Wednesday, December 31, 2008

flashback 2008 : December

An eventful month... there was ups and downs ... the ups were i met lots of new friends but the downs were that i could not get the project started and still stuck in KL... Sigh!

Anyway, let's don't talk about the downs in this festive season. The Xmas was @ this month... I was enjoying the holiday / festive season with meeting lots of new friends. The year ended with a enjoyable moment which i got invited to Bahija's Xmas dinner as one of my wish to Santa... Thanks Santa.

BTW, I also would like to thanks Twilight for giving me the nice Snowman.. hehehe I just wondered what Twilight going to draw for me on New Year as what he mentioned ... A lion?... muhahaha... Anyway, thanks Twilight... I would learn their language and culture so that i could wear like what you have drawn in the Snowman.

The year of 2008 is going to end in few hours ... I was enjoying every moment and i decided not to go to anywhere for any countdown. Just sitting quietly @ my balcony to view the splendid fireworks later... As of right now, I'm in Jaya-One to have my simple yet cheaper new years eve dinner i.e. Wendy's Burger.

Happy New Year to all my fellow blogger readers
Thanks for your support and see you next year

Flashback 2008 : November

I was back to KL again on November 2008. I was having lunch with different people everyday... everyone that i met seem like very interested about my trip to Uganda Africa... I was telling the my experience again and again... sound like the old grandma story... hehehe which make me think about Twilight... hehehe... :p

Anyway, I was enjoying my day off with all the activities, gym, eat, gym eat, gym and eat...once a while road trip... eat, gym, eat ...  my best achievement was to convince one of my friends who i tagged him as Mr.shy to start hitting the group exercise classes... Way to go Mr.Shy :-) You are no longer shy eh!

I was back to the same old life i.e. TGIF, Tony Romas, Starbucks, Hard Rock Cafe (HRC), Gym and gym and gym for the whole month of November... Guess what? i got my credit card statement and noticed that it got me lots of damages. So, i slow down and it has been a while i didn't hit those places like TGIF, Tony Romas but still going to Starbucks :) 

Anyway... i have enjoyed lots of  valuable time with all my friends... Detail on what happened in TZ's life on November 2008...

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Flashback 2008 : October

It was an interesting month for me... I was in a new environment, new workforce, new country, new culture... what else? Everything seems like new the moment i stepped down from the plane. Oh ya! New faces too .... hehehe :)

My decision of leaving Malaysia for Uganda has took away my life in Malaysia... First of all, I need to really get used to the electricity interruption, then the mosquitoes that bother me for a week and nearly made me forgo my job in Africa... I would like to thanks to my dearest colleagues whom passed me the insect killer... Thanks Mary!... Many more interesting place and experience that i had within the month of October 2008.

Uganda independence day - October 9th 2008

Kasubi Tombs - the ceiling

Bahai Temple

TZ @ Uganda.... Detail on what happened in TZ's life on October 2008...

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Flashback 2008: September

Uncertainty continued... TZ has to make decision to continue or not to continue... but at the end TZ made the decision to stay put with the project. The management has made a decision to send TZ over to Kampala. Preparation to Kampala was a good experience too. Lots of Jabs needed to take before leaving for Kampala. Jabs! errrr.... TZ scared of Jabs ... 

Anyway, TZ managed to get over all the preparation and ready to leave Kampala at the end of the month. Kampala... Here i came .... :)

Detail on what happened in TZ's life on September 2008...

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Flashback 2008 : August

Started my new job on August 2008... Just a light work but better than none. I was so excited to get started. Lots of things to learnt especially on the new business process, new working environment, new style etc... ALL NEW. But unfortunately the project was still in an uncertainty situation... 

On the other hand, August 2008 has marked a new fitness level for TZ... I won the Fitness Challenge after 2nd attempt... I was in 2nd place the first time... :-) 

Detail on what happened in TZ's life on August 2008...

