Monday, August 29, 2011

Oh you are Malaysian

I'm quite popular when I was walking along the street of Saigon. Seems like those cyclo kept trying to strike conversation with me... There was even one of them talking with me in Japanese. You know I'm not Japanese. How am I know what was him talking about. So I ended up telling I'm not Japanese. Then he kept asking me where am I from? My answer was malaysian. Then he replied "oh Malaysia..." Blah blah until it was so hard to get rid of him. Sorry not that I'm not friendly but I really don't wanna to waste you time. I prefer to walk.

Guess what? I dropped by my favorite Hard Rock Cafe and the lady that work in Hard Rock thought I'm Japanese. She asked me where am I from? My standard answer, malaysia. She a bit surprise and said I must be joking... Hey what a day... TZ is non malaysian. What do you think?

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sharing is Caring

Colleague: Hey i want to share something with you.
Me: What would you want to share with me? Money?
Colleague: Sharing Money is no fun.
Me: But it's fun for me... I get extra money and can buy things that i like.
Colleague: Nope that will not be money... I want to share with you Nuts.

Given that i'm starting to be conscious on my weight and i'm aiming for 6 packs as per my target. This colleagues of mine has started to tempt me using all kinds of nuts. He bought from the Nuts sales @ our office cafeteria.

Me: No thanks i just started on the diet program.
Colleague: Nevermind, after eating these nuts, go do more cardio and exercise.
Me: No thanks. I want to skip this round. Maybe next time.
Colleague: Cannot you must eat... you have no choice...
Me: Why? 
Colleague: Sharing is Caring... so i want to share with you and you must eat in return.

Colleagues walked over with a piece of paper... poured 4 types of snacks including the nuts. 

On that day after eating the Nuts i went Nuts on my workout... Work hard for that 1.5 hours.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Country "V"

Welcome to Tan Ton NHat International Airport...
hehehe... I just reached Country "V"

So where am I right now?
V not stands for Vancouver
V also not stands for Venice
V stands for Vietnam.

Yup I'm @ Ho Chi Minh City now, the financial hub for Vietnam... Will be in country "V" for 10 days. Not sure able to update my blog or not,  but definitely no Facebook for 10 days. Why? Coz Vietnam lovely government has blocked FB.

Until then ... Ciao~

Airport Taxi fully book

I'm trying to book a taxi to KLIA and leave for Country "V".

Receptionist: Good evening, Airport limo.
Me: Good evening, I would like to book a budget taxi to KLIA @ 6:30am tomorrow (Aug 27th 2011).
Receptionist: Sorry sir, we only have available taxi after 9am. 
Me: Oh... how about premium?
Receptionist: It's full too.

I wondered it's because of too many customers or the total of taxi got reduced as some of them already Balik Kampung (returning to hometown). So i have no choice to ask my friend to send me to KL Sentral. Hopefully i could check in and leave the baggage @ KL Sentral. Then they will send over to KLIA :p

Okay, I better hit the bed now. i only have 4 hours sleep. Need to wake up @ 5:30am. Nite nite. 

Friday, August 26, 2011


I left a message in the alumni page @ Facebook asking one of my ex colleague who has volunteered to organize the gathering cum drinking. This ex colleagues of mine sure very busy until he lost track of the gathering.

Few days back, i tagged him in the message that i written in Facebook. Telling him to organize the drinking session. Guess what? he tried to arrange during the weekends... Sad Sad i would not be able to join this weekend. Flying off to Country "V".

So not sure when he will get back to me with the propose time...

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Nadeje's Mille Crepe @ Malacca

I was having a short gateway from the metropolitan city of Kuala Lumpur two weeks back. We were @ Malacca. One of my friend has suggested we definitely need to give the Nadeje's famous Mille Crepe a try before we left Malacca.

We paid a visit to the Pahlawan outlet... it was packed and we were lucky to have a seat inside the aircon in such a hot and burning weather in Malacca. So, my friend and I went over to the counter and order 4 pieces of Mille Crepe...

4 different type of Mille Crepe
The original
Rum & Raising
This was how we attacked these 4 pieces of cake

Now, after seeing all those yummy picture and the clip. Are you convince to drive down to Malacca?

Monday, August 22, 2011

Nikon D70 + 00

Baby Nikon D7000
After i have no choice but putting my Baby Nikon D70 to sleep... I have decided to add two more zero and get My new Baby Nikon D7000 last Saturday. Baby Nikon D7000 will be my new travel companion and our first trip will be this coming weekend. Yup! we are flying off to country "V"... Vietnam

Baby Nikon D7000 is very new to me so now i have to get use to his style. There are such a thick book about Baby Nikon D7000 for me to read...

