Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Dubai Airport Stop-over

Before i hit Kampala... there was one transit point that I needed to go through... Dubai Internation Airport. This airport is a nice and huge airport but the basic facilities is just not enough to cater for thousands and thousands of passengers. I was transiting there for 4 hours and walked around for a while before walking towards the gate. Anyway, one plus point in Dubai International Airport is the whole airport is Wifi enable, and u could get free access to internet throughout the airport with some wall jack at each of the corner of the airport. :-)

Waiting for their connecting flight

Crowded terminal

more picture on Dubai international airport : tz-photo

Monday, September 29, 2008

Hello from Kampala Uganda...

After 14 hours plus flight from Kuala Lumpur --> Dubai --> Adidis Addis Ababa --> Kampala... I was struggling with time and now feeling very tired... going to have dinner with one of my team members near the place we stayed.

Stay tune for more story about my trip to Kampala :-p

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Rushing with the time....

I was rushing with the time and finally i finished all my shopping, packing and now it's relax time and will take a shower in a short while after i cool myself down. Need to shave too... Having a date tonight before leaving KL wor... so have to make up a bit ;-) 

Another few hours i will be on my way out from KL... anyway, before leaving KL, I'm going to have dinner @ Tony Roma's again... yes! again...  with a nice and pretty lady... :-> I bet all of you wanna to see her photo eh! hehehe... don't know whether manage to capture her photo or not... i will try eh!  Okay! Go back to the dating thingy, this friend of mine (the pretty lady) missed the Tony Roma's lunch out last Friday so i was asking her whether she is free to have dinner tonight @ TR before i leave... That's it I got the reply this morning and she will come and pick me up @ my place :-) Yahoo! * Happy Happy * After dinner, she just drop me @ KL Sentral. 

Finally... I got to fly :-)

My flight to Uganda has confirmed and the air ticket has been issued... I'm flying to Uganda Africa on Sunday early morning while all of you still asleep. :-) I was looking forward to leave Malaysia for Uganda since May 2008... Finally i got the confirmation and this is what the decision i meant on my last entry... hehehe :-p Kampala here i come :-)

I was a little bit sad as i have to say goodbye to my friends in Tony Roma's and TGIF... *Sob Sob*... besides i have sent all the message to my friends and tell them that i would disconnect my mobile phone and just switch the contact to my hotmail. Anyway, this is expected and got to move on with my new life in Kampala, Uganda. I'll be back to KL again end of October 2008. 

So, folks let's keep in touch and will keep my blog updated with Uganda entries in the near future :-p Stay tune eh!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Is dream just a dream?

Something might have been bothering me since last week but i don't have any clue?... sound scary eh! Sigh!!!!  I got these bad and weird dreams since last week... All the while, i couldn't be bother about what i dreamt... coz i think dream is just a dream... What's the big deal?... :p 

These few days, i was having repeated dreams, the scene appeared in front of me again and again... but i could not remember the total picture after i woke up... all I did remember is something that i saw... graveyard surrounded by lots of tall buidling and lots of people... then what happened and how i got there... errrrr... no idea. that's what i meant the scary part... is there anything i should know? Any warning message from somewhere that i suppose to know? errrrr... anyway, just a dream eh! 

Hopefully i will not have the same dream tonight as i was so tired these few days after having these repeated dreams... can i have some sweet dream like someone kissing me ... :-p (oops, i'm not like that, just a joke)... Gotta get ready for my meeting in the afternoon. Ciao!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Meeting New team member @ Tony Romas

I was having late lunch @ Tony Romas Cineleisure today... It was a nice environment and i was sitting @ my usual spot ... the spot that i can see everyone and everyone can see me... I had became the model of day for Tony Roma's @ Cineleisure (The Curve).... :-) muhahahah.... free of charge! ;-p

Why i choose Tony Roma's ... they have a good set lunch which the lowest set lunch price is from RM16.90 included soup of the day and refillable soft drinks. Don't u think it's worth for money? BTW, the lowest price set lunch is Rosemary & Garlic Grill Chicken. Besides, there is another better deal i.e. 50 cent selected hot drinks (including latte, espresso, hot chocolate etc) from 3-6pm weekdays (Monday - Friday). Just order 1 coffee and sit in the nice restaurant environment, enjoy the free wifi connection... So what would you say?

