Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Photo with Froggie

Me: Come come take one picture of Froggie with me.
Friend: Okay, 1-2-3... *snap*
Me: You want or not? I take one for you.
Friend: Okay...

I was so tempted to ride on Froggie but at the end i decided to squat beside Froggie... Say Cheers...

Monday, August 30, 2010

iPhone owner(s)

I have been an iPhone owners for nearly a month now. The iPhone has become a tools for me on so much convenience. My iPhone can be a TV, Radio, Computer and alarm clock... etc

My friend has passed me a folder full of my pictures while we were traveling for the past few trip. I realized i was surfing the net with my iPhone while waiting for food, whenever i was freed etc...

My Friend: Nowadays, all iPhone users have the common action... 
Me: What action?
My Friend: Playing with their iPhone. 
Me: Where got? I'm not the one which crazy of iPhone games... 
My Friend: They go anyway also bring out their iPhone and surf net.
Me: Hmmm.... the HTC user also do that... Right?
My Friend: Not really... I think iPhone users do it more that HTC users...
Me: Why you say so?
The The one that siting in front of me is using the iPhone now.
Me: Errrrr... (Silent and not able to comment) I'm different...
My Friend: *rolling the eyes =.=" *

Anyway, do you have the same experience as what my friend encountered... Do share your experience with all of us... What do you think about iPhone Owner(s)? >.<

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Starbucks cum Mosquitoes farm

Woke up early and followed my friends to klcc since my friend has something to do before the gym. I decided to sit by the Starbuck besides the aquaria klcc. Bought a coffee and sat at a corner.

All of the sudden, I felt the itchness at my leg and I stretch my leg and I saw blood. I was wondering what could it be at the same time I saw Mosquitoes flying happily.

I stood up and went over to the barista to seek for help whether she could do something about it.

Me: excuse me. There is lots of mosquito over here. Is there anything you could do to get rid of the mosquitos?
Barista: oh... sorry sir this has been known issue for about a month. The mosquitoes are coming from the aquarium.
Me: Hmmm...
Barista: Sorry sir that's nothing i can do now.
Me: It's okay. (Shown a unhappy face)

I was not happy and the Barista just walked away. I have no choice but just *piak Piak* here and there to wait for my friend. Later, few people came and the mosquitos seems like flown away to the next table :)

I was disappointed with the management of Starbucks and also the world class KL Convention Center (KLCC) for NOT taking any action of this deadly and dangerous mosquitoes which will cause the Dengue Fever... This is one of the reason why the Dengue Fever in Malaysia is increasing because of the management is not taking any action to solve the problem. If i were to have Dengue Fever in the near future, i will definitely sue Starbucks and KLCC for compensate of my suffering...

Friday, August 27, 2010

Movie --> Gym --> Eat --> Sleep

August 27th 2010 Kuala Lumpur: Today is a holiday for the state of Selangor. TZ has looking forward for this day. So how TZ spent the day... Okay another 30 mins. The day officially will be off.

TZ woke up around 9:30am with a morning call from his colleagues of asking him to reply the mail. Thanks to the morning call he only slept less than 5 hours. The day before, he worked until 3am and managed to sleep at around 5am.

@ 12pm, TZ left for Cathay e@Curve for a movie that he and his friend wanted to watch two weeks ago. Again deal to the busy schedule, this movie has been postponed. So what is the movie did TZ watch this morning?

After the movie, TZ went for a late lunch and chill out @ Coffee Bean before heading for gym at around 5pm. He went for RPM Challenge on 6:30pm after 1.5 hours of weights workout. It was a very enjoyable gym session after so long without a proper gym session.

Mom's cooking is the most enjoyable food for TZ... He missed his mom's cooking as it has been 2 weeks he never gone back for dinner. Yum Yum ... Mom cooked Steam fish, Stewed Beef and one vegetables. The nicest was the chicken herbs soup...

Okay, it's the end of the day and it's time for TZ to hit the bed, Recharge is important for TZ. TZ has to recharge for those energy which has lost for the past two weeks... Until then, good night folks and have a nice weekend.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Release 1 - DONE

The software that i was working for the past one months ... finally the user has signed off the release #1 yesterday. But we have more releases to go. Given the aggressive schedule, I would not be free until February 2011. Since this Friday is a holiday for Selangor... I really need to plan on how to spend my holiday.

1. Maybe i should go and watch movies.
2. How about spending at least 2 hours in gym to burnt my accumulated fat
3. Visit the Zoo, Bird Park or any other park for some photography
4. Go Klang for food
5. Go Genting for a day trip
6. Sleep the whole day to recharge the battery...

What should i do? Any suggestion...

Saturday, August 21, 2010

5 element of my life go international

During lunch with my friend, all of sudden I got this idea on wanted to bring 5 elements of my life to be international recognize.

What international means? International means the readers coming from various part of the world. Places like Africa, Iran, south America etc. This also have to be balance I.e. Readers also coming from us and Europe.

I'm still planning and exploring on how to promote the blog to international... 

So any idea on what I could do to step over to international level?

