Monday, December 31, 2007

Last PT and RPM of year 2007...

I am leaving office soon to hit the gym @ Fitness First Summit for my last Personal Training (PT) session and RPM class for the year. Don't know what Isaiah (my Personal Trainer) has planned for me tonite. The last day of the year, hopefully not as tough as my last session. What to do "No Pain No Gain" :-> Will let you know next year eh! Ciao!

Happy New Year :-)

Goodbye 2007...

March 2007
March 8 has marked the history of my internet life. The born of the 5 elements of my life.

First of all I would like to thanks my buddy Darrenzeger (Musa) for encouraging me to kick start this blog during my toughest time. Why i say that it was the toughest time, this is because at that time i was in the mid of recovering from breaking off with my ex-girlfriend. At the same time, the restructure of the organization that i work for has hit me on my working life. The double hits made me dropped into the lowest point of my life. Luckily, I met Darrenzeger (Musa) from the gym whom always supported during these period. He was a good listener and encouraging me to put myself back to what i was before. I got back the spirit that i had before and got myself back up again. Thanks buddy!

April 2007
Planned 9 days vacation @ the land below the winds - Sabah with my cousin. Met a new friend i.e. Siew Te Wong whom is a scientist researching on Sunbear. I just took off even though i had a busy work schedule in regardless my boss was not very happy with me. This is because i could not give away my vacation as i had already planned since January 2007 :-> Sorry boss!

May / June 2007
Business trip month. I flied off to Shanghai for a week followed by Penang/Kulim. What a busy month for me. Due to the travel, I gained weight which i was so upset. But i managed to set up some goals to get back on my gym workout after the travel.

July 2007
After 1 year anniversary of breaking off with my ex-girlfriend. I met a new friend via blogging, we decided to meet up for lunch one day. Hey, don't think that i have a new girlfriend, is a he ... He's Sbanboy. The first blogging friend that i met Face to Face. Besides meeting new blog friends, I met long lost (contact) friend, Demi for dinner before she left for Singapore. Glad that she is going to get marry and looking forward for the invitaiton card. Two months back, I was shocked to hear that things didn't workout for Demi... :-( Demi be strong, you still have a friend whom is me eh! and you will find another person... no worries eh!

August 2007
Kicked start my certification class CPIM from APICS. I also not forgetting to take some splendid photo and video clip of fireworks @ Putrajaya. The month ended with meeting my secondary school mate which most of my school mate has put on weight... Do I?

September 2007
First exam after 10 years... I was a little uncomfortable. Took two days off to focus on the last minutes studies. But i passed my exam... hehehe :-> At the same time, I was planning to take a week off to Phuket / Phi Phi... booking flight, hotel etc. Guess what? the long postponing highway project finally kicked start @ our communities... The Duke highway project has brought lots of noise and dust to the communities.

October / November 2007
Spent 7 days with Darrenzeger @ Phuket / Phi Phi... I was enjoying the snorkeling, beach and massage @ Phuket / Phi Phi. Met two new friends from UK : Ian and Richurd. In additional, i met new friend Mahen whom is working @ Chili's Penang as a bar tender. On the other hand, the company management that i worked for has announced the office closurewith two options for all its employee a choice of taking the compensate package and leave or relocate to Kulim/Penang. I was so down for a week... :-( But eventually, I need to make the decision. It was not an easy decision... anyway, i'm happy now as i had made my decision. Straight after the announcement, we had our last annual dinner as a team... so sad, the first batch of my colleagues left us one day after the annual dinner ... *sniff sniff* But think about it, life has to move on. We had a crazy party @ Soul Out that day they left the company.

December 2007
Last team building with the department. Another sad moment, some of my colleague just hug each other as they might not see each other in the same company. No matter how, friendship still remain :-> My colleague Kim has a small X'mas party before she left for US on business trip. Kim, thanks for inviting me to the party. The opening of KL-Putrajaya highway has shorten the travel time from my condo to Cyberjaya... hurray! please don't ask how much eh! Just enjoy while it's still free :->

Let's say goodbye to 2007... whatever that should leave with 2007 let it be... let's bring our new wishes and plans to 2008. We'll welcome 2008 in 10hours 30 mins.

I'm Fluffy the Cat ...

My parent and i was staying at my uncle and aunt place for the Xmas Weekend @ Penang. I managed to take some picture of Fluffy the cat, my cousin's baby... :->

Hey look @ the camera Fluffy... come on ... look here

My sexy back - Music please

Hey, something is moving there... let me go and see

Cat is @ sleep... no disturbing please! Otherwise ... Meow errr....