Stay tune for September 2008 flashback @ 20:00

Flashback 2008 : July

I was having a nice retreat vacation to this private island called Gem island near the Kapas Island @ the state of Trengganu... I was a bit fed up with my new job which was not started at the given time... Since i was so bored ... decided to go for a holiday... This holiday was decided in a short time... search, decide, purchase and go... i.e. Tuesday night bought the AirAsia air ticket, Wednesday paid the resort package, Thursday flown off to Kuala Trengganu... hehehe :-) Anyway, it was a nice holiday...  Gem island Day1, Day2, Day3, Final day.

July 20th 2008, I was so glad to get this opportunity to work @ a charity event... It was the breast cancel foundation charity thingy... How i contributed to this event? hehehe... I contributed to the charity in the form of being the photographer on the Bachelor Auction day @ Westin Hotel... This was the first time i became the photographer of the day covered for such event snapping away all different kind of pictures. It was a great experience and learning... :)

Detail on what happened in TZ's life on July 2008...

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Flashback 2008 : June

I got Dengue Fever and been through a very tough experience ... but fortunately it was in Malaysia. It was not in Uganda. Anyway, I learnt a lot from Sbanboy on how to take care myself and recovered within 5 days. Thanks Sbanboy for your advice... :)

Detail on what happened in TZ's life on June 2008...

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Flashback 2008 : May

I was so happy... weeeeeeee! I got a job! I got a job!... i needed to get myself prepared in 2 weeks time to leave Uganda Africa... where is Uganda? 

It was a rush but i was enjoying the process... Since i was going to leave soon, Bahija has organized a farewell party @ The Attics for me ... Thanks Bahija but this was a kind of joke when i looked back... I felt that i was like a bit embarrassed when i looked back on the farewell entry... guess what? My farewell was in May 2008 but i left for Uganda on end of September 2008... Is this a joke or what? Anyway, thanks for attending my farewell eh! :) 

Detail on what happened in TZ's life on May 2008...

Stay tune for June 2008 flashback @ 17:00

Flashback 2008 : April

A beginning of a new chapter for TZ's life... Left the old company and temporary lost the career direction... seemed like everything need to be restarted... Anyway, it was a chance to take a good rest for the month of April... 

I met a new friend who can make nice drink in TGIF The Curve. His name is Benjie... He flaired too :)

I bought my first Mac in the month of April... i'm a Mac user now... It was a good experience switching from Windows to Mac... I prefered Mac :)

Detail on what happened in TZ's life on April 2008...

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Flashback 2008: March

5 Elements of My life turned one year old on March 8th 2008. This year March 8th 2008 also marked a date for all the Malaysian to exercise their rights as a citizen.

So what is the 5 Elements of my life?
FEELING: Life is like a roller costal which sometime you will feel happy; sad; frastruction; exciting; down; disappointed etc...
DREAM: I use DREAM as one of the element as I think everyone including myself should have a dream and wishes in our life.
MAKING DECISION: Important element eh! The moment you wake up everyday, you are making decision... small, risky, impactful, .... So what is your decision ?
HEALTH: A strong mind starts with a fit body. What is more important HEALTH or others? you decide.
WEALTH: Job would be able to help on generate wealth. So do investment. Let's work Smart and Invest Smart.

A busy yet happening month. I was busy transition out all my task to another person and this marked a career turn point for me. I was out from a company that i served for 8 years. A great place to work company... Sigh! *Sob Sob* we had a farewell party on the last Friday of the month.

Detail on what happened in TZ's life on March 2008...

Stay tune for April 2008 flashback @ 15:00 eh!

Flashback 2008: February

The Chinese New Year (CNY) for 2008 dropped in the month of February. CNY was an enjoyable with all kind of different and yummy home cook food from aunties... :-) Gym was a must after all those nice food.... :-) Lot's of Cha Cha happened on Chinese New Year... catch up with each other :-)

Detail on what happened in TZ's life on February 2008...

Stay tune for March 2008 flashback @ 14:00 eh!

