Thursday, January 31, 2008

Birthday gift : Seize Opportunities

I got a birthday gift from Corine and Matthew. It's a fridge magnet stated Seize Opportunities as the header follow by this statement:-

Sense The Wind And Seize it before it is gone

So, be fast and sense the wind before it is gone :->

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Jan 30th : 1 year older ...

I was in Penang for 2 days face to face meeting. Managed to drop by Chilis @ G-hotel to meet up my bartender friend Mahen since i checked in to Evergreen. Gary, my buddy/colleague has offered me a ride to Evergreen.


Gurney Drive

I flied to Penang early morning and attended the meeting until 5:30pm. Gary and I headed to Evergreen to check in, then walked over to Chilis G-Hotel for our dinner. While waiting for the food to be served, i jokingly mentioned that Jan 30th is my birthday. Mahen did not believe until i showed him my IC, he was trying to call his fellow colleague to sing me a song but i would like to make it low profile as i was so shy to have birthday near the bar... i was afraid to stand on the bar... hehehe... :-p

Guess what? He started to plan on knocking me out with the nice drinks he made for me.

Martini Dry

Martini Up

grave yard

Together with me @ the dinner were Gary and Mahen... We sat @ Chilis by the bar from 8-11pm chatting while sipping the drink, munching the chip after our dinner. Gary enjoyed his favorites Bottemless Nacho Chips... I felt warm and an enjoyable evening @ the pre-birthday nite in Penang.

TZ and Gary

Mahen and TZ

I walked into the meeting room this morning with a surprise. My colleagues sang me the birthday song before the meeting... It was a WoW! and it was so warm too... :-> Thanks. I was tired after the whole day meeting but guess what? the meeting was so fruitful... this was a good birthday present for me. Rushed to the airport after the meeting, but unfortunately the taxi was stucked in the jam for nearly 1/2 hr due to a poor planning of the Penang city council road upgrading job...

Poor timing on road upgrade

Sunset @ Penang Airport

At the end, i managed to get one flight earlier and get back to KL about 9pm.
In summary, i managed to get lots of wishes from my friends and family members... What a nice 2008 birthday although i was away from KL.

Monday, January 28, 2008

What happen to the Smelly Shoe?

I got this humorous advertisement for your enlighten on Monday, got it @ my mailbox and managed to get it from the Youtube...

The dog is a good kicker too... he could be a dog soccer "David Beckham" :-p
Next time, when you see a dog, beware of your shoes (if they are smelly). Wondered what will the lady reaction when she came out from the house? :-p

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I'm yet a father...

I got another text which stated that my university buddy, Clayment has became father just before i came to Penang. This morning, I got another text from him on inviting me to his baby shower dinner...

Hi, U r cordially invited 2 our baby fullmoon dinner on 1st Feb(Fri) from 7pm onwards Pls rsvp by 28 Jan. Hope to c U there.

I'm scratching my head and i don't know what to get for the baby shower dinner. I'm yet to be a dad myself... Any good suggestion for what i should buy for a baby boy?

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Busy Week in Penang

Hey all my frenz, sorry for keeping all of you hanging on what is coming soon. Initially, I wanted to revamp my blog as i wanted a change over on my blog. But due to my business trip in Penang, I was so busy for the past week. I was not able to revamp my blog. At last, i managed to a small change on my blog. Still working on a change over.

I was so busy running from one building to another to have a meeting with my customers. But it was a good experience and learnt new stuff too. Although I was busy, i also not forgetting to get together with my friends in Penang. So should i said i'm busy on work during the day and busy mingled with my friends off office hour ... hahaha! ;-)

Some picture that i taken last week...

Monday, January 14, 2008

Coming Soon

Thursday, January 10, 2008

No internet!

aaaaaaaaaaa... give me back my broadband connection!

Service Interrupted...

Half way updating my blog, all of the sudden my laptop hang... later i was trying to connect to Fitness First website to view my class for today... damn! the internet was down again... tried to restart my modem but the service still not came back up. I have no choice but to contact the StreamyX help center 1-300-88-9515. Made a report and now... hehehe... I'm borrowing from my nice neighbour. This is the advantage of staying in the condo with a wireless enable laptop... :->

Talk about StreamyX... I have already lost confident with them, i read lots of blog and i have lots of friends were having tons of problem with StreamyX... the monopoly internet provider. So what do you think? Have you face lots of issue with StreamyX? Or you are very happy with their services... :-p

Wednesday, January 9, 2008


A for what? I bet people will answer A for Apple :->

I started taking 2 apples daily since 6 months ago. There once said " An apple a day chase the doctor away" So, what should we said if you eat 2 apples a day? "x2"? Anyway, i didn't visit any doc since then.... touch wood :-p

You must have guessed what type of apples i'm taking from the picture. Yes! i'm taking Granny Smith which claimed to be one of the most antioxidant compare to other type of apples. Here's some description of Granny Smith Apples and its history

Green, extremely tart, crisp, juicy and versatile, they’re available year-round. Grannies are a favorite of Washington state pie-bakers. They’re also excellent for snacking and salads. Warm days and cool summer nights ensure crunch and flavor for October harvest.