More pic : Fluffy the Cat

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Simple and nice dinner @ Batu Maung, Penang

My parent and I went to Penang for Xmas weekend and my uncle brought us to this nice and simple dinner @ Batu Maung, Penang.

Belacan Chicken Wings

Steam Prawn

Fried Noodles with Seafood

Fried Spicy Vege with Shrimps

Juice vs Beer

It was a nice and yummy dinner... Of all the dishes, i liked the Belacan Chicken Wings, stream Prawns and the Fried noodles with Seafood. We did a simple birthday celebration for my cousin whom turned 50+ ... I forgot the exact number... :-p

Sleepy and Lazy Sunday afternoon... zzzZZZZzz

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Lunch with X-colleague / Project Mate...

It has been a while since i had lunch with two of my ex-colleagues/project mate. So i decided to call them up yesterday to arrange this lunch.

While waiting for my ex-colleague TA to pick me up near the roundabout @ Century Square Cyberjaya. I took this two picture...

Century Square Phase I

Century Square Phase II

My ex-colleague TA dropped by my office and picked me up @ about 12pm. We headed to Equine Park to meet another ex-colleagues of us KC. We reached @ about 12:15pm and decided to go for Japanese Food i.e. Sushi King. While taking our lunch, we did lots of catching up... chatting about our friends whom left the company and so on... :-> What a fruitful lunch...



My Yummy Beef Noodles

We left the restaurant @ about 1pm. TA and I went back to work while KC went back to enjoy his day off...

KL-Putrajaya Highway

The KL-Putrajaya Highway unofficially opened on two Friday ago i.e. Dec 14th 2007. This highway has shorten the travel time from downtown KL to Putrajaya/Cyberjaya. I have been travelled daily on this highway. I have no worry about the jam after i hit the highway i.e. Pandan Roundabout. Unfortunately i still need to bare with the jam from my condo to Pandan Roundabout. The journey took me from the entrance of the KL-Putrajaya Highway @ Pandan Roundabout to Cyberjaya at about 20 mins.

This morning as usual i drove to my office with the same new route i.e. KL-Putrajaya Highway. I managed to captured 4 video clip along the way. The highway is so straight that you will tend to speed up and over the speed limit. So all the KL-Putrajaya Highway users, beware of Speed trap eh!

Here you go the 4 clips:

1. Kuala Lumpur stretch

2. Sri Petaling stretch / Puchong

3. Equine Park / Sri Kembangan

4. Cyberjaya

Dinner @ Seremban with Sbanboy

I managed to chat with Sbanboy via MSN yesterday morning. It has been so long we wanted to meet up for dinner but always ended up with either he was busy or me. So, since i didn't have any meeting in the evening and he was on vacation @ Seremban. I decided to make a trip down to Seremban on the spot.

Left office (Cyberjaya) @ about 16:30 and drove along Salak Tinggi highway and exit the North-South Highway. Rain was so heavy along the way. Reached the destination i.e. Seremban 2 Jusco @ 17:30. Since it was still early, we walked around the shop @ Jusco until 18:30... [Sbanboy entry]

I enjoyed the dinner recommended by Sbanboy. First of all, it was not a tourist spot, no sight of tourist except me... it was located near the residential area, so the customers were from the surrounding communities. It was a Kopitiam (small restaurant) serving noodles and some dessert for years (since Sbanboy was in Form 3 <-- you have to ask Sbanboy, how long? :-p ).

After the dinner, I drove back to KL, the journey took me about 1.5 hrs due to heavy rain along the way. All of the driving hours did pay off with the catching up with my buddy Sbanboy and tasted the good food that recommended and treated by him. A nice short trip to Seremban :->

Sbanboy, thanks for the dinner eh!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

6 days to Year 2008...

I'm still looking for some friends to hang out on Dec 31st 2007. Will start asking around see anyone interested to countdown in KL.

So, what is your plan?

