Friday, February 28, 2014

Giant is coming to the town...

Run everyone run...

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Worst Boss

Have you encountered Worst Boss in your career?

Picture Adapted from
 In the beginning, maybe you are thinking the boss is just a problem boss. But as time goes by... you will reconsider whether him or her is a Worst Boss... I think a worst boss is a boss that do not know how to manage and tap into his or her subordinate strength to get the best out of the employees. The boss just shut off his or her mind after some incident happen or some incorrect verdict from other employees. This kind of boss is a very tough boss to manage i.e. tough boss to work with and DO NOT EXPECT HIGH RETURN!!!

How about this scenario?

Picture Adapted from

When you encountered these bosses, try to stay calm and move forward. Either trying a way to manage the boss or runaway from the Worst Boss.

I'm curious what is your definition of Worst Boss?


Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Given A Choice...

Given a choice... 
Going up/down with LIFT or STAIRCASE...
Which one you prefer? Why?

Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Minions have been accompanied me to study for the past few weeks...

Minions study with TZ
After few days of studies... Minions also got fainted especially all the graph in Business Economics...

Minions fainted...
Last weekend, my friend shipped a TALKING MINION from Singapore by hand carried. The minion called DAVE. Yes~ is Minion Dave...

Minion Dave
Let's take a closer look at Minion Dave...

Minion Dave - Close up
Now you wanna hear Minion Dave talk and fart? Yes?

Monday, February 24, 2014

Aunties = Cars

I was rushing for my exam this afternoon... It's around 12pm. I was rounding for 20 mins to search for a  carpark at the public carpark besides PJ Hilton.

Bingo~ Finally i found a blue color car was ready to come out in front of me. Happily put on my signal to wait for the car to come out. Guess what? Two aunties with umbrella went to the car that were preparing to come out. Initial i thought the aunties wanted to board the car. But there were no sign the aunties going to board the car.

Upon the car came out, the aunties were hijacked my parking space by standing in the middle of the parking, reserving the carpark for her friends whom was driving the car from the other end... WTF~ It was the carpark i found before you. I asked the aunties to leave but they refused and kept pointing at the other friend of them driving the car... I shouted at them...

Me: Hey i'm not gonna to give you this parking space. Get out of my way.
Aunty: *still insist of pointing at her friend whom are driving the car at the aother side*
Me: No way i'm going to give you this. *I honk at the aunty and slowly reversed my car*
Aunty: *discuss between themselves, i couldn't hear what they say*
Me: Hey are you going to leave? * continue to reverse my car, I'm very careful make sure i don't knock into the aunty... and keep pressing the honk to draw everyone attention. Aunty have no choice but give up, walk away*

I parked my car, got down and straight to the pay machine to get the voucher for the parking and place it at the dashboard, and walked away. I don't even want to look at the them... I bet the aunties were cursing me... maybe that's why my exam got postponed. Sigh~

To the three parking space hijacking aunties,
For your own safety, please do not do this again... you were lucky that I was not intend to hurt anyone and calm enough to just shouted at you... Do you know you are so sooooo annoying and easy to agitate someone fierce enough to give you a big slap or punch you in your eyes~ Is this what you are looking for?... LoL~

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Singapore Safari Zoo Run 2014 : Unleash the BEASTS in you...

Have you heard about Singapore Safari Zoo Run?  I didn't take part in 2013... this year my friend in Singapore has signed me up for this run... I decided to run 6km and it's a fun run. No stressed but fun... :p

Waiting for my turn to run
This is my first time running in the zoo... A different experience especially have to bare with the stared from different animals during the run. And not many cheer from the organizers cause they have passed their cheering job to the host... :p

If given a choice to choose an animal to run with, who would you choose?

A marketeer?
A sleepy Lion?
An Elephant?
An ostrich?
A mighty white Tiger?
Have you made up your mind? Are you ready to run with your chosen animal? Hehehe... I won't tell me your choice but please do not ask me to choose Turtle eh~

Getting ready for the run
It's time to hit the starting line... On your mark get set GO GO GO~

Waiting for Flag off for 6km Fun Run
Due to great response, the organizer has broken us into few groups for flag-off. I was in Wave #3...  This is a fun run... I spent most of my time taking picture of the animal along the way... we passed by Night Safari and day zoo. I managed to see the Night Safari in daytime ;-)

Come come come~ Take picture...Common word that you will heard most of the time... Fun Eh~

I finished the whole 6km in 1.5 hours... longer than my 10km run. Oops~ But anywhere i gotten my finisher medal too... Yay~ Yay~

6km Fun Run finisher medal
Nice eh~

Saturday, February 22, 2014

My Birthday Pressie - Part B

Remember my previous post... My Birthday Pressie - Part A.

Let's review what is inside...

hehehe...  It's a pen~

Sideway - close up
Mont Blanc Pen
Mont Blanc StarWalker Midnight Black
Thanks to my friend for giving such a prestigious pen. :-)

Friday, February 21, 2014

Will Metropolitan Kuala Lumpur become city of NO WATER?

