Sunday, February 28, 2010

Chap Goh Mei

Chap Goh Mei is the last day of Chinese New Year... I'm not going to celebrate my Chap Goh Mei tonight... Yup! Not going to pick up any oranges in the dirty, smelly Klang River. Anyone is doing that? All the best to you eh~

BTW, I'm more interested to go to someone house for some CNY gambling session... Whose house is going to have the session? Can i invite myself for the last day of CNY gambling session?


I checked my lucky today... Guess what? I got ....

hmm... Am i really that lucky... Maybe i should go and buy Lottery, 4D and Toto today... i might get to write my name in one of the unit @ OneKL..

Enjoy your Chap Goh Mei celebration eh~

Saturday, February 27, 2010


Whenever you are in a situation which is not in favor?
What would you usually do?

Hope for a change?
Hope the situation will be ended soon?
Hope to get someone to help you?
Hope time will take away the un-favor moment?
Hope someone notice and give you a hand to resolve the un-favor moment?
Hope it will resolve by itself and disappear?


I think hope hope hope hope hope without action will not do any good...
So i have done something on my un-favor moment
Now I hope that i could change the situation.
Let's just keep it from now
will review later


Thursday, February 25, 2010

Give me back my life...

I have been in the fire fighting mode for about 2 months... trying different ways to improve the situation, I don't know how much longer i could take it. I was so enthusiasm to change the situation in the beginning i.e. the day1 i joined this company. The situation is not changing nor improving but it's going to worst. Seems like everything has fell apart... It's me who could not handle this task well or because of the project is sucks since day 1. I finally found out the history of the project... the project has already sucks since day one... the implementation of this project and its setup was not done properly... anyway... I shouldn't rant so much thing out here...

Now, what i could do is to ....

Hey, gotta go to office now to face the shit again. The sad part is i already sacrificed my gym session T_T

Monday, February 22, 2010

noisy night

Every 24th of December is Silent nite... Every 9th day of Chinese New Year is a noisy night... Every year we go to my grand uncle place for the celebration... Last year celebration

I was @ my condo this year. Didn't go over to my grand uncle place due to my parent just got back from Vietnam and they were very tired. They were aslept now before i got back from my yamchar session.

Anyway, it's 12:27am now, the night was still very happening. Don't know what time those noisy will stop. All those firecracker, fireworks, gunshots (sound like) blek~ basically from every direction. Anyway, i have to force myself to sleep now. Otherwise i will be fishing tomorrow during work.

Okie~ Gotta hit the bed now. Ciao~ Do you celebrate the 9th day of CNY?

Sunday, February 21, 2010

First Weekend after CNY

It was lack of sleep since before Chinese New Year. I just recovered from the lack of sleep condition... ish... it's Sunday again... meaning tomorrow have to work again. Given that all the people finishing their vacation. Traffic in KL tomorrow morning will be havoc again. Especially first day of school and first day of work (for some of the them)... the drivers tense to drive slowly coz they haven't fully recovered from their holiday mood. Are you?

I was alone for the past week and finally my parent is coming back this afternoon. Going to pick them up after my gym in KLIA. Hmmm... what else to write... Oh ya I just finished my laundry and the washing machine already beeping ... so need to go and hang my clothes for drying...

Gotta go now... Ciao!

Enjoy your Sunday eh~

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My very first working day in year of Tiger

i went to office quite early today... Errrr.... to get the angpau from my big big boss. My big big boss were already there. There were no aircon in the office. The moment i walked into the office. I though i was walking into Fitness First Steam Room. Hot air rushing out towards the door, followed by sweat and sweat and sweat. After 1/2 hour, finally the aircon got started... it was so cooling until i felt like working in the freezer late evening.

One of the traditional of this company is Angpau giving by the big big boss. My big big boss gave out angpau to each of the employee arrived before 10am. He passed me the angpau and told me that's this is the traditional of this company. So i quickly thanks him for giving the angpau and wished him Happy Chinese New Year and continued my work.

The whole day i was waiting for something to happen... oops! i was not hoping for anything to happen but just that i got nothing to do without something happen. You know what? Last Sunday, i got two big angpau from my counterpart... 2 servers down on customers sites and fortunately my engineer solved the problem promptly. Thanks dude~

So i managed to stay awake on this very first working day in year of Tiger... what a boring day till 6pm. I thought i could just leave @ 6pm but guess what? thanks to all of the KL peoples wish... mother nature finally decided to pour a huge bucket of water towards Klang Valley. I was stucked in the office until 7pm. Ish~

Monday, February 15, 2010

2nd year Chinese New Years

I checked my lucky today...

