Sunday, September 21, 2008

Joke of the day @ TGIF The Curve

I was sitting @ TGIF bar last Friday... sipping my drink with my two friends, the Tony Romas (TR) kitchen manager and the restaurant manager of Teh Tarik. There were a joke of the day happened in TGIF the curve. You must be thinking what has happened... ?

Guess what? I saw the company managing director (MD) that franchising of the TGIF in Malaysia with his friends appeared in TGIF bar. My friend whom working in Tony Roma's was wearing his TR uniform and sitting together with me @ the bar. This MD came by and my friend actually stood up and greeted him. They continued to have their conversation... I just sipping my drink @ the bar and talking to the other friend of mine. Anyway, i didn't pay any attention to their conversation.

After the conversation, my friend was kind of pissed and i asked him what has happened? as he told me that the MD asked him to "Fxxx Off"... huh??? I was shocked to hear the 4 letters word... So, i was interested to know more... according to my friend, the MD was accusing him that my friend was spying the business of TGIF. Moreover he told my friends that he would send 100 TGIF staffs to Tony Romas if he wanted... hey man! for me if i were the Tony Romas MD i would be happy ... 100 person additional sales why not? My friend always tell me that he likes TGIF bar even though he could drink free @ TR's bar... It's true... it's fun to have drinks @ TGIF bar.

Few minutes later, the TGIF restaurant GM asked my friend to have a small talk... I was like what the hack? How could you asking my friend whom was your customer to have a small talk... what did my friend do wrong? He was just sitting @ the bar and having drink with me.... I think the TGIF MD has disrespect his customer and he owed him an apology. They told my friend that he shouldn't be wearing his Tony Romas uniform and sit in TGIF restaurant... What do you think?

Anyway, it was a big joke of the day... so next time don't wear any uniform to TGIF if you were in the F&B industry... I think better not to wear any uniform including Hardrock Cafe t-shirt eh!... otherwise, they would treat u as spy and asked u for a small talk... My friend was upset the whole night and i was comforting him ... i'm going to draft a mail to the GM of the restaurant and addressing the unhappiness and demand for an apology from the TGIF MD for disrespect their customers... :-p

Update: After i wrote the mail, the MD replied the mail, apologized and would like to make up for what had happened last Friday... :-)


Mr Dino said...

call the tv station!!~~
LOLz ;)

Anonymous said...

WTH!! Some people really have not tack and magnanimity. What a joke! He should be flattered that a rival's find his restaurant interesting and was there to give him business. What is this, standard 6?!

TZ said...

Mr. Dino : No TV station needed... blog will do :-)

CC: exactly... that's y my entry title ... Joke of the day... LoL :-p

Coffee Lover Kid said...

Hey TZ!! I am blogger, u r blogger, i come ur site to "SPY" u now.. later u come my site "SPY" me back.. HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA....

Johnny Ong said...

wow, i wld have a field day blogging abt this if i was there. will really ridicule what had happened. there's no courtesy at all and professionalism is def way out

Medie007 said...

walao... macam itu pun boleh?!

TZ said...

Simple Alex: So u come to my site and spy me eh! with uniform or not? :-p

Johnny Ong: I was so disappointed.... but anyway, he apologies after i written a letter expressing on how i was disappointed as a customers... sigh!

Ah-bong: Malaysia boleh mah! :-p

TZ said...

All: I'm happy at least after i wrote a mail to the GM and raise my concern... The MD wrote back a mail to apologize for what happen on last Friday...

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