Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Are you working in a war zone?

Work environment is equal to a war zone. Today globalization has brought us to fight in this no borderless war zone. A lot of us actually felt what the picture i posted.

There are lots of ups and downs in our working life. It's a matter of time on how you will minimized your downs and maximized your ups. So don't feel sad or disappointed when you are in the downs. It is more important to strategize on how to bring yourself up again to fight in the war zone. Always remember, thie decision of the change on yourself is own hand.

Try to make use of environment /resources to make the change you wanna it to be... I'm planning to make a change too... hehehe... :->


Wow! was my reaction when i got back last nite... My broadband back online again, i was happily surfing the internet last nite till 1am. Not enuf sleep today and feeling quite tired this morning. Surfing! Surfing!
Exceed my expectation on the Streamyx services this round. It was super fast, one kudos for the Streamyx on solving this issue. Good job Streamyx... keep up the work!
Anyway, see how happy is the Choclate chip picture... I was so hungry by looking @ the choclate chip. This my choclate chip, please don't take it and eat it... ;-p Need to catch it fast otherwise the choclate chip will run away... hehehe... just to release some stress - so much things to close today :-(

Monday, May 28, 2007

Leaving KL for Penang/Kulim

I will be leaving for Penang/Kulim this wednesday for a 3 days business trip. I will miss my gym in KL again :-(

Anyway, it is important for me to travel to Kulim in order to close the information that i need from the customers. Gotta to rite now. Meeting coming up in 11 mins.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

5 stages of No Internet Access

I'm in Starbuck checking my mail. I planned to finish my compilation of the list from reviewing all the software during my F2F @ Pudong, Shanghai. I could not finish my work thanks to Streamyx.

I called the Streamyx customer care this morning. I was so pissed off as it also happened when i came back from Business Trip... *sigh*. Anyway, my brother in law has reset my modem then we lost the ADSL line. Let's see how the Streamyx worked to close this tomorrow.

I'm not like what the comics shown... hehehe... i only have 1 stage which i will make a compliant and scold the Streamyx (Internet Provider). So do you go through the 5 stages shown in the comic below when there is no access to the internet? I like the 3 one which i.e. Bargaining.. :-p

adapted from: Salon.com

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Interesting Experience in Shanghai

I will be flying back to Malaysia this afternoon. Just checked out from the hotel. Waiting for my collagues to do the same. The hotel actually provided free Wi-Fi connection @ the lobby :->

I have an enjoyable week @ Shanghai even though a very busy schedule on my F2F meeting. The Shanghai office working hours is strictly 8am-5pm as the shanghai employees will not stay late in the office as they are travelling using the office shutters services. So, this gave us some time to wondered around Shanghai... hehehe... I went to Shanghai most popular shopping street.. i.e. Nan Jing Road. The lighting and decoration was very impressed with full of high and medium class shopping mall along the road. BTW, thousand of peoples are walking on this street daily. So of cause, there were lots of cute ladies and guys too. FYI, Shanghai has the most younger population among the cities in China.

"Cheapo! Cheapo! Looku! Looku!" is the local famous English to try to sell the Rolex Watch, Gucci Beg etc to the tourist. They followed us to pursuade us to buy something from them. BTW, they also trying to sell services too... I believe you get what i meant... :-> Some ladies and guys were trying to approach me to ask whether i need some special service from ladies. Anyway, i was curious and asked them whether there also guy's services too i.e. Service for gay. This was what they reply "YES!" and they listed down the items with the price. Sound so professional! I regreted to ask more information as this guy was following me form one end to another end. He was trying to pursuade me to take up the package. Fortunately, there was a policeman which chased him away... what a relief!.... :-> Hey, don't put me wrong. I'm not into any form of one nite stand from the street... it was so dangerous especially in a stranger place.

More Picture coming soon on Shanghai, stay tune eh! :->

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Resume my gym workout

Finally, I have a nice 1.5hrs workout @ the hotel gym yesterday. I planned to go to Fitness First Plaza 66. The total travel time from PuDong to will take about 1 hour+. I decided to stayed in the hotel gym.