I was reading my mail after my lunch, my new team members called me and wanted to arranged a short meeting with me regarding the project. So, i suggested him to meet me @ Tony Roma's Cineleisure. When he arrived, he was surprised that the place was nicely done and i had a cosy corner by myself which is good for discussion. We chat a bit and started our discussion about the project... After today discussion, I found that Tony Roma's is a better place for having business discussion than Starbucks... quiet, secluded corners which is not as pack as starbucks.

So nice time u should drop by Tony Roma's for 50 cents coffee and their set lunch too. BTW, the ribs is nice too... Yummy!!!! :-p

An Important decision is coming ...

There will be an important decision and it's coming... I could not and will not blog about this over here now, maybe later... Definitely not my wedding... :-p

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Joke of the day @ TGIF The Curve

I was sitting @ TGIF bar last Friday... sipping my drink with my two friends, the Tony Romas (TR) kitchen manager and the restaurant manager of Teh Tarik. There were a joke of the day happened in TGIF the curve. You must be thinking what has happened... ?

Guess what? I saw the company managing director (MD) that franchising of the TGIF in Malaysia with his friends appeared in TGIF bar. My friend whom working in Tony Roma's was wearing his TR uniform and sitting together with me @ the bar. This MD came by and my friend actually stood up and greeted him. They continued to have their conversation... I just sipping my drink @ the bar and talking to the other friend of mine. Anyway, i didn't pay any attention to their conversation.

After the conversation, my friend was kind of pissed and i asked him what has happened? as he told me that the MD asked him to "Fxxx Off"... huh??? I was shocked to hear the 4 letters word... So, i was interested to know more... according to my friend, the MD was accusing him that my friend was spying the business of TGIF. Moreover he told my friends that he would send 100 TGIF staffs to Tony Romas if he wanted... hey man! for me if i were the Tony Romas MD i would be happy ... 100 person additional sales why not? My friend always tell me that he likes TGIF bar even though he could drink free @ TR's bar... It's true... it's fun to have drinks @ TGIF bar.

Few minutes later, the TGIF restaurant GM asked my friend to have a small talk... I was like what the hack? How could you asking my friend whom was your customer to have a small talk... what did my friend do wrong? He was just sitting @ the bar and having drink with me.... I think the TGIF MD has disrespect his customer and he owed him an apology. They told my friend that he shouldn't be wearing his Tony Romas uniform and sit in TGIF restaurant... What do you think?

Anyway, it was a big joke of the day... so next time don't wear any uniform to TGIF if you were in the F&B industry... I think better not to wear any uniform including Hardrock Cafe t-shirt eh!... otherwise, they would treat u as spy and asked u for a small talk... My friend was upset the whole night and i was comforting him ... i'm going to draft a mail to the GM of the restaurant and addressing the unhappiness and demand for an apology from the TGIF MD for disrespect their customers... :-p

Update: After i wrote the mail, the MD replied the mail, apologized and would like to make up for what had happened last Friday... :-)

Friday, September 19, 2008


My trip to Uganda is delayed to next weekend... This is good that i have more time to settle my outstanding items but this is also bad to me "I'm still stuck in Malaysia" *sob sob* I thought this time will be definitely flying off since they have placed the reservation and confirmed the air ticket. Fortunately, they haven't issued the air ticket... otherwise, there will be a cost incurred 

To those friends that i was saying bye bye... oops, I'm still here :-) Anyway, i will definitely going to fly off next week. Will have another busy week meeting up my boss and continue settling my outstanding items... 

