Thursday, February 16, 2012


I applied Thursday and Friday off last week... I went down to the city of Merlion. I spent 4 days 3 night in that country... Guess what?

Colleague : Where were you last weekend?
Me : I'm in the city of Merlion. 
Colleague : Oh, you are going to Singapore? Interview ar?
Me: Nope, I went there for meeting my friends and as a tourist since i have not been there since year 2006. Hehehe... i have free place to stay, free food... just need to buy the air ticket over.
Colleague : Sure or not? 
Me: Why you doubt about me?
Colleague : So many people going down to start their new job there... Nevermind we will see...
Me: *just give a big smile* 

Hmm... Why they think like that? First, my another colleague recently tender his resignation and got himself over to Singapore. Secondly, lots of people surrounded us just gotten their job in Singapore. So maybe this why people perceive that way when you travel down to Singapore. I'm NOT sure whether my boss also have this perception.  

Anyway, it's tough to explain and get rid of the perception... 
What would be your reaction if your friends mention he/she was visiting Singapore for a few days?


Medie007 said...

holiday lor.... cannot meh? >_<

Twilight Man said...

Gamble! Visit Boyfriend!

Small Kucing said...

LOL..interview ar :p

TZ said...

Medie007 : yup, i'm on holiday but not many people belief Sigh~

Twilight Man : If I mentioned that my colleagues sure fainted and no one will belief :p

small kucing: Oh no... you also say interview :(