So tonight have to gamble since i have so much luck... Hope you have all the luck you have during this Chinese New Year eh~

Happy Chinese New Year.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Last day of the Ox year...

Today is the last day of the year of OX... See you 12 year from now eh~.

Tomorrow will be the year of tiger. So drink more TIGER. Go more Bank of Tiger... and take all your saving out from other bank and deposit to the Bank of Tiger. :)

Anyway, it's Chinese New Year again. This year i will not celebrate the CNY with my parent. Why? They are going to Vietnam for CNY with my sister. Due to my new job, I don't have enough leave to go to Vietnam... So i force to stay back in Malaysia. But i will drive over to Penang alone for CNY celebration. Hmmm... I'm not so pathetic after all, i still gotta celebrate CNY with all my aunties, uncles and cousins in Penang.

If you have already reached home safely, enjoy your CNY eh~ For those who are going to drive today. Do take a good rest and drive safely eh~

Before seeing you next year... Let me share with one of the CNY creative clip from Namwee ... Enjoy~

And this is another clip which is from Poker Face by Lady GaGa Poker Face to all her fans wishing them a prosperous CNY... Enjoy~

Thursday, February 11, 2010


I just got back from office 1am in the morning... Now i could hardly sleep, not because stress... because i have passed my sleepy time... :(

So, I decided to rant a bit on my disappointment of the job i have currently. Initially i take this assignment as the challenging assignment coz i have the opportunities to proof to turn around a project. If you know me well, you will know that i like challenging assignment. So when i took up this assignment, i was trying my best to improve and support the other support over the other country. I always tell myself that i want to turn this project around.

Two hours ago, i finally got disappointed, my engineer and i were trying so hard to make sure everything were in place and provided support to our support person on the other country. We sacrificed our personal time stayed up late in the office and i sacrificed my gym and dining with my parents and also my time with my fellow friends @ YUEN... not to mention my fellow reader of my blog. Just trying to impress the end customers.

Just one single email... he sent out just an email. That's it... destroyed the whole month afford to be in par of getting the end customers confident. We need to start all over again... If you get this kind of people, were you feel disappointed?... Never consult the team, Never think before action, Never do some research... and make decision to go on. Even better, this support guy thinks that he is Rimbo... He never have sufficient bullets and just hit the battle fields started shooting to all the people. At the end, we died together. So is this disappointed or what?

Sigh~ sigh~ sigh~~~~~ all the effort just wasted. I think maybe i should think of getting another job which is better pay, better prospect and better environment :p

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Am i a celebrity?

I received a text on my phone

YUEN YUEN YUEN on Thursday!

then i replied
Celebrity fully book. Only available after CNY. I have company dinner on Thursday night. (something like that i also forgot the exact text)

i got a reply
Abalone, Celebrity pulak!

hahaha... This week was an extremely busy week for me. I have a disaster Monday if you read my entry yesterday. Then on Wednesday i need to head back home for dinner as i din't go back for dinner since last week. So mom is not very happy... Anyway, my parent will not be celebrating their Chinese New Year in Malaysia. Yup! I will be alone in Malaysia. Okie that will be another story...

Back to my busy slot.
Monday - work until very late --> Missed out dinner with mom
Tuesday - lots of work but managed to finish just in time to hit the gym for EASY STEP.
Wednesday - Place hold this slot for dinner with parent.
Thursday - Dinner with my colleagues --> "Soaw Gong Ciao"
Friday - Need to hit back early to take a nice sleep
Saturday - Heading to Penang early morning, driving alone
Sunday - Kuala Kangsar
Monday - Penang
Tuesday - Kuala Lumpur for dinner with uncle and aunties.
Wednesday - slot free
Thursday - slot free
Friday - Slot free
Saturday lunch - my classmate gathering
Saturday dinner - My ex-colleagues gathering
Sunday - Parent come back from Vietnam

Am i a celebrity or what? Anyway, anyone wanna to have dinner with me ... still have 3 slots free before it's gone... :p

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Disaster Monday

The application that my team supported was down for a few minutes... Just a few minutes... The customers have logged the incident as a major incident... So lots of paper work needed to be done before closing this issue. Sigh~ WTF!!!... That's not our fault. Maybe just a bad day. Let's invite Daniel Powter to sing his famous song...

Really need to go to pray more this Chinese New Year. I thought i could leave the office @ 6pm and headed home for dinner with my parents. Guess what? My plan was out and i got stuck with stakes of issues...