Flashback 2008: January

January was the big month for me as I was born in the month of January. This year i had my birthday with my best friend cum colleague Gary and my bartender friend Mahen in Chili's G-Hotel. Mahen has made 3 nice drinks and expected to knock me out immediately after these drinks... hehehe... I was not yet still awake and got my forth drinks  *hiak hiak* :p

Detail on what happened in TZ's life on January 2008...

Stay tune for February 2008 flashback @ 13:00 eh!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Xmas Dinner @ Bahija's Place...

I was invited to a Xmas Dinner on Dec 26th 2008 by Bahija. So Santa has fulfilled one of my wish i.e. having dinner with my friends. Hurray! Thanks Santa.

I was a bit lazy to write and describe about how was the dinner ... so i decided to made a clip...

Bahija, thanks for inviting me to the Xmas Dinner and I was enjoying myself so much... It's a memorable Xmas dinner 2008. May all your wishes come true in the coming year eh!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Seremban / Malacca Road Trip (2D1N) - Day 2 Review

We planned to hit Malacca in the morning after having my favorite Seremban famous Beef Noodles. 

Beef Noodles

Reached Seremban biggest Wet Market where the famous beef noodles located. Parked the car, paid @ the parking machine and headed to the Wet Market building... Before we hit the beef noodles place, we have to go through those fishy, meaty, greeny smell of a wet market i.e. A smell that you would not be fond of... Let's imagine how the three stuff mixed together ... what would you smell? :p

Anyway, I don't mind the smell as i was going to have the beef noodles.... Yummy! Unfortunately, when we reached there. The beef noodles was closed ... What? yes it was closed... not opened... *Sob Sob*... no Beef Noodles for TZ... I was so disappointed but could not do anything. I have no choice but tried out the other famous noodles i.e. Hakka Noodles which located on the other side... 

Hakka Noodles

Errrr... how was it? Not as nice as the beef noodles... still craving for beef noodles :p

Jonzz came by and met us @ the Hakka Noodles place. We had finished our breakfast and Jonzz would not wanna to take any breakfast. We left the Wet Market with TZ was upset for not getting his favorite beef noodles... Sigh! We followed Jonzz back to his house so that he could leave his car and hopped into my car for Malacca... 

Left Jonzz's house for Malacca... On the way to the highway, Jonzz brought us to his workplace i.e. a college on top of the hill... It was a nice college and the surrounding with all the superb landscaping. All i got is this sun flower photo... Sorry Jonzz... I didn't take any photo of the building. :p

Sunflower @ Jonzz workplace

Left Jonzz's workplace and hit the highway. It was a nice drive from Seremban to Malacca. Not much traffic...

We reached Malacca downtown, parked our car and walked over to the Stadthuys Square to snap some photo... but before we hit the square, we went into the St. Francis Xavier Church. My first time into this Church after so many times of visiting Malacca since young. It's a very beautiful church especially the Stained Glass ... *Two Thumbs Up*

Inside the St. Francis Xavier Church

Stained Glass in the church

Next stop, the Stadthuys Square.... before hitting the square we need to go through a row of red shop houses...
Red House

Red house Row

Christ Church

Stadthuys Square

We met another Malacca blogger @ Stadthuys Square. After meeting him we moved over to Malacca Museum and Porta De Santiago

Malacca Museum

Porta De Santiago

12:00pm: We stopped by the river side to have a nice and cold sour plum to beat the thirst after a long walk under the sun. 

Malacca River

Since we were hunger for food and our plan was to hit the famous chicken rice place. So we crossed the river and went over to the Malacca famous chicken rice ball shop. We managed to get a sit after standing there for about 15mins, it was crowded. 

