Thursday, May 29, 2014

MBA - not Married But Available

I was working on my MBA assignment for the past few days... It's not a tough assignment per said but it's a lot of thought to come out a reasonable assignment for gaining as many marks as possible. In fact I'm suppose to review and revise my write up and submit to my team for consolidation by today. I'm not in the mood of writing the assignment. Sigh~

Lots of my friends were surprise that i still further my study to get my MBA... This dream suppose to be materialize couple years ago but unfortunately i refused to be tied down to scarified my weekend and social night out.

Year 2013, i have made up my mind to pursue 1.5 years MBA and made my dream come true. TZ is a student now... Anyone wanna treat a student a nice meal?

PS: Can i exercise my student rights? No need to pay for my meal... Any sponsorship?

Friday, May 16, 2014

Leaving city of potholes...

I'm a regular traveler recently... How you define regular traveler? Leaving city of Potholes every week? Twice a month? Monthly?...

My definition of regular traveler is weekly or occasionally at least twice a month... Guess what? I'm in my new 2nd home again... @KLIA2 now

KLIA2 linking bridge

The airport is damn huge with a world largest airport shopping mall integrated with the airport terminal. I walked from one end to another end... huge is word to describe the airport... I haven't see much of the airport as i was rushing to get myself online to continue my work before flying to my next destination.

I'm leaving city of potholes to Mt Bromo for sunrise. Will be away for 3D2N to capture the never before sunrise experience according to my travel buddies. Will let you know once i'm back from Bromo.

Till then... Ciao~