Saturday, June 30, 2007

2 Celebrations on July 1st 2007

Another 2 hours, Hong Kong will celebrate 10 years anniversary of Hong Kong hangover to China and Canada Day.

To all the Hong Kong / China people,
Happy 10 years anniversary of Hong Kong hangover. Let me know how you celebrate this event.

To Canadian,
I missed the Canada Day. It's has been 10 years that i left Canada after my study. I still remembers how Canadian celebrate Canada day. I stayed in Winnipeg Manitoba. Every Canada a group of us would sit on the grass field to watch the spectacular, splendid fireworks. We had BBQ in the park. I missed the Canadian Day... :'( Anyone care to invite a person whom missed the Canada Day for already 10 years? :-)

Rainforest World Music preview @ Laundry Bar July 6th 2007....

I just got this from Laudry Bar at the Curve. I'm thinking of going to have a taste of the rainforest world music as i don't have time to go to the actual rainforest world music @ Sarawak. I'm busy with my work... :-(

Anyone interested to go for the rainforest preview party @ Laundry Bar on July 6th 2007?

Finally! 1 mbp connection ...

After two weeks of screaming at TM-NET. Finally, i got 1 mbp connection but this doesn't come easily :->

I signed up on June 15th 2007, 15 days later i got the connection. This is what the 1st sales person TM point told me. "Sir, you will have the 1Mbp connection three days later"... I was so happy as after my business trip in Penang i expected my connection should be ready for me to use. But what i got on Sunday nite June 24th 2007 was again less than 512K connection. So i was not happy and called the Streamyx care center. Then the care center support person checked for me and request me to make a report @ TM Point.

So, I managed to pay a visit to TM Point on Wednesday June 27th 2007. The person that served me did mentioned that the application has been issued and there were no job order being created. The person go ahead to create the job order. Come on! After 7 days, they only realized that the job order was not created. What is this business doing.... *Frustructed* So i called the TM-Net help center to make a report. The person asking me to wait for another 2 days and expect the 1mbp connection to be ready on Friday June 29th 2007. Guess what? TMNET put me down again :-( i made another called and this time i really blusted my frastruction and screaming. Surprisingly, the customers service person is very professional... he managed to cool me down and explain to me with some recommendation... Good job! Finally i cool myself down and discuss with him on what is the next step.

In summay, total 4 calls and 2 visits to TM Point to get the upgrade. You must be wondered how long or how many calls / visits to TM Point to get a new account for Streamyx? You guess... i would say lots more :-p If i rated the services provided by TM NET / TM POINT.. 10 out of 10. I would score them 0.5 hehehe...

Friday, June 29, 2007

Can i fight? errrr....

I tried body combat one year ago but i don't feel i like it. So i decided to quit attending Body Combat. Everytime my gym buddy invited me to attend i kind of hesistate to attend the class as i don't feel good / fun to attend. But yesterday, things has changed, i enjoyed the class, don't know is it because of this release or so or maybe the instructor that motivate me to make up my mind to go back next week.

On 5:45pm, i was leaving my office and travel towards Fitness First Maxis. It only took me 45mins with the SMART tunnel... no jam from Cyberjaya to KLCC :-) i reached KLCC at about 1830 and i just missed the body pump class. So i done some cardio workout and hit the body combat class. I saw Nicholas the instructor and he looks very familiar... I just realized that he was the person that i bumped into in Island Plaza last Thursday and we attended Alan's RPM Challenge @ IP.

"Any first timer?" said Nicholas. I raised my hand even though i tried body combat before this is because i have forgotten all the steps... hehehe... For those whom do not know what is Body Combat here is some information for you.

BODYCOMBAT™ is the empowering cardio workout where you are totally unleashed. This fiercely energetic program is inspired by martial arts and draws from a wide array of disciplines such as Karate, boxing, Taekwondo, Tai Chi and Muay Thai. Supported by driving music and powerful role model instructors strike, punch, kick and kata your way through calories to superior cardio fitness.

