Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Short getaway from City of Potholes - Day #2

Day #2 : Singapore - Kuala Lumpur

Hwa Nam Restaurant - This restaurant specialize in Dim Sum and it's one of the oldest Dim Sum Restaurant in Singapore.The dim sum is not as tasty but it's very traditional. 
MacRitchie Trail (HSBC Hanging Bridge) - After breakfast, we headed to the MacRitchie Trail for a 3-4 hours hike at the same time see the HSBC hanging bridge. Why called HSBC hanging bridge, it's the community work of HSBC and the sponsorship from HSBC. By visiting the trail, the perception that i have earlier on Singapore i.e. all concrete no nature. I was wrong, they have natural reserve park too but not as huge as Malaysia. I challenged my Singaporean friend to bring me something which is more unique and not man made. So here i am on the MacRitchie Trail... 

Fitness First millenia walk - I gotten my passport but unfortunately not chance to hit the gym. So i used it for pass to the shower facilities. YES~ we went Fitness First to shower before heading for lunch...


MEDZS - a restaurant which has the concept similar to Marche. But this restaurant focus on more Mediterranean food. The best thing is this restaurant sells pork dishes. We have the Pork Affair for our lunch. The food was yummy and we were so full after the meal.

National Museum of Singapore (Princely Treasure from the house of Liechtenstein) - All the valuable paintings are shipped from Liechtenstein Palace. Some of the well known painter like Rembrandt etc. The exhibits are very nice... unfortunately i just got back from Europe. So to me the exhibits are not as many as we can see in Church and Museum at Europe.

East Coast Parkway - This was the last stop before heading back to City of Potholes...  We chill out in One Twenty Six for a booze. After finished our drink, we hit the nearby bicycle rental place. We rented a bicycle to go around East Coast Parkway. It's a very fun and relax by the beach. Headed to Changi Airport around 7:50pm. Took KFC @ Changi Airport.

That's all folks... 2D1N getaway from City of Potholes

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Short getaway from City of Potholes - Day #1

My friend has bought the Ballet Under the Stars - Giselle tickets. I was invited to view the ballet while having picnic @ Fort Canning Park, Singapore.

Day #1 : Kuala Lumpur - Singapore (intial arrival time 9:45am | after delay: 11:45am)

Amazing delayed on the flight to Singapore has set me back for 4 hours. The captain has tried 2 attempts to land in Changi International Airport. Due to the severe thunderstorm. The 2 attempted landing were basically FAILED. The flight ended in JB until the weather was cleared in Changi International Airport.
There were couples of them in the flight were heading to the Phantom of the Opera Matinee Show in Marina Bay Sand. One old couple, the wifey was panic that they could not make it to the Phantom of the Opera. Cool mam... cool....

Science Center - After my friends picked me up @ Changi International Airport Terminal #1, we headed to the National Science Center near Jurong. It has been so long i haven't been to the Science Center. Due to the delay of the flight. The pre-purchased Omni Theather Ticket got burned. Tsk Tsk Tsk.... imagine so many kiddy and science related items to explore and play with... Worth~ We re-purchased the Omni Theater ticket. The IMAX floor to ceiling and half rounded dorm has made everything looks so GIGANTIC.

Giselle (Ballet Under the Stars) - This is the main purpose i traveled down to Singapore. My first experience of watching Ballet outdoor, moreover with picnic style... We have prepared lots of yummy food etc. The ballet was worth to watch and i have gathered another new experience. And a good observation on how people squeeze themselves into a smaller piece of grass. 

Fort Canning Hotel - Walked over to Fort Canning Hotel to chill out in their lounge. We had one drinks each and enjoying the quiet environment while waiting others to leave the area. Avoid the jam ;-)

Monday, July 29, 2013

Walao Wei~ Bus Driver @Singapore

Did you see what i saw? This also happen in the FINE country eh~ I thought only @ City of Potholes... Muhahahah... The bus turned out from the bus lane and cut across two lanes to the outer lane with so many cars queuing for their turn. So, this is not only happen in the city of potholes but also happened in the FINE country too.

Friend A: Walao~ Must be xxx country driver... *all of us looking at the driver try to find out the driver is from which country
Friend B: It's an Indian not Chinese. So our perception he must be coming from Bangladesh or India...

Hmmm...  What do you think about those buses that break the rules. Do you feel safe to be on it?

Friday, July 26, 2013

Citibank VIP lane @ Cathay Cineleisure, e@Curve

I'm holding the Citibank Credit Card which claimed that you could bypass the queue and straight into their VIP priority lane. On July 6th 2013, around 6:04pm, I was approaching the counter and tried to buy the ticket. The ticket counter assistant asked me to queue up with rest of the people to get the ticket.

