Friday, January 31, 2014

Happy Horsy Year 2014

Today is FIRST day of Chinese New Year (CNY)... Horsy wanna to wish you a Happy Prosperous New Year.

Horsy from Starbie
Vietnamese Chinese New Year decoration... 

Crescent Mall Chinese New Year deco
Lotus flower floating on the water


Thursday, January 30, 2014

TZ Birthday Dinner = CNY reunion dinner

Hey what a coincident this year... my birthday dinner is the CNY reunion dinner this year. So, what's for my birthday dinner and CNY reunion dinner. I think my mom has planned together with my sister to have Steamboat for dinner. :p

I'm celebrating my Birthday and I'm in Vietnam now, anyway it's just a normal day which i was born decades ago. Not gonna tell you how old am i  ;-)

Stay tune eh~ Will post on how i celebrated my birthday and CNY reunion dinner...

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Are you an AskHole?

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Pasar Malam (Night Market)

I'm not a fan of Pasar Malam. In fact, i seldom visit Pasar Malam because of its crowded environment and whenever I walk around i will be sweating like a piggy. So, the mixture of crowd and sweat. I don't really fond of going to pasar malam.

I bet some people will sure say i discriminate Malaysian's Pasar Malam.  Guess what? The only Pasar Malam that i'm passion to walk around is in Thailand. Don't know why but i was interested to walk around in Thailand night market. Maybe more different type of merchandize they carried.

Last night, I have made a big step to shop for my dinner @ Pasar Malam near my place.

Night Market (Pasar Malam) near my place
This Pasar Malam sells different variety of goods a.k.a food, clothing, shoes, sundry, drinks etc...  Initially, I wanted to purchase the famous and yummy Char Keow Teoy but due to the long queue on waiting, I have abundant and walked over to get the popiah, ban jian kueh and Asam Laksa.

Ban Jian Kueh (Floor, sugar, peanut, corn)


Assam Laksa 
Burp~ i finished everything, shown my friends on what i have for dinner...  and the reply from my friend via whatsapp is telling me i have taken 1000+ calories...

Oops~ that's goes my 1 hour huffing puffing workout in the evening... muhahaha....

Monday, January 27, 2014

Assignment! Assignment! Assignment!

Time flies... my 1st semester is going to end. How many semesters left? 5 Semesters to go... cool eh~

Rolled back to the time when you are in school... do you still remember when is the busiest moment? hehehe... 2 weeks before the final exam; because of assignments usually due 1 to 2 weeks before final. We should start the assignment as early as possible but ... we tensed to be lazy and only start when time approach to the due date.  Last minutes job...

I was busy with my assignment last week and next week... How about CNY... Hmmmm... for a married but available guy, there will not be any CNY. Is this true? - According to my senior. Sad right?

For me, CNY is just another holiday to catch up or relax. This year i will be doing my assignment during the CNY and luckily i was not celebrating my CNY in Penang. Instead i will be leaving for Vietnam. More time for me to sit down and complete my assignment.

Now i wanted to fast forward to look at after 5 Semesters... Hurray~ No more assignment. I can relax and gotten the married but available status.

Hey~ wake up TZ!!! too early to dream... you still have 1.5 years eh~


Sunday, January 26, 2014

Minions -

Few weeks back i was studying for my mid-term. When i took a break from my study, i was dreaming of the minions which sitting besides my bed... Can one of them help me on my study and exam, and the other one work out my assignment. 

The idea that i have is from the movie Despicable Me 2. The minions can be maid to vacuum the house; the one that can be the fire-bragger with the famous "Beedo Beedo Beedo" So why can't eh~

Minions working on Business Economic Assignment

Minion studied Competitive Analysis

Last but not least, the artsy photo of Minions preparing for the exam for Competitive Analysis

Reading the competitive Analysis notes
So, this is just dream... the Three Minions still sitting on my bed. 

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Yangon + Bagan, Myanmar

If you notice my side notes...

