Thursday, May 31, 2012

Change is on the way...

When a project goes into a sustaining mode... there's when the time a project manager has to move on. Guess what? My project finally moved into sustaining mode. So i have to move on. Today is my last day of handling my current project... I have transitioned myself out from the project... 

For the past few weeks i was busy searching for a new group with the new project. Finally i gotten a new project which is more interesting than what i had before... The new project is mainly dealing with process improvement and interact with the business up to 90% of my project time. The main objective of the project is to handle the process re-engineering and recommend the automation solution to the customers. Understand the business, help business to improve their process with automation... This is the kind of job that I prefer rather than talking to another group of people whom are project/program managers to provide the services.

Anyway, i'm excited to kick start my new project in June. Hopefully the new project can bring me to Europe and US on business trip eh~ :p

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Do you notice something?

Do you notice something in this picture?

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Mickey Mouse Fair @ Midvalley KL

M.I.C.K.E.Y M.O.U.S.E... how many of you can hum the song?

I still remember when i was young, this clip flashed out before the Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck cartoon aka Disney production cartoon... So until today i could hum the song clearly.

Last Sunday, as my mom had an appointment to do her facial. As i need to accompany my mom in Midvalley... I gotten a chance to visit the Mickey Mouse Fair 2012. It was quite an eye opener fair... as there were so many different statue and came with big and small... Secondly, it was the amazing amount of crowd as early as 10am. You could imagine how KIASU is the people of Malaysia nowadays just to get a few nice shots with Mickey...

Mickey Mouse is the center of attraction for Midvalley
Cam whore! Cam whore!... some people used their iPad to take picture, some used their Galaxy Notes and some DSLR too... How they cam whore... I saw some asking people to take for them, some take it with stretching their hand as far as they could reach and snap snap...

Two different pattern
This Mickey Mouse fair only have different type of Mickey mouse statue... those people that took picture has gone over the bother i.e. the line that setup by the organizer, what if there was this walking Mickey Mouse... I was not sure whether how the person inside the Mickey Mouse survived. Anyway, i was not very keen on this fair as i have visited Disneyland in California. and managed to have a picture taken with the real Mickey Mouse.

More and more people marched into the center court to view the fair...

Mickey Mouse Fair 2012 - Full of people

So are you a fan of Mickey Mouse?

Monday, May 28, 2012

My Healthy organic Lunch by Bahija

I was having lunch with Bahija a week before... We talked about exercise and eating healthy during our lunch in McD. 

Bahija : Hey next week i cook some Healthy Organic Lunch for you. I have bought the Hatcha Miso base. The original Miso soup base... it's Brown in color.
TZ: Hmm... nice, i had it before in Tokyo. 
Bahija: Okay next Tuesday i will cook it and you just need to reheat later.

On Monday evening, I received a message from Bahija that she was going to cook the Hatcha Miso Soup with Buckwheat Soba... wow~ I was excited and arranged with her on the pick up.

Few minutes later, i received a mail from her with the Title : You Healthy Lunch Menu. Opened the mail and saw some information regarding the organic healthy food that she was going to prepare...

It's all Organic :)

1. Organic Hatcha miso soup with anti-oxidant nutrient rich kombu
2.  Organic buckwheat soba with spicy hatcha miso dressing
  Steamed organic Choy sum
1. Mix some spicy Hatcha miso dressing into the Hatcha miso soup. 
2. Eat with the buckwheat soba and steamed organic Choy sum.
*The Organic Hatcha miso soup will remove radiation from our body.
*The Organic spicy Hatcha miso dressing will protect heart health, liver health, liver detox, protect against high blood pressure, anti-oxidants.

After my gym workout, on my way back, i stopped by Bahija's place and collected from her the lunch that she has prepared. She told me it would have scored 100 if she has the traditional Japanese triangle cloth. Anyway, it was so nice of her to make me lunch :)

On Tuesday noon, I took out the lunch from the fridge and got a few quick snap for this post. I had the healthy organic lunch by Bahija.

Buckwheat Soba with Stream Choy Sum + Hatcha Miso Soup
It' was a yummy and healthy lunch and it's done by Bahija... that's count eh~
So folks, don't be jealous eh~

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Himpuan Jutaan Belia Putrajaya 2012

Himpuan Jutaan Belia - Putrajaya May 2012 event is going on now. I saw this huge billboard erected on the junction of Jalan Ipoh. What caught my attention is the word CHINESE YOUTH Cultural Village in the right lower corner.

First thing come to my mind is ...
1. I thought all the while, our lovely government keeps mentioning ONE MALAYSIA but why there is a Chinese Youth Cultural Village mentioning in the billboard, are they changing?
2. Is the Chinese Youth Culture Village the highlights of this event? Hmmm... i really doubt so. So, what is the main purpose of putting this in the billboard... Can anyone please help us to understand?

What do you think?...

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Knock Knock... Knock Knock...

Pic fr the hard way
Knocking sound... stop a while.... metal sound... Stop a while... Knocking sound again... getting stronger and stronger and stronger... I looked at the clock it's 10pm at night... Who the Hell is this inconsiderate person who is so excited to hammering on Sunday night...

My mom has slept, my direct neighbor has slept too but unfortunately was waken up by this hammering sound... I tried to contact the security but the intercom in my unit was not working... hmmm one more thing to request to fix when visiting the management office.

Anyway, let's get back to the hammering case... My neighbor was extremely angry and unhappy cause she has a daughter that need to go to school tomorrow morning and she needs to wake up early to prepare breakfast, so she needs some sleep. Same goes to my mom...

I was about to go downstair to get the guard. Guess what? the guard has settled them after my neighbor complained. Such as inconsiderate person... you have no rights to take away our sleep... GOD knows who did it and don't blame anyone if you got hammered by HIM... 

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Technology has evolved to provide us to take nice picture as easy as ABC or you would like to say as easy as 123...

Recently with my new gadget Samsung Galaxy Notes... there is one application which has provided me some flexibility to snap some quick picture and upload to FB.

Boss : TZ, do you know there is a application which can take nice picture 
TZ: Nope, my galaxy has very minimum application
Boss : You try this... Camera360. *start demo the application at his galaxy note
TZ: Wow~ so much thing we can do... I will install tonight.
Boss : Go and try it, you will love it... 
TZ: Okay, thanks.

So, what exactly is the application that my boss talked about... It's Camera360.

You wanna to know what they can do? Let me show you...

Normal picture
After using Camera360 and choose on some special effect
Another example on food... which is more delicious?

Normal Shot
Using Camera360
Now let's look at objects...
Normal Shots
Using Camera360
Which one is better?

The Camera360 have alots of different features ... It can do black and white, Retro, Lomo ... etc

This is a very good and handy application to use...