The hotel gym is nice and cosy with the latest Techogym equipment. The x-trainer come with duel functionality touch screen and display. You could setup your workout setting like what we did in Fitness First back in Malaysia. The only different is the functionality is embbedded in a touch screen electronic display. After you finished setting up, you could minimized the touch screen and watch TV. The feature is awesome!
I had the whole gym by myself and have a good workout on the free weight too. Still thinking to pay a visit to FF @ Plaza 66 tomorrow after work. :-p

Monday, May 21, 2007

First day working from Pudong Shanghai

Reached Pudong office on 0745. Met my collagues whom i conference with them for months but never have F2F before. Quite a tired day as we had reviewed near to 20-30s applications. I had 100% focus as i need to write summary to my management.

Anyway, my colleague and i had a nice dinner @ the hotel that we stayed. This restaurant is a modern theme restaurant which consider one of the expensive restaurant in Shanghai. Guess how much i spent for my dinner (per person since we separate the bill) ... Dinner includes Japanese and Typical Shanghai crusine with Beer...
a. RMB 133
b. RMB 450
c. RMB 612
d. RMB 1000

Hehehe... made a guess and i will provide you the answer tomorrow... :->

BTW, my colleague and i walked about 5km in total from our hotel to Pudong business area and the oriental TV towel + the riverside. It was a good exercise and the view was refreshing. Visit my photo album for Shanghai visit.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Sunday afternoon @ Pudong, Shanghai...

I would like to start with a Wow! Pudong is different from 2 years ago.

The hotel that i stayed in was not as nice as what the review said. I did not get the high tech room as they are reserved for the Starwood preference members. What a disappointed moment... but anyway, i sign up the starwood preference membership... maybe next trip i will get the room.

Anyway, the room is quite cosy. After placing all my luaggage, my collague and i, we straight go out and have a walk... guess how many kilometers we have been walking in total today?
a. 1KM
b. 2.5KM
c. 5KM

Give it a guess... I will review the answer later. We were out from 1600-2200 including dinner. I took a couple of picture but my camera run out of batt, could not download the picture. Will download and upload later.

Today, we covered most of the places in Pudong. We passed by the future tallest building in the world, the Shanghai World Finance Center (SWFC) , currently it is under construction. On year 2008, it would become the tallest building of the world. We also went to the river side that could oversee the Bund.

Is airline services depends on your skin color?

i observed a service discrimination during my way to Pudong this afternoon. I was pissed when i saw this scenario. How come the lighter color got more services than us... ;-> This is not right!!!...
This is not only this airline that i took to Pudong but other airline also practise this too...

I would not wanna to say which airline but Malaysian should not proud of this airline. Not sure how they're rated best services for years... I'm quite unhappy with the food they provided too, low quality packaged with the low services... :-( i understood they are undergoing a lean program thanks to the previous CEO... but you should maintain at least some quality.

Not to mention the bad services from the airline, the passenger was so inconsiderate . There were a kid sitting behind me... you know what? The kid has so much energy that he was doing his leg exercise through out the 4 hrs journey. The mom was just kept quite and no comment or stopped him of doing so. His mom just pretend nothing happened even i made a friendly complaint. I was so pissed of with the mon and son, hopefully i would not get this scenario when going back to KL. I would shout @ the parent if this happened again... ;-( Hey mom, if you don't know how to educate your children to behave in the public place, please do not give birth to the children and make other people suffer... This is not the first case i see Malaysian mother, sometime i wondered why the parent still wanna give birth and do not educate the children behave properly... ? (Don't put me wrong, i was not mean but just a little bit pissed when i see this suppose to be the parent responsibility to educate their children to behave) .... hehehe...
Anyway, things quite smooth after reaching Pudong International Airport, managed to get out from the airport within an hour.

Waiting for the time to come ....