My travel buddies are planning a trip to Myanmar. Our first stop is Yangon than board domestic flight to Bagan, an ancient city of Myanmar. I heard it's a very beautiful place to visit especially i like to take picture... I just bought my AirAsia return flight ticket for RM361 (Kuala Lumpur - Yangon - Kuala Lumpur). Looking forward for my 5D4N in Myanmar.

Here you go the youtube clip about Bagan, Myanmar...


Friday, January 24, 2014

Yummy Sarawakian Food

When you go for a tour, what you will definitely not missing is to try out as many local food as possible. My trip to Kuching was also a food tasting trip besides the point of interest (Sarawakian Cultural Village, Kuching City tour and Sarawak River Cruise etc). Managed to try various famous Sarawakian food from Siew Bee, Kolo Mee to the three layer tea...

Three Layer Tea
Sarawakian Layer Cake
Not sure whether the Sarawakian really like layering.... They have famous layer tea, layer cake and what else?... LoL

My friend bought me to this 80 years old Siew Bee Stall. This stall located in a food court near the river. Siew Bee in Kuching means Siew Mai in Kuala Lumpur. But Siew Bee tastes different from Siew Mai.. I don't know how to describe the difference but i recommend you to try out yourself. The Siew Bee in this  small stall which has survived with only selling one product for 80 years. It's no doubt very tasty... Yum yum~

80 years old business - Siew Bee
Guess what? My friend can wallop around 20s at one time... And his parents hand carried the frozen Siew Bee to Kuala Lumpur for my friend. :p

Sarawak have few famous noodles  i.e. Kolo Mee; Kampua mee and Laksa Sarawak... I managed to try two out of three noodles. Kampua mee is Sibu famous noodle. So I need to pay a visit to Sibu to taste this noodles and not forgetting the famous Empurau Fish too.

Kolo Mee
Laksa Sarawak
Every state in Malaysia has its own Laksa, but Laksa Sarawak has its own unique taste. First of all, it's not LEMAK (no coconut milk), and it also not so spicy. This is because its soup base is only full of quality black pepper planted in Sarawak.

Sarawakian also have its own famous wine called Tuak (Made of Rice). The % of  alcohol contain is quite high, i'm not sure how much but once you have a few sips. You will feel tipsy... 

Home-made Tuak
Are you drooling over all these yummy food? Will you fly over to Kuching to taste all these Yummy food?

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Mom, What is #Kangkung?

I was holding the lift for this family of 5 people with 2 little kids and a baby. There was a very young girl asking a lot of questions before coming into the lift... blah blah blah. 

While we were going up to each of our selected floor... 

Girl : Mom, what is Kangkung? 
Mom: The vegetable that Najib eat.  *I wanted to laugh out loud but....

I was laughing inside... I was like what? Did Najib really eat Kangkung in front of the media? Or this is what the mother meant when she answer her daughter. 

Picture Adapted from Malaysia Kini
I googled on "Najib Makan Kangkung" @ the image tab.... there were no Najib ate Kangkung photo except this. So,  I bet 99% the mother meant this... cute mom eh~

Hey folks the Kangkung price has shoot up... now should we asked our lovely PM what would be the next vegetable that government will lower the price? 

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Camwhore @ Meow Meow City

Where is the Meow Meow City in Malaysia?

Drum please... dadadadadadada.......


Yup~ it's Kuching... I went to Kuching during Malaysia Day 2013. Spent a nice weekend there in my friend's place. My friend bought me to Sarawak Cultural Village; Sarawak River Cruise; and the famous Sarawakian yummy food...

It's has been quite a while i haven't post the camwhore pictures...

Yoga Tree Post @ Sarawak Cultural Village
Simply Post
Hands up... Not Getting Arrested :p
Last but not least, everyone will have to camwhore in front of this group of Cats... This is the icon of Meow Meow City.

How many Cats are there?

Stay tune for the Sarawakian Yummy Food post eh~

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Moon Bar Kuala Lumpur

Last Friday, my friend invited me to join him for dinner with couple of mutual friends at The Moon Bar Kuala Lumpur. It's a restaurant and bar. After 9pm, the restaurant turned into bar with the Jazz performance. We were there for dinner and i ordered the Pork Burger... Yes~ they served Pork dishes.