During the class some of the strokes made me think of my karate class way back on my university time. Yes! i took up karate before in University... btw, i still keep my white suit with white belt (just started and i quit). Sparring with the person one time bigger than me in term of size is quite tough for me. I got blue black on my wrist after each Karate class... so i could not take it and quit the class... so can i fight? errrr... i don't think so... :-) hehehe....

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Back to School soon!

Hurray! I'm going back to school.

I'm excited to go back to school after my university graduation 10 years ago. How the academic world right now still be as adventurous as what i been before @ Canada? or even more excited and happening then 10 years ago? I bet it should have been better than 10 years ago, otherwise something must be wrong. hehehe...

Anyway, i will need to pick up 5 modules of manufacturing process provided by CPIM. These 5 module will help me to work with my factory engineers and supervisors. Will provide you more detail update in the near future.

Gotta rush for another meeting and wrap up my work for the day before 4:30pm. Will rush again to the FF Summit for my PT Isaiah's Bodypump class @ 5:30pm. Ciao...

Monday, June 25, 2007

Back to Reality!

I enjoyed the weekend with lots of drinks, party and chill out with my gym buddy . Time really passed faster than i expected... It's Monday again... :-( Anyway, i will have a very busy schedule ahead until my next Tuesday breakaway to Malacca. Hehehe... I will be going to Malacca with my parent just for a day trip. Dad decided to meet his university mate from Singapore. So i took a day off from my busy schedule just to release some stress... not that i'm very stressful.

Okay, back to Penang. I kind of met Kennysia in person as my bud, Musa said from far. No wonder he could be the blog celebrity. From my observation from far, he really like a celebrity, pose pose... :-) Guess what, my buddy Musa kind of setup a blind date to meet up a lady in the blogger gathering lunch @ Foodloft. So we decided to have our lunch @ Foodloft. This is how i managed to met Kennysia from far. Sound like spying. hehehe....

Gotta go to the office rite now. Just finished my meeting marathon... this marathon even longer than the Penang Bridge run. I had back to back meeting since 0730 this morning. Will continue later ... CIAO!

Friday, June 22, 2007

It's Friday again... Let's party :-p

Hurray! It's Friday again... I will spend my weekend in Penang with my gym buddy. He will be flying to Penang on tonite flight 2205. Will pick him up from the airport. Before that, my Penang friend is treating me dinner @ Penang Swimming Club @ Tanjong Tokong.

I have to meet him @ 7pm PSC lobby. Anyway, i'm in downtown rite now. Just a 20 mins (max) trip to PSC. PSC has its famous Oxtail soup which i had long before when i was still a kids. No sure whether i could get the Oxtail soup again... hehehe...

Anyway, i gotta go rite now. Will update later ... ciao!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Storm @ Penang

I was driving back from Kulim to Penang on Tuesday evening. Realized that the roadside is full of leaves and branches... the whole Jelutong highway is so messy. First thing come into my mind was that, what had happened to Penang? Tsunami? Tornado? so on... but i'm glad we just missed it. If we came out earlier, we might have hit the strong wind :-p

On Wednesday, i read in the newspaper and surprise to see that it was a strong wind swept through the Penang island and created 3m high water level. Here you go the article that i borrowed from The Star online.

New developed houses also collapse... hehehe ;-p

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Busy Busy and even busier

I was tight up with the whole day F2F with the customers team to understand in more detail on their business process so that i could provide some solution to solve their hot button. I was not able to keep my blog updated on time for my dear readers... :-(

BTW, i was not very busy after get back to my hotel but unfortunately the broadband provided by the The Krystal Suite of Penang sucks! They claimed that broadband provided but at the end the broadband is like the dial up... even slower than the dial up during the prime time (9pm-12am). I only managed to connect to my blog and update rite now... i think they shud not advertise on free broadband unless they upgrade their bandwidth with TMNET. So, I'm busy with my F2F but the broadband in the hotel is much more busier than my job... could not access to the internet ... :-(

I will have a long day tomorrow and need to present some of the finding / outcome from the previous F2F. Catch up with you later ... sayonara!

