Monday, June 30, 2008

Pilate tonight @ Axis - FF

I wasn't attending pilate class @ Axis-FF for quite some time. I always have PT session @ Summit - FF Monday evening... I'm go for Pilate this evening 5:45pm, my Personal Trainer will be in a medicine training session until 5pm so we will not be having any PT session this evening. Great! Pilate here i come...

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Dengue Fever Source?

I was attacked with Dengue Fever two weeks ago... fortunately i have a strong immunity and i just recovered from Dengue Fever after 5 days without admitted to the hospital. But until today, i still not sure where i got the mosquito bite... moreover, the dengue fever department from the health ministry did not do any investigation... Malaysia Boleh lah! i think they are waiting for the next victim... ;-)

I noticed for the past few weeks, there were lots of mosquitos @ the lobby of my condo especially late evening @ the carpark... could it be i got bitten by the mosquitos downstair @ the lobby?... so i decided to walk around my condo to look at the environment.. the cleaning company has done a good job to maintain the surrounding within the condo. No potential breeding ground for mosquitos was being discovered... 

Guess what? This morning as i was testing my lens and i discovered quite a number of potential mosquitos breeding ground within/in the DUKE highway construction sites. So dangerous! the construction sites company did not even bother to take care of the residents' health and safety... creating all the potential mosquito breeding ground... :-(

look at the stagnant water, will this be the mosquitos breeding ground?

Closer view from the 1st picture... focus on the water...

Will this fulfilled the criteria for Aedes mosquitos to breed?

Closer view from the previous photo... So, what do you think?

These two pictures even shocked me... 

Focus on the bunch of stuff in the middle of this picture... what is this? Look @ next picture

The DUKE highway construction company is not taking care of the environment *sigh*

Now, I really worry about all the residents in this surrounding area... who will be the next victim if i really got bitten by the Aedes Mosquitos near my condo here. I think the DUKE Highway Construction Company should clean up the rubbish and solved the stagnant water issue... Will need to let the MP's PA know about this issue... 

DUKE Highway Construction Company, you are responsible to solve this immediate before the outbreak of the Dengue Fever or others diseases... We, resident need a clean and safe environment... Please don't jeopardize our life...

Live music @ TZ's Condo Balcony

I got live music running last night from my balcony... The live music from the KLUE Urbanscapes event @ KLPAC. I realized from the website that if you are going to the event you need to pay for RM35... for me i got free live music... hehehe


I took these pictures from my balcony... Looks like not many people partying near the outdoor stage.

Anyone visited the event... can you share with us?

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Streamyx down again ... DAMN!

My streamyx down again a moment ago... now using my neighbor's connection .... ;-)

Party @ Souled Out

Friday was the last day for the final batch of my ex-colleagues. One of my ex-colleagues has organized a gathering @ Souled Out Desa Sri Hartamas.

It was a simple gathering, we chat, we danced, we shouted, we talked etc... Everyone was releasing stress from their work and enjoyed the moment... As for me i was releasing my stress of no work and no income @ this moment :-p

Thanks to Faridz for taking all this photo... :->

Faridz (the person on the left in the front row)

Look old in this photo with kimmie... *sigh*

EngHoo and I dancing with the beat...

group photo with my ex-colleagues and my ex-boss too :-p

Dancing with Kimmie, I don't share well ... hehehe

 We are "Just Do It" Bro

Dancing YMCA :->

Corine was taking video clip...

we left Souled Out before 12am... all of us were Cinderella on last Friday ... LoL

Friday, June 27, 2008


My departure date to Uganda got pushed another two weeks... i will have to wait for another two more weeks. I was excited and looking forward to kick start my new assignment next week but this morning i got a call from my new colleague... the trip to Uganda has been postponed to another two more weeks due to some delay in the previous project. *Sigh*

But on the bright side, i would have another two more weeks to stay with my family members, my gym friends and my friends/ex-colleagues... Hopefully, two weeks later i would be flying off otherwise all my family and friends would just think what had happened to me... moreover, every of my ex-colleagues would have started their new job and i'm still stuck with the wait... *sigh*

Anyway, gotta go to take my lunch and meeting my insurance agent this afternoon... then it's party time tonite @ Souled Out. Since the day i accepted this job, it has been so many changes until i don't know whether i should stick with this job anymore... especially when i got a call from my new colleague this morning... but since i have been waiting from May until now... i think i will give them another one more try. I'm a little uncomfortable with the waiting and waiting as my reserved is getting lesser and lesser as day passed... *sigh* TZ, u need a backup plan right now... 

New Workout

My PT has designed a new set of workout for the session yesterday evening... I was a little surprise when he mentioned to me that he would not be using too much of the normal barbell and dumbbell... so i was wondering what will be the work out...