I was not very happy as i didn't get what Citibank has claimed to have the priority on getting the movie ticket. I asked the person... Guess what? the answer was "The Citibank VIP lane can only be used on FRIDAY" listen carefully ONLY FRIDAY... normal day you don't have such priority...

counter close for Citibank VIP lane

Has this VIP lane setup to serve its customer only on FRIDAY?

Thursday, July 25, 2013

On visiting Batu Cave

It have been such a long time i haven't been to Batu Cave... when is the last time i went to Batu Cave? Can't even recall. This means that i haven't been there for a couple years. Anyway, there are quite a bit of change at Batu Cave. For those whom don't know what is Batu Cave... It's a temple built inside the Cave decades ago... Since the cave located higher ground, you need to climb 273 steps to get to the main temple.

273 steps leading to Batu Cave

View from Step #1

View from Step 273

Entrance of the Cave

Statues at the side of the cave wall

Inside Batu Cave, there is a main temple on the left

Early bird got the worm... Why i say that because we visited Batu Cave at around 8am. No many people visits the cave yet. Mainly those whom were using the staircase for training. As a result, the parking is FREE and we managed to observe people's offerings being offered to the GOD in the main temple.

It's kind a good experience to visit Batu Cave... Have you been to Batu Cave before?

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Gym membership - What is your goal?

Gym membership seems like a trend in Malaysia and Singapore. Nowadays, almost every young people are talking about gymming... Are you a gym goer yourself?

"Which gym are you going?"
"Fitness First. u?"
"Oh... cool. Mine is Celebrity Fitness"
"I didn't join any chain. Mine is xxx on top of the shop houses"
"Wow~ there is a hardcore gym eh~"

So, what would you like to achieve when you join the gym?

Different people has different goal to achieve in the gym. Some people engaging the Personal Trainer to strength their stamina and core, work hard and hoping to get the result fast... But some people just go to the gym to enjoy the environment, walking around and chit chat. This bunch are the happy go lucky... Minimum exercise~ ...There are group whom like to stalk people from behind to see what others are working out... These people just spent most of the time walking around the gym,  and they are not serious about working out hard.... Maybe their goal is not workout but stalk out...No point to join the gym eh~

I saw a very humorous way of representing the gym members inside the gym... 

Adapted from FB - Muscle and Brawn
So which one of the above character well represent you as a gym member?
What is your goal when you sign up for the gym?

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Visitors from Singapore

Two friends of mine from Singapore were in Kuala Lumpur last weekend. They flown in on Friday evening. I went to airport to pick them up.

Day #1 - Airport --> Moon Bar --> Friends' place

Another mutual friend of us has arranged to meet us at the Moon Bar @ Damansara Height. There was a jazz night. This bar served pork... pork burgers, roasted pork with bacon and so on... Yum Yum~
The jazz was very nice until we lost track of time and stayed until 2am in the morning... Over night at my friends' condominium.

Day #2 - Imbi road Pork Noodles --> Brew & Bread Cafe --> Klang Bak Kut Teh --> Fish Spa Master --> Mcdonalds --> Pandamaran Seafood --> Bonjour Cafe --> Friends' place

We woke up at 9 something, got ready and went over to Kota Kemuning for Imbi Road Pork Noodles. Not sure what is good about this pork noodles until so many queue up for the table. Luckily, their preparation and serving are quite swiftly.

Brew and Bread is just behind the Imbi Road Pork Noodles house which it's a good choice for a nice cup of coffee especially they served illy brand coffee. We have ordered 2 pieces of cakes (carrot and chocolate walnut) for sharing... cakes goes well with coffee eh~

Singaporean claimed Bak Kut Teh started from Singapore. This has made all my Klang friends so pissed. Anyway, no one can change the fact that Bak Kut Teh is originated from Klang. Do you see the yummy Bak Kut swimming in inside a pot of herbal soup? Tsk Tsk Tsk... I'm having a crave for Bak Kut Teh now. :(

First ever experience to pamper my feet for a Fish Spa @ Aeon Bukit Tinggi. In the beginning, I was so reluctant to put my feet into the water. Maybe it's a sign of fear on what would happen to my feet. Slowly after i connected with the little fishes... I felt a bit comfortable and slowly i placed my feet into the water and stay still for the fishes to have their meal.

The whole process was so ticklish and i was trying not to laugh throughout the whole session. After the spa, we dropped by McDonald for ice cream while waiting for the other friend to arrive. She was joining us for dinner

Dinner was in one of the old and famous Seafood Restaurant @ Pandamaran Port Klang. Do you see the Crab Roe? i bet you are drooling right now. We also ordered couple more seafood. Anyway, it was a very enjoyable meal as the 5 of us whom spent the Overloaded Food weekend in Malacca 1 2 gathered again in Klang for Seafood. We left Klang back to Kota Damansara after dinner since the Tong Sui at Klang required to wait for at least an hour.