I think i better keep it to myself my next flying off time and just keep it low profile... when you see the entry coming from Uganda ... you know i'm in Uganda... hahahaha :-p

Thursday, September 18, 2008

When time comes... I will fly... :-)

I bet your questions will be when is the time...???? This question has been popped up every time i met my friends, relatives, ex-colleagues etc... As a result, i just answer them with this statement " When the time comes... I will fly... " Fly what? Fly to Uganda, Africa. 

Guess what? I got a confirmation of air ticket to Kampala (capital of Uganda) this morning from the Malaysian management... So i guess the time has come :-p I'm flying this Sunday Morning from KL to Dubai and Dubai to Kampala. Finally... I'm off for my new job, new environment and new challenges that i'm looking forward for months... wish me luck eh!

To the whole world, here i come Kampala... I was so happy and excited when i got the news but on the other hand, I was sad to leave my current lifestyle ... Goodbye my friends, Goodbye Fitness First, Goodbye Starbucks, Goodbye TGIF and Goodbye Tony Roma... I will definitely miss all of you... *sob sob*

Hello Kampala, Hello my new friends, new colleagues, new culture and new food... hehehe... will try my best to get my blog updated about tz's life in a different country with different lifestyle. Stay tune folks ... it's time for me to sign off for my gym session again... I need to value my gym session now as  I only got another 3 more days including today.... Sigh! :-(

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

No TV = no life

As usual, I watch the late night news @ 12am before hitting the bed. But yesterday when i came back from gym... saw a notes posted in front of the TV screen stated that the TV has broken... Sigh! Mom has placed the notes so that i would not try and on the TV... 

Anyway, this morning i woke up... and again no Morning news for me... Life without a TV was just like no life at all... I could not get any news update from the media... hehehe... Fortunately, i still have the internet connection. I'm trying to connect to Radio Television Malaysia (RTM) website... guess what? The website is down too... so not only my TV broke, the RTM website also down. So what happened to 916 then... Any update?

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Bar flair @ TGI Fridays The Curve

I managed to video the flair by Benjie when i was hanging out @ TGI Fridays last Thursday. This round he was standing @ the chiller and flair for Adlan and I. Adlan, the kitchen manager of Tony Roma whom i met @ TGI Fridays couple weeks ago. Anyway, we had our favourite seat @ TGI Fridays The Curve i.e. @ the bar. Once a while, we will hang out @ TGIF with Benjie making drinks for us :-)

BTW, Benjie have won 4th place @ the Malaysia Flair Open 2008 couple weeks ago.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Sony PS3 - What is great about it?

I'm not a gamer myself neither do i a user of PS2... last week when i was having dinner with Sbanboy. He told me that 80GB latest PS3 is going to launch in One-U and there will be lots of people planning to camp there for getting this PS3... Hey i did camp to register some of my university popular courses but camp to get a gaming machine... errrr... I don't know... for me i'll not do it :-p

Anyway, after hearing about PS3 will be launching in One-U ... I did some research on PS3... what is so great about it? I went to Wikipedia and what i found ....

A major feature that distinguishes the PlayStation 3 from its predecessors is its unified online gaming service, the PlayStation Network,[6] which contrasts with Sony's former policy of relying on game developers for online play.[7] Other major features of the console include its robust multimedia capabilities,[8] connectivity with the PlayStation Portable,[9] and its use of a high-definition optical disc format, Blu-ray Disc, as its primary storage medium.[10] The PS3 was also the first Blu-ray 2.0-compliant Blu-ray player on the market.[11]

Now i know why all my gaming friends are so excited to own a PS3... and i will also lost some of the hangout friends due to this... Thanks Sony for taking away some of my friends from me... hehehe... why i say so ... because they will be spending most of their time in the virtual networking instead of go out to Starbucks, Tony Roma or TGIF etc... *Sad Sad*... :-(

Anyway, should i also get one unit myself so that i could join the gang and meet my friends again in the virtual world... or just stay out from this PS3 macine... What do you think?