A minute later, he came back with two medicine balls weighed 4KG and 10KG. 

What is medicine ball?
A medicine ball (also known as an exercise ball, a med ball, or a fitness ball) is a weighted ball, roughly the diameter of the shoulders (approx. 14 inches). Often used for rehabilitation and strength training, it serves an important role in the field of sports medicine. It should not be confused with the larger, inflated Swiss ball.
Medicine balls are usually sold as 2–25 lb. balls and are used effectively in plyometric weight training to increase explosive power in athletes in all sports. Some medicine balls are in the form of weighted basketballs. It is possible to play basketball with a medicine ball, but it can be difficult, and has the potential to cause injury or possible property damage.

Ok! back to the work out that my PT has planned. He planned 4 different workouts for me i.e. Medicine ball push up; Squat with medicine ball; abs crunch and leg raise abs crunch.

Medicine ball push up
4 sets --> 40, 30, 20, 10 pushes up.... so in total it was 100 push up.

Squat push press with Medicine Ball 
4 sets --> 40, 30, 20, 10 reps of squats... total 100 squats

abs crunch
4 sets --> 40, 30, 20, 10 reps of crunches... total 100 crunches

Leg raise abs crunch
4 sets --> 40, 30, 20, 10 reps of crunches... total 100 reserve abs crunches

After the workout, since Simon (my gym buddy) was there, we did some chest bench press...
3 sets --> Weigh: 10KG for 10 reps... 

45minutes of RPM classes <-- cycling studio class

How TZ feel today?
* Muscle sore especially the upper body...
* Back muscle sore too, thanks to the medicine ball push up
* can't feel my abs now... hopefully i would be able to laugh tonight during the party
* Leg muscle was sore too... 

I'm still wondering should i go for a light workout today... to do more stretching on my muscle... :->

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Kampala... Here i come :->

Finally, after 3 months of happily vacation, it will come to an end on July 5th 2008... I will be going back to work. Hurray! If you read about my entry earlier, i had accepted a 20 months project in Uganda Africa. I'm excited, looking forward and ready to start my new assignment :->

I had a meeting with my future bosses and one of my new team member... The organization structure is kind of complicated, what i know is that I will report to one boss in Uganda and matrix to lots of bosses in Malaysia... challenging eh! That's common nowadays... hehehe ;-)

At the meeting, the team has confirmed that we will be leaving for Uganda on July 5th 2008. For my 1st 2 weeks there, i will be meeting my project customers and of course my immediate boss. TZ will be working in a new environment, new culture with the new faces... if you ask me are you comfortable... what do you think my answer is... :-> Although i'm quite adventurous but i still have not in the comfort zone now a lot of things will be new to me once i touch down in Africa. The 1st thing is I will be a foreigner to the Uganda people. 

For the past 1 month, i have been reading and trying to get lots of informations about Uganda... Uganda is a nice country and the people there is friendly... :-> So, i hope to meet some new friends and make my 20 months a memorable one with some good stories/experience that i would be able to tell to those whom were not been there before when i come back to Malaysia.

Anyway, will have updates about Uganda soon once i touch down in Kampala city eh!... gotta hit the gym now and later I have to drop by TGIF too to say hi to my friend :-> See ya!

Monday, June 23, 2008

We need to meet the deadline...

This entry is a back dated entry which the event has happened on June 13th 2008. Due to i was having dengue fever, i was down and wasn't be able to post this entry. Now, I would like to post this entry to show my disappointment towards the Duke Highway Construction Company bridging their promises <-- THIS HAS BEEN HAPPENING SINCE DAY 1  :-(

"We need to meet the deadline", "we have unforeseen circumstances", "It's 51m deep", "sorry but we need to work until 11pm today".....  etc. were the replies from the Duke Highway Construction company after my compliant on two Friday ago i.e. June 13th 2008 @ about 7pm something. I was extremely upset and disappointed with what the Duke Highway Construction company has done especially on bridging their agreement that set earlier during the meeting i.e. no work will be done after 7pm.

The Duke Highway Construction company has worked on the highway construction until 12am on June 13th 2008. This has posted an enormous noise and air pollution to all the resident surrounded the construction site. The vibration of the machine pulling out the casing from the hole was felt by the houses/condo near the construction site too... Tell me, how the resident take a good rest after a whole day of work. Who should be responsible on this? No one? *Sigh* 

As for me i was having fever and I was not able to sleep due to the construction. I have tried to sleep with all windows and doors closed but because i am staying high up in the condominium... I was suffered with the extreme noise from the machine sound like coming from the next door. Can you sleep with this humongous noise? *sigh*

Since i could not sleep, i took out my camera and took some pictures on the construction site...