People Queuing for Chicken Rice Ball

After our lunch, we decided to walk along Jonker Street...The famous Malacca Shopping area for tourist... Errrr... I'm not eager to shop as i have been to Malacca for so many times until i could be one of their local tour guide... :p Anyway, i suggested to drop by the nice Mosque and temples on the other side of Jonker Street. Since everyone was agreed, we detoured from Jonker to visit these two suggested place. 
Kling Mosque

Cheng Yun Temple

We were sweating after walking under the hot sun back to Jonker Street. What should we have to cool ourselves down??? hehehe... of course something cold. We headed to Jonker Dessert 88 for nice and famous Cendol durian and Baba red bean durian ice... Yummy! :p

Inside the restaurant - Crowded

Cendol Durian

We said goodbye to our Malacca blogger. Left Malacca back for KL... On our way back, we dropped Jonzz @ Seremban and headed back to KL... 

An half day tour in Malacca with lots of photo shots and nice food... It was a short, free and easy trip as a whole. We not covering too much of Malacca but we did took lots of picture. I think we should arrange more photographing outing trip in the future. Anyone interested to join for some photographing outing? hehehe... I was a bit sun burnt after walking under the sun for hours. Errrrr.... TZ became Sebastian The Lobster ... muhahaha :p 

More Photo of Malacca / Seremban 

Sunday, December 28, 2008

No Money! No Yellow Man...

Whenever you hear about this song, what come to your mind???

I follow... I follow... I follow... 
I will follow you
Follow you wherever you may go
There isn't an ocean too deep
A mountain so high it can keep me away
Yada Yada Yada...

The yellow man was following me in and out for the past one year. I signed up and paid the yellow man to follow me with the post paid plan initially... but recently due to i always travel outside the country and not in Malaysia most of the time. I have decided to switch to Pre-Paid plan. I still have yellow man following me in and out everyday. Weeeeee!

Guess what? I was in The Curve today, surfing net at the same time texting my friends. Suddenly, my text could not be sent... So, I checked the balance and it shown RM0.00... And my Yellow Man just ran away... *sob sob*. Yellow Man, where are you? hehehe... Yellow Man is such money minded and no longer follow me since i was no money... :( 

Anyway, I was walking around The Curve try to get the top up card for my phone... unfortunately i could not get any within the building ... Sigh! I tried 7 Eleven @ The Curve, a Nokia phone shop, could not find the IT center... I was no luck at all. At the end, i walked over to Tesco and visited the yellow man agency to get one new yellow man to follow me. After the transaction, I got my yellow man following me again... hurray! 

No Money! No Yellow Man

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Josh Gorban : You Raise me Up...

I was so surprised that "You Raise me Up" is the song that i was looking for months after i first heard it during the cool down @ Bodypump. I was trying to look for the song but i didn't know the name. Last Monday when the opening of this song sung by Sbanboy, I realized that this is the song that i was looking for all the while ... now the song keeps repeating in my head .... 

When I am down and, oh my soul, so weary;
When troubles come and my heart burdened be;
Then, I am still and wait here in the silence,
Until you come and sit awhile with me.

You raise me up, so I can stand on mountains;
You raise me up, to walk on stormy seas;
I am strong, when I am on your shoulders;
You raise me up: To more than I can be.
blah blah blah

So I continue search @ Youtube to find out how many people was singing... i found another version which sung by IL Divo in another language... interesting :p Guess what? Westlife also sing this song... celtic Women etc...

I belief there's lot more people singing this song... This is a very nice and meaningful song. Anyone have the MP3 that wouldn't mind sharing with me by sending the MP3 to me via my email... thank you. I would like to place into my iPod... :)

Seremban / Malacca Road Trip (2D1N) - Day 1 Review

Since Bengbeng from Sibu came over to Kuala Lumpur. We decided to meet up and went for a short road trip. Initial plan was to Bukit Tinggi @ north East of Kuala Lumpur. Plan changed after i read Sbanboy's entry on his performance @ Terminal 1 Seremban on Dec 22nd 2008. After replanned with Bengbeng, we decided to pull over night @ Seremban. I gotta to cancel the carpool with Bahija... Sorry Bahija, I will make up later ... Thousand Apologies eh! 