In this hot and dry season, what is the scarcity resources... Yes! it's water...

Picture adapted from signoftherose
Rain in a tropical country is a normal event but recently mother nature stop dropping the water and we have not getting any rain for the past few weeks. The water level in the reservoirs are dropping tremendously. I was worry about no water in City of Kuala Lumpur a.k.a city of potholes but today my worry came true... That's was NO WATER in my condo unit as i tried to wash my hand. Not a single drop of water...

Our lovely government has done a very BAD job in this disaster. They did not announce their plan earlier or should i say they don't have the plan upfront until the water level in the reservoirs drop to the danger level... Now, to conserve as much water as possible for future, they have no choice but stopped the supply of water immediately. Not sure who is the adviser, consulted our lovely government to stop when they think it's critical to stop. I bet many of us would have been shouted at the lovely government for not giving early notice for us to keep some water.

As my FB friend said, " This is another project of Barison National (BN)"  If you hope our lovely government will help us... "slow slow wait"
So, now what should we do?
  1. Pray for the mother nature to drop the rain again. 
  2. Learn the rain dance from the native to entertain the god and make them delight to give us some rain
  3. Shower in the gym... now need to know which outlet has water and which outlet got impacted. (Anyone can help?)
  4. Contact friend to look at whether can pop over to their house to do whatever needed.
Any of you have any better idea?

I got another name for our lovely city, Kuala Lumpur... City of NO WATER... muhahaha...    

Thursday, February 20, 2014

My Birthday Pressie - Part A

Last weekend i traveled to Singapore and was given this for my Birthday pressie...

My Birthday Pressie
Anyone can guess what is inside this?

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Two countries in 9 Days - Day 2 : Birthday + Chinese New Year Reunion Dinner

January 30th 2014 - My Birthday and CNY reunion dinner

Today is my Birthday, to celebrate my birthday, my sister has arranged a morning walk around the flower market and street art in Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC)... 

Boat bringing flowers from Mekong Delta

Boat full of flowers
At the art street, got the chance to see how Vietnamese wrote the Lunar New Years artistic painting and calligraphy. The Vietnamese also using the ink and brush like Chinese in China.

Writing the Horsey word
Next, we headed to the Temporary Florist in the middle of the city near the famous Ben Thanh Market. This is an annual event for city folks to buy flower and place in their home for the lunar new year.

Sun flower fields in HCMC
Dragon Fruits as decoration
there are meaning to all these flowers and fruits as the decoration... i don't know what it meant to the Vietnamese thought. Maybe i could find out from my Vietnamese colleagues. :p

Not sure you still remember the Lunar New Year reunion dinner was also my birthday dinner... My sister bought this cake and celebrated my birthday in the afternoon. This Tiramutsu cake was brought from a 68 years old bakery shop. It was super yummy~

My Birthday Cake
My Lunar New years dinner always have it indoors, this year the Lunar New Year was a bit different as we were having Alfresco dinner. Yup,  we were having our dinner at 28 floors with the spectacular sunset...

View from the sun deck
TZ relax on portable hammock
We were having steamboat (hot pot) for reunion dinner. All the stuff has been prepared by sister and mom, my duty was setting up the place and transported those food from the kitchen to the sun deck.

Raw material for Hotpot
Steamboat (Hotpot)
i went back to work on my assignment after the clean up. Anyway, thanks to my sister on arranging my birthday and the reunion dinner... i have a nice birthday and reunion dinner with my family in Vietnam :)

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

MBA : Married But Available

Gaining the Married But Available (MBA) status is not as easy as i thought. Not so much of the tough syllabus on the course, it's the time commitment to finish the assignment and preparation for exam. I was tied up with all the assignment throughout the Chinese New Year, that's why you don't see me continue blogging for a while which i have so many things to blog about.

Anyway, tomorrow is my first Final Exam for this semester. I will have to hit the book again. Will slot in sometime whenever i feel like taking a break. ;-)

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Two countries in 9 Days - Day 1 : Touch down @ Ho Chi Minh City

Jan 29th 2014 - Left city of pothole and heading to HCMC, Vietnam. The journey took me 1 hours 10 mins. Rushing through the days, pick up a taxi and headed to KLIA. Broad the Malaysia Airline, the true Malaysian Hospitality... Anyway, that would be another story eh~

Touched down at 6pm, cleared the custom and met my bro-in-law after 30 mins. Still faster than KLIA in term of baggage handling.

Left the baggage at my sister place and headed to dinner nearby. Dinner @ Papa's Vietnam, an Italian Restaurant.

Italian Food - Papa's Vietnam
Authentic Italian food from the Italian chef... Yummy~
After the meal, we proceed with to the New Year's decoration near Crescent Mall District 7. The florist decoration was so nice...

Lunar New Year flower and light decoration


So many different species of flower including the paddy fields... So it's an eye opener for me to see how pretty is the man made garden on the road. (they closed the road and put up the garden). more;

Back to my sister place after the visit... Day 1 end. ~