Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Thursday --> April Fools Day

I received a text stated "You're cordially invited to watch Clash of the Titans 3D in Cathay Cineplex at e@Curve this coming Thursday @ 9pm. No need rsvp. Your ticket already purchased. hahahaha... " on last night.

Is this really or just playing a joke on April Fools Day?

I wanted to watch Clash of the Titans 3D since they advertised months back... Now i got this invitation... should i go? Anyway, it's not harm to go to e@Curve to meet this person who invited me for the movie. ;-) ...

If this is true... Please don't jealous that i got to watch the movie in the premier day eh~

Will let you know how's the movie after i watch it on April 1st 2010 eh~

Photogenic: Flowers

Do you still remember the advertisement the father tell the son Flower Flower then the son told his father Orchid la... :p

Photogenic for this week is all about flowers...
Let's start with Water lily...

Follow by Daisy

And then Sun Flower

Last but not least

Errrr... don't ask me what is the name of the flower in the last picture. I really have no idea... Anyone know the name?

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Any guess?

Anyone wanna to give it a try... what is this?

Monday, March 29, 2010

Monday --> First day of work week | Color = blues

Since it's a first day of work for the final week of March 2010. I would like to enlighten all of you with some Dilbert Comics ...

Hmm... this is how they plan to kill the project. So next time if your boss asking you to spend twice as much. You should be able to get the hint :p

Oh! I learnt another statement which describe the management... "Evil is the cure for incompetence" doesn't this indicate that the management usually is incompetence?

Hahaha... finally the management decided to kill the project with lame excuses. But why the new boss needs a list of children that the previous person fathered. Is he performing a stock check just to ensure that he know how many will fathered by him in the future :p

Anyway, i hope all of you have great week ahead and got a good laugh with Dilbert. Now back to work... otherwise your boss will terminate you and you can leave your workplace in 24 hours :p

Saturday, March 27, 2010

10 hours to Earth Hour

Picture Adapted from

Seems like everyone is talking about Earth Hour... So what is your plan for tonight? Stay @ home switch off the lights and make your air-con full blast. Boot up your computer and start Facebooking, blogging, MSNing what else... or Gaming too :p Or....

Anyway, it's not important whether you are participate in the so called Earth Hour 2010... It's important you save energy, save the environment, save water, do recycle and blah blah blah... every hour in your life rather than just do an hour lights off and announce to the world saying that i have done my part to participate.

The Earth hour thingy is just another commercialize trick, don't you agree? Like Valentine days... some restaurant and bar are offering Earth Hour dinner set, Earth hour drinks... etc etc. Is there commercial or what?

Anyhow, I will be eating my nice shrimp and chicken wing @ YUEN tonight. So not sure whether YUEN will lights off for 1 hour... it'll be interesting to know how to fight for Chicken Wing in dark... Will you get a chicken wing or you get a hunky arm &/or a hairy arm &/or a skinny arm &/or a flabby arm... etc :p wakakaka...

It's our duty everyday to save our planet
Save the environment, Save the mother earth

Friday, March 26, 2010

Craving for Sweet Corn?

Are you craving for Sweet Corn in the middle of the night? BTW, how you want your corn to be cooked?

Thursday, March 25, 2010

How to train your dragon?

Given a chance to train your pet... will you train a dragon? I know someone is training his dog... and someone might be training her cat... so let's put aside and train the dragon... How?

I went for this movie at E @ Curve with my friend. The movie is in 3D... After we finished the movie while walking to the car park. My friend said "Maybe 2D is good enough" Errrr... i still prefer 3D. I think i don't need to describe what is the story line of the movie. Just don't wanna to be the person who spoil other people movie mode. One comment from TZ, the graphic is nice and the story line is simple and touching.

So go and find out How to train your Dog... errrr... I meant Dragon. I know how to train a Dragon now but I need to find a dragon. Maybe i could find it in my dream... Night! :p

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I'm back...

Finally after 2 months of struggling, now i could get back to my gym routine... I went to gym almost everyday since last week. Nowadays my gym session will be mixed... I meant mix in the sense that i go to gym in the morning before i hit the office and sometime i go to the gym after office for cardio class like Step, RPM.

I'm so glad that i could get back to my gym time table... and i will get rid of my excess fat... Muscle Muscle here i come...

Okie better hit the bed now. Gotta wake up early for gym in the morning. Ciao~

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Jonker Street Malacca

I never like to go to the night market whenever i travelled... this is due to so many people walk in different directions... Sometime some of the people were so inconsiderate... just stopped in the middle of the walkway and discussion what they wanted to go and do.

"Hey, get out of the way!"...

Anyway, three weeks back i went to Malacca for a weekend getaway with my friend. We went for a night photographing of Malacca and of cause we didn't want to miss the happening Jonker Street of Malacca.

Jonker Street Entrance

Jonker Street Food

Trishaw on the run

Jonker street bar area

Jonker street hotel

Food @ Jonker Street
All kinds of street food from different ethnics

Funky line dance
We stood there and we found that the music and step was exactly same as Bernard
Is Bernard teaching in Malacca too?