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Update: Next week @ Penang

I will be leaving Penang tomorrow 10am for next week F2F meeting.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Flood around the world...

Recently, there were lots of news reports reporting the amount of heavy rain which cause the flood in various part of the world. Since June 6th 2007, i heard 4 cases of flood from various part of the world places like Malaysia, Austrilia, China and Oman.

June 6th 2007 - Oman

June 10th 2007 - Metropolitan City of KL

June 10th 2007 - Australia flood

June 11th 2007 - Southern province of China (Guangdong)

Do you think your IMAGE is important?

Thanks god is Friday today... another few hours we will welcome the weekend. I have planned on this weekend. In fact it is pack, make an appointment with the hairdresser tomorrow morning to get my hair done before my F2F meeting @ Penang. Followed by doing some facial myself late evening. Still not going to the men's beauty center to get my facial... DIY is what i normally do.

I was a little bit upset as not only my mom saying my facial complexion is not as good as before for the past two weeks after i came back from Shanghai. No offense to Shanghai people whom read this, i felt that too. I think Shanghai air quality is a little bit polluted.

Guess what? I got another comment on last Tuesday from my gym buddy (not Musa) . His comment was the same as my mom i.e. my facial complexion is not as good as before... lots of pimples. I was a little upset and went to BodyShop and get the Men Facial Scrub + facial Mask... hopefully i could scrub off all the pimples and get back what i have before... *wink*

I have a feeling there will be a comment stated that i'm so vain... anyway, i'm not the only one in this world... i'm following the trend that guys also doing their facial and hair done to keep ourselves presentable. So, what do you think?... :-p

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Goodbye my Levis 501 Superblack Button Fly...

I gotta say goodbye to my Levis 501 SBF. My Levis torned at the buttock and it is a big hole that you could see what color is my undies if i wear it. So i have no choice to discard my dear Levis 501 which is with me for about 1 year+

This is how it happened, I was in the gym locker room. After my shower, as usual i dry myself and put my jeans on... i felt some different after i put my jeans on... some cool air flowing into my backside... :-> Feeling strangle, then i only notice that there is a huge holes in my buttock. I think i torn the jeans while taking it off to change into my gym attire.

Hey, i'm not fat and i think the quality of the material used to make this Levis 501 has degraded. My past Levis 501, i could at least wear for many years... but this i could not... so sad. You must be laughing by now but anyway, i just got a good news from my manager @ US... She is requesting me to go over to us for F2F meeting on August ... Yuppie! I could shop my new Levis 501 this coming August.

Until then, i need to hit my work again... Sayonara! :-)

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Paying RM$2.00 to use SMART

Hey, 1 month free SMART usage is going to end. Whoever have not tried to be SMART. you still have less than 48 hours to do so. From June 15th 2007 - 12am, SMART will charge RM2.00 to use it.

Guess what? My mom has not been to the upper deck. So after picking mom from her painting class. I used the longer route i.e. from KLCC go out to Taman Desa then back to my condo (north part of KL). This is just to let my mom try out the upper deck of the tunnel. It was quite fun driving in the tunnel at nite as not many cars.

So, if you have not try it. Do try it before June 15th 2007, otherwise you have to pay RM2.00 (one way) to try out the tunnel. I fully utilize the tunnel for the past 1 month. I travel from KL to CJ via the tunnel in the morning and back from CJ to KL (my condo) via the tunnel. So i was the regular users for the tunnel... :-) Not sure whether i would have the special loyalty customers card to further reduce the toll fare. I don't think so as this is Malaysia ....hehehe

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Does bird prefer clean car?

