Monday, May 31, 2010

Natural Cut ; Don't Blush... We're showing some skin

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Days in Iran

It's going to be 2 weeks since i reached here... I never enjoy a single moment in Iran during my stay. I just wanna to go back to Malaysia as soon as possible. BTW, my engineer and I are taking a break in Doha, Qatar and will be back to Iran again for another week. Sigh~

"I wish i could go back to the civilization, back to my life in Malaysia" then my engineer told me i sound like another ex-colleagues of ours who handle this job before me. We were laughing out loud coz all of us have the same feeling as the previous person who came here for business trip.

Don't put me wrong that i say this place is not civilization. Actually they have good facilities but the only things we are required to worked 7 days a week and we hardly got nice food, we hardly got the time to go out. No gym, no Starbie, No McD, No Redbox, No no no ....

My life over here is just Office ==> Hotel ==> Office. The hotel advertised that they have gym and swimming pool but none of them is functioning. I was so disappointed and depress with days without gym :(

Please bring me back to the civilization city... I wanna to go back...

Saturday, May 29, 2010

It's Saturday again... :(

Saturday is a Monday for Iranian... I'm going back to the battle ground again :( what to do i need to fight. Work over in Iran is not as easy as other country... everyday like a battle ground, everything also need to fight. It's going to be a hectic Saturday again. The demanding customers sure come and ask for more stuff but we are given so little resources to operate. There are so many restriction in the country especially in the telecommunication. I slowly learn how to manage under these restricted resources and so many rules and regulation situation.

Anyway, enough of ranting and i have to get ready and move on to the office now. Ciao~
Have a nice Weekend to the rest of the world eh~

Friday, May 28, 2010

Banana @ Iran

Banana in Iran is huge and nice...

I sneaked out one huge banana from the breakfast place in the hotel... This was my snack for the day. Hmmm... if you asked me how this banana taste, i would tell you it didn't taste as good as banana in Malaysia.

Anyway, after eating this huge banana i still felt hungry, what should i have for dinner?

Iranian Food

Whenever we travel, what we would like to do is to taste the food of that country. So do i...
Few days back my big boss brought us to a nice Iranian restaurant. This was not the first time i had Iranian food because i had Iranian food everyday for lunch since the day i stepped into the office. Why? Cause the office that i worked in, provide us Iranian pack lunch.

Anyway, let's go back to the Iranian restaurant. The moment we walked in i felt so Iran as the smell and they played the Iranian song... it's a very nice ambiance and lots of Iranian actually dine inside. We are the only Non Iranian :p

The Restaurant

The Iranian bread for starter

The mix pickles eating together with the tasty Iranian bread

The three main dishes (mix pickles, chicken herbs, Goat Neck, Fish in herbs)

Tasty Iranian rice

Stew Goat Neck

Iranian Beer

This is the first time i ate goat neck... and the Iranian rice is so yummy. Guess what? the beer you can drink as much as you like and you will not get drunk... It's actually Malt with some favor like Apple, Peach etc.

So anyone can guess how much was the dinner cost in Iran Rial?

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Random Picture from Iran

Finally i managed to snapshot some pictures to share with all of you. I din have the chance to see the city. This snapshots were actually from the office and hotel room and on the way to dinner. Enjoy eh~

Snow cap Mountain behind the city

Africa street

Tehran north

View from my hotel

View from my hotel room

That's all folks ... stay tune for more picture eh~

Monday, May 24, 2010

Don't give in without a fight

It's going to be one week when i first arrived in this unique country. This is my first time to work with the people from this side of the world. I have been through two times of culture shock which basically i was just stoned in front of my customers, my big boss and my engineer when my customers claimed that i didn't send her even a single report which i did from time to time. What an embarrass moment. Luckily, my big boss and my engineer knew that i did my job.

As all of you know i was a person of knowing how to attack and defense well when come to customers service and complaint in Malaysia. But i don't know why i was so stoned and defenseless when i am here in Iran. My big boss was not happy as i failed to defense myself even though i have done my job. My reputation in the company has dropped *sob sob*.

You must be thinking why should we need to defense ourselves when working with the Iranian. Working with Iranian basically you need to be firm and have a mindset of "Don't give in without a fight". If you have this mindset, basically you are qualified to work with them and you will not be stressed out or stoned like me... :p

Thursday, May 20, 2010

My very first weekend in Iran

If you not noticed Iran weekend drops on Thursday and Friday. I was working from the hotel for the past two days to close as many issues as possible. This business trip was not an enjoyable basically i have to work 7 days a week *sob sob*.

The weather is beautiful out there for the past two days but unfortunately no way that i could tour around Tehran. I was stuck in the hotel and working from 10am till late night on solving all the problem of the systems. Hopefully next weekend will be a better weekend for my engineer and I... We wanted to see Tehran.