Working out @ Fitness First, Island Plaza

Hurray! I successfully continued my workout without a break even i was on vacation in Penang. I went to the gym on Saturday and Sunday morning... No break for TZ :-)

On Saturday morning, I attended the bodypump class @ FF Island Plaza. Wilie was the instructor. She played the new release (bodypump 64) and because of 45 minutes ended up she skipped the abs exercise. I felt satisfied with the workout as i had increased my squart weight to 10kg each sides. :->

After the Bodypump class, i rushed down to the RPM class. I found out that the class was cancelled due to no participant... I was a little bit upset as i could not complete my initial plan. So, i decided to do more workout on my chest, shoulder and back. Then I proceed with the cardio exercise for about 15 mins to warm up my muscle again and straightaway hit the bi-cep, tri-cep, chin-up, chest press. I ended the workout with the shoulder and tricep push up and abs. It was a nice and satified workout as i felt some muscle pain. Took a shower and hit the Metrojaya for a walk. Guess what? Ended up i bought two boxes of Levis underwear, 1 polo shirt for myself and one for my dad.

Headed back to my aunt's place for lunch, my aunt has prepared her special "Wan Tan Mee"... Yummy! i finished everything and realized that i forgot to take a picture before i hit the food... so sorry eh! no picture to show.

Meanwhile, I had my own workout again on Sunday morning before joinning my aunties, uncles and cousins for nice Dim Sum @ Corner Club, Gurney Drive.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Meeting Friend @ Chili's, Gurney Place :->

I went shopping with my cousin's boy friends Tony. My cousin dropped us @ Gurney Plaza and went off for her meeting @ downtown Penang. Gurney Plaza is a crowded and most happening place in Penang especially a hot day like yesterday. Everyone was heading for the shopping mall to enjoy the cool air conditional. :-p

Our first stop, Nike @ Gurney. I managed to get a Nike Pro singlet as it marked 20% off of the normal price. There was no such a discount in KL, so I quickly got it and moved on to another shop. We walked about 2 hours+ and ended up I bought 2 items, the Nike Pro Singlet and the fitball. Before headed to the Gurney, i have already bought myself two boxes of Levi's underwear which is on sales and 2 Polo Raulph Laurel Shirt, one for my dad and the other one for myself @ Metrojaya Island Plaza. It was great shopping @ Penang.

Okay, back to Gurney, Tony and I were tired after walking for hours. So, we decided to drop by a place which we could get some cool and nice beer/drinks. The first hit me was Chili's @ Gurney Place. The Chili's which Mahen, my bartender friend is working. Managed to meet Mahen yesterday as he was working. He was surprised and happy to see me visiting him. We greeted and i introduced my cousin's boy friend, Tony to him. We chat a little and continue with our drinks and food... guess what we ordered @ Chili's? We started with 2 cold Tiger beer from the draught and the Buffalo wings. Yummy! (that's went my workout @ the gym, don't tell my PT eh!)... Since the time was still early, we decided to stay on for a while, we continued to order the CHAMBORD® 1800 MARGARITA and CLASSIC NACHO. My cousin joined us later and we ordered more food and drinks to snack on.

CLASSIC NACHOS : Our nachos have beans, queso with a hint of seasoned beef, cheese and jalapenos on every chip. Served with pico de gallo and sour cream.

WINGS OVER BUFFALO® : Delicious chicken drumettes tossed in our spicy Buffalo wing sauce. Served with cool bleu cheese dressing.

CHAMBORD® 1800MARGARITA : Distinctly flavorful. Distinctly yours. 1800 Reposado®, Cointreau and Chambord® raspberry liqueur
* Picture adapted from

At about 7pm, we headed to the restaurant to join my uncle and aunties for dinner with partially full... full of alcohol and snacks :-p

Friday, December 21, 2007

X'mas weekend @ Penang

Another couples of hours i will be leaving for Penang with my parents. Penang here i come... I have no solid plan yet what i would like to do in Penang... Most probably i will be hitting the Fitness First @ Island Plaza on Saturday morning for the Bodypump and RPM. The rest of the days, if the weather is right, i plan to take some nice picture of downtown Penang.

Team building @ Bukit Merah - Day 2

We woke up @ about 7:30am. Our room was facing the lake and i got a chance to take a couple of sunrise picture.

Took a shower and headed for the breakfast.

We gathered @ the room for the day 2 activities at about 9am. After the morning briefing and activities explanation. We started with the strategic planning. The activities for that morning is Search & Rescue.

Strategic Planning Session

Searching for Material to build the transporter

Design and Build the transporter

How heavy was the victim? you guess

Reached the station... enjoyed the victory!

After 59 mins of the operation time. Finally we ended our activities with lots of mud and sweat on our cloth. As a result the facilitator gave us some time to wash up and we gathered back @ about 11:30am for debrief.

After the short debrief on the Search & Rescue activity, we proceed with the action plan divided by groups.

Finally, we finished all our discussion and agenda by 2pm. Picture taking, checked out and headed for lunch then it's time to say goodbye...