I woke up @ 0530 this morning, took a quick shower. Dad sent me to KL Sentral for my train to the airport. Reached KL sentral and managed to catch the check-in @ KL sentral... very happy as i don't need to carry my luggage to KLIA :->

Now I'm waiting for the time to come to board the flight to Pudong, Shanghai. I will be leaving for Shanghai @ 8:50am. Not sure what to do in KLIA, not interested to shop @ a high price shopping mall. Decide to sit @ Starbuck, enjoy the nice coffee and update my blog... :-p

I will have about half a day in Shanghai before my meeting tomorrow. I don't have any plan yet, let see what my collague wants to do. BTW, I will be staying in a nice hotel (Four Point By Sheraton) with a 32 inch flat screen TV, a high tech bathroom with a nice glass that could see thru. Looking forward to see how high tech is this hotel.

Anyway, will snapshot some pictures and share with all of you :-> Until then ... Sayonara from now.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Gain 1KG of fat

I reached Fitness First Summit on 11 something. Since i would like to take a weight measure, so i could not start with my Cardio training. Guess what? I'm a little upset on the result of my weight as i loss some muscle mass and gain about 1 kg of fat... What's wrong with my food intake?

After the whole day analyzing, i realized that i took extra 1-2 teh tarik or coffees daily other than 2 coffees per day. In total, i have 3-4 drinks during office hours. this might be the root cause for gaining the fat as the Teh Tarik from the machine is sweet. And during this period, i kind of cutting down my vegetable intake as i did not manage to buy fresh vege. I think i need to continue with taking more vege then and fruits.

My PT session today focus on the body weight workout. So it is solely 72KG body weight workout today... i felt it is much more harder than the normal weight training. You need to balance with your weight... :-)

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Guess where is this place?

I'm leaving for a business trip to this place on this coming Sunday for a week. The schedule will be tight as we need to review all 141 software application in 5 days. BTW, my mission is to build the network and learn the 141 software applications. You must be thinking I'm crazy or just boasting... Anyway, this is a fact, the company that i worked for normally will raise and stress the bar to a more higher expectation. So we will try to achieve it :-> (My dear ex-colleague, this sound familiar eh!)

I'm not that excited to go to this place as i have been before. This place is so expensive and not much shopping i could do compare to US. I still prefer to go to US... my jeans is getting losen and losen as i lost weight... Boss, when to send me to US for business trip. I need a replenish of my clothing from US this year ... heheheh...

Give it a guess... there will be some token that i would give away for the 1st person to guess where am i going this coming Sunday and the whole of next week (refer to the picture).

A Normal and rainy Wednesday in Kuala Lumpur ...

It was raining heavily yesterday morning, and the traffic was so bad that it took me 1.5 hrs to reach my workplace... :-( I saw a couples of accident on the way to my office. There was one very severe as the car has broken into pieces beside the highway... I hope the driver is still alive. Anyway, this has attracted all other driver to reduce their speed @ about 50% to look at the accident... they have posted another danger to others driver who were driving with the same speed...

Back to work, I hit a milestone for my assignment, hurray!! no celebration yet as there are still more to do for the assignment. This is quite a lengthy assignment and there will be more challenging deliverable upfront ... I'm ready to undertake these challenge :->

Anyway, i did not work late yesterday. I left office at about 1630 for Isaiah Kee's Body Pump class. We had a tough squart and lunges without any break in between. What a tough workout on leg... not to mentioned i attended the Ping's RPM after Body Pump class. The RPM was so so for me but it was a challenge class for my friend Simon. It was his first RPM class... he was stressful and he felt leg pain after the class. It is normal... Simon, don't give up with the class... hehehe...

A strong and powerful leg starts with RPM class... I bet you will have a powerful leg in 3 months time (term & condition apply --> provided you go with the resistant that recommended by the instructor hehehe ;-p )

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

New Body Pump instructor ... coming soon!

I met this person whom workout regularly @ Fitness First Maxis. He has picked up body pump quite sometime ago. He taught the class with Swee tonite @ FF-Maxis.