I just sent my car to wash last Sunday... not even 3 days, thanks to the birds that shit, my car is covered with bird shit rite now... I was so pissed off this morning after seeing my car with bird shit. I just wondered where is the bird? I didn't see any bird on top of the tree but my car covers with bird shit. The birds must have been pull over @ the tree and clear their stomach last nite... :-(

Anyway, i gotta send my car for washing this coming Thurs/Fri before my trip to Penang. It will cost me another RM6 to clear the shit (pay money to clear shit - like you pay for ** Indah Water to clear shit) . Strange things that i observed was that of all the cars besides me, the bird didn't choose to shit on it except mine, which was the cleaniest among all. Could it be bird likes clean car as what human likes clean toilet. hehehe.... :->

Monday, June 11, 2007

Ouch! Kuala Lumpur was flooded again, 2 weekends in a row ...

After few hours of heavy rain, part of the KL was under the water again due to rivers overflown. I received a call from my gym buddy, Musa whom stuck in his friend's apartment @ Jalan Ipoh / Jalan Tun Razak. He told me the water was covered the road @ the junction of Jalan Ipoh and Jalan Tun Razak. I have expected this would happened as i told my mom that tonite KL sure flood. I belief every KL people also expected this flash floor as the SMART tunnel is not ready to be used.

Straight after Musa called me, I connected to the website provided by the city hall and the ITIS traffic website. These website provided the latest still image on the traffic via web cam on buildings. I got to see the condition of the road surrounding KL. Guess what? almost all the roads in KL either full of cars or water. Fortunately, it was a weekend, otherwise, i don't know how many more cars and peoples would stuck in downtown KL.

Hey SMART team! Be smart, please expedite and complete construction of SMART water flow system as soon as possible... We, KL people could not afford to get another flash floor especially when you are stuck in the middle of the traffic or your car soak under the water, who should pay the loss? We, taxpayer has paid our tax and we trusted the government has done their job to design and build this expensive tunnel... I hope this is a working project... :-)

I pity those people that stucked in the traffic and building... Musa, how do you feel? Angry? Frustration? Disappointed? ... hehehe... This is Malaysia, buddy... Malaysia Boleh mah! 1.9billion tunnel is not finished on time to solve KL flash floor issue. Let's hope that the tunnel could be SMART next month as promised by the government... :-p

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Passion Exhibition @ Didance Gallery

I accompanied my mom to attend a opening ceremony of an chinese ink art exhibition @ DiDance gallery. The exhibition was a join exhibit from 6 womens.

We arrived @ the gallery before 4pm. i did not expect the gallery setup without any aircon. I wore a long sleeve shirt. So i was sweating like nobody business... its theme is the typical tropical climate setting which no aircon only fan... with hundreds of people attending the opening ceremony... you could imagine how much heat each people produced... here is the formula to calculate the average heat release from body ... hehehe... just kidding... no physics class here :-p

Back to the artwork in the exhibition. Out of the 6 exhibitors, 4 exhibitors are from the same instruction which is Mr. Chung Chen Chuan, my mom art instructor. Here is an art pieces from Mr. Chung Chen Chuan. I would not be able to show how the exhibition like as i did not bring my camera to the exhibition. The gallery owner has invited the Princess from Negeri Sembilan to official the opening of the exhibition.

菡萏解禅 (Zen)

Gym vs Dim Sum lunch

I have been struggling to go gym or dim sum lunch with my dad's friends... so this morning when i woke up, finally dim sum won over gym... hehehe... i don't know why seems like after my Penang trip last week, i was so lazy to go to the gym. Hey, TZ you need to continue to pursue your goal and go to the gym as often as possible.

Gotta go rite now... dim sum yummy! yummy!...

Friday, June 8, 2007


I have been struggling to compile the most tedious list from various sites around the world from different offices... This was one of the tough and bored job that no one would like to do including me... but for the chance to be able to get the visibility of having the higher management to look at the final reporting. It motivated me to proceed with this job.

