Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 Flashback : October - December

Nothing much to write about for this last quarter of the year... It's just a normal day to day life.


Climate change has given us so much pain and disaster around the world. I think we should have started to learn how to save the environment. On this month, I got invited to an opening of a very meaningful exhibition called Facing the Climate which the world famous cartoonist gathered and exhibited their work regarding climate change. The purpose of this exhibition is to trigger the awareness of how important for us to save the environment.

Short breakaway from my hectic work and followed my friends to Penang for the Penang Bridge Run. I didn't run as i was too tired after a whole weeks of working late. But i had an enjoyable trip thought. Before that weekend, i decided to make a big change which i will blog about it next year. Stay tune for the change eh~

Anyway, the highlight of this quarter yet to come... it's about starting to countdown to year 2011... how many hours to go... Hmmm... Do look at the side banner...  ------>

Anyway, let me show you what i taken on year 2010 countdown @ KLCC...

So how will be this year countdown like... Stay tune eh~

Happy New Year
May all of us have a better year ahead eh~

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

NEW YEARS EVE - Dinner and Karaoke

Lots of people will attending the gala dinner which consist of Dinner and Dance... I wanna to have a different type of new years eve dinner ... The Dinner + Karaoke... 

How to have dinner + karaoke? I'm a shy person and will not sing on the stage.. not even in the bathroom. So the dinner + karaoke is actually singing inside the box painted in RED. Okay it's...


After shopping for restaurant in the Curve, most of the restaurant have prepared the New Year's Eve dinner set which charging their customers sky high price. For instance, Tony Roma's is charging RM79.90++ for a 4 course meal while TGIF is charging roughly the same price... Sigh~

So at the end, we decided to have a different way of having dinner... We will have dinner and karaoke @ REDBOX the Curve. I'm looking forward to this Friday as this is the first time to sing together with this group of friends.

So, what's your New Year's Eve plan? Where are you going to have dinner?

2010 Flashback: July - September


What's hot in July... Of course not to forget to mention the World Cup. I seldom watched football but on the month of July, I went for football watching with my boss and colleagues in one of the pub nearby my office.
BTW, what new's for me? I was officially a user of iPhone 3gs... Last but not least, the highlight of the month was I participated the international photographing event i.e. Scott Kelby International Photo Walk in Malacca. The picture was taken during the walk... nice?

Stressful month for me. The project that i handled was so challenging with lots of issues. Time was not enough and moreover required to work long hours and weekends. Luckily i managed to get a short break to Eagle Ranch, Port Dickson with three of my friends to release some of the stress. Nice weekend getaway :)

Nothing much happening in this month... mainly focus and get myself tight up with work, work and work. The hectic work schedule has eaten into my gym time which forced me to switch my gym hour to early morning before heading to office.

Monday, December 27, 2010

2010 Flashback: April - June

Let's continue with April - June...


First night out with my colleagues... A fun night and get to know my colleagues better during these social night out. Besides the fun of the night out... This month I had a chance to getaway from my busy work and city to a nice and quiet beach in the east coast. Where i went? Kijal Awana... not a very clean beach but better than West coast :)


"Salaam" A word the Iranian use when they greet people and friends. My company sent me for business trip in Iran for about 3 weeks. The Iranian culture gave me a shock... Anyway, it's a nice experience which i might not be able to get that again. 


Due to busy and challenging work, whenever there is a chance to take a break. TZ will get the opportunities to getaway from those days. TZ paid a visit with his friends to a small town in Perak. Anyone know where TZ went?

URL Post:

Stay tune for Q3 and Q4 eh~

Friday, December 24, 2010

Silent Night...

Today is Xmas Eve... I bet lots of you are spending your dinner with your family and friends... I would like to wish you have a merry merry Xmas...

Let's Michael Bolton sing for you...

How about Mariah Carey...

Last but not least... Let hear Josh Groban

So what is your style of singing Silent Night? Which version is your favorite?

Sick ">.<"

I'm sick since Friday... it's getting worst after the party @ Mist Club Bangsar. Now i'm having sore throat after taking the whole bottle of Pringles that i bought yesterday...

Anyway, I went to gym tonight and sweat after working for about an hour. Feeling nice but the throat is not improving :( Serve myself right for eating those chips. 

My friends are asking me to see the doctor... I think maybe i should drive to HKL and meet the doctors. 

Okay, gotta go and take my medicine now. Antihistamine, Paracetamol and lozenge.

Picture adapted by

Thursday, December 23, 2010

2010 flashback: Jan - March

9 Days to go ... A new year... A new hope... So let's Flashback on year 2010.

Started working again after a long enjoyable study leaves. I started to go back to the corporate world on Jan 4th 2010. Work in this current company was not as smooth as the baby skin... In fact, it's like roller coaster. Anyway, i managed to ride on the roller coaster and move on... My birthday is on the month of January. So i celebrated my birthday in Tony Roma's with my parent and TGIF with my friends.

Chinese New Years... A month with so many great food and mingling errrrr... in fact gossiping :p This year i drove alone to Penang for CNY. Why? My parent was celebrating the new year in Vietnam with my sister. I couldn't go as i just started my work and have no leaves :(

5 Elements of my life turned 3 years old... still a baby but it's a great milestone that i still continue with blogging even though i was have a long hours working time. One very sad things was the Kasubi Tombs in Uganda Africa got burnt down... It was a nice heritage site which i visited when i was in Uganda Africa.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Early Xmas Party @ Mist Club

The Santarina has given out 4 passes to the lucky listener of her show via FlyFM... I bet my friend is a good boy this year. He got the 4 passes for the party organized by FlyFm @ Mist Club Bangsar. I'm also a good boy as i was invited together with two others friends to this party :)

So how's the party?