Anyway, it was a nice and interesting night market to visit... but you really have to bare with the people... there were so so many people until the walkway was jammed up.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Cari Makan @ Kuala Lumpur : Sek Yuen Restaurant

My friends planned to go to YUEN for the all you can eat steamboat but we ended up in Yuen too but it's not the YUEN that served the steamboat... This is Sek Yuen Restaurant. This is because i could not make it to Sunway as i need to send and pick up my parent to/from a wedding dinner @ downtown on March 13th 2010.

Sek Yuen Restaurant is a very old restaurant which still surviving in the old part of Kuala Lumpur... It located in Jalan Pudu and it has been there for decades... One of my friend has so many old and sweet memories... :p

Anyway, there were four of us and we ordered 4 dishes... one of the dish was their popular dish i.e. Roasted duck. While waiting for our dishes to be served, they served us the nice and crispy peanuts


Fried Spring Rolls

Mutton broiling

Stir fry Vegetables

Roasted Duck

The food is yumilicious and i would like to have another round of dinner over there as i love their duck...

Summary rating
First Impression (greeting customer) : 3/5
Ambience (table setting, environment) : 2/5
Customer Service (Serving food, response to customer request) : 3/5
Food & baverage (taste, quality, value for money) : 5/5
Overall rating : 3.25/5

If you want a good food with value for money... and don't mind the table setting and environment. This is really a nice and good restaurant to visit.

Recommended... Just give it a try.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

RPM 46 Sizzler

Do you like this song?

If you like this song, you definitely like this RPM 46... There are more nice song for your workout.

I went to the sneak preview RPM 46 sizzler @ Fitness First The Curve yesterday afternoon. The class were led by Herny and Lilian. It was a nice 45 mins class and i sweat like a pig... ;p I managed to complete the release although it has been long time i went for RPM. This release was not that difficult and it has lots of nice song too

Is this song familiar to you? It's the song for the mountain track i.e. Track 7

I couldn't remember all the track and its song... but that's one song which draw my attention coz Lilian was singing along and i forgot it was which track... This song was a nice song by Kelly Clarkson. I think it's Track 4 if i'm not mistaken.

There's lots more nice song in other tracks... So just go ahead and try out the nice RPM 46 Sizzler. I think it is going to launch in FF in a week time.

Paul, dude too bad you are in US now... Not sure whether when you are back in Malaysia... they still play the RPM 46 sizzler or not... Anyway, enjoy your time in US eh~

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Snooping on an interesting interview

March 20th 2010 13:00 : I am sitting in a coffee place having my lunch at the same time writing this entry... In parallel, there is an interviewing going on the next table. I am snooping into their conversation because it's very interesting. I'm analyzing and observing how the interview going on... Hmmm... I have the feeling the interviewee might not get this job... She is very calm but she just don't have the correct mindset or she's too direct/honest.

She actually interview for a regional position. The interviewer is very smart and know what he wants... his questions are very objective, direct and crisp... If i have a chance to talk to the interviewer, I would like to do so...

Okie, let's snoop into what the interviewee has communicated out...
  1. She complained about her colleagues.
  2. She complained about her current boss and claimed that her boss is married without children due to too focus on his job.
  3. She kept stress on she wanted the work life balance. Her most top priority is family.
  4. She said that the current company sucks because of too many paper work. she was grounded in the office.
  5. She could not stand the stress within her workplace.
  6. She stressed on her preference for not wanted to travel that much due to family... How could a sales person not traveling. Tell me a good method to close a deal without travel. Anyone?
  7. She said that she handle P&L but she could not recall what is the main elements in the P&L. Surprisingly she was explaining to the interviewer now.
So if you are the interviewer, will you hire her?

I would like to wish her all the best to her interview... She should have already know what would be the turn out... If she got hired, i think the interviewer might have a click with her personality or something else...

Anyway, sometime i think for each of the interview we gone through ... sometime really depends on our luck and whether we could click with the hiring manager. My track records were broken last year before this every interview i gone through I got hired on the spot. This no longer happened to me... *sob sob*

All the best to the lady who are still interviewing now. I hope you got the job that you are looking forward to ...

Pat @ the back...

Yesterday morning, my company president a.k.a my boss's boss walked over to my desk and gave me a pat on the back. He said " TZ you have done a good job on handling the project... Keep up the good job" ... I was so happy of cause ... the big shots was complimenting my effort of handling this challenge project ... Errr ... better don't write too much. Someone might be reading this...

Anyway, TZ has a good and happy Friday :) how's your Friday?

Friday, March 19, 2010

Has someone killed your wishes?

I went to FGS Dong Zen Temple with my friends during Chinese New Year. I passed by this nice wishing pond ... hehehe ... all the while i thought we only have wishing well but this FGS DZ temple has a pond filled with colorful water and people just buy the flower, wrote their name and made a wish... The more flowers in the pond, the more wishes there were from the visitors.

So, which flower is your?