Introduction to market: 1868
Place of origin: Australia
Parentage: Believed to be descended from French crabapples cultivated by Australian grandmother Maria Ann Smith.

I usually take one at about 4pm in the evening and another i take it before i sleep as a snack. It works well for me as i felt more fresher and healthy after taking this 2 apples per day. Guess what? I saw another theory / article on "3 apples per day plan" by Tammi Flynn.

A breakthrough weight loss program based on eating well from now on, and not feeling deprived. By combining balanced meals with exercise - and adding the fat-loss accelerator of three apples a day - the plan allows your body to maintain valuable muscle tissue (the key to metabolism) while shedding unwanted layers of fat. It is a foundation for permanent fat loss.

I'm not sure how true is this as i could not talk about this with my experience. Anyway, you could get the book and try it out... :-> Let me know if you try that out eh!

For further reading about apples or recipe, just pay a visit to
1. Washington apples site:
2. Gee Whiz Apple site:
3. Apple: (hehehe... this can not be eaten :-p )

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Not your turn yet! ...

Another 4 colleagues of mine will be leaving the company this Friday. We just had our farewell lunch @ Pizza Hut, Jusco Equine Park.

20 of us in the restaurant
KW, my gym buddy (center)

Hilman - the person in white line shirt (2nd from left)

BY (right fron) and Eunice (right back)

I would like to wish 4 of my colleagues all the best for their future undertaking :-> Feeling a little sad to see my dear colleagues leaving the company batch by batch after the announcement on closure of the office... when is my turn?

Monday, January 7, 2008

Travel again! ...

I just got a new assignment to work in Penang for at least 1.5 weeks. Will be leaving for Penang on this coming Friday evening.

Penang here i come again... :-> Too bad it's kind of late notice that i couldn't manage to book the G-Hotel. It's fully book with the corporate rate. So decided to switch to Evergreen... my usual hotel :-p I'll be very busy for the next 1.5 weeks... so still thinking of getting some time off before Chinese New Year... should I?

the nice g-hotel

my usual hotel - Evergreen

Sunday, January 6, 2008

First Weekend of 2008...

I got off work at about 5:15pm and straighaway headed to downtown KL via KL-Putrajaya Highway. It took me 30 mins to reach the ramp to KLCC. But after the ramp down to Jalan Tun Razak, the jam started. Took me about 30 mins to reach SPK with the worst jam @ Jalan Pinang i.e. the road behind SPK.

Anyway, I managed to reach Fitness First @ SPK 15mins before the class starts. Attended RPM by Michelle. Her class was very motivated and we worked extra hard as she was pushing us from track to another track. What a satisfied and enjoyable class i had. After the RPM, I straightaway hit the Bodypump class @ the main studio. Kento was the instructor for the bodypump class on Friday. He is a very tough guy and he likes all challenging tracks, so does his participant i.e. Friday SPK class... i was suffer as i add on more weights for all the tracks, but i managed to finish all the track as expected... :-p What a tough class especially after RPM.

I skipped my 2 hours pilate class to go for my haircut. Made an appointment earlier with my hairstylist that morning... and headed to the hairstylist place @ about 1pm. My dad kept encouraging me to change the hairstylist because he felt that my hairstylist has overcharged me... i didn't feel like a change now. Anyway, it was so crowded. I have to wait for nearly 1.5 hrs for my turn even i had made an appointment... :-( By the time i finished, it was already 5pm. Rushing back to take a shower and headed to Subang Sheraton for Wedding Dinner.

My mom's friend has invited mom and dad to attend her daugther's wedding dinner. Since my dad's friend also invited him for a wedding dinner at the same night and mom has RSVP two person will attend the wedding. I gotta to represent my dad to attend the wedding dinner with my mom. The wedding was quite fun as lots of chatting with my mom's friends and met quite a number of artists... but what i was not very keen was i got the standard question again and again from my mom's friend... guess what is the standard question? hehehe...