At about 8pm,

Me: Hello...
Dad: Hello...
Me: Dad, i don't think i could get back home to have dinner. Can you ask mom to keep all the left over in the fridge. I will be going back after my dinner.
Dad: Okay. You will be back late today?
Me: Yup, most probably very late... still have tans of problem to close.
Dad: Okay, take care and drive safely.
Me: Okay bye now.

I continued my job with my engineer after the conversation with my dad. My engineer and i have been the last person out from the office for the past few days since last Thursday. I wanna to put a stop, will plan out some backup on CNY. Hopefully we could celebrate our peaceful CNY in this coming weekend. Let's get our finger cross...

I was drained out... I need a good sleep now. Ciao~

Sunday, February 7, 2010

12 x 2 = 24

I was working 12 hours a day for Thursday and Friday last week... supporting the Middle East team. I missed so many gym session and had to bare with hungry stomach for that two days coz i basically skipped dinner... Very sad that I got nothing out of the two days, not even a pat on the shoulder from my boss.. Is this worth or not?

Anyway, i shouldn't be ranting so much about my job. Hope if i'm not bore all of you. If i don't rant i might be feeling better, rite? Okie maybe i should stop talking about my job and bring all of you more pictures that i took. :)

Can i have this post dedicated to my lovely job? Errrr...

Inside my contract the working hour was stated 9am-6pm Monday-Friday. I'm currently doing support job and luckily my boss allow us to go in to the office in a flexible hour. So, nowadays i go in office at about 9:30 - 10am. But what time i come out from the office... Errrr... really depends on that day itself... whether there is any issue or not ... most of the time it has so much issues that forced me to stay back to ensure everything is as per expected... So i missed my gym and my dinner too. Sigh~

I'm currently in the mid of planning to make a change on how things being handled. Hopefully i could fix some of the hiccup due to communication and working culture. Let's hope i could get back my quality life soon... Ciao!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

4 hours @ Hair Saloon...

I made an appointment with my hairstylist for this morning and paid a visit to the hair Saloon @ J-one. I felt my head is so light now and my hair is so clean errrr.... after a total 5 hair wash. I just spent 4 hours in doing my hair this morning.

Hmmm... you must be thinking what i did to my hair for 4 hour. hahaha... here are the list of things that the hairstylist has done to my hair

Hair Wash
Hair cut
Blow dry
Color the base
Hair Wash
Blow Dry
Highlight of color
Hair Wash
Blow dry
Scalp treatment
Hair Wash
Hair Treatment
Hair Wash
Hair Strengthener
Blow dry

That's all folks ... "could you please charge it to my credit card."

Now, i understand how people can spend 4-5 hours in the hair saloon... :p

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Retreat to an island

I'm so tight up with my new job and i was slowly faded myself away from the social networking... i just wish i have more time. Maybe 48 hours a day. Anyway, i'm going to retreat to an island to focus on my job... but i would like to keep in touch with the rest of the world. Do ask me out if there is any outing eh~

Folks, i will not be as responsive as before... especially updating my blog. Anyway, i will try my best to maintain this blog... :)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


A bunch of my blogger friends were having dinner last night. One of our topic was about the application Your Luck [Daily] @ Facebook (FB). hehehe... I always like to click on the lucky today and see what is my luck of the day... :p

How many of you actually play this application @ FB? If you did, do you believe the luck represent your luck of the day for you?

Monday morning, I woke up and login into the FB before hitting to the office... i wanna to check what is my lucky today... so i quickily click on the application and tada... the application presented my lucky today was 92%. Clap clap... TZ has 92%, everything must be smooth...

Okay let's fast forward...

I reached office @ about 9:30am. Finished all my email sent by my other colleagues who worked during the weekend... guess what? nearly 40 emails. hmmm... don't scare by 40 email... It has been the routine job for me since i joined especially on Monday morning... When I was happily reading some of the email notification about issues that have been resolved during the weekend. Kudoz to my colleagues over the other end of the world.

Anyway, when my other colleague came in... he reported there was a big issue waiting for us to solve... I told myself WTF i got 92% lucky today... how can i get this kind of unpredictable, sucky issue on Monday...

Anyway, let's see what is the lucky today now since already pass 12:00 and no longer Monday... So all the BLUES should be off ... guess what? the system response

so i need to go back on 12:15am to check... Hopefully i got a better luck in a better day. Looking forward for the new Easy Step as Teoh/Scott said that they wanna to modify the step a bit to accomodate the intermediate people like me... :p

It's 12:15am now ... Let's check.... *drum please* the result is

How? that's my lucky today... :(