Friday, October 28, 2011

Friday Teaser #6 : Father and Son or Mother and Daughter or ...

How could this happen if your son or daughter is early twenties and yourself is late thirties...
Can this happen?

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Near miss

Last Thursday, it was raining heavily in the evening. By the time i was heading home, there were still drizzling and the road was full of running water. That day, I skipped gym as i was tired and promised my mom to go back for dinner. 

Since i was not heading to FF-1MK, I used the non-Toll road which is Jalan Istana. If you have been to Jalan Istana before, you will know how the road looks like... There's a lots of curves in and out. I was happily cruising in the fast lane and didn't notice i was driving quite fast. Suddenly the front car pressing the emergency brake. And immediately i pressed mine. I forgot the road was full of water, as i pressed mine, my car slip out from the fast lane and nearly hit the car besides me. I thought i'm gonna hit the car besides me but luckily i was quick enough to pull back my steering to the other side and I ended up clashing my car into the side of the road. 

Car was slightly damage at the bottom, I was in shocked... I was so soooo soooo lucky that i didn't hit any cars... =.="

So folks, do drive slowly during this rainy season eh~

Monday, October 24, 2011

1st Thailand International Half Marathon

Bangkok Bangkok here i come again ... This round i'm going to Bangkok for the 1st Thailand International Half Marathon on Dec 11th 2011. And this also mark my very first Marathon outside Malaysia. TZ's run out of Malaysia. LoL...

Since my friend and I will make a trip to Bangkok for marathon. We decided to spend around 15 days to tour around Bangkok, ChiangMai, ChiangRai, Sukhothai, Ayutthaya and maybe Pattaya depends on our time. 

Anyway, i hope the flood will get better and everything is back to normal by the time we are in Bangkok. BTW, we will be able to celebrate the King's birthday with the Thai people on Dec 5th 2011. 

Looking forward for my trip to Thailand... 

The grand palace
Wat Arun Temple

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Nike Run 2011

Special thank to Medie007 for helping me to sign up for We Run KL 10K. I thought i will end the 2011 running year with the Penang bridge run but at the end i decided to sign up the Nike Run which happen to be one week later than Penang Bridge run. 

I was looking at the participant run on 10-10 last year as it had the overlap with the 10-10-10 run. 

Nike run 2010
FF bodypump instructor was there too
This year i decided to participate and get the nice run vest sponsor by JUST DO IT.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Coffee Bean become a noisy market...

I was waiting for my parent as they were in the wedding dinner @ the Concorde hotel nearby. I was happily chosen a nice and quiet place for the first 1.5 hours. The music and the air conditioner were just right. The place was quiet... 

Then there was this staff's friend came in and sat on the table besides me. He was happily got a drink from the staff (not sure it's free or not but i belief so... ) Anyway, the drink was secondary... the main thing i would like to call out over here was his action. He on his lappie speakers so loud and watch those concert which giving out noise... you know the lappie speakers were not that good... so you could imagine the noise together with the music played in CB... Really turned the place into noise instead of nice and soft music.

Picture adapted from

It has been irritated me for an hour until i could not stand as he turned up the volume higher and higher... like no body business. I was not happy and kept turning towards him and gave him a stare. He never took any action and pretended he never see me. Then i about to make a complaint i think he sensed it. He turned down the volume a bit... 

Anyway, i stopped my intention to compliant and sat there to write this post :p

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Team Building @ FRIM

Friday was NOT a working day for my team. One of my team member has organized a mini team building @ Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM).

@9:20 i reached the FRIM and i was the 3rd person there besides my colleagues who was organizing this event and my boss whom don't like to be late. Luckily i was not late... Anyway, we were there waiting for the rest to arrive.

The trip to FRIM was different from my previous visit. This time we hired a ranger to bring us around FRIM... My team member has organized a light and easy hike through the planted forest since 1929. There were lots of different species of trees... The Kapur trees (Dryobalanops Lanceolata) formed the crown of shyness which is a popular spot for the entire hiking trip.

Crown Shyness, Malaysia
Managed to capture via my iPhone.
Then we continued walk over to see other species. Guess what? We came across a tree name Jelotung (Dyera Costulata) which its latex is use for...

Ranger : Do you know the latex of this tree is use for making what?
Team: No idea...
Ranger : You know I usually offer Chewing Gum when we reach here but now i don't...
Team : Why?
Ranger : Recently the research found this latex is a good material for high quality Condoms.
Team : High quality Condom?
Ranger : Yes, because of its latex is soft and not so easy to break.
Team : Oh i see...
Ranger : I stop chewing gums now cause every time i chew the gum, I always feel like i chew on high quality Condoms.
Team : Hahahahaa....

After the story of Chewing gum and High Quality Condoms... we move on and the Ranger continued to explain those plants... we have learnt a lot within that two hours hike. It's a very nice hike for a CITY BOY like me. LoL...

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Quickie @ Kuala Lumpur

I was a quick tour guide on Thursday night after a dinner... my mom's university friend was in town, he came from New York city, USA. He and his wife were here for one night only. Given that i had experience to be a tour guide... errrrr not license tour guide. I was given the task to bring this guest of us to tour Kuala Lumpur in two hours :p

Sultan Abdul Samad Building @ Merdeka Square
We came over from PJ via Damansara Heights and we went through the Parliament house --> KL Sentral --> National Museum --> Old Train Station --> Nation Mosque --> Merdeka Square (Pic above) --> City Hall --> High Court --> Maybank building --> Puduraya --> Petaling Street / Central Market --> Bintang Walk --> KL popular Bar Area (Beach Club etc) --> Mandarin Oriental.

The whole trip took around 2 hours... My Mom's friends were enjoying this quickie. And i was enjoying too on showing him and his wife :)

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Thai Flood 2011

I didn't realize my last post was on Sept 24th 2011... Time really flies and i was busy working closely with my new boss. You know 新官上任三把火 (the new boss has three fires)... meaning every new boss will be very aggressive. So do the new boss of mine.

Anyway, let's forget everything about my new boss and what happen to my work place now.... i need to continue my blog and delight my reader eh~

For the past one week, i was following the news about Thailand Flood 2011. The city of Ayutthaya was badly hit by the flood with few meters waters from the overflown river... even the famous heritage sites was flooded with water...

Adapted from
@June 2011, i paid a visit to Ayutthaya and took a couple of picture... I visited this heritage site too. 

This picture taken by me @ Ayutthaya
Anyway, i would hope Thailand recover from the flood situation now. Let's pray for Thailand and its people.