Pork Burger Top View

Pork Burger Side View
The pork burger is yummy~ We have some cocktail during the performance... Enjoyed the performance... Too bad one of my friend left before the performance. We stayed until around 1am and decided to go back home to sleep as i have to wake up early morning for my Personal Training Session.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Porter Value Chain vs Porter 5 forces...

Both are tools to evaluate company strength and weakness... True or False?

The Porter Value Chain evaluates the strength and weakness within the company value chain including the supply chain of the company and its infrastructure. This is more on looking from a single company.

The Porter 5 forces analyzed the strength and weakness of the company from the Industry perspective. This covers the comparison among competitors and have the holistic view of where the company stands within its own industry.

By using these two tools, we could analyze how competitive the company is to its surrounding as well as how strong is the company internally...

So, what is Porter Value Chain?  What is Porter 5 Forces?

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Are you ready to change?

I saw this comic in FB which i think it actually reflected some of you whom dream to be slim but no action taken to make the dream comes true... why? Cause there are so many Monday ahead... LoL ~

Saturday, January 18, 2014

The legend of Hercules...

My Singaporean friend has suggested to watch the legend of Hercules last Saturday... she was looking forward for the Hercules' body... Is Hercules having a nice body?

Adapted from Wikimedia
Since I'm not a regular movie goer, most of the movie i haven't watch so i'm okay with any of the movies. We decided to watch it in Cineleisure Cathay Orchard Road after our Twin Tower Sushi lunch.

The Legend of Hercules as a whole was not that great, storyline was sucks and nothing but the muscular body...

Adapted from
Friend A : The movie is so so only. The storyline sucks.
Friend B : What do you expect? Is all about body
Friend A : Initially the body is nice but after a while, the body was nothing great about...
Friend B : Body was the selling point...
Me : hmmm....

Do you think so?

If i would rate this movie, it would be 3/10... which 10 is the best. So nothing much to hooha about. Maybe for some ladies out there the body might be what they are looking forward to... LoL :p

PS: after the movie, my friend keeps asking me to aim for getting a built like Hercules... Hmmm... i really have no comment~

Friday, January 17, 2014

Happy Thaipusam on 11714

Happy Thaipusam and Happy Day off to The Valley People

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Bangkok Shutdown

The news of Bangkok Shutdown is getting more and more intensified as the date get closer to their planned election on Feb 2nd 2014. It's seems like the situation is getting more tension when it just begin...

I have a chat with my friend from Bangkok via Whatsapp and he is feeding me some latest situation in Bangkok including the picture that he took at Victory Monument Central Bangkok. He did not participate on the protest, he is continue to stay with his daily work life...

Picture sent by Friend in Bangkok
I hope Bangkok can get back its peacefulness as soon as possible and the business can resume as normal.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Kangkung a.k.a Water Spinach

you may call this joke of the week, Joke for easing Monday Blues, or Joke of the day... When every single creative way of expression on KANGKUNG made me ROTFL. 

This is what happen?
Our lovely Malaysian Prime Minister use Kangkung to express his view and comment on the price hike    on all the price like Petrol, Toll and staple food in Malaysia. This has cause the nation not happy with what his decision. 

In one of the event, he told the public as Malaysian we only complain the price of goods raise and no one actually say thanks to the government when a price of Kangkung dropped recently. It's not fair... Something like that. 

So few hours after his statement... The Facebook flooded with all kind of jokes about Kangkung...  here is one of the example regarding the joke about McKangkung... 

Adapted from Malaysia insider

and many more creative Kangkung related material. Visit all the Facebook Page~

Anyway, we know the year 2014 might be a tough year for Malaysia but one word i would like to share with every Malaysian Reader... Enjoy~ 

Adapted from googleusercontent

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Nihon Mura Express @ Cathay Leisure - Singapore

Sushi feast for SGD1.50 per plate in Nihon Mura Express has drawn the attention of my friends and I to eat like a gluttony ;-) As the conveyor belt moving... our eyes were moving to the dish we wanna to pick up...