I was doing my abs exercise outside the main studio. There was a bodypump class by Swee, a tough Body Pump instructor. Anyway, i have not attended her class but i heard her class is challenge which i think is good for the attendees. I could hear her voice clearly even though i was outside the class. She started with the warm up track... when it came to 2nd track, suddenly, i heard a macho voice. So my curiosity dragged me to peek into the class. I found out the macho voice is Jackson (not the regular Jackson which famous for his Body Attack + Body Pump + Body Jam etc...) This Jackson is a new Body Pump instructor whom is going to teach Body Pump soon. So stay tune eh!... Anyway, we bumped into each other after my Step class and i came across to know that he will be teaching together with Swee next Monday @ Fitness First - The Curve. If you would like to meet Jackson, the future Body Pump instructor, you may want to attend Swee's class @ the curve... Too bad, i'm leaving for Pudong Shanghai this Sunday... otherwise i might be attending the Monday class.

Stay tune eh! New Body Pump instructor ... Coming soon this summer. (hehehe... sound like advertisement on a new movie... ;-p ) Sorry no picture of him.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

What is your favor Radio Station?

Malaysia does not have as many radio station as in Canada and US. But there are couple of cool radio station in Malaysia. I still remember when i was much younger, there was only one English media radio station i.e. RADIO 4 (now it has renamed to TRAXX FM). This radio station used to be my favor radio station. They broadcast lots of English songs from US and UK.

There were couple more radio stations in Malaysia now. My favor radio station is FlyFM (listen live). This radio station is very informative especially during the prime time. I knew lots of happening stuff in Klang Valley via this station. They are going to celebrate 3 years anniversary @ Zuok i.e. party! party! and party!...

The DJ also provides many travel tips that is useful for your traveling.... I like to listen to the Fly FM Big Bang Breakfast Show by Ben and Phat Fabe in the morning. They make the whole Klang Valley come into live after a long nite sleep.... :-)

So, what is your favor Radio Station? just between two of us, i'm listening to the radio station now via internet while doing my work ... shhhhhh.... don't tell my boss eh!

How smart is SMART?

Malaysian has written another history moment today with launching a tunnel called SMART (Stormwater Management And Road Tunnel)... :-> The country has spent RM1.9 billion to build a two usage tunnel: Water and traffic (cars). this another project after the Petronas Twin Tower.

Unfotunately, all the cost soon will be bared by the Malaysian Citizen via Toll and government subsidy if not archieve a certain amount of traffic. If you think about where government money come from, of course from the tax payer like me --> Bottom line still the Malaysian need to bare the cost :'(

I was looking forward for this tunnel to be opened for public. Finally, the day has arrived. So, after my workout i decided to re-route to hit the tunnel. Just wanna to try this out... :-> Admit that i'm a little bit KIASU (must win). I was a little bit disappointed as it was different from what i understand. There were only two lane tunnel and no emergency lane for car which breaks down. If a car break down, all the traffice will be stucked in the tunnel.

Moreover, the SMART tunnel is not only for traffic but it also for the water to flow thru. So it should not just place all the cost to the road users... I think it is unfair to us. Why SMART Project? Is it fair to us as the car user to pay such as premium price to cover the water flow? ... :-p What do you think?

Anyway, this has saved some time from heavy traffic but no sure how much toll we need to pay to use this tunnel. According to our beloved Minister of works, it will be EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE (yet to determine the toll fare). Oops, another white elephants, this is because not all the people could afford to pay a high toll rate to go through the tunnel daily. Hopefully, the SMART tunnel has a smart management that knows how to calculate breakeven... *wink*. Most of the highways in Klang Valley except NKVE are white elephant per say... this is because the toll rate is too high and people rather jam up in the non toll road. The main reason is that they could not affort the toll as it is not affordable.
Dear Government... please consider poor consumer like us :-)

Monday, May 14, 2007

Lazy Weekend --> Busy Monday

I was so lazy thru out the weekend. Just doing nothing but watching hours of hours of TV program. At the same time, surfing and surfing thru tans of blogs around the world. Doing lots of reading .... heheheh....