Picked up Bengbeng @ Titiwangsa station downtown KL. Heading directly out from KL to Seremban. 

Reached Seremban, straightaway hit terminal 1. Finding parking @ terminal 1 was not a pleasant moment as the whole multi-storey carpark was full. Finally, we got the space on the roof top. Given a nice view, as the bloggers, Bengbeng and I were snapping all the shots that we could from the parking roof top.

View from Terminal Parking roof top

Dropped by the central stage to say hello to Sbanboy and headed for some food as Bengbeng was crying for food.

Back to Central Stage for the performance ... Met Jonzz before the stage performance starts.

Tata... start of the performance

Clip from the drama play

Sbanboy's Performance (singing solo)

I couldn't record Sbanboy performance but just to let all of you what Sbanboy sung was this song "You Raise Me Up" by Josh Gorban. I would like to give Sbanboy a *clap clap* and *Two Thumbs Up* Bravo!

We congratulated Sbanboy and gave him the "Two Thumbs Up" on his performance and we also met Fable Frog (Froggie). 

Left Terminal One to check-in to Lotus hotel near Kemayan square. Bengbeng and I just checked into this hotel for a nice before heading Malacca the next day.

We went with Jonzz's car to a restaurant for its fish head noodles opposite the happening place @ Era Walk Seremban. Jonzz was doing the orders... 

Seremban famous Fish Head Noodles

Stir Fly vegetable 

German Pork Knuckles

Guess what? Jonzz dare me to eat like this for the pork knuckles... Bengbeng was so excited to take a picture of me if i would be eating like the photo... hahaha... Bengbeng and Jonzz, you have no luck as i was not in a mood to eat like what i did few months back... :p

We chat for at least 2 hours to know each others ... what a pleasant and nice chat to know each other further.  :)

Since Bengbeng and I wanted to take some night shots of Era Square and Era Walk. We walked over to the place from the restaurant that we had dinner.

Era Square + Era Walk not = Era FM... :p

What walk ? Era walk... 

Is this empire State building in New York? What do you think?

Jonzz was showing us how to set the camera to Aperture auto for the fountain taking ... my shots turned out to be nice... What do you think? I learnt something new with the night out with Jonzz... :)

Silky smooth Fountain

We left Era Square / Walk and sent Froggie back to his house. Then Jonzz dropped us back to the hotel that we stayed. It was a fruitful evening in Seremban.

More picture on Seremban @ tz-photo

Coming up.... Day 2 Review --> Malacca

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Xmas RPM @ Fitness First The Curve

I woke up this morning having an indecisive mind whether i should hit the gym @ FF-Axis or FF-The Curve. I wanted to attend Nic's 1.5 hours Xmas Steps class but i would also like to go for the launching of the latest RPM 41 @ FF-The Curve. I could only choose one since the time was overlapped. So, do you know how TZ decide which one to go???....

Muahahaha.... I just flipped a coin and decided to hit the gym @ FF-The Curve for RPM 41 launch. I was taking my own sweet time to get ready to hit the gym... took me almost 30 mins to get out my condo... errrrr... just not in the rush mode ... It's Xmas... :p

I reached The Curve @ about 10:45am and the class will only start @ 11:30am. My stomach was shouting for milk milk... sound like a baby calling for food. Where should i get the milky drinks... ahha... I just walked by O'briens and hopped in to get the Hot Chocolate.

On my way to Fitness First, I bumped into the Group Exercise Instructor / Coordinator, Jason K. He asked me whether i was going for RPM 41 launching... I nodded and he asked me to run "Run TZ run... run for your seat... " as there were 3 remaining seats left. Thanks Jason, hurray, I grabbed the last seat ... I was so so soooo soooooo lucky... :)

At 11:30am, the two RPM queens, Lilian and Herny was on the stage explaining the new cycling move i.e. Seated power climb.  yada yada yada....  The class started with the warm up song which one of my favorite song America Boy by Estelle.