Woke up early today and headed to the CPIM class. I will have another 3 more weekend classes to complete this module i.e. Basic Supply Chain Management (BACM). I was tired after the whole day class... i managed to hit the gym for about 1.5 hrs... 45mins on x-trainer (cardio) and 45mins on chest, abs and shoulder workout. Headed back for dinner as my mom has fried noodles and cooked the purple sweet potatoes dessert... Yummy!

Friday, January 4, 2008

Borneo Rainforest Cafe vs Rainforest Cafe @ Sunway Pyramid

Do you know the Borneo Rainforest Cafe and the Rainforest cafe & bistro @ Sunway Pyramid are two different cafe. My colleagues and I were in Rainforest cafe & bistro @ Sunway Pyramid because of the Sunway Pyramid information counter has given a wrong direction... So we ended up in the Rainforest cafe instead of Borneo Rainforest Cafe (opp. Sunway Resort Hotel).

My colleagues has decided to have this nite out (happy hour) / dinner @ Boneo Rainforest Cafe as one of the colleague just came back from Vietnam for business and visiting us.

We chat and laugh out loud ... our tonites table topic was about relationship... it was to our surprise on some point of view of my colleague regarding relationship... For privacy purpose, i would not wanna to blog about what we have talked about in detail. Anyway, we have a good time and left the cafe about 10pm. It was a good nite out and thanks for inviting me to the nite out... :->

Thursday, January 3, 2008

1st day of work and 1st PT session of the year

I started my work on the 2nd day of the year... it was not an interesting day for me too... a so so day only. No much activities... Just started my new assignment and going to Penang/Kulim in two weeks for business. Need to kick start the preparation. :->

Meanwhile, my Personal Trainer, Isaiah Kee from Fitness First Summit called me afternoon to confirmed with me on the PT session on Thursday. Since, my initial plan was going to workout with my colleague, KW was pushed out. Reason being, KW just came back from Singapore, he was so tired that he just canceled his initial plan of going to the gym. I was still wondering which gym that i should go to while Isaiah called me. So at the end, I decided to dr0p by Fitness First Summit for my PT session with Isaiah.

I done my 30mins cardio before my PT session. By the time i hit the weight training and exercise equipment (e.g. Freemotion), my muscle was warmed enough to take more load. We started the PT session @ about 6:30pm with working out the Shoudler, back and chest + abs.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Last + 1st day of the year

December 31st 2007
Had an appointment with my PT... he has designed a super workout set to close 2007 PT session. It was a really really tough session :'( I was suffering from pain as i was not in a good condition that nite, must have been because i was not slept well the previous nite. So could not perform up to my PT expectation. This was what he planned, the whole workout took about 1 hr and 15 mins...
** Rower for 15 mins (warm up)
** Chin Up and tricep push up in between (each 3 sets with 15 reps)
** bi-cep curls 15 pounds dumbbell (3 set 15 reps)
** tri-cep push back 10 pounds dumbbell - standing (3 set 15 reps)
** abs twist (3 set 15 reps) + legs up (3 set 15 reps) + bridge for 5 mins

After all the workout, i felt so tire but i was so satisfy with the tough workout on the last day of the year... :-> after the light stretch, i hit the cycling studio for RPM. Kicked start 1/2 hr early with my PT before the class. (my PT was teaching the class). I would say it's a wow! he kept pushing the whole class to achieve the highest energy :-> Awesome!

The class ended within 45 mins at about 8:30pm. Cool down and took my shower. Had a light dinner and headed home to meet my aunt, uncle and aunt for countdown. My sis and bro-in-law also joined us for the countdown. Here was a clip that i captured from my balcony...

I could manage to view the firework from 8 different locations : KLCC, Bintang Walk, Dataran Merdeka, Stadium Merdeka, KL Sentral, Mid Valley, Bangsar, Desa Sri Hartamas + the Curve... :-> But I was not very satisfied with the firework compare with other country... First was each of the sites has its own countdown clock... the fireworks were not in sync.

January 1st 2008
I woke up late and check out the view of KL in the 1st day of the year.

Took all my laundry which already been there for a year :-p, dumped them to the washing machine and started my 1st wash of the year. Hit the gym in the afternoon to attend the free style step taught by Daniel and Eugene @ SPK - Fitness First. This was my 1st class of the year and 1st time attending dual instructor step class... it was a tough class as most of the participant were advance stepper. i could not finish as i was not up to the advance level but i was having fun to catch up with the pace. As the step getting harder and harder, i decided to leave the class. What a 1st class of the year? :-p Anyway, i enjoyed the challenge :->