Gotta get ready for my work today... Ciao.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Hello from Iran

Good morning everyone, I arrived in Iran 4 hours back. It was a tiring trip and later i still need to go to my client office. It's not fun at all for this trip as i have to share a queen size bed with my engineer. So i don't know how to sleep tonight. Anyway, we are going to try to switch to a room with 2 Twin Bed. Hopefully the arrangement can be done. :(

The moment i board the flight @ Dubai. My guts feeling has told me that the people of this country will not be easy to deal with... So for the coming 2 weeks i might be suffering with all the culture shock at the same time, i might need to go through another round of mind torturing. This could be my 2nd test for working with this group of people.

Anyway, i gotta take a nice hot shower and take a nap before heading to my client office afternoon. Ciao~

ps: Confirmed the Facebook is blocked...

Transit @ Dubai

After 6 hours flight from KL to Dubai. Finally, i'm @ Dubai now. The internet speed in Dubai airport is so fast compare to KLIA. Anyway, this might be my last post before going into Iran and i might not be able to post any update until i touched down in Dubai again. Hmmm... don't ask me why but i heard from my colleagues that Iran govt might block blogspot and others website.

Anyway, will try to take some picture to share with you. Ciao~

Monday, May 17, 2010

Packed, Ready and Leaving

I finished packing and ready to leave for Iran this coming evening... Now need to head to the office for a while. See you Ciao~

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Maybank : The most lousy and inconvenient bank in the world

I went to KLCC for pilate class. The pilate class was a nice one... The instructor Ethan was focusing on me. Maybe i was one of his student that could perform those high difficulty position. Blek~ Anyway, it was a nice session and i feel soreness now. Too bad, i would need to skip his class on the coming two Saturday.

After coming out from the gym, i walked over to the Maybank near Burger King... thinking of doing some transaction in the Maybank as i knew they open for business on Saturday and Sunday.

Me: Good afternoon, I would like to withdrawn some money from my Maybank A/C.
Maybank Staff: Sir, is your a/c in KLCC?
Me: Hmmm... Nope, my a/c is @ xxxxxx.
Maybank Staff: Sorry sir, we only open for those a/c which is in KLCC.
Me: *dropping jaws, open eyes* What? Why i could not do any transaction. It's Maybank right?
Maybank Staff: *pointing to the notes" Sorry Sir, we already have this notice. No transaction for Maybank a/c from other branches other than KLCC.
Me: Okie,,, *with a sour face and about to burst*

So what to do? I have no choice but to stick with this lousy bank. My paycheck is bank into this lousy bank. It's impressed that they open business 7 days a week but not to all branches a/c. Only their own branch i.e. KLCC branch. What is the point to open on Saturday/Sunday? Really don't know what is the challenge and difficulty behind the scene which cause them not to open to all branches a/c to perform their transaction on Saturday and Sunday. What is the use of million even billion dollars of banking systems they had implemented if they couldn't even served their customers from varies branches during weekends. As working in IT for so many years, i really don't get the logic behind...

Moreover, we as the customers could perform all the transaction @ various branches during weekdays in regardless of where is your a/c located. But why we could not perform during weekend? What is the main reason. :@ :@ :@ I'm damn disappointed with this lousy and inconvenient Maybank for their customers service. Why they still open on Saturday / Sunday if they could not provide the full services. Do you think this bank is a lousy and inconvenient as per said?

BTW, anyone using Am bank or CIMB which their branches open business on Saturday and Sunday too. Do you face the same problem that i have faced with this lousy Maybank?

Friday, May 14, 2010

To where?

On my previous post, my boss asked me to bring my passport to the office. Guess what? I'm flying off to this country

I will be leaving this coming Monday. Yup~ a very short notice for me to get myself prepared. Still haven't finished my meeting itinerary and all the related document. I have lots of stuff that need to pass over to my boss to follow up in Malaysia while i'm away. Sigh~ not an enjoyable trip though.

So anyone have an idea what is the name of this country?

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Going Business Trip soon

I received a text from my big boss while watching Iron Man 2 last night.

"Please bring your passport to office tomorrow."

Hmmm... I knew it, I will be traveling next week. To where? :-p

I will have a busy day today to plan all the travel itinerary and plan to handle all the situation and stuff while we were there. Hopefully i still have time to hit the gym tonite. Gotta go and get ready to hit the office now. Ciao~

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


How many of you playing Facebook games... my colleagues encountered an error in FB games and got so annoy then start complaining the game sucks.

Sometime i just wondered someone out there maybe affected by these games and got annoying... or just got too into the game and ended up spend RM400+ on Farmville. not sure what's the point to play this game. Satisfactory? Release tensions?