Anyway, I would say "DONE" for this week and will only be updating the list in another 3 weeks time. So this will not bore me to death and i'm looking forward for the return. I just sent the result to US boss and waiting for her validation. I have high confident that she will be okay with my work.

Oh no... the aircon suddenly shut off... it's time to leave the office for gym :-) but i'm kind of lazy to go for gym now... maybe i should go to do some shopping ... what else i could do in the Friday nite? Just wondered what my buddy Musa is doing rite now. He is not working for the whole day... :-p

Any suggestion what to do for Friday nite other than going to the bar... :-)

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Lunch @ TZ's office with "Relight my Fire"

I was rushing to office after my last meeting ended @ 12pm. I started meeting since 6am this morning. What a day for meetings. Now i just finished my lunch. Feeling a bit tired but need to work on an items which deadline is tomorrow.

I was driving like i was in a hurry. Hoping to join my colleagues to have lunch together but i missed the boat. So end up i had lunch @ my cubicle. Guess What i had for lunch? hehehe... I bought McD on my way to the office. Hey Isaiah (my PT), hopefully you are not seeing this, otherwise i will get a tought workout tonite... :-p

During my lunch, i was so bored and decided to do some reading. I fired up the IE explorer and connect to my buddy's blog Relight my Fire. The updated article for today nearly make me choked me as i was trying to laugh... anyway, Musa don't worry nothing happen, it's just a near missed :-) It was quite fun to read on your blog today. Some delightful comment...

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Additional skill for 21st century people whom drive a car

"Hello", "Hello"! ...

Tonite, when i drove back from Subang after my workout to my Condo @ downtown KL via NKVE (highway). Guess what i observed? I noticed 50% of the cars, the driver are using one hand to drive and the other hand was holding the phone. I was so disappointed with the mind set of the driver as the driver did not even care about others people safety. What a selfish road users

The government has posted a law but unfortunately the police were not doing their job to enforce this. The law is that if you got caught using the phone (without hand free), you will be fined RM1000.

Anyway, i hope the road users / drivers would be able not to use their handphone during driving.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

What a small world...

I met a new friend in Fitness First last Saturday. We attended the same Body Pump class with Aubrey @ SPK. After the class, Aubrey introduced me to a new friend whom are from Penang.

We started the conversation on the most common questions ...
1. Are you a regular in SPK? The answer is no. I'm not from KL.
2. Where are you from? The answer i got is he is from Penang
3. What company are you working with? His answer did matched with my company... guess what, we worked in the same company. And even better is that we are going to work in the same project. What a small world... :->

With the technology provided by the company that we worked with, we do not need to meet each other, yet we could get things done. So, there will be a scenario like what happen to me last Saturday. We met each other outside our workplace and realized that we are going to be in the same project team... :-)

Anyway, i have a workout friend in Penang whenever i'm in Penang... :-)

Monday, June 4, 2007

SMART where are you?

I was @ SPK yesterday attending my Bodypump class. I could see outside was raining very heavy outside from nice glass windows @ the studio. After the class, i hang around the gym for a while and heading back at about 6 something. When i approached Jalan Sultan Ismail/Jalan Ampang junction. There were a serious jam @ the Jalan Sultan Ismail heading to Jalan Kuching. Those cars was just parking there without even moving. I just wondering what has happened in front of the road. So i made decided to go straight to Jalan Ampang... But when i approached AIA building i saw some cars broken down on the side of the road and there was a bunch of car heading back to where i was from... then i realized that there were a flash floor in the city :-( I quickly made a turn and heading to another route via Jalan Istana and Mahameru highway. Guess what? the car just park at the side of the road going into Jalan Duta... :-( Anyway it is a read surprise to me to see the flash floor still exist in KL... *Frustrated*

Hey, SMART where have you been on yesterday? You were supposed to ensure the Metropolitan city of KL will not have flash floor even a heavy rain. You have cost us the tax payer RM1.9 billion yet you were not doing your job. I was so upset with you to see the flash floor happened in KL. It is your fault that you are not doing your job. You owed us (tax payer) a long and good explanation. Come on wake up and perform your duty... Now, you have answered some of the questions from the tax payer like
"How smart is SMART?"; "Can SMART really solve the KL floor?" etc...