Picture with D'Jungle People

Are we going to Genting ah? Nup, this bus is going back to Cyberjaya...

This bus is going back to Penang... Don't missed it eh!

Despite of the mother nature was pouring water on the first day and some hiccup on the hotel services... I enjoyed the team building and got closer to the team that i worked with. Mission accomplished for myself as my goal was to meet up those new joined members which merged into our department :->

A memorable last team building with the team and the company... :'(

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Team building @ Bukit Merah - Day 1

I woke up about 6am and quickly get ready, then left my condo @ about 6:30am. Thanks to KL-Putrajaya Highway, i reached Cyberjaya @ 7am. We left KL for Bukit Merah @ about 7:17am from Cyberjaya. The journey took us about 4+ hours (including breakfast @ Rawang R&R). We reached Bukit Merah @ about 11:30am.

The first activity was ice breaking. Each of us get a piece of paper, a double sided tape and a magic pen. The piece of paper was sticked at our back for others to write a statement that describe each of us. Guess what i got in the paper? Mat Salleh; Muscle Guy; Energetic; Friendly; Cute; Handsome; Hairy Leg; Sporty; Are you available?; Big; Metrosexual; Sexy guy; Good boy; Funny

I was surprised to have the description of Mat Salleh :-p Anyway, it was a fun game and we have a good laugh. We had our lunch @ about 2pm. After lunch we checked in and gathered back at the room @ about 3pm and continued our activities.

Unfortunately, Mother nature has poured lots of water in the evening until we need to canceled all the rest of the activities in the evening. Went back to the hotel for wash up and gathered back @ 6:30pm.

I was so pissed off with the hotel services on the towel i.e. they could not provide us the towel but mentioned to us that they would deliver the towel in 15 mins. So i decided to take a shower while my colleague / roomate was waiting for the towel to be delivered. Guess what? 30mins has passed but no sign of towel delivery. I ended up standing in the toilet for 30mins to let my body dry off. It was the worst day of my traveling life... I never encountered such an experience... :-( You could not believe eh! the towel was delivered @ about 11pm. Their 15mins was equivalent to 5+ hours. This was really unacceptable. So I rated Bukit Merah Lake Town Resort -1 which is 1 is the worst and 10 is the best. :-p

We had the briefing of our activities for the day and headed for dinner at about 8pm. It was a BBQ dinner, the food was not very fresh especially the seafood.

Enough for the rumblings, we ended our day at about 12am.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

X'mas Party

I was invited to a nice X'mas Party last Saturday. The party was simple but meaningful. Bahija, the host has invited some of her close friends to the party.

X'mas Dinner

Everyone was very excited on the turkey cutting... :-> Ling started to sing Happy Birthday song to her niece. I'm confused.

After the dinner, we have a mini caroling @ Bahija's place. We sang three song in total. It was fun and reminded me X'mas back in Canada. The different was we didn't get snow outside. only rain.

The finale was celebrated Bahija's birthday.

Some picture taken during the party

The lady in white blouse is still single... not married. The kids are not hers.

Group photo: (back) Han Lun; Derek; Maisie; Me; Chau Fong; Kam Weng (front) Grace Husband; Grace; Kim; Saw Kee; Ling; Siok Nee; Philip;

Bahija, the Host and me

We left Bahija's place @ about 10 something...

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Team Photo ...

Team photo taken on the Team building @ Bukit Merah Lake Town Resort. Guess where am i? :-p

Stay tune eh! more to come :->

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Teambuilding is coming ...

I will be leaving for department team building this morning @ 7am. The teambuilding will be held @ Bukit Merah lake town resort. And this time the facilitator of the teambuilding is D'Jungle People. I like the D'Jungle People as they are professional and we could learn at the same time have fun.

Gotta go rite now. Need to hit the bed otherwise i will miss the bus this morning. Good nite. Ciao!

work week 50 summary...

I'm not writing a weekly report... since i have been very busy for the pass few days after the Selangor Sultan's birthday... I think i would just do a summary update for the week in this entry.

Went to California Fitness @ Mid-Valley to redeem my trial pass for the week. I brought along my colleague Kam Weng and we successfully applied a 7 days trial pass. We managed to go in the gym. The environment was nice as the place was so happening on Monday night. People going in and out from the gym.

Drove all the way to Aeon Klang Bukit Tinggi (KBT) to attend my PT's BodyPump class. My PT taught the new release tracks. It was tough but satisfied. After the class, I workout with my PT, we were gym buddy for 1.5 hrs @ KBT FF. It was fun but so tired.