About Baby Nikon D7000
After scanning through the about Baby Nikon D7000, it's time to get familiar with him. Let's get started eh~

My very first shots with Baby Nikon D7000
What do you think?
Still couldn't got hold of the lighting that good :(
A tryout at the poolside
Many more road trip to go with my Baby Nikon D7000
So how's the shots, which one you like most?

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Goodbye My Baby Nikon D70

Baby Nikon D70
I once owned a baby and his name is Baby Nikon D70 or i should say i still owned him but his dying... Last Wednesday, I sent my Baby Nikon D70 together with his Nikkor 18-200mm lens to the hospital after i found out his infected with Viral / Fangus :(

Guess what? Two days later i received a call from the hospital and the doctors told me that they need around RM3500 to have a surgery on my Baby Nikon D70 in order to cure him. RM3500 to cure him, so I have no choice but make a decision to put him to sleep... What a sad day? 

Baby Nikon D70 and I have travelled together to many countries  since year 2004... you know what? After i listed all the countries we have been... he actually been nearly half of the globe with me. He has been to US, Africa, China, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Dubai and many more countries, islands and resorts. He has been a good travel companion whenever i need to snap snap and shots shots...  

*Sob Sob* Now i need to say goodbye to my Baby Nikon D70... before we say goodbye to my Baby Nikon D70, let me share with you my happy moment with Baby Nikon D70...

Baby Nikon D70 with me in San Diego Sea World, US (2006)
Baby Nikon D70 with me @ Grand Canyon, US (2005)
Baby Nikon D70 with me @ Bali, Indonesia (2006)
Baby Nikon D70 with me @ Shanghai, China (2005)
Baby Nikon D70 with me @ Singpore (2007)
Baby Nikon D70 with me @ Uganda, Africa (2008)
Baby Nikon D70 with me @ Bangkok. Thailand (2011)
So long my baby Nikon D70... Bye~

Saturday, August 20, 2011

168 hours

The clock is ticking... so do my countdown to country "V"... another 168 hours i will be stepping in Country "V"... This is my first time visiting this country. I'm not only visiting the country, am visiting my sister too.

So country "V"... here i come.

picture adapted from

Friday, August 19, 2011

Friday Teaser #3 - Do NOT Feed the DUCKS

I saw this comic when i was reading THE SUN during lunch. I found this interesting and ended i took a shots on this particular comic.

Adapted from The Sun dated Aug 18th 2011
What would you do if one person use a gun and pointed to you.
a. Scream as loud as you could
b. Prepare to fight
c. just gave whatever you have
d. None on the above. Please share...

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Smoker vs Chimney vs Factory

Everyone is talking about pollution each factory will bring to the environment... so the factory has tried their effort to GO GREEN... reduce Carbon footprint. But do you notice we also have chimney @ the kitchen, chimney @ the living room. These chimney will release smoke that harm the environment... So around the world, governments and organization have look into how to GO GREEN in this area too... another Carbon footprint reduction.

Now, let's talk about Smokers whom are surrounding us. If you look into more detail, they are as good as a small factory that pollute the air every day... some even every few hours or few minutes... So Malacca government has introduced the smoke free zone.

smoke free zone... can you NOT to smoke?
This is NOT a bad idea but if without the enforcement... what is the different between you have this Smoke Free tiny in Malacca. No one going to bother about the campaign...

Dear all smokers around the world,

  • Do you know you are polluting the world everyday whenever you smoke?
  • In order to GO GREEN, you need to stop smoking, otherwise... no need to talk about GO GREEN.
  • Your surrounding people whom are non-smokers has the rights to breathe in fresh air. But you have intrude their rights. Can you sue them?
  • Please say NO to polluting the world. STOP smoking. can you?
Anyway, Smoking is bad for health. PLEASE STOP SMOKING... 

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Photogenic : Candid Shots @ Malacca

Maybe the person in the pictures knew i shoot their pictures. But most of them would NOT know. Why? Cause i have a claimed to have a "Big and Long..." by my friend. Okay, it's big and long lens. 

Anyway, this episode of Photogenic, i would like to share with you my Candid Shots that i took last weekend in Malacca.

Playing Angry Bird?
Four Cam Whorer and a Photographer 
I'm relaxing but I know WHAT ARE YOU DOING...
Among three of us, I'm the only one manage to take this... Why?
I have the "Big and Long" one
Nyonya clothing shops
What if the something that NOT suppose to move... moves
Visit A Picture A Day for more picture viewing...

