Friday, September 20, 2019

First post in 2019

When is my last post? LAST YEAR 😱
Anyway, time really flies and it is getting faster and faster each year. Today is 20Sept, 3 more months is xmas then 2020.

It's been long time i have not been updating my lovely blog. Just dreamt of it and woke up. So i decided to write and post this as my first post in 2019. Hope it is still not too late ☺️

Monday, September 10, 2018

Reappeared of TZ LIFE in bangkok

September getaway in Bangkok with friends has brought out my memory of the period of 

Many years has gone by and my blog has put aside with spider web all over my blog. My regular no longer visited my blog... and bloggers that appear same time as me has also put aside their blog too. 

So, yesterday, when my friend bought me this small customized pressie... it brought so many memories back... 

Do you see the customized wording? 
Thanks medie007 for giving me this custom made cap in bangkok. 😁

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Restart blogging over a booze

It has been a while i went out to booze with my friend on Saturday Night. 

I met up a blogger friend of mine in Solaris Mont Kiara for Yamcha session. Initially, booze was not in our agenda as we just wanna to have some cake and non-alcohol drinks. When we finished the chatting, cakes and drinks at Bene Caffe. We decided to walk around... 

Guess what? We came across the SaltLick @ Soho KL. There was a live band called Chemistry was singing the song that my friend like. As the person like booze booze... we will not hesitate to walk into the pub and sat down. 

Since i promised my mama not to booze so i ordered a TEA which is slightly long. 

During the drink, all of the sudden, i got the inspiration of restart my blog and i told this blogger friend of mine. Here you go ... the 5 Elements of My life restart on Aug 6th 2017. 

We left the place after finished our 2nd drink... 

Saturday, April 30, 2016

When and where i should begin...

After leaving from blogging, i'm now not sure when and where i should begin... 

Time flies... 
Things changes... 
Agings... hmmm... people still think i'm late 20s ;-)

I have been leaving my blog unattended for months... It's time to pick up and continue since it is a good way to share my thought. I have so many nice travel picture to share with the world. Unfortunately i have little time to process and upload into the internet to share.

Today, I'm back to a old place where i have blogged about years back~ 
The place where three of us (bloggers) called the EMO Headquarter where i met and hanged out with lots of new friends. 

The 100th outlet of Starbie in Malaysia which is the EMO headquarter for some of my bloggers friend. 

Yo~ My fellow old bloggers. Let's get back to the blogging era eh~

Let get the everything start... Okay?

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Australia trip planning - Great Ocean Road and Goldfield Route

I have been doing the research on where to stay... where to visit... and what to do for the 10 days in Australia next month.

Initially, my plan is just to chill in Great Ocean Road and Melbourne but at the end after i planned, I realised that we have more time. So decided to cover the goldfield route which includes Ballarat which i will have my graduation on Dec 10th 2015.

Am excited to visit the underground mining, visit the great scenic drive of Great Ocean Road and looking forward to graduate in Federation University Australia :)

Yay~ Let's countdown now... 

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Saturday afternoon - To gym or NOT to gym ...

Oops! people must be thinking... My only things can be do in Saturday is to gym. I was slowing down on going to the gym recently. Kind of lazy, not sure why but i think i have to ditch my bad habit of not hitting the gym as often as i did. 

I was proudly telling everyone i'm a gym goer and hitting the gym everyday. But today, I was asking myself "To gym or NOT to gym" 

Guess what? 
One of my friend who is a blogger posted a picture in my FB after i ask this "To gym or NOT to gym"

hehehe... do you find going to gym very hard? I found consistently going to the gym is hard after you kind of slow down. 

Okay~ Time to wrap up and hit the gym eh~

Friday, November 6, 2015

Spectre James Bond 007

C: And now we find out what 'M' stands for - 'moronic'. 
M: And now we know what 'C' stands for 

I found this interesting... 
Anyway, I managed to watch the latest James Bond 007 movie in Paradigm GSC with my friends after work yesterday.

It was a nice action movie with so so storyline. You know~ those same old James Bond 007 storyline. 
Anyway, i found it is worth watching.