cases are increasing in Malaysia and I read some articles that we need to take less meaty meal... hehehe... I must as well cooked the vegetarian meal... 

Freedom09, just now you are asking me what i had for my lunch... here you go the picture of my simple vegetarian lunch... yummy! yummy! ... :p

So, how's is it? Are you drooling now? ... :p

Thursday, August 20, 2009


Oh no it's Thursday already... another day, the weekend is coming. Another week it'll be Malaysian national day and September is coming!

September, October, November then December ... and Saying bye bye to 2009... I need a change, a change is needed for TZ before the year end~

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Why no reply? ...

I'm looking for a job now ... but those RESUME that i send out yet have replied... Sigh~ Sigh~ Sigh~ So bore siting @ home without a job ...  Maybe i should just become the Barista in my favorite cafe Starbucks until i got a permenant job... 

Waiting Waiting and waiting ... anyone have any job offer?

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

10% extra for Touch 'N Go

Have anyone use Touch 'n' Go in any shopping mall parking? I was so tempted to use the TnG this morning but when i found out that 10% extra charge whenever we paid for our parking using TnG... I immediately changed my mind, why should i pay 10% more to go paperless... I think it's not fair to us yet we didn't use any payment facilities.

I definitely will not use TnG for parking... imagine you are paying RM2.00 for the 1st hour and subsequent hour for RM1.50 (this rate is using the normal parking method).... when you use TnG you need to pay 10% extra from your parking ended up RM2.20 for the 1st hour and subsequent hour for RM1.65. Let's say i park for 4 hours ... how much extra i need to pay? yup! RM0.65 ... i think it's too much to ask us to pay RM0.65 extra for not using their facilities but only the detected... :p

Anyway, some might just say we need to pay for our convenience i.e. 10% of the parking cost..But i totally disagree... in fact, i think we should get 10% off from the parking rate instaead of paying extra. Why we need to be charged for convenience and paperless... What do you think?

Sunday, August 16, 2009

I won Mega Award from Microsoft Corporation Inc.

I received an email on my stated You Have Won The Microsoft Mega Award(Contact Barrister Jefferson Donalds For Claims)‏ It's that true... I won some Mega Award from Microsoft... I'm so lucky... :)

Let me share with you my Mega Award from Microsoft... you must be wondered what award that i got... The answer is (drum please)... I got awarded the jackpot came out to be £1,550,952.00.(One Million Five Hundred And Fifty Thousand Nine Hundred And Fifty Two Pounds Sterling)
Yes, it's that amount... so what do you think I should do?

Anyway, let's read the email that i received ...

--------------------------- Begin of mail ---------------------------------

The Microsoft Mega Jackpot, United Kingdom wishes to inform you that the
results of the E-mail address ballot program by Great Britain held on the
25th of July, 2009 is out.

Your email account have been picked as a winner of a lump sum pay out of
£1,550,952.00.(One Million Five Hundred And Fifty Thousand Nine Hundred
And Fifty Two Pounds Sterling) credited to MICRO CHIP NO:9465206. This is
from total prize money of £8,612,170.00 GBP shared among the (5)
international winners in this category. You are to contact our claims
agent for validation:

9. SEX:

Barrister Jefferson Donalds.
Email :
For More Information

Yours Sincerely,
Dr (Mrs) Elizabeth Andre
On-Line Coordinator.

--------------------------- End of mail ---------------------------------

kakaka.... actually it's a scam and i didn't win anything .... :'( Just a spam mail... sigh~ sigh~ sigh~ hehehe... just wondered if you have 1 million pounds sterling, what would you do with it ?

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Is KLIA website down again?

I'm trying to check out the information but most of the time i would not be able to connect our world class Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) website... The airport has been claimed to be the one of the best awarded world class airport.... hmmm... just wondered how they got the award with the unavailable website for people to check some necessary information...  This is not the 1st time i encountered this. Imagine,  I seldom visit the KLIA website, I only visited the website whenever i need information. But most of the time i was given a message that i could not retrieve the website... Is that because of i'm using Safari or just that the reliability of the website is so bad... or maybe i'm just have no luck of using this world class airport website... Sigh~ Sigh~ sigh~

What about you? Do you have any problem of accessing the website?... 

AH1N1 - 56 death cases in Malaysia (Aug 14th 2009 - 8am)

The figure 56 has triggered me to think what has gone wrong in Malaysia. The reported cases has raised  over 20% which most of the country still maintain @ 10% ++ .... what i meant is the cases of H1N1 infected against the death cases... Is the citizen of Malaysia ignore on how serious is AH1N1? Or Malaysian lack of the knowledge to prevent the outbreak of AH1N1? I don't think the Malaysian were lack of the knowledge... So, what is the root cause?... What do you think? 

I was a bit upset to see the death toll getting more and more... moreover, i did not see the government doing a drastic action to stop the outbreak... they still go with their own sweet pace... hey... please get some good solution to stop the death toll raising... Learnt from how Hong Kong and Singapore... 

I did see some people start using the masks to cover their own... But still see someone who was sick roaming around the city... Is this a right way to do? For those who not feeling well... please DO NOT go out... stay @ home and got yourself quarantine... 

Lots of question asking whether school need to be closed... What do you think? 