Anyway, I strongly suggest this issue should be raised in the Parliament as a SMART post mortem on yesterday issue (Flash Floor in KL). The government has spent RM1.9 billion of tax payers' money which claimed that it solves the flash floor in KL. Look like another white elephant eh!

Here you go the report that I captured from The Star this morning regarding KL flash Flood. Nothing touching on downtown KL (Jalan Ampang etc) flash floor, what a joke!!... Hey Media and Newspaper, i don't think it is ethics to close the news as it is a fact that the Flash Floor has happened in KL... Please do more report, the Malaysian Citizen would like to know what had happened and how smart is SMART?

Monday June 4, 2007
Flash floods hit KL

KUALA LUMPUR: Several areas in and around the city were hit by flash floods in the last two days with Jalan Duta the worst hit yesterday during a two-hour downpour. At the height of the downpour, many low-lying areas were submerged in at least one metre of water. In Jalan Duta, part of the road was cut off to traffic when a 0.5km stretch was submerged in 1.5m of water while in the opposite direction, the road heading towards Jalan Semantan had a fallen tree obstructing two of its lanes. A small portion of the road was also damaged by strong currents. A City Hall operations centre spokesman said other areas affected by the flash floods were Jalan Travers, Jalan Bangsar, Jalan Tun Sambanthan in Brickfields, Jalan Semantan and Jalan Universiti. The other affected areas were Jalan Tun Razak and Jalan Chan Sow Lin. The waters, however, receded within minutes after the rain stopped. The City Hall spokesman also said several areas in Salak South and Ampang were hit by flash floods when waters began to rise after it started raining at about 4pm. There were no casualties or major accidents reported during the downpour, he said, adding that some roads were hit by flash floods due to clogged drains and road construction. Trees along several roads were also uprooted but City Hall workers managed to clear them away. A Jalan Bandar Traffic Police spokesman said policemen were deployed to monitor and direct traffic, adding that the congestion eased after 7pm when the water levels receded.

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Back to metropolitan KL *Wink*

I drove back from Kulim in the afternoon after my meeting with the customers. It was raining alone the way back to KL. I used the shortcut recommended by my colleague to avoid the jam / traffic @ Butterworth. It was a good experience as i those road are Kampung (Village) and plantation road. The journey took me about 1/2 hr from Kulim to the Serdang exit @ North South Highway.

I was driving non stop until Sungai Buluh Overbridge stop for my dinner. I heard from the radio that there were an accident near the toll that i was going to exit. So decided to stop over for dinner @ Burger King Sungai Buluh Overbridge stop. There were lots of travellers had their dinner there before hitting in and out from KL.

I reached home @ about 8pm and took a nice hot shower then chat with my parent a while and hit the bed. It was so tired after two weeks lack of sleeps.... :-) Anyway, i slept well yesterday nite and i'm fresh again. Plan to hit the gym this afternoon :->

Friday, June 1, 2007

Have you tasted the HorseShoe Crab?

I was busy and lazy to blog for the past two days. I was working with the customers in the factory to understand their current business process. So, after work, we went out for dinner. We went for seafood @ Bukit Tambun near Penang. It was not that good as the seafood was not so fresh. But anyway, it was a good experience as i managed to eat the HorseShoe Crab.

The BBQ HorseShoe Crab does not taste good. It tasted like burning wire. Yuck! The most enjoyable seafood for me is the crab. But unfortunately, some of the crab is not fresh. We chat until about 10 something and heading back to the Penang island after the dinner. I did not bring my camera with me for this trip otherwise i would have taken some picture to share with all of you.