As usual, a normal working Wednesday, nothing much happened with the work. After work @ about 4:30pm, i left office and headed for CF @ Mid-valley. Kam Weng and I managed to get into the Bodypump class @ 7:50pm and Yoong Kee joined us later.

I was part of the management staff F2F meeting for two days (Thursday and Friday). The first half of the meeting was interesting as everyone raised the concern of how to help each group to move forward on site closure. Then the second half of Thursday and the whole day of Friday, we were focusing on discussing and sharing on how to build the next generation leader. We had our dinner @ Putrajaya Seafood Restaurant... a nice environment which we were watching the sky turned redish and the putrajaya lights up. A nice and memorable sunset with the lights up view.

After the F2F, I left office and hit the CF @ Mid-valley again. I dragged my friend Yoong Kee to attend the Bodycombat class @ 2100-1000. This was not a huge class compare to Fitness First (FF). The instructor was going thru the mix of the new release and the old releases. Yoong Kee was feeling tired as this was the 1st time he joined the BodyCombat class. It was a fun class for both of us. After the class, we decided to pump up our chest, so we headed down to the free weight session to bump ourselves up with 10 lbs each side and added another 10 lbs after 2 sets. Left the gym @ about 12am.

It was a lazy Saturday after a intense workout on Friday night. I was a little tire but i don't want to miss my pilate class. So, i quickly took a shower and changed to head to FF @ Maxis. I was a bit early and waited for Ginny, the instructor to come start the class. The class was almost full and Ginny began the class with the basic principle of Pilate. After the first 1 hr class, decided to join the 2nd class i.e. Intermediate to Advance. This class was tough but it was good as the group was smaller which Ginny could put more focus on each individual. Got into Isetan and shop for some grocery after the class and headed home to prepare for my X'mas Party @ Kim's place.

Monday, December 10, 2007

X'mas is coming ...

X'mas is coming so do Santa... what will be my present from Santa this year... Hey Santa, I have been a good boy for the whole 2007. So what will i get for my X'mas this year.
Just between you and me, here is my wish list...

1. A MacBook by Apple (latest model; color : black)
2. A Sony 32 inch Flatscreen LCD
3. A backpacking trip to Europe next Summer for a month
4. A Lexus car
5. A girlfriend <-- Since when i'm so desperate for a girlfriend :-p (i could not think of anything i wanted in the list, so i just place this item lor)

hehehe... genie granted only 3 wishes in Aladdin... i think Santa could give me all 5 wishes eh! Hopefully i will get one of this for my X'mas present. I'm going to get a nice red socks and hang over @ my condo balcony... hopefully my wishes comes true on the X'mas day :-p

Hey wake up TZ, it's too early to dream in a Monday morning...

Guess what? I have been invited to a X'mas party this Saturday and it's the first X'mas party of the year. :-p If you still remember the colleague of mine, Kim whom went to Pilate with me last week. She actually invited me to her X'mas party. Excited but having some challenge to get a gift exchange for the party... have to go for shopping these few days. Any suggestion? I planned to get two gifts, one for the gift exchange and the other one for the host.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Peaceful Saturday Morning

You must be wondered why i woke up early this morning. I was having my CPIM exam @ 8:30am near PJ hilton.

Since i woke up early, i managed to take the KL morning view... :->

I was not sure what will be the result for my CPIM exam today... hurray! let's party first as this is my last exam for year 2007. I will not have any exam until next year Feb 2008 (i think). So what would be your plan for X'mas? I might be going to Penang with my parent. For so many years, we did not celebrate our X'mas in Penang as what we used to do during my secondary school. But my dad had suggested to celebrate X'mas @ Penang this year. Hurray! Penang here i come. Need to apply my leave on Monday...

Back to my CPIM exam, I was at the test center about 8:30am. I was the earliest to sit in the room. The room was freezing cold in addition of the stress :-p (if i felt cold, means very cold b'coz I seldom compliant i feel cold). Anyway, i bumped into those people that took the last module with me. They were taking the same module too.

The exam started @ about 9:16am and went thru three hours. The questions were tricky and my confident level was not as high as previous module. So don't know whether i would fail this round or not. Who cares, what ever demage has already demaged... so just enjoy as of now before the result is out...

Friday, December 7, 2007

Cooling Friday

It has been raining for 2nd day since yesterday morning. This is how KL looks like from my balcony...