Anyway, here you go the events and launching venue

Official Malaysia Sony 80GB PLAYSTATION®3 (PS3™)
Launch EventVenue: 1 Utama Shopping Centre (New Wing), High Street Ground Floor (Outdoor)
Date: 20th September 2008Time: 10AM - 10PM

80GB PLAYSTATION®3 (PS3™) Bundle Promotion
1 x 80GB PS3™ (CECHK06)
1 x DUALSHOCK 3® Wireless Controller
1 x Soul Calibur IV™1 x Selected PS3™ (Resistance, Ratchet and Clank Future, Ninja Gaiden Sigma, Assassin's Creed)
1 x Custom made PS3™ Tote bag
1 x Soul Calibur IV™ CD holder

for RM1,799

(source from Lowyet.NET)

Potatoes Chips... Where can i get?

My friends, Demi whom works in Singapore came back to KL last month. She was looking for a particular brand of potatoes chips which was quite difficult to get nowadays in KL... especially the Mr. Potatoes has dominant most of the Potatoes Chips market... u could see Mr. Potatoes everywhere even Kennysia blog... Sigh! :-p

I was shopping for food @ Isetan KLCC after my gym session. It happened that i would like to get some potatoes chip myself. So when i dropped by the rack that display all kinds of potatoes... one of the sign has drawn my attention.. it was a sign stated that Cottage Fries: Buy 1 get 1 Free... i.e. i would have 2 packs of Cottage Fries for RM2.80... So, without thinking through, I just took two packs and placed into the basket that i carried...  i decided to forgo Mr. Potatoes and went for Cottage Fries... Goodbye Mr. Potatoes... BTW, I just remembered Demi, my friends was looking for this fries at that moment... Too bad Demi is not in Malaysia now, otherwise will buy extra few pack for her... :-p 

Anyway, Demi, this is for you...

BTW, I just finished one pack of Cottage Fries a moment ago. Guess what? just realized how much Fat and Calories per serving... *Sob Sob*... of course it's quite high and moreover it was after 10pm.. not suppose to take any food :-p Anyway, tomorrow need a heavy gym workout session @ The Curve... need to hit the RPM class and BodyPump to burn what i have a moment ago...

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Teh Tarik Place @ The Curve

I was wondering around The Curve for food after my gym session on Friday night since i dropped by Tony Roma on Thursday night. I was looking for a cheaper dinner...  I happened to know the restaurant manager Shahrul @ Teh Tarik Place, The Curve. So decided to drop by the place and checked it out.

Teh Tarik Place @ The Curve

I ordered 1 glass of teh tarik and a mutabak... The food was good and of coz the environment was nice too. When i walked in the place was not full... so i was kind of happy because i could choose a nice seat that allow me to look @ the whole restaurant. I like to sit there and observed the environment... that's why if you followed my status update @ Facebook or my entry in this blog... you'll notice that i like to hang out @ Starbucks... the place that i could do my observation... but don't put me wrong ... I'm not a stalker eh! :-p

Mutabak Chicken

Teh Tarik @ Teh Tarik Place

Since the restaurant manager was off duty, I couldn't see him... so i dropped him a text telling him that i was in his restaurant... guess what? the text came back and told me to give him about 1/2 hr... oops! i just don't wanna him to come back just because of me... Anyway, he insisted to meet me @ Teh Tarik... So i waited for him there.

Shahrul came back to Teh Tarik 1/2 hr later and we were sitting there chatting... we chat and chat and chat... time flies it was about 11pm... Since i have my car with me and just offer Shahrul a ride back to his apartment as he usually walked to work. Anyway, after sending him back, i headed home and wash up my gym clothing and called it a day.

It's was my 1st time to Teh Tarik Place... It's a nice restaurant with a mamak style... but did not smell like typical mamak stall (which i hate most, especially after the visit, the smell stink @ your clothes)... anyway, the price is a little bit more but of coz you are paying for the environment too. Nice place to chat :-p 

Thursday, September 11, 2008

SMC vs HKL...