My friend suggested to pay a visit to the Bonjour Cafe @ Sunway Damansara. This cafe looks porch but the service was not up to where they tried to position themselves. I'm not sure whether the coffee is nice or not as i drank tea. We were saying No Booze Just Tea! night but we ended buying the Calsburg Special Brew and went back to my friend's place to drink :p

Day #3 Batu Cave --> Yut Kee --> KLCC park --> IMAX 3D @ 1U --> Airport

Early bird got the worm... Believe it or not? We got the worm... We don't need to pay for the carpark, we managed to see the prayer in the main temple up the cave and we managed to avoid buses of tourist to Batu Cave.

All three of my friends who never visited Batu Cave. This cave was new to them. Batu Cave has welcomed its tourist with a 273 steps for climbing to the main temple ;-) Guess what? we finished the whole cave within 1.5 hrs. I learn something new and witness the offering on 8:30am at the main temple up the cave.

Yut Kee has been in KL since 1928. This is a old nanyang style cafe which served Hainanese pork chop. They are famous for its pork chop. My Singaporean friend really amaze and like the taste of the pork chop. she never tasted this kind of pork chop which is different from the western pork chop.

We are requested by the owner to share the table with 2 others customers whom we don't know each other. This is a common practice in Yut Kee Restaurant. So don't be surprise you are being asked to share. Sharing is Caring eh~

You can captured the image of the Twin Tower from different corner of KL city but do you ever go at the bottom of the twin tower and look up? So how is the view like?...

I bought the visitors to KLCC park after our breakfast. We walked about an hour and heading back to my friend's place to freshen up and heading to One Utama for Pacific Rim in IMAX 3D.

After the movie, we sat down and chill before heading to the airport. That's all folks, till then stay tune for another venture of my coming weekend. This round no more valley but it will be an island *wink

Friday, July 19, 2013

Seafood & Sunset

People in the valley, where can we find nice seafood?
People in the valley, where can we find nice sunset?
People in the valley, where can we find nice seafood n Sunset?

I know of one place which we can have nice seafood and sunset... It's located in North port of Port Klang. Yup~ a seaport.

What do you think about the sunset?

This restaurant is located in the fishing village and facing the sea. It's built on top of the water and overlook the Port Klang north port. It's a very quiet place and they served nice seafood...

Fried Sotong
Steam Clam
Steam Crab
Now, does the picture tell you everything? I have to show you another picture which you might be drooling if you like...

Crab Roe
Yes~ It's the crab roe... So, you want to drive over to Port Klang to give it a try?

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Despicable Me 2 : Operasi grabbing McD minions is here again...

Are you ready for another 2 minions release today?

Picture from Mcdonalds' Malaysia Facebook page
I'm planning to get up early and grab the happy meal brekkie for myself. I have to get 4 sets of happy meal... I don't think i need to have lunch tomorrow as i have 4 sets of Happy Meal Brekkie.

Let's see whether i could get these two minions...

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

On Visiting Salzburg in Austria

Can anyone tell me what is the two most popular things / attractions that people would not miss when they visit Salzburg in Austria? Let me give you some clues...

Clue #1

The Famous Composer's Violin
Clue #2 : Click on this
So now any idea what is the two most popular things to do in Salzburg?

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Ngan Yin Siew Wan Rice (黯然銷魂飯)

If you have watch the Hong Kong cantonese movie, you will know where this Ngam Yin Siew Wan Rice (黯然銷魂飯) came from...

Two weeks ago, my colleagues brought us to eat this Ngam Yin Siew Wan Rice (黯然銷魂飯) at Dengkil food court. It's a small hawker whom sell this rice. No doubt it's very nice...

Ngam Yin Siew Wan Rice (黯然銷魂飯)

After i posted in the FB... most of my FB friend asked me whether i have cried after eating this rice... Have you eaten this rice before? If you have it before, do you cry?

Monday, July 15, 2013

On visiting Kanching Waterfall

One of my friend invited me to join his team of friends whom likes the outdoor. I'm not that much of an outdoor person especially jungle trekking with all the leeches. This round my friend told me there is no leeches and it's a very simple hike. Yay Yay~

Saturday morning, I drove over to my friend place, parked my car and hopped on to his car. We went for Dim Sum brekkie @ Selayang before heading over to Kanching Waterfall.