Initial plan was to finish up some presentation for my manager in US before beginning of Monday Malaysia time. Due to my laziness, things has been pushed to now. See what i'm doing rite now. I'm still blogging ... hehehe.... hope my boss not reading this.

Anyway, i will be having a Busy Monday today. Work in Progress eh!....

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day!

How do you celebrate Mother's day? I had a simple mother's day requested by my mom. I planned to bring mom to have Japanese Buffet @ Sogo Restaurant. But mom decided to have "Bak Kut Teh" near my condo today. This is because she said it is packed everywhere in the restaurant in Kuala Lumpur. I think she still could not get out from the year that we had bad experience. There were one year, we decided to celebrate Mother's day in one of the restaurant in KL. I forgot the name, when we reached there, the whole place was jammed pack... the waiter was so unfriendly and even though we have reserved, we still need to wait. So, we waited for nearly 1 hr and mom decided to leave the place and heading back home. At the end, mom cooked Maggi Mee (instant Noodles) for us in Mother's day.

Anyway, from that year onwards, my mom decided not to celebrate mother's day on the same day but we normally celebrate mother's day either the week before or week after ... :-) Just to beat the crown... not KIASU (scare to loss) :->

So, do you have the same experience as what i have encountered? Do share with me how you celebrate your mother's day :-)

Mirror! Mirror! on the driver side, who has stolen you...

I went to Pilate class @ KLCC as usual. Reached there about 11:30am and parked my car. Straight running to Fitness First Maxis. I managed to reach there few mins earlier, rush into the class and start the Pilate.

After 2 hours of Pilate and done some grocery shopping @ Isetan. When i picked up my car, i got a shock... the side mirror @ the driver side has gone. My first reaction is to look @ the floor whether someone has hit my side mirror and the mirror dropped @ the floor... but after my investigation, there were no broken debris of the mirror on the floor. I was very sure that some buster (pardon my language) must have stolen my side mirror, whoever that stolen my side mirror, i was cursing him/her to hell as he/she has put me in danger while driving back. Moreover the piece of mirror is only cost RM$28. Go to hell man! :-(

Reported to the security office and they could not do anything ... This is their answer... Anyway, i just got back and at that time, i was so pissed off and hungry... you know when i'm hungry... what will i do? hehehe.... :-p

Anyway, got back and had my so call late lunch and headed to the shop to replace the mirror. So be very careful where you park @ KLCC... they are not fully secure as there were some blind spot that the security camera will not be able to see... :-(

Friday, May 11, 2007

Am i getting stronger?

I was attending two back to back RPM classes @ Fitness First, The Curve. I arrived there about 6pm and managed to sign up for Ben Sim's RPM class. Ben's is a motivator / instructor for working out @ RPM, Bodypump. His class was almost full with only two bike left yesterday. For me RPM itself was no longer a tough challenge... hehehe :-)
So i decide to push further and take up the challenge to stay on for the next RPM class i.e. RPM Challenge. Guess who is the instructor? Lynn you bet! She is a tough instructor, so never judge from the look. She kept her class motivated and lively. So, when you are not too focus on the time... the time seems to be flying faster. True? :-). I felt very easy to get thru the RPM challenge with Lynn.

I still remember my 1st RPM challenge which i could only cycle until track 7 (normal RPM tracks), then the rest of the 2 tracks, i have to put a huge afford and focuses to finish the rest. Last nite, it was different, it was an easy ride and my resistant is up to the instructor recommended standard. Guess What? The person in front of me gave me a weird look as Lynn categorized me as the advance RPM rider ... heheheh... what a compliment! (before the class Lynn knew i had the earlier RPM class with Ben and her class is my 2nd RPM class). Fortunately i was still looked fresh after the class and survived the whole class until the end with the recommended challenges by Lynn.

So, am i getting stronger rite now? Advance RPM rider *wink*
** Disclaimer: The guy in the picture is not me! Just wanna to give you some picture on how a RPM rider expression when cycling

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Drowning with lots of task/activities @ work

I did not sleep well last nite after the Spiderman-3 movie. Feel very tire rite now. And there is lots of items needed my attention today on work. Tans of meeting, China Visa application... couples of follow up, items to be finished for management and publish to the rest of the people in the department early next week. etc etc ... Ahyoo! how to finish all by this week?