This is how we party last Saturday with all the free flow drinks (Whiskey + Coke, Vodka + sprite, Beers) from the dispenser counter and the free finger food served by the waiter from table to table... Oops~ I'm hungry now.... Too bad it's too dark, otherwise i will post some food shots to make you hungry too...

and of cause the entertainment from Prema Yin and DJ's...

Followed by all the nice dancing song played by the house DJs... we didn't dance as we were on the patio (the VIP area and not @ the dance floor. It has been such a long time i didn't go to such a party and i felt young again as what my friend said.  >...<

We left the place at about 2am with a little tipsy...

Monday, December 20, 2010

New Years Eve Countdown...

12 Days to year 2011...

What is your new year resolution? Have you had yours? I have mine... New Job New Environment :)
What is your plan for the new years Eve Countdown?

Of cause we are not going to plan our countdown 2011 in the same old place as what we did last year... If you wanna more detail... click here. Anyway, it's a past... Let's hope they have improved for this year countdown. Even though they have improved, i also don't want to go back to that place.

So now where to go for New Years Eve Countdown?... Any suggestion? Hmmm.... one of my friend has suggested we should do our countdown @ Tony Romas in The Curve. Hey, there is a good idea. I'm the regular there. They never let me down so far... I hope they don't let me down eh~

Anyone wanna join the New Years Eve Countdown @ the Curve?

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Free Coffee from Third Place...

I managed to grab my Grande size free fresh brew coffee

I dropped by Tropicana Mall on my way to office at around 10:15am. When i reached there... there were so many people with working clothes in the outlet. Unfortunately no one actually bring their tumbler to get the free coffee... Sigh~

So anyone of you get the free coffee yesterday?

Hey, i have an idea next year... Let's play a game. How many starbie coffee you can drink within this two hours? To play this game, you need to hop around Starbie outlet to get the coffee... Anyone interested to play this game on Dec 17th 2011?

Friday, December 17, 2010

My Third Place

It's not home,
It's not workplace,
It's that special place in between where we meet to awaken our senses
to find inspiration, and
to make lasting connections.

The third place -
This is what we have become for you
our loyal customer, our friend.

Okay, anyone can guess where is the third place?

For the past 1.5 weeks i was studying in this third place... A place that provide a nice couch for me to sit and study. Guess what? I have just gotten my Project Manager Professional (PMP) Certification two days ago.

Anyway, back to this third place... I just obtained two of the trendy organizers...

Starbie 2011 planner

Two 2011 Starbie Planner

Hehehe... the third place is Starbie... Thanks to Bahija and Twilight for helping total 4 stamps on my first 2011 Starbie Planner...

BTW, It's Starbie 12 years birthday today... All Starbie offer free coffee from 10am-12pm... Just dropped by your nearest branch eh~

Happy Birthday Starbie 

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Less than 24 hours...

The moment has come...
Less than 24 hours...

I was busy studying since last week.
So no update post for this blog...


Thursday, December 9, 2010

Say what?

when you see this picture i think most of you will recognize who is this?

Picture adapted from

If you don't know who is this... do google and find out. Anyway, let's watch this clip... maybe you can get some clue.

Do you know why they have conflict?

Monday, December 6, 2010

Old Spice

Hey don't put me wrong... I'm not pay to blog about this old spice perfume. My colleagues shown me this advertisement and it's very humorous after you watch both of the Video Clip from You Tube...

Now watching this one...

Now back to this one

So are you laughing now? I gotta hit the book now... Ciao~

Have a happy week ahead eh~

Friday, December 3, 2010

UFO headquarter

Okay, if you read my previous post about Beeping UFO... Now let's visit the UFO headquarter eh~ The UFO headquarter actually famous for its dessert with the natural ingredient. The UFO headquarter is called SnowFlakes.

If you taste ABC which i believe all Malaysian should have tasted ABC... the dessert they served is the extended version of ABC... more variety... So it is an icy dessert. By the way, why i called the shop the UFO headquarter? After you order your dessert, they will give you a caller device (beeping UFO).

When your order is ready, the device will flash and beep... then you have to walk over to the collection counter as quickly as possible... coz everyone is watching you... maybe this is the tactic to make the customer to collect their dessert fast :p

Do the dessert look yummy? It's actually very nice but i think the price is a bit high for a dessert. Guess what? I passed by the outlet @ Sunway damansara last night around 10pm. The whole shop was full of people. 

Have you been to Snowflakes? If not it's worth to give them a try :)

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Freebie from bahija

If you remember I blog about collecting starbie stamp for starbie 2011 planner two post back. Yesterday, I received a text message from bahija stated that she got two stamps which could give me...thanks bahija... Thank you.

Hurray... I'm 2 stamps closer to get the planner. So now, I have 3 more to go as of December 2nd 2010.

What for breakfast today again... Today's breakfast... Hmmm... How about starbie...ciao~

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Carry heavy = macho?

Bing Bomb! a loud noise of one huge object dropped on the floor. Everyone turned to the direction where the loud noise came from... So what happen?

No worry, it's not the end of the world. Not the atomic bomb, not something dropped from the rack... It's those annoying gym goers that thought by carry heavy weight is kind of macho...Ended up they could not handle and start throwing the weight to the floor.

So, do you think it's macho to carry weights beyond control?