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Peaceful Weekend @ Jangsem Ling, Triang, Pahang.

Where to? hmmm... this is everyone wanna to know after i blog about leaving KL again. I was invited by Anton to spend a peaceful weekend in a retreat center called Jangsem Ling.

Jangsem Ling daytime

Sunset @ Jangsem Ling

Prayer hall @ Jangsem Ling

We left about 10:30am from KL on Saturday morning... the journey took us about 2 hours plus.. we drove through the Karak town and couples of small towns... finally we reached a town called Triang. This town situated near the famous Bera Lake in Pahang. Anyway, from the town to Jangsem Ling. We need to pass through the palm oil and rubber plantation... yup! the retreat center is situated in the mid of the plantation.

Town of Triang, Pahang

We were greeted by Venerable Sonam, Chief Sangha when we arrived the retreat center. We walked around after leaving our bags in the room. The building is not very big but according to Anton, the whole area which belongs to this retreat center covers 17 Acres of land. Wow! such a big piece of land and it was donated to this retreat center by a big corporation. The place is very quiet and a nice place for retreat. Lots of "Qi"... :p

Anton became the cook after the sun down... He cooked nice dishes and good food too. After the dinner we chat and it was a long tired day... Hit the bed after a nice an hot shower.

There was an event on the following day related to Guan Yin... We had 1.5 hours plus of prayer with the Great Compassion Mantra.

I'm not sure how many repetitions that we had read but i bet we had read so soooo many times... I felt so nice after the prayer session. I felt more released... After the prayer, there was a session on releasing all blessed birdie and fishie...

Prayer session

Venerable Sonam, Chief Sangha

Birdie got blessed

Releasing the birdie

Once everything were completed it's time for our lunch... I managed to taste the homemade marinated salted vegetable and yummy vegetable soup made by the people of Triang... I never tasted such a nice vegetable soup... Hmmm... just don't ask me what is the ingredient... Need to ask from the aunties @ Triang if you would like to know. :) hmmm.... Maybe Anton has the recipe and he could make us the soup... hehehe :p

Homemade vegetable soup - yummy!

Homemade Salted Vegetable - Yum Yum!!!

Since the place was so quiet and nice... we decided to stay for another night instead of driving back late evening... Venerable Sonam was so worry that i was bored ... honestly speaking, i never felt bored as i was so relax and took lots of pictures.

We left Jangsem Ling early morning after saying goodbye to Venerable Sonam the next day... Back to the polluted KL city again... Sigh~

Anton, thanks for inviting me to this nice and quiet place :)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


I was supposed to pay a visit to my hairstylist yesterday evening... when i reached Jaya One. I noticed the CLOSED sign @ my hairstylist place was up... hmmm... no hairdo for me. So I walked towards Brussel Beer Cafe to look for my hairstylist. 

To my surprise it was Brussel Beer Cafe 1st year anniversary. I was invited by my hairstylist to join the celebration party as you were entitled to the nice buffet and lots of Belgium beer free flow... errrrr.... I drank with my hairstylist and friends there until i was off my limit coz i din had any food before the drinking session. :(

I managed to drive back but i was throwing out straight after i arrived home. It was a very bad drinking session. TZ could not drink too much beer... errrr... don't ask me how many bottles i had drank... I would say plenty... blek!

I woke up hangover this morning until now... It was not a pleasant moment and would not drink beer for at least months :p

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Leaving KL,,,

I just got back to Kuala Lumpur late evening yesterday... guess what? I'm going to leave Kuala Lumpur for a short 2D1N stay in one of the small town in Pahang. The journey will take about 2.5 hours...

There is a retreat center which according to my friend it's a nice place to relax your mind. I need that as i need to plan my following months ... what am i going to do? I need to retake my exam (most probably)... and etc...

Anyway, i gotta go now to get myself prepared as my friends are on their way to my place :p

Ciao and have a nice weekend eh!...

Thursday, August 6, 2009

The state with PADI fields...

Since Penang has not much things to see and eat... I decided to drive up north to visit Alor Setar. This has been decided on the spot during a branch in downtown Penang without any plan. Not a good weather to walk around downtown Alor Setar as we needed to play hide and seek with the rain... but anyway, managed to take lots of pictures. :)

What a tiring day! ....

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Planning ...

I'm construct a To Do list in Penang... Any suggestion?

Place to visit?
Place to Stay?
Things to do?
Meeting who?

What I could do in Penang...

Short Break....

After 5 + 2 weeks of torturing with my training and exam... I think i deserve a short break. This round i'm going to an island which has so many variety of nice food... An island that claimed to have Malaysia's best food...

Yup! you r rite? It's Penang Island. I'm going to take a good rest at the same time get my resume ready for my job searching :p

Saturday, August 1, 2009

I Din Make It...

I think my readers were eager wanna know whether i make it for my long prepared examination... Errrr... the news for all was I din make it for my exam ... yes, i din make it ... I lacked of one mark i.e 1 question to hit the pass ... i was shocked and sad after i got the unofficial result.... :(

Anyway, this is an unofficial marks ... waiting for the official marks. Hopefully something happen and i pass the exam... otherwise i will have to re-take.

Thanks for all of your support, luck and wishes....