Conveyor belt
As many many plates passed us but we didn't see the Sake Sashimi (Raw Salmon). So we ordered from the staff 4 plates of Sake Sashimi. They combined the 4 plates into one.

Sake Sashimi
We ate many more different dishes... Chawamushi... Miso Soup etc... So, the tower was in progress when i snapshot this...

One tower was coming up
As time passed... the stack of empty dishes were coming up... We reached a point that we could not eat anymore. That's it. Let me introduce the Twin Tower...

So can anyone guess how much is the total bill?

Monday, January 13, 2014

Run for your lives Asia @ Singapore : Survivor and Zombie in Action

Was attending the Survivor run and being a Zombie last Saturday night in Singapore. A friend of mine has signed me up as a Survivor and Zombie. We were posted in the station near The Fullerton Bay Hotel...

Picture captured by my friend
imaging we were at the central business district of Singapore. Luckily, I never bumped into anyone that i know over there. I didn't bring my phone with me so my friend snapshot this picture to show where we were...

Let's roll the gallery and see how the zombie in action...

It's was a good experience with mud, dirt and heavy rainfall when we were running for our lives earlier as the survivors...  due to the heavy rainfall, we do not have any picture of survivors part of the run. Sad~ Anyway,
at the end of the day, we became zombie and snatched for other people lives... Survivors --> Zombies voluntarily... LoL

Survivor and Zombie

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Examination preparation

Let's get started to study on the Exam...

The final exam for MBA semester #1 will be starting on Feb 19th... So I need to kick start on the study. It's so different in Exam Study nowadays with the technology... which totally different from the convention way (using books only). When i was a student in Canada, I only read books and notes. Now, YouTube have given a short cut to learn the subject.

No wonder the Y and Z generation learn things so fast~ 

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Run Run Run for your lives... on 11114

The zombies are coming... Run everyone run... run for your lives.

In a few hours from now... I will be running for my lives cause i will be chased by the Zombie @ Padang, Singapore. This is an interesting run as it's not like the traditional running even like Sundown, Standard Charter, Nike Run etc. This is the zombie come after you for your lives...

My friends have signed me up with two different race... One is the survivor, which I have run from Zombie and another race is to be the Zombie to run after the survivors. Interesting eh~

For more information about the run, you may visit Run for Your Lives Asia website.

Friday, January 10, 2014

How will 2014 be for TZ ?

2013 was an enjoyable year on travel but a tough year for my career... It's a wake up call for me too. Because of this call, I have finally decided to pursue the MBA Master of Business Administration after years of dream but no actions. Now I target to complete within 1.5 years and looking forward for the graduation. It's too early to say whether i could finish by what have been set in the program. This is due to unknown factors in my coming job scope and many more changes yet to be known. All these factors were unknown in this challenging year. Anyway, MBA is NOT Married but Available. LOL

Time flies and my MBA study for first semester is halfway through. It's interesting to go back to school and learn something different. I hope i have the opportunities to apply what i learn in the near future.  Moreover, i met an entrepreneur whom has only high school cert yet he is running the operation side of the business. Sometime when we discussed about business operation, it was amazed on how he could handle the operation by learning from experience people surrounding him. I really salute him. 

Year 2014, some people has a great start like how US stock market. But the US stock market investors are not sure whether the champagne can continue to flow or not... Just like those people whom has a great starts. Are they able to maintain throughout the year whatever greatness they have?

For those whom started with not getting what they hoped / wanted... DO NOT disappointed. There are always some reason why you don't get what you wanted or hoped for... maybe there is something which is better waiting for you in the near future. Who know eh~ Just like what i have been through on year 2013... trying to get a job / career in Singapore but ended up so many disappointment, if i got a job in Singapore, i might not be making my mind to pursue my MBA. So, when  my current company offer sponsorship of the MBA and i quickly applied and went through numerous interviews and got selected from 60 applicants.

So now i'm sharping my knife and to the world...  I'll be BACK...