Monday, July 23, 2012

Starbucks Cyberjaya

July 9th 2012 marked a new milestone for the development of Cyberjaya community... Guess what? My dream came through and the Starbie in Cyberjaya finally started their operation. Too bad the boss of the Starbie Cyberjaya is NOT me. Sad eh~

Anyway, i was the first person to get the coffee from Starbie Cyberjaya among my team. For the first week opening promotion / special, they gave a free donut when you purchased drink via the Drive Thru.

Americano + Donut (Free)
Drive Thru order counter / machine
It's so convenience with the Drive Thru. I don't need to get down my car just to purchase a cup of coffee but the damage is one drive through i need to spend at least RM6.35... price to pay for the convenience.

I was given a huge Starbie Sticker  on the first visit. In summary, i got a free donut and a free Drive Thru Sticker. What i will get with the big sticker?

Drive Thru Sticker - get something if spent RM25 and above
Last but not least, this is how the Cyberjaya Starbie looks like... pay a visit to the outlet if you were there eh~ Hey there is one more things, they serve hot food a.k.a pasta. I yet to try them, i heard the Cyberjaya outlet is the only outlet serve hot food at this moment. Try it eh~

Starbie @ Cyberjaya

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Are Lemons come from Lemongrass?

There is one statement from a young teen who was talking to his friend about Lemon and Lemongrass. I overheard their conversation and i was shocked with the statement...

"Lemon is from Lemongrass", Lemon is the fruits and Lemongrass is the leaves... I was starting to laugh out loud. Hey man, how can Lemon is from Lemongrass? Although Lemongrass do contain the word Lemon.

This is a LEMON
picture adapted from
So, how does the Lemongrass looks like?

This is Lemongrass
Picture adapted from
So, now if Lemon come from Lemongrass... where can you see the Lemon... Buried in the soil like Potatoes? Luckily the person did not continue to say that... *sweat

It's sad that the new generation do not have a good general knowledge on what is surrounding them... they hardly read other than what published inside Facebook... Please do not assume that Lemongrass should be the tree for producing Lemon. Just because the Lemongrass have the word of Lemon... LoL

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Wei Bu Toong Seafood Restaurant

Last Sunday, July 1st 2012 was my dad's birthday. Since dad is a birthday boy on that day... Mom and I asking dad to choose what he likes to have for either dinner or lunch.

At the end, dad chosen Wei Bu Toong Seafood Restaurant located near Kepong area... initially i don't know how to get there but with the help of Google Maps. I managed to find the way and brought my dad to the restaurant.

Dad's ordered three dishes and two big rice to share out...

Seafood Tofu
Vietnamese Style Prawn

Last but not least, the main purpose we went to the restaurant... Overall, the crabs are quite okay, only one crab was slightly not fresh...

Steam Crab
So, it's time to start the guessing game... How much does it cost for the meal, three dishes, two rice and a pot of tea, What do you think?

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

July 1st ...

Last Sunday, July 1st 2012, there were three events that i know off ....

#1 - My dad's birthday

#2 - The Canada day (Oh Canada... )

#3 - Hong Kong handover to China on July 1st 1997, 15 year ago. If you wanna to watch the full video clip on the Hong Kong Handover Ceremony... here

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Rainforest World Music Festival 2012 (RWMF)

I have been talking about going to the Rainforest World Music Festival since decade ago...  Very sad to say i haven't visited the RWMF yet. Last year, i told my Sarawakian friend that i wanna to plan to visit the RWMF this year. Emm.... Nothing happen as i kind of forgot the event until recently i saw this poster.

Picture adapted from
Surprisingly no radio station talking about this event and not much people promoting about it. So, now it's too late for me to get the flight ticket, hotel accommodation and the entrance ticket to the RWMF 2012. I bet there still have the package but it should be costing a bomb... Maybe i should plan in ahead for RWMF 2013 then... Anyone can offer me a stay in Kuching?

BTW, anyone going for RWMF 2012?

Monday, July 2, 2012

Political Tsunami

Most of you must be thinking i will write about Malaysia General Election related post eh~ You are wrong! I'm not going to write about our lovely government or those useless and useful Members of Parliament etc etc... So please do not arrest me eh~

Politician is not a job which only exists in a country... it's a globalized job and exists in everywhere... it exists in a big family, a small company, a big corporation, a country and maybe in the future it exists in space too like Star Treks... Muahahaha!!

Anyway, I'm about to tell you some story which happen in the big corporation. CHANGE is a constant  in a big corporation especially the multinational company. Almost everyone in the big corporation has to learn how to be politician. True or Not? Those who work in big corporation, are you a politician?

Recently one of my colleague got switched within 24 hours from Project Manager to Business Analyst, according to her project team members, she is doing very well on managing the project, in fact she has managed the project for couples of months since the project kicked started. The management just decided to place a new / inexperience PM to the project just because the new PM requests... (Good luck to the team)... Anyway, i weren't wanna to get myself involve into this kind of matter. So i will not write more about this... It's kind of scary as i don't know when would be my turn as i am new to this group. 

Again, I have to stress CHANGE is constant in the big corporation... So no matter how, we need to get ourselves prepare to undertake the Tsunami which might or will sweep away our career... Are you prepare to undertake / avoid the political Tsunami?