You must be wondered what is SMC and HKL... why i compare these two objects here? Both have the similarity as both are hospital... the only difference is one private operates and the other is run by government. I also prepared a quick table to compare these two...

SMC = Sunway Medical Center
HKL = Hospital Kuala Lumpur

Why i have the comparison chart above is that recently i was accompanied my mom to HKL for couples of time as my mom was not feeling well... Anyway, every time i was @ HKL, I would mumbling regarding their services and amount of patients within a small area. But after yesterday, I would say that i salute the doctor in HKL... they have to face so many cases and patients within the allocated time. Patients never stops coming in and out the HKL... especially the outpatient department. I just wondered how the SMC doctor handle if the amount of patients are as much as HKL... No offense if you are SMC doctor whom are reading this entry... I never say that SMC no good but comparative... the SMC was a little bit too slow. Maybe it's also good if you are working to SMC to comment about this... :->

This is what i experienced... I was happily got an appointment @ 10am and i was there on the dot. The nurse directed me to the registration desk and i need to register myself. This is okay... the HKL also directed its patient here and there... a little bit disappointed with SMC. Then the registration desk personnel directed me to the waiting area in front of the doctors room, similar procedure that HKL did. Happily walk to the waiting area... 

I was given waiting #6... hey come on... I thought i could just walk in and get my jabs... Anyway, I got to wait for 5 person ahead me to see the doctor. Exactly what HKL did too... but HKL would let you know and set your expectation right in the beginning i.e. you need to wait for a long time to see the doctor. I was a little impatient and thinking of how i mumbling @ HKL. Anyway, no one was there with me, so no mumbling around... i just try my luck to start my MacBook and hoping to have connection to the net. So that at least someone in the net could listen to my mumbling :-p At the end i got connected to the net and surfed around happily. SMC, u r lucky to have internet connection and u were lucky i brought my baby Mac with me... So no further compliant and continued my internet surfing. 

Time passed quite fast, I was called by the nurse to measure my weight... Given the chance to interact with the nurse, i asked the nurse whether how long would be the waiting time before my turn. Surprisingly, the nurse answer another 3 more... Sigh! ( i have been waiting for 45 mins yet no sign of getting to see the doctor). Estimated time from the nurse was that i would be able to see the doctor before 11am. So, I went back to waiting area and continue surfing... 

Finally, I was called in by the doctor, to my surprised the doctor only explained what jabs that he would be giving to me and its side effects. Again, I was disappointed and was directed wait again for the preparation. Oh... what a waste of time... :-(  

Few minutes later,  two nurses (1 pretty and the other one so so only) came by and asked me what jabs that i would be going to take... I was surprised and stared @ both of them... no words came out from my mouth... (If you knew me well, by then the volcano would be erupted and not sure how many victims were there at that moment)... but i was so patient (maybe the nurse was pretty... not those fat and unattractive nurse... oops! no offense eh!) that i told the nurses i could not remember the exact name of the jabs (innocent look from me) ... something starts with "T" and the other starts with "M"... (sorry i was very bad with all those medical terms). So guess what? the nurses just gave me a very pretty smile.... 

15 mins later, the pharmacist requested one of the nurse to get the jabs from them pharmacy and my heart was bumping faster and faster... that was it... the time has came... I was called into the treatment room, i was joking around with the nurses about how scary I always feel about taking jabs... The pretty nurse was just showing her humous side by teasing me with bringing out a biggest needles and told me that one of the jabs need this needle... Oops! I was nearly fainted when i noticed that... then she just gave me a smile and took another one which was the smallest. Two jabs was executed... one was jabs into my muscle... felt a little bit pain but not that i expected... so it was good! another one just like the Yellow Fever jabs ... felt nothing. I thank the 2 nurses and left the treatment room happily. No tear :-p forgot to take picture with the pretty nurse lah... sigh! 

TZ was happy after the jabs and left the medical center for Ikea... which i had lunch appointment with my old colleagues Jason, Rosa, Corine and Pei Ling. Since I had went through so much stress in the morning... I decided to pampered myself with nice Swedish Food as we were having lunch @ Ikea Cafe.