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Burnt out

Just don't feel like waking up this morning... As blue said he is having Tuesday Blue... I think i'm having that too. I skipped my gym again yesterday. The customer testing ran smoothly but need to make sure everything being tested and signed off next Monday. Given we have quite a number of fixes needed. I need to micro manage the team again. sigh~

Okay, i know i am heading towards the burnt out stage, do I? Hmmm... Anyway, being a leader, no matter how i still have to stay focus, so my team would be able to march together.

Gotta get ready for work now. Ciao~

Have a Happy Tuesday eh~

Monday, August 16, 2010

Extremely Monday Blues...

I have a nice trip to Port Dickson last weekend but once i got back to Kuala Lumpur. I was stuck with the Why The Hell project. I worked until 2am yesterday with my team to get ready the testing for this morning. Sigh ~ Sigh ~ sigh~....  Haiz~

Okay need to hit the office with a heavy head now... I think i will have headache soon. :(

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Port Dickson @.@

Here in port Dickson after 1.5 hrs drive.

Friday, August 13, 2010

The Boat

The man who was pulling something on my yesterday post. He was actually pulling a boat from the water to the shore. It's not a easy job as there was current that trying to pull the boat away from the shore.

Thursday, August 12, 2010


This guy was pulling something... Anyone know what he was pulling?
Stay tune for the answer on my next post eh~

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Big Day

On Tuesday night, TZ posted an update status @ FB regarding a big day on the following day... Then he got a reply from one of the friends stated that "TZ is going to fast?" ...

Nope, I'm not going to fast but I'm going to conduct the User Acceptance Test on the first release of the software that my team has been building for the past three months. I was busy on getting this preparation and planning done so that we could get a smoother UAT.

Anyway, i just got back from my client office and now i was so sleepy... I better hit the bed and call it a day then... Good Night and wish me luck on tomorrow testing eh~

Monday, August 9, 2010


Monday Monday why you need to come so fast... I wanna my Sunday back... Maybe i should use the technique in Inception to make myself live in the dream as one minute equal to one week.

Okay, it's Monday again... Let me dedicate this song to all of you. Are you having a Manic Monday?

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Hair Burning?

I text my hairstylist before gym that i would like to have a hair cut and dye. So he slot me in on 11am yesterday. This time i was not going to usual place - Maxwell Studio @ Jaya One. Instead he asked me to pay a visit to his new studio, Shawn Cutler @ TTDI. It's a different concept as there was no tables in front of you... Just a nice and comfy chair in front of the mirror.

As usual, it took about 3 hours to complete the steps... Cut, Dye, Wash and hair treatment... The picture above is the last step i.e. hair treatment after the hair dye. hmmm... please don't ask me how much is the damage eh~ Unless you want to guess :p

Saturday, August 7, 2010

TZ needs a BREAK.

For the past few day. I have been working until late night to hit the deadline. Anyway, the team is marching towards the goal good progress with hitting 70% complete. Kudos to the team for their hard work.

Hopefully by tuesday we could get ready for the testing... No matter how I have already plan a getaway for my Port Dickson trip next weekend. Please don't stop me for going for my weekend breakaway. I need it badly 

Friday, August 6, 2010

Scene @ the staircase

Sometime it's interesting to take some shots in the busy staircase or a busy street with people rushing to their destination. I took this shot in Malacca. This is a busier staircase in Malacca.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

who's fault?

Since TZ is assigned to this current project, TZ have sacrificed his gym time, his regular meal time, his time with his friends and worst case his weekends. What is the main reason of TZ loses all of these?

1. The sales team has committed an extremely aggressive timeline / schedule.
2. The team has a poor planning on resources allocation.
3. The customers do not have a good idea of what they wants.
4. The development team just do not have a clear picture of how much they need to deliver
5. Message was not convey clearly to the working level.
6. There are so many dependencies from external to the project.

Now, the impact has arisen. Everyone is so stress cause the deadline is approaching... Everyone is racing against time to cover the earlier lost. How much can we cover for the lost of time... What else can it be done with management and customers insist to stay with the deadline?

I was upset as i was assigned to this project with the expectation to fix this project which i don't think it could be fixed given the resources have already exhausted, the project manager is struggling to survive, customers are squeezing and the management is insisting with their decision.

So what else can i do?

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Photogenic : 4 cities and a beach

Are you able to name them?

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Sleep + less

How i wish ...

Monday, August 2, 2010

blinking butt

I was behind this truck and the red light kept blinking the moment the truck made a halt in the traffic jam. My eyes was so painful because of the blinking red light. *blink blink blink*

How could our lovely govt allow this kind of setting at the butt of the car / truck. It didn't help as we were caution there is a blink but our eyes hardly can open after a few blink... ended up we have higher chance to kiss the butt.... Sigh~

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Volunteer for taking up the damage...

Any volunteer to settle this? I meant taking up the amount for this damage?

My friend and i popped into Sakae Sushi after our gym session @ Maxis Fitness First. In the beginning we only want to eat a little but we ended up so much damage... A stack of plates with Pink...

So any volunteer to take up this damage cost that i could transfer over?...