Two cement trucks was unloading the cement to the hole... enormous noise was produced
Not sure what the workers were doing ... ;-)
I think they were testing the hole
Looking @ the hole...

Fortunately, the MP of the area, YB Tian Chua and his PA came and understood the situation... the Duke Highway Construction Company has no choice to stop @ 12am... otherwise they might work 24 hrs... *sigh* Anyway, for the past few days, they stopped work before 7pm until today.

I received three different texts (SMS) from the Duke Highway Construction Company on extending their working hour again a few hours back. First came to my mind was a disappointment... *sigh* when will they stop bridging their agreement...
Here you goes the text
  1. "We are still concreting bored pile. pile 45m deep concrete supply quite slow. Works delay expected to complete by 7:30-8:00pm. Sorry for inconvenient caused. from xxxxxxx" (received about 5+pm)
  2. "Last concrete truck already arrived. Works further delay expected to complete by 8:30pm. very sorry from xxxxx" (received about 7:30pm)
  3. "Concrete just completed. tq from xxxxxx" (received about 8pm)

I don't know when was the actual time they stopped the work. I was not at home tonight. By the time i arrived, the work has already stopped. Anyway, i would like to stress a point out which i think it's not very fair with what happen here. If you notice on the first text, there was a statement mentioned "concrete supply quite slow"... because of some miss managed I belief on the concrete supply by the company and the supplier, the resident has to suffer the noise and air pollution by giving away their quite moment after a whole day of work... is this fair to the resident? Who will compensate the pain that the resident suffer? the Government (hahaha)? The Highway construction company (do you think they will) ? More over the government authority was siding the highway construction company rather than helping the resident to resolve the issue... *sigh*

Lunch @ Fresh Unique 23 Seafood - Part 2 : Lunch is served...

If you missed out the part 1... here you go the link Part #1.
The kitchen proceed with the listed seafood and agreeable dishes... 

Spider Crab
I didn't know that Kok Leong has ordered the Spider Crab as one of the seafood items... i only realized after he helped me to take a picture of me holding the spider crab... 

Spider Crab in the tank
Catching the spider crab
Spider crab with Butter Sauce was served... Yummy!

The geoduck was imported from Canada. I managed to search and understand further from Wikipedia... click on the link if you would like to learn more about Geoduck

Geoduck live in the aquarium
Geoduck served raw
Two ways to eat Geoduck, eat raw or broil it in the herbs soup

Fish (which i don't know what the fish call)
This is a huge fish and it tasted good... i ate a lots as i could not eat too much of others seafood... :->

Fish swimming around the aquarium
Fish was served... the meat tasted nice, Yummy!

Others dishes
there were couple more nice and yummy dishes too... 

Broil prawn... i could taste the freshness and sweetness of the prawn meat
Clam with Chili (this was so so only )
Salted egg crab ( I skip this )
Stir Fry Kailan
Tofu with fish lung

Satisfied diner
Look at how my ex-colleagues Kim Kiat enjoying his meal... hehehe... can you imagine how nice the food? Did you smell it ... :-p

Happy man... Satisfied with a smile
this is a satisfied look after lunch

Everyone was satisfied with the lunch and we were all full... Left the place about 2:30pm with a happy look... 

Check please! 
Guess how much was the total of this lunch for 17 pax? 
a. RM1,500
b. RM1,700
c. RM2,000 <-- this is the answer.
d. RM2,500

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Lunch @ Fresh Unique 23 Seafood - Part 1 : What should we order?

It was the final Friday lunch with my ex-colleagues... this round we decided to have it @ the Fresh Unique 23 Seafood. This is a restaurant that cook the live seafood upon order... :-> Some tough decision needed as there are so many choices to choose from... i only managed to captured few seafood that caught my attention... they were so many more to choose from... tough job!

Abalone from South Africa
Snow Crab from Alaska
Spider Crab from ??? (errr... forgot to see the label <-- too excited)
Geoduck from Canada
Don't know what's their name & where are they from... but I know where they will end up... hehehe
Lobster from California (i hope i'm right ... there were so many types of lobster)
Clam from Malaysia ... hehehe
Let's have spider crab
No Crab Please! I want Lobster...
What should we order? What do you think?

The whole team has requested Kok Leong to make the decision of what we would have on our lunch since he recommended this venue... He has shortlisted a list of seafood and proceed to discuss with the waitress on some good recommendation on how the seafood going to be prepared

Fresh Water Prawn 
Spider Crab 
Vegetable - Kailan
Flowery Crab

So, how's these seafood being prepared and which seafood going to which type of dishes....