Seafood Salad

Swedish Meet Ball (10 pieces)

2 Jabs down 2 more to go... it will be 2 weeks later if i'm still in Malaysia. Otherwise, i will need to take the other 2 jabs when i come back for vacation.


Today is September 11th 2008... anyone still recall the painful moment back in 2001 ... The New York Twin Tower hit by two flight and the whole building collapsed after few hours. This was a tragedy and who in the world would do this and for what purpose... 

Anyway, looking forward to a more peaceful world and planning to visit the 911 memorial museum @ near the Freedom tower.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Ta Da... my new art work :-p

I was so bored and just got my Nikon D70 and be creative... 

How? Artistic or not?

Anyone know about which city is this?

The day has come... poke poke ... Scary moment!

I'm waiting for my 4 remaining Jabs @ Sunway Medical Center right now... Sound scary eh! But anyway, i gotta go through before leaving for Uganda Africa.

One good advantage that SMC have... i could hook into the net and blog while waiting for my turn not like HKL ... there were no internet connection... So should our government consider to upgrade the internet facilities in HKL? I think they should as we are living in the information age... ;-)

Anyway, i'm a little bit stress and uncomfortable now while waiting for my turn to take the 4 jabs... will it be painful? Will let u know after the jabs :-p

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Felt Bad to my team...

I felt bad that my team members have to re-shuffle their initial plan to cater for some short notice, important document review which pops up only this morning. I was given a task by my boss to organize the discussion with my technical team to final review and feedback. It's a bit rush but i have a good team that always provide a great support. :-)

Team, I owe u one... I will try not to come out so many adhoc and short notice meeting in the future... so all of us will not need to be rushing here and there. Anyway, today meeting will be the last one to accomplish something for the management... and it will bring us to our destination :-p

Thank you team!

FlyFM campur Chart on September 4th 2008

I dropped by the laundry bar after my gym session @ Fitness First, The Curve last Thursday. It's was my first time to attend this Campur Chart event. Recently, I met this person, Simon during my vacation @ Gem Island. He is working in FlyFM. 

I was having my dinner @ Tony Roma before hitting Laundry Bar. Azlan the chef over in Tony Roma Cineleisure that i met @ TGIF came out and greet me... :-> I was asking for his recommendation on what i should take for my dinner. 

Now you see it 

Now you don't ... where was it?

Tony Roma Restaurant (sat by the bar)

After having the dinner, i hit the Laundry bar for the FlyFM Campur Chart event. Since i knew Simon whom working @ FlyFM. I was invited to sit @ the VIP section... just besides the stage :-> Managed to take couple of pictures

Live band
Campur Chart band



Anyone know who is this lady? She's a DJ in FlyFM

Sebastian and TZ

TZ and Simon

BTW, I got the chance to meet Basil, Hafiz, Prem and Jules... all of them are DJ @ FlyFM... the music was good and the experience was nice too... 

Anyway, thanks Simon for inviting me to the VIP seats and got me the chance to mingle around with the DJs in FlyFM :-)

Left the bar @ about 12:30pm... 

Monday, September 8, 2008

? <-- why...

Folks ... lack of update this few days ... I have a busy weekend to come out an important document to send to my bossssss that required for our Face to Face working session and meeting in the near future... why i said near future? coz i don't know when am i flying... Sigh! Still a big question mark... "?"

But anyhow, the team still need to complete all the related document before leaving Malaysia. Team is still doing on some documentation to facilitate the discussion over in Uganda. The moment i got the news... I will make a huge announcement to the rest of the world and celebrate the day finally comes... at the meantime just enjoy what i enjoyed in Bolehland :-p

Friday, September 5, 2008

Dinner @ Heaven The Curve...