Hehehe... you must wonder why i complaint on so many items @ work to settle yet i still spend time to blog. ;-p Anyway, i just finised all my mailing and taking a 5 mins break before i start my another items. Till then ... ciao. (back to work) *wink*

So so storyline but good graphic

Familiar with this picture?

Bingo! it's SPIDERMAN-3.
I went to Summit for Bodypump class @ 1745 as usual and went for Spiderman-3 @ Summit GSC on 2030 with my friends. Thanks to Simon, one of my friend, he has arranged this movie outing. Some thot from me after watching Spiderman-3.

Storyline : 4/10
Graphic : 10/10
Movie Length 2/10 (too lengthy)

Overall, I would rate this movies as 6/10. This is because if you really like graphic. This is a very very good graphic motion. especially when the Spiderman gliding from one building to another. The graphic is so perfect that you feel like you are part of the movie. Unfortunately, the storyline was kind of bore and slow. Moreover, there were not so much excitement on Spiderman-3 compare to spiderman 1 & 2. I felt that the movie was too lengthy, it was about 2.5 hrs. I have to struggle with the uncomfortable seat that GSC (the cinema) provided... :-p Management of GSC could you please consider to provide more comfortable seat in the future... The seat is not ergo friendly.

Official review from internet: http://movies.yahoo.com/movie/1808496334/info
Anyway, it was a worth to watch movie especially the graphic and the motion.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Are you the 3rd Monkey?

Man entered a pet shop, wanting to buy a monkey.

The shop owner pointed out three identical monkeys and said, "The monkey to the left costs 500 dollars."Why does that monkey cost so much?" the man wondered.
The owner replied, "Well, it knows how to use a computer."

The man asked about the next monkey on the perch.
"That one costs 1,000 dollars because it can do everything the other monkeycan do, plus it knows how to use the LINUX operating system."
Naturally, the startled customer asked about the third monkey."That one costs 2,000 dollars.""And what does that one do?" the man asked.

The owner replied, "To be honest, I've never seen him doing anything, butthe other two call him boss!"

Let me know if you could not catch this joke... i would explain to you :-p

Busy! Busy! --- no execuses for not exercise!

I attended lots of meetings for the past two days. Coordination, get info, making decision, working group, contribute idea... One new assignment has just been passdown to me which is i will be representing the group to attend a Face 2 Face meeting @ Pudong in two weeks time (May 21-25th 2007). Yup! i will be leaving for Shanghai, China. I have been working with the travel agency to get my flight and hotel booked. I will have to work with my admin to get the official letter for processing my China Visa today. What a short notice... :-( All the items that due in two weeks from now (week 21), I need to pull and complete within these two weeks as i will not be able to handle the item from Pudong. I will be in a whole day meeting to work out the strategy and recommendation on the new assignment. Guess what? "Busy" will be my good companion for the next three weeks before i could take a break.

Pudong, Shanghai

Anyway, this is what i have expected as i'm ramping up with the new role and new assignments... But no matter how, i still need to cope up with my exercise. As what Fitness First always advertise " A Strong mind starts with a fit body" So, don't throw excuses of busy in work and no time for exercises/gym eh!

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Never eat rice ah!

Went for the body bump class @ Fitness First Maxis today. I searched thru all the other Fitness First in Klang Valley. Only found a Body Pump class in Maxis. So decided to go for the class @ 12-1pm. The instructor was Tony. He is a charming and humorous instructor as he kept the class so lively. The class was fun and not as tough as other classes that i attended.

During the bi-cep track (6th track), some of the members could not cope up with the reps and just stopped for a rest. Tony shouted the popular statement "Never eat rice ah! Come-on show me your bi-cep" everyone laughed and he joked with us and asked us to have rice after the workout but not the chicken (you get what i meant) ... He is good in lighten up the class. It was fun to attend his class... Try it out yourself eh!

