Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Month of January --- Update from TZ

It's the last day of the first month in Year 2012. Time flies... I was busying working on the latest deployment which suppose to be deployed on Jan 28th 2012. But it didn't happened SAD!... Anyway, after the new years countdown @ Malacca. There were lots of up and down during this first month of the year for me. First two weeks of the month, i was basically busy with getting all the necessary documentation, resources, coordination etc for the January release. But unfortunately, due to some political issue, the customer has pulled the no go trigger... Sigh! The deployment was postponed to Feb 11th 2012. So, i need to go through the cycle again. Effort wasted. :@

Chinese New Year celebration... Luckily i have done all my shopping in Bangkok during my 17 days in Thailand last December. So i was not stressed out on shopping at the same time cope with tans of work... But of coz no shopping mode prior to CNY this year. We (Parent and I) left KL for Penang as usual on the CNY eve. Traffic was terrific... NO JAM. Thanks to those people go back the day before. i heard 10 hours++ jam to Ipoh. I could not imagine how i could survive if i trapped in the jam like this... Anyway, as usual the CNY eve dinner, prayer @ the temple, first day of CNY and .... JUST READ MY PREVIOUS POST ON CNY :p

Due to the deployment, I actually worked during CNY. I was having the conference call on the first night of CNY. After the dinner with my relative in Kuala Kangsar, I basically rushed back to Penang to pick up the call. Anyway, it's normal to work through CNY if the other team members of yours are working in another part of the world. So i have to bear with this ... No complain!

My grandpa passed away on the 2nd day of CNY. We rushed back from Penang to KL for the funeral. The rest of the days, i was busying on helping out on the funeral. Luckily i have a considerate boss and a flexible work schedule which help me a lot in work as well as attending the funeral. I was the appointed as the driver to drive the monk from the Temple to the Funeral Parlor for prayers. Anyway, it was an unexpected news to us on 2nd day of CNY. The funeral went well and I belief my grandpa has rest in peace.

Last but not least, my birthday... I went out for a dinner with my x-colleague in TGIF last night. I wasn't announcing my birthday to the staff as i didn't want to stand on the bar :p Anyway, i have a quiet birthday this year unless some surprise is on the way *blek

That's all folks... it's time to hit the office. Ciao~

Monday, January 2, 2012

@Home - recovering from Sickness

I was in the middle of recovering from Sickness... sexy voice. My dad said i was having too much fun and no enough rest. My mom said i was eating too much and not drinking enough water. Anyway, i think both of my parents are right... 

Today, I'm a good boy staying at home sleep for the whole day, drink lots of water. The voice improved but the coughing still killing me... the nose still blocked. Anyway, it's much better than yesterday... So now i need to have a nice sleep tonight and see whether i would be able to go to work tomorrow.

Wanna to know how's the party went over in Malacca on the last day of the year 2011?

Drink... Drunk...Dance... Drugs(hmm... not sure have or not)
BTW, we met this couple from Netherlands and Ireland. They are touring around Southeast Asia and have visited couple of countries before Malaysia. This was their very first countdown outside their country... they were standing beside our table and i strokes the conversation, invited them to countdown together with us. :)

Happy New Year 2012
It's a very happening countdown in the historical city of Malacca... Where would be our next year 2013 countdown place?... Any suggestion.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year - My very first post of the year...

Last year of the day, I was having the countdown with 4 of my friends in the historical city of Malacca...

Jan 1st 2012, TZ got sick on Jan 1st and lost his voice on the way back to Kuala Lumpur. What a sad case, TZ gotten sick since the very first day of the year ... :(