I'm having my dinner @ heaven at the same time reporting live from Heaven... :->
It's a long day for me... 
Morning ... I accompanied my mom to have her checkup @ HKL until noon.
Met Corine (my ex-colleagues) @ Pavilion for lunch
Chill out @ Coffee Bean Pavilion
Gym session @ Fitness First The Curve
Now, dinner @ heaven enjoying the live band... good good!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Fly or not fly??? TZ is waiting for decision...

I'm waiting for an important decision from the management after Tuesday management meeting. Will i be flying on September 14th 2008 to Kampala, Uganda? Still have to wait for a final decision... my guts feeling was this time i will hit the jackpot... So, TZ need to get ready within this few days and prepare to fly off...
List of items i need to settle before i fly off...
1. Remaining 4 jabs - Wednesday morning (again... I'm starting to worry now... - ouch!)
2. Pop the Malaria pill - Monday afternoon
3. Dinner with grandpa - Tuesday night
4. Gym session with Sbanboy - Monday night
5. Shopping for a new suit case - Tuesday morning
6. Settle all the bill and payment - Thursday morning
Just wondered anymore things i need to complete before flying off... anyway, some of the stuff i could come back to settle on my 1st vacation i.e. Middle of October hopefully...
To fly or not flying... still a question mark????? ... Again, i would say "Soon!" :-p

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Go away please... diarrhoea!!!!...

Since early morning i was in and out from the toilet for how many times... I have lost count maybe 5 or more... I was not feeling well since 4am in the morning.

I'm going to miss my team meeting for today and it's an important meeting... anyway, got my team member to cover me to continue on the brainstorming session. I would like to thank my team members for covering me last minute. BTW, I hope i would be able to attend the meeting in the afternoon which is the meeting with the management team. I have the presentation that i need to present in the management meeting. Hopefully i could get well soon... Please stomach... could you be strong now that i could continue my work????...

Anyway, I'm not going to eat any Nasi Lemak in the near future... I have not been eating Nasi Lemak for months and i'm not sure why i was craving it yesterday... This is the disaster that i would have anticipated after the Nasi Lemak... especially Nasi Lemak from the street... Sigh! I have a weak stomach.

Blogging from the toilet...

Monday, September 1, 2008

What would you say???...

I walked around the "Pasar Malam" (night market) and didn't found anything interesting for my dinner. At the end, I saw a couple selling Nasi Lemak (Coconut rice) at the corner of the junctions. So i decided to get the Nasi Lemak....

Hey after my 1.5 hrs workout in the gym this evening but ended up with this for dinner :-p What would you say??? hehehe...

Leaving for Kampala? "SOON!!!!"

Lots of questions from all my friends since few months back... "When are you going to leave for Kampala Uganda Africa?" Anyway, my answer to all of them is soon!... How soon??? You would be able to see how soon... Still my answer will be "Soon!" :-p

For the past few days... i was hitting by a huge culture change and kind of stress out on my current job which suppose to bring me to Uganda Africa... usually i could get myself out from the stress easily but this was the one that i felt so annoying and at one time i would like to give up to move on... It was strange that evertime i'm trying to get myself out from the job... Something just make me stay on... Truthly speaking I think my subconcisous mind keep saying that I'm looking forward for this challenging job... maybe this is why i could not give away at this point... Sigh! :-p It's this good or bad????

I was rumbling for a week now... I hope all of you would not get bored for what i was entered in this blog... otherwise my blog hit will be down :-( I just would like to express out what i feel and move on with my life.... BTW, thanks a lot for all of your support... I'm really appreciate all of your advice, feedback and support :-> Without all of your support and comment... I would be even down and could not be thinking straight on what would be my next step... Guess what? I have my alternative plan executed at the same time moving on with this project... I felt better after being down for a few days... This is me! All my friends, family members and my ex-colleagues always commented me as "A Positive Guy"... Am I that positive??? Is it good to be positive? hehehe...

My thought is "My life will have ups and downs... it's important to know how to pull yourself up again when you are downed"... So now i'm trying to pull myself up again with all of your support... Thanks for your support eh! my Friends :->