Here is an we must have rice advertisment in Malaysia if you don't catch the joke.

A good buy...

Recently, i'm interested to further understand on how nutrient food could help us on our health. Besides, i'm also interested to know more about eating balance... :->

Went to Popular book store @ Ikano (near the curve), a suburban mall last night after the dinner. I straight went to the rack that had all the book regarding healthy food. I'm looking for a good book talking about nutrition. I bought two books regarding FOOD. Not regular food but how to eat healthy :->

Nutrition for Life
Author: Lisa Hark, PhD, RD and Darwin Deen, MD
Publication: December 2004
ISBN: 0756605229
Nutrition for Life is the complete practical guide to every aspect of healthy eating. Explaining how to achieve a balanced diet, with recipes and sample menus throughout, this new home reference contains essential food facts, and focuses on good nutrition as a way of life.

1. About Dr. Lisa Harts: http://www.lisahark.com/statement.shtml
2. Nutrition Education Program: http://www.med.upenn.edu/nutrimed/

Top 100 Foods For a Younger You
Author: Sarah Merson
publication: February 2007
ISBN: 1844833941

Blackberries neutralize free radicals, which cause heart disease and premature wrinkles. Beets purify the blood and act as an anticarcinogen. Sardines have age-defying fatty acids and antioxidants. There’s no longer any doubt that a healthy diet is the cornerstone of a long and healthy life; eating right slows the aging process and keeps you looking good and feeling great. More...

I bought the nutrition for life for RM$50.91 after the discount. The current market price is RM115.95. The popular bookstore forgot to review the older price which is RM59.90. Because of their mistake, they sold the book to me for RM59.90 and i got additional 15% since my cousin has the card. Guess what? I used my HSBC credit card and i got another RM5 rebate for the next book i.e. Top 100 foods for a younger you. This book cost RM26.00 and i got 10% discount and a RM5 rebate on the book. End up i only paid RM18.40 for the book. So i spent total RM69.31 for two books which without all the discount and rebate it should cost RM141.95. Is it a good buy or not ?

Pilate Saturday ...

I went for 2 hours pilate class back to back. I started with the basic class... it's really basic as i knew all the steps :-> After the basic, i followed Ginny the instructor to another class. The class was almost full and all were regular. Ginny decided to go more advance. Oops! i started to feel uncomfortable ... Anyway, i stayed thru the class to challenge myself on the more advance Pilate steps. It was really advance with lots of twist and turn. I enjoyed the class but after effect was i had a sore abs muscle. hehehe... nearer to my 6 packs goal :-p

For your information, i attended 3 pilate classes a week. Here's the schedule

DayTimeLocationClass Type
Monday17:45-18:45Menara AxisIntermediate
Saturday12:00-13:00Maxis KLCCBasic
Saturday13:00-14:00Maxis KLCCIntermdiate/Advance

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Healthy Breakfast makes a lot of different...

All Fitness First closed @ 6pm yesterday. I called up my PT to arrange for tonite session as my initial plan is to go to Penang for two days... today and tomorrow. Plan changed and i will only be travel to Penang tomorrow morning. So hurray! PT session is on tonite.I called Isaiah Kee yesterday to arrange tonite session @ FF-Axis. I'm looking forward for this session as i have been lazy and stopped working out for two days... :-p My muscle is getting loose and my mood is not very nice (moody).

Huh! Don't know what plan that my PT have for today... I should tell my PT that i had McD breakfast for yesterday morning so that he would ensure that i work hard... in fact i really had McD breakfast for my morning yesterday. It has been such a long time i never had these kind of breakfast. Would you wanna to know what type of breakfast i had everyday? hehehe...

Here is the my breakfast menu

Muesli with Yogurt

Green Apple


Healthy eh!...