My company management allows facebook in the office. Yup! you din hear wrongly. Facebook is allow in the office. Wanna join the workforce? Reason being the management needs their team to be creative when come to getting some of the product that we sells to be up to the trend of the social networking market... Of coz as a staff, we also need to behave ourself, not full 8 hours on facebook. Again, i'm the only one in the office that who is not playing any FB games. My engineers always indicates that i'm a bored guy.. coz no FB game :(

Are you a FB game player? If not, you must be perceived as a boring person like what my engineer thinks about me... hahahaha :p

Monday, May 10, 2010

Manic Monday

TZ would like to sing the song "Manic Monday" coz his Monday usually is so hectic and sometime really out of control for the past three months. Just don't talk about the Monday blue.. TZ has no time for Monday blues. Need to move on with lots of explanation and conference call with his demanding and barbarian customers... :(

Hope today is better than last week... but i really doubt so...

So How's your Monday... Monday color is always have to be BLUE... what would do to change the Monday color?

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Random Picture

What come to your mind when you see this picture?

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Spend vs Save

I was on my way from the carpark to the gym... I came across a billboard stated "Do you spend more or save more during a sales period?" I personally thinks that one is pending more than saving... :p

So what is your take? Are you a shopaholic?

Shop shop shop until drop
Swap swap swap until end of credit
Cry Cry Cry until get the helping hand.

Friday, May 7, 2010

iPhone on Paper

I was having lunch @ One-U yesterday with my colleagues. After lunch i decided to drop by the yellowman center to sign up iPhone. I waited for 20 mins and finally the lady was free to attend me. So i asked a couple of question to clear my doubts and so excited to get my very first iPhone 3Gs.

Me: How long it takes to sign up for this plan?
yellowman lady: Are you using Digi number?
Me: Yes~ I'm using prepaid. (I'm always the Yellowman supporter).
Yellowman Lady: Okie, you just need to switch prepaid to postpaid and sign up this plan.
Me: hmmm... that's easy. So how long the whole process takes?
Yellowman Lady: about 2 hours...
Me: Oh no... *sad face* i don't have 2 hours today. Where can i go other than One U?
Yellowman Lady: Sir, you can go to SS2, Solaris Mont Kiara, KLCC... they open from 10am-10pm.
Me: Hmmm... maybe i will go to Solaris then, it's near my place. Thanks for your help.
Yellowman Lady: You are welcome.

I was disappointed to leave the Yellowman center as i could not get my iPhone. I need to rush back to work :( So when i met my another colleagues, he was looking forward to touch my new iPhone and was also disappointed...

J: So where is your iPhone, can i have a look?
Me: Yup, here you go iPhone on paper. *i pass him the brochure that have DIGI iPhone plan*
J: hey, you din sign up at the end.
Me: Need 2 hours to sign up. where got time? No need to work?
J: *laugh*

So this Saturday i will be going to have my 2nd attempt to sign up for the DIGI iPhone package then...

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Two days to Weekend

I woke up lazily today and my leg are so heavy to walk over to the toilet... My whole body is so not energetic to do anything. All i wish i could take a nice sleep but... It's only Thursday...

Time to go Office now... *sad sad* Anyway, weekend is coming... so what is your plan?

Have a great Thursday to all of my fellow readers eh~

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Photogenic : Practicing Kiss

Have you try this before?

Not sure how true it is but i heard from my friend you can practice kiss when you eat this. The more you eat the better you kiss. Is it true?

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Red Vs Black
Who will win?
Let me introduce the contestant

the evil black

the devil red

This is round #2... as devil red has lost one round earlier coz evil black has been using all the means to buy the judge. So, hopeful round 2 will be a fair fight but i really doubt so. Evil black will also use more dirty trick to win this round too. Sigh~ Why we could not have a fair fight?... until when evil black will really learn and show its ability. Maybe evil black just scare to lose. Coward... Muhahahaha~

If you are the judgers of this fight... please judge wisely. Do not got seduced by evil black and gave away your judging rights.

Anyway, let's see who will win... Who do you think will win The FIGHT?

Saturday, May 1, 2010

May 1st 2010

When the whole Malaysia is celebrating May 1st 2010, I spent 1/2 of the day on bed as i woke up @ 12pm. Yup~ 12pm ... >.>

After took my shower, got ready to head out to my cousin place for lunch. At about 3pm, came back and felt lazy to go to gym cause it was going to rain. So No gym on the May 1st 2010. I spent all my afternoon sitting in front of the computer. So boring...

Mom cooked simple dinner, had dinner about 7pm and now i feel hungry again... anyone wanna supper?