All wished flowers floating on the wishing pond

If you notice this blog entry title... you must be wondering what wrongs with the wishing pond. Okie in reality... I don't think it works. Let me quickly introduce the Three Wishes Destroyers. Your broken flower that floating on the wishing pond .... So your wishes still come true or not? Anyone has bought the flower and place your wish in the pond.? Can you share with us whether your wish came true?

Three Wishes Destroyers
These three children really required education on what to do and what not to do... Hmmm... maybe their parent should be responsible on what has happened... Should we sent their parents to school?

Destroyer #1

Destroyer #1 : he broke the flowers :(

Destroyer #2: He picked up a flower

Destroy #2 : He threw the flower
Flying wishes across the pond... Whose wish?

So let me introduce the Destroyer #3... drum please ... *drum sound*

Pick up the flower

Aiming / Adjusting the target

Still adjusting while Destroy #1 already throw another one

On your mark get set ... Throw!
Did you see the flower flying in the air and the base (green) just drop?
Is this consider a broken wish or what?
Whose wish is that?

Anyway, i was so tempted to tell the children's parent off but later my friends asked me not to since i'm a tiger... So need to have low profile from time to time... TZ will be very low profile this year ... :p

BTW, please do not tell me they just a kid... I belief 3 of them at least primary... Didn't our teacher teach us not to touch certain things? blek~

So, what would you do if you see this situation?

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Kasubi Tomb burnt...

I was home early yesterday night and saw a news about the kasubi tomb was burnt down on Tuesday night. Not only that, the burning of Kasubi Tomb has triggered the riot. So where is Kasubi Tomb?

Outside view of the Kusabi Tomb

The Kasubi tomb is located @ Kampala City, Uganda, Africa. It has been a landmark for Uganda since it became the Unesco Heritage Site. This has been a representative of the buganda kingdom long long time ago. read more >> Its uniqueness of the architecture, culture and historical have made it so attractive to the tourist. Moreover it has claimed to be the largest straw hut in the world.

Internal view of the Kusabi Tomb

I got the opportunities to visit this heritage site when i was in Africa back in year 2008. Visit my earlier blog entry about this place. Now it's has been burnt down... I felt so sad as all the nice and unique interior and exterior have gone with the fire. It was a total lost for the buganda.

Picture : Adapted from Daily Monitor (

Hopefully they would be able to find out what actually cause the fire...

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Photogenic: Random Birdie Shots

Name the birdie
Do you know their name?

Birdie #1
I don't want to friend you

Birdie #2
I'm lost, show me the path

Birdie #3
I'm taking a bath... shoot shoot go away

Birdie #4
Mushy mushy.... Privacy needed here

Birdie #5
I could provide free Birdie shots, anyone?

That's all folks... check it out for the next Photogenic Wednesday... see you a week from now...
More photo from TZ : visit a photo blog @ A picture A day

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Historical River

Last weekend i was cruising along the historical River which used to be the busiest river in southeast asia. This river was parked with different kind of merchant ship from various part of the globe. They came here to do trading and it actually happened along this river...

It was a hot night that day and I was sweating like i was just came out from shower... but i careless and continue taking the night scene picture of famous Malacca River.

One thing i noticed when i walked along the river... I noticed the Malacca state government has over restored on the both sides of the river. I don't think it looks like this 500 years ago. Anyone? ....

Restaurant / Pub along the riverside

The Couples was sitting there enjoying the historical river

River cruise was cruising along the river

Another view of the riversides, hardly can see people walking

Riverside view in front of the church
Luckily there wasn't any uninvited came into my picture

So what do you think about Malacca riverside? Do you think the restoration is good?... Nice or what?

Monday, March 15, 2010

Cari Makan @ Selangor: Bubba Gump Shrimp Co

Two weeks back, after the gym My friend and I went to Bubba Gump Shrimp Co @ the curve for our dinner.

Restaurant Deco

Restaurant Deco

How's their menu like? hmmm... do you still remember what Bubba said?.. As Bubba said... "Anyway, like I was sayin', shrimp is the fruit of the sea. You can barbecue it, boil it, broil it, bake it, saute it. Dey's uh, shrimp-kabobs, shrimp creole, shrimp gumbo. Pan fried, deep fried, stir-fried. There's pineapple shrimp, lemon shrimp, coconut shrimp, pepper shrimp, shrimp soup, shrimp stew, shrimp salad, shrimp and potatoes, shrimp burger, shrimp sandwich. That- that's about it"

So it's not easy to decide what for the appetizer, main course and dessert. We only ordered appetizer and main course. We skipped the dessert for that day. We ordered a beer each, 3/4 lbs Shrimper's Net Catch as appetizer, my friend order Captain's Fish and Chips for main dish and i ordered ...

One Pint

1/2 lb Shrimper's Net Catch

Shrimp Rigatoni

Main Dish come with Salad

The food was quite nice, I enjoyed the Shrimp as the appetizer and the service overall was good but if talk about value for money... I would say not really. It's a bit pricy for a dinner ended up with RM140+

Summary rating
First Impression (greeting customer) : 4/5
Ambience (table setting, environment) : 4/5
Customer Service (Serving food, response to customer request) : 4/5
Food & baverage (taste, quality, value for money) : 2/5
Overall rating : 3.5/5