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Collague from Penang visit

One of my collague from Penang paid a visit to our office @ Cyberjaya. I was surprised to have her in the office as there is no face to face meeting being scheduled today in the office. A more relax day as about 50% of the collagues are still in holiday :->

This collague of mine IM me on my communicator and saying that she heard i'm talking to my boss... oops! fortunately i don't talk bad behind anyone, otherwise ... ;-p So she told me that she is here in Cyberjaya. I immediately asking her whether wanna to join the others for lunch... i like to be the host of all the visitors (especially pretty lady and cute guy *wink*) ... so guess what i'm doing ... hehehe... Bingo! showing her around the office and introduce the rest of the collagues to her.

One of my collagues thaught that she is a new comer and so excited to know her more as she is pretty i would say, my office has too many single guys... hehehe :-) Unfortunately, she will be flying back to Penang tonite. Otherwise, the other collagues of mine could have lunch with her. Reason she dropped by here is that she was here for the long weekend and her mom will be coming to Penang from here hometown. So both Mom and Daughter will be flying to Penang... Have a save journey home.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Shopping @

Went to oneU with sis and mom. We reached there at about 3pm, wondering around in the carpark for about 30mins. Finally, got a good spot near the entrance and straight headed to Parkson 1U as my sis wanted to buy the bed sheet and Quilt cover as advertised. Mom, on the other hand wanted to purchase curtain as there is a 70% off. At the end, we got nothing and we could not find the brand that have advertised in the pamplet. I asked the customers service where I could get the brand as advertised, their answer was we do have this brand, please try the promotion area. When we got to the promotion area, the sales person there mentioned that there was no such item and recommended us to get another brand which is double the price. Is this a gimmick or not? I was so pissed off and sweared that i'll not go to Parkson again in the future for any discounted items... Others, please beware of the gimmick... :-(

Anyway, since sis is going to move to a new house. She wanted to head to Jusco home center to shop for kitchen appliances (hob and hood). There was a sales guy whom was so enthuthiastic to sell the brand Tellini instead of others brand. I bet tellini must have given him a good commission :-> Sis have not decided which one she is going to get. We shopped there for about 2.5 hrs and headed out from the home center with lots of different brochure.

We had our dinner @ Genki Sushi, A japanese sushi bar type of restaurant with the convey belt in the middle, serving all kinds of sushi. We had the sashimi set and a plate of soft shell crab roll... yummy :->

Left 1U after dinner...

Party @ KL happening place...

I just woke up half an hour ago. I had a great nite yesterday party until 2am. It has been a while i was busy with my work and spent the rest of my time in the gym.

I went to KL most happening place i.e. Jalan Sultan Ismail, near KLCC. The place was full of people. I don't think i need to mention about the traffic... you could imagine yourself. The later the more crowded it was and the worst the traffic was too. I wanna to go out for drinks and was asking my gym buddy, Musa out to hang around the place for a couple of beer with me. We arrived that area about 10 something, parked @ Concorde hotel as our initial plan is to visit the Hard Rock Cafe. At the end, we decided to explore the bar near the hotel.

We walked around and looking for a bar which we could hang around. We came across an interesting designed bar and decided to spend some time in Aloha. So we went into the bar and lots of people already in the building enjoying the music and their drinks. It was jammed packed until we hardly could stand.

Aloha has three floors, the top floor is for VIP patrons, ground floor is pack of people like us which is not VIP... :-p Anyway, the bar was designed quite well and the music was ranging from 80s - 90s which i believe it targeted those whom are 35s and above. There is another floor which resides in the basement. This floor is full of college kids as lots of latest music being played... so you could imagine the college kids were there dancing like nobody business... We stopped by and decided not going to dance because it was even pack then the ground floor. :-> and went back up...

It was a enjoyable nite and we called it a day about 1 something... by the time i reached home it was about 2am... hehehe ... took shower and hit the bed :->

Spiderman-3 is coming to town

Lots of people rushing to watch the Spiderman-3, the cinema in KLCC was jammed up last night with people lining up for the movie. I bet the same scenario will be happen today. My gym buddy Musa is so lucky that he got the ticket to watch the Spiderman-3 @ IMAX

I'm not a comic fans but don't mind watching comic movie for its computer generated graphic :-> Maybe i will watch it later when the crowd is slowing down hehehe .... :-p