Overall the music was nice for this release and the workout was different from the previous. It's more intensity workout on quad and hamstring with the seated power climb. Anyway, I enjoyed the class so much and looking forward to attend another one or two before flying off to Uganda :) 

I was so tempted to attend the new bodypump launch too after the RPM class. Errrr...  my boss, the stomach was not very keen to let me attend the bodypump... he has sent me an red alert message ... HUNGRY HUNGRY... FOOD FOOD FOOD... I gotta please my boss, so how to attend the class. :p At the end, I just called it a day, hit the shower and drove back.

During the whole RPM 41 class, i was yawning away... i was so blurred like still in my beautiful Xmas dreamland... dreaming of my present, santa and his elves... :p

What a blur Xmas morning for TZ.... 

Ho Ho Ho Merry Xmas

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Xmas Carol from DUKE Highway Choir...

I came back at about 7 something and the DUKE Highway Choir already singing away in the usual site. They have been practicing for their Xmas Carol since 1 week ago... What song are they singing and what instrument were they using? If you really curious to know... just click here.

Tonight is Xmas eve... everyone is expecting a nice and quiet with the voice of the caroling from the choir ... for the past Xmas, i have been listening to the nice caroling from my balcony... This year there is a new choir named DUKE Highway Choir ... the normal choir consist of people singing all the xmas song like Silent Night, Jingle Bell, Santa Claus is coming to Town... yada yada yada... has been disappeared ... errrrr.... maybe i should be frank to everyone of you... it was covered by Caroling from the DUKE Highway Choir.

So what DUKE Highway Choir sung... errrrr... I don't know the songs name but this is how the sound like :p 

I know what instrument they were using to compose their famous songs... They used the Excavator, Crane, Cement Truck, Saw, Hammer .... yada yada yada... Anyway, this is a special Caroling brought to my communities by DUKE Highway Choir on Xmas 2008. So what do you think on the DUKE Highway Choir... are they good? Muhahaha.... 

Sigh! The Duke Highway Choir a.k.a DUKE highway construction was working overtime again. The working overtime started two Friday ago... Basically they have been working over time almost everyday... and as time passed they were even worst. The person in charge refused to pick up the resident call... which residents have to call the higher management to launch the complain. 

Instruments : Cement Truck and Crane...

Let rewind to December 19 2008
The resident received an apologize text from the person in charge.
"My sincere apologies for the late works recently. Sometimes we are faced with unforeseen and unfavorable circumstances that caused delay to our plan. It is not a pleasant feeling for us to have caused nuisance to the public. Rest assured that we have tried our very best to complete our work within agreed working hours. Anyway, we agree that we will not work this Sunday From XXXXX"

I took this photo on Sunday morning ... 

Can you see people working? Near the Crane... 

This is obvious eh? 

Not working on Sunday... Is it a joke or just to be courtesy after we had complained to the DBKL authority... What would you say Mr. Project Director... Stop giving us lots of excuses to further bringing down your credibility of your construction company. 

I really have nothing to say anymore... This is how we as the resident treated... the Highway construction company just treat as like a dump resident. Please tell me what has happened, on one side the construction company was sending a text to apologize but on the other hand... who cares... overtime still proceed :( Is the apologize sincere? Were they doing something to improve the situation? It'll up to you to judge >.<

Anyway, It's Xmas and i would like to wish everyone Merry Merry Xmas.... All i wish for Xmas again is not my two front teeth but is to have a quiet and peaceful evening everyday from today onwards.... :p

Like a convict?

I received some comments stated that my MSN pictures look like a convict... but i don't know which type of convict they meant... hopefully not the rapist or sodomist .... hahahah ;) Other convict seems like so cool :p

Anyway, my previous MSN, I used this picture below... what would you say?

My new MSN picture now... 

What do you think? I welcome your feedback... Should i stick to the old or just place the new... or both shouldn't be in the MSN... Look for another one eh! :p