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Image Identification

I was in Malacca last weekend and managed to take couples of picture. The cities was full of people but i wasn't sure whether it also full of images that not suppose to be in the pictures. If you see that, let me know eh~

Look carefully... Whoever identify one image of spirit got a cup of Tall size Starbie coffee :p

The Malacca River, Do you see imagine?
Dutch village - Tun Tan Cheng Lok Street
Hmmm... not sure what is this street but it's a art gallery
Traffic Jam in Malacca...
Jonker Street @ Night
this is my favorite picture
So you found anything? If not there is one more picture that i took last weekend. Just visit A Picture A Day now and try to identify the image. You stand a chance to win 2 Starbie coffee and coffee with TZ in Starbie :p. 

Friday, August 12, 2011

Crappy day 81111 - Update

Crappy #1: I got bugged early morning to show him how to fill up the form for change control board. I have taught him twice in the past on the process. Moreover, this person is having higher pay than me and one rank higher than me. Come on are you taking advantage of me? or trying to annoy and intimate me until i said "let me do it"... Okay why I'm so pissed... This is because I only need to spend one hour to complete the whole process if i do it myself. Now, i need to spend almost daily to hand hold him to complete the form. THIS IS THE THIRD TIME. Please...

Crappy #2: I got my mid year review, yet to have the discussion. I think i spent too much time to do charity to other people whom i'm not being appreciated by what i have done. Now, I actually expected to do what i suppose to do for the past 6 months. What a sad case :( So TZ from tomorrow onwards.... no more charity... Do whatever you need to do... Reject Reject Reject... REJECT to those out of scope tasks / Jobs.

Crappy #3: I was thinking whether this job is actually suitable for me... This thought is still bordering me from time to time... Do I like this job or not? Do i learn something new from this job? The more i think the "Boh Siong" (not feeling great) I'm. So i think i better just stop thinking and move on... focus on what i wanted or what i can learn from this job then .... Again, I felt i underpaid for my experience... Sigh~ Sigh~ Sigh~

Crappy #4: No matter how much i worked out in gym.. I still could not lose the fat around my waist. Abs seems like so shy and hid under those fat... I thought of it... maybe i ate too much or too much of crappy food. It's time to switch my diet to a more healthier. 

So after dinner last night. I went over to Village Grocery with my friend to buy some nuts for my snacks... 

Me: Hey Sushi is having 50%, let's grab a box or two...
Friend: I'm okay... but... *I don't care of what FAT is ... so I just grab two boxes* 

Then I walk towards the counter and my friend voice out...

Friend: Hey, don't forget to get your nuts.
Me: Oh...  *we walk over to the nuts section*
Friend: Look at the price, eating healthy is so expensive.
Me: What to do? Want nice abs... 
Friend: Then poor people can not have nice abs
Me: Errr.... *i kept quiet cause i'm rich neither*

I quickly took a few boxes of nuts and heading to the cashie...

Friday Teaser #3 : Guess how much i paid for 4 boxes of nuts and dry fruits?  (2 boxes of almond, 1 box of Cranberries, 1 box of Walnut)
a. 48
b. 36
c. 52
d. Other, please specify...

That's all for my 81111 Crappy Day... 

So, Crabby day anyone? Where ? Klang, Selangor

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Crappy Day 81111

the CRAB lots nice eh~ How i wish it's a crabby day instead of crappy day...
Why i say crappy day ... stay tune eh~ I will update tonight.
The crappy day has started ... :(

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Photogenic : Where am I going? - Clue #1

I'm heading to THIS place in a few days. I'm going to release three clues for your guess in each day. By the third day, you should be able to guess where am i going...

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Hungry Ghost Month

It's the 7th month in the Chinese Calendar now... Since young whenever we reached this month, I always have the eery kind of feeling. Why? It's the Hungry Ghost Month. You could see almost every Chinese Communities will setup some kind of temporary stage to have some presentation at the same time gather all the food and paper made items to pray to the hungry ghost.

I still remember my first time visit to the place that they have this gathering to pray for the Hungry Ghost. They have Chinese Opera and there were two rows of chairs in the front without anyone sitting on it. So i was curious and asked my mom why don't we go in front and sit... it's better view there. My mom told me, it's not for people to sit... it's for ghost.

Since that day onwards, the moment i saw the row of chairs in front which are empty. I straightaway think of the Hungry Ghost seats... Hmm... Is the first row seats in the cinema also reserved for you know what i meant eh~

Okay, i think i better hit the bed now... the more i write the eery feeling that i have... Ciao

What do you think about this picture? Scary?? Feeling Eerie??