Where is Kanching Waterfall? Kanching Waterfall located near Templar park. It's a natural reserve park between Templar and Rawang. The waterfall has divided into multiple levels. The well maintained levels are from level 1~4. I managed to go up to level 5 which unfortunately was not even maintained... the gazebo near the level 5 waterfall has collapsed.

We decided to stayed in Level 4 which is we could have the whole waterfall by ourselves.

@ Level 4
@ Level 4, water flowing down to Level 3
@Level4, Sun shining...
Zoom-in on waterfall @Level4
Sneak view of  level3 from the top
Waterfall @ Level3 - A man made pool for swim
Level 2
After spending 2 hours plus sitting by the waterfall since i didn't want to swim. We ended our outing with a fishy lunch at Lan Je. Order 3 type of African fish (the black one) dishes. The same type of African fish that i had in Uganda Africa. But the fish texture was not as good as in Uganda as it was sweet and chewy over there but not in Lan Je. Rare vs Wild...

Lan Je steam African Fish

Saturday, July 13, 2013

McD Happy Meal + Minions : Keep Calm It's only a plastic toys...

Are you calm enough to talk about Minions?
Is it only a plastic toys? For kids maybe it's only a plastic toys but for the collectors and people whom try to make profit out of this event. This is NOT just a plastic toys. What do you think?

I know my friends have wake up early to have McD breakfast and at the same time follow friend to get the Minions. This is what he took the picture and posted in the facebook. Is it worth to day that?

6 sets of Happy Meal - pic adapted from my FB friend
Another friend of mine posted the picture of people using trolley to transport the happy meal because it's too many for them to carry. This is ridiculous as how the person can finish all those happy meal. How many happy meal can you eat?

Amazingly crazy - Photo adapted from FB sharing,

Now, what do you think about the person who has full trolley of Happy Meal, what are they going to do with the food and why they need to purchase so many set. According to a reader of my blog, his colleague has bought 40 sets of Happy Meal and plan to sell those free minions on e-Bay. My question now is how about the 40 sets of happy meal? Throw?

The McD minions has made a hooha which people queue up to get the happy meal. People just take the toy and throw away the Happy Meal. Some even proudly announce in FB that they will throw away the Happy Meal once they gotten the cute little minions. Is this right way to do?

No doubt McD has made its profit via the Happy Meal sales... but as this strong communities involvement company like McD. They has triggered and encouraged people to throw away a happy meal in exchange of a small little Minions. I'm very disappointed to see McD allows their customer to throwaway the food into the dustbin which the other side of the world, many people is struggling, starving and craving for a nice, warm and filling meal.

Whoever whom has thrown away the Happy Meal for the minions or other happy meal toys. Do reflect your action as Karma will horn and strike you one day.


Friday, July 12, 2013


Clam Chowder - 500 calories 
FRIDAYS signature drink Mudslide - 270 calories
Roasted Pork and Char Siew rice - 1050 calories 

Wow~ all those nice food have such a high calories count. I wondered how those people whom has nice 6 packs eats. Are they eating like a tweety birdie?

Let me introduce you to MyFitnessPal, my very best pal that tell me whether I exceeded my daily calories limit. How it tracks?
  1. Key into the system your targeted weights in kg/lb in how many weeks (e.g. target 74kg in 5 weeks)
  2. Report out your age, heights and weights in the system
  3. A limit of allowable calories will be shown in the daily input screen, like mine is 1270 calories per day
  4. Every time when you reported what you have eaten, you could either search from the existing database or create your own
  5. Exercise have to report out as the output of calories. It is use to contra with the calories inputted
  6. At the end of each day, the daily report will show either +ve or -ve calories.
This application has given my friends and I the awareness of how much calories that we have taken. We have a sync up session every day to monitor each other calories input... I have been +ve all the time but once a while -ve. So i should be able to achieve my goal 74.8kg if i continue to have +ve calories for 5 weeks.

So, you can start tracking your calories input... :)

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Operasi Mencari Minions kat Singapura

Last Friday I kicked started the operasi mencari Minions after knowing a lot of people has gotten their Minions from McD. Guess what? McD in the valley has put on their big sign SOLD OUT... no more Minions in the happy meal. I wondered how the kids think? They must be cursing those adult who bought the happy meal and got the Minions.

Minions set in McD Happy Meal
One of my friend has drawn the conclusion... Happy Meal in McD no longer a kids meal. Lots of adult are lining up for the happy meal toy. For instance, people in the island of Singapore queued up for HELLO KITTY. so what next? The minion is going to the island.

People in Singapore, are you ready for Minions?
People in Singapore, are you ready for Minions?
People in Singapore, are you ready for Minions?

Hmmm... now that Singapore is going to start the happy meal with Minions today, should i expand my Operasi Mencari Minions down to the island *still thinking*

What do you think?