Monday, August 8, 2011

Various ice tea...

Two weeks ago, I have a drinking session with my project team. We were enjoying ourselves with the nice  drinks @ Bistro 32 Puchong. The environment is very nice. Since one of my colleague is a regular there. We gotten ourselves a nice corner with a certain level of privacy...

The first thing we did was to order drinks. My team lead whom are from India was not able to decide her drinks. So we were asking her what she wanted... She still could not make up her mind but mentioning she would try anything. Then, I happily started to recommend her some nice ice tea...

Drink #1 : American ice tea

Long Island Ice Tea - Mix with multiple type alcohol
Me: Hey how about a Long Island Ice Tea. (everyone was looking at me)
My co-worker : Hmmm... the Long island ice tea sound nice. Is that an alcohol drink or just a normal tea? Let me see what is the ingredient please.
Me: *I passed her the menu*
My co-worker: *She saw the description of the drink with the ingredient. She realized it was an alcohol drink*. I don't think i wanted Long Island Ice Tea.
Me: okay... how about Mexican Ice Tea...

Drink #2 : Mexican Ice Tea

Margarita Lime on the rock
My co-worker: How's the taste?
Me: How about i let you taste a bit after they served me mine. If you like it, we could order one for you.
My co-worker: Okay...

Waitress served my drink. I took a small glass and poured over the new glass. Then passed the glass to my co-worker.

Me: How's the taste?
My co-worker: It's bitter, i don't like it. I like something sweet.
Me: Nevermind. So what drink should i recommend to you... Hmmm... how about the English Ice Tea?
My co-worker: Not again... I don't think i could trust you on recommending drink for me.

English Ice Tea - Contain no alcohol
Anyway, she ended up ordering milk shake... and i continued with my Mexican Ice Tea :p

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Starbucks : For you From Us

It's the time that Starbie giving out free coffee for his royal customers... It's the time on For You From Us voucher offer again. How could you get the voucher? Hmmmm.... if you still remember of my previous blog post regarding Starbie : The Third Place, i mentioned about the 2011 planner. Inside the planner, there are three different vouchers with different time to redeem the offers. Now, the time has come and it's actually the last voucher.

Starbie's For You From Us voucher
Redeem a free coffee when you buy one on August 7th 2011
Anyone care for a coffee?
If you are Starbie's royal fans... and have the 2011 planner with the voucher with you...  So, have you redeemed your 2nd drink ON THE HOUSE?

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Scott Kelby's Annual WorldWide Photo Walk 2011

The annual Scott Kelby's Annual WorldWide Photo Walk is back again. This year the photo walk will be on October 1st - 2nd 2011. So what is Photo Walk?

I joined the photo walk 2010 @ Malacca. Drove down to Malacca and spent two nights over there. We spent few hours to walk around the Malacca town and captured all the different pictures.

Wanna to submit on PhotoWalk 2010
but missed the deadline
I enjoyed the photo walk 2010 and i'm looking forward for this year photo walk... Now i'm waiting for the leader from Kuala Lumpur to be in placed... so i could sign myself up as the member. On the other hand, I'm tempting to be the leader. Should i be the leader instead?

Friday, August 5, 2011

Friday Teaser #2

It's Friday again... Let's get some brain teaser :p

When a person trying to cut the queue of the person that stands in front of you. What would you do?
a. Walk over to the person and tell him/her off
b. Challenge the person in front of you to voice out
c. Just keep quiet and move on.
d. Others

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Who is this?

After looking @ comments in Twilight zone's blog and the comment in my previous post. So who is this person?

So many different version of say in both TZ (TZ and Twilight Zone) blog's comments. Some say i fat and ugly etc... Some mentioning i fit and lean... and one commented my brother... some say Medie... so who version is the right one?

Let's begin the story... I was working out with Twilight and he took this picture of me from the back while i was doing the abs workout with TRX. There are no indicator of me but almost everyone guess it's me... BTW, I really salute William that he could see my bandana that i was wearing. So, what is the color of the bandana?

Anyway, Twilight has to start getting his oven heat up to bake the fresh cup cake eh~ Cause the person in the picture is ...... TZ. Hey do I get the cup cake too as the model :p

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

is that me?

There is a picture posted in Twilight Grandma blog and asked people to guess >.< 
The first three person who have the correct answer wins a homemade cupcake freshly baked by him. 
Now the question is... Is that me?

Picture from Twilight Zone
Okay, can I say one thing over here before it's too late... 
"It looks like me, sound like me, smell like me. But it's NOT me."

Just curious, what make you think it's me?