Monday, June 29, 2009

oh Master ... it's Malacca :)

Mirror Mirror on the wall... 
Here was the place that i have gone to ... 
Oh Master ... It's Malacca 

My friends and I went down to Malacca for a short trip... we left KL early morning and stopped by Seremban to pick Jonzz up... Headed to have our breakfast @ Seremban Market for my favorite beef noodles...   

We reached Malacca @ about 11am... our first stopped The Dutch Square. Since we have reserved our lunch @ Makko Cafe near Melaka Raya... we dropped by the St. Paul Hill on our way to the restaurant. We walked through the new Pahlawan Square.

We went over to Jonker Street after lunch... left Malacca in the evening ... :)

Managed to took couple of pictures on the city of Malacca... 

More picture @ tz-life's flickr - Malacca... :)

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Mirror Mirror ...

Mirror Mirror on the wall... where was the place that i have gone to ... 

On Saturday, I went to this place with 3 others blogger... one from Kuching, one from Seremban and one in Klang Valley... four of us travelled down to this place for photoshooting and camwhoring... :)

Saturday, June 27, 2009


I'm sick and tired of MJ's song in the radio... this morning i was shocked to heard that Micheal Jackson (MJ) , the king of pop, has passed away. Since then... the famous radio station such as Fly FM. Hitz FM, Red FM ... all these radio station were playing MJ's song... here come on ... why everyone just wanna to play the same song over and over and over and over again...

Beat It ! Beat It ! Beat It .... then i switch from Fly FM to Hitz FM ... Beat it! Beat It etc ... i switched again to Red FM ... Billy Jean Billy Jean ... sigh~ sigh~...

Guess what? At the end i switched to one FM... i.e. the chinese channel while driving to my class this morning ... same thing happened @ nite ... when i drove back from the gym... MJ's song were playing in couples of radio stations... I just don't know why everyone just so value MJ after he's dead... hmmmm.... Anyway, MJ rest in peace eh!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Tired ... Exhausted...

After the 2nd week of SAP ABAP programming class... I found the topic is very nice and not very tough as of right now... the only thing i need is spending more time to do my practice and study to get myself prepared for the certification exam on end of July 2009... 

To all my dear readers... I would not be able to update my blog post as frequent as what i did previously... I need to get myself more committed to my study from today onwards... it's my future career ... Wish me luck eh! :)

Monday, June 22, 2009

Communities work from Digi ....

I was watching CSI last night and i saw this advertisement from Digi. It was a nice and i laugh and laugh and laugh ... it made my Sunday night blues ... cause i need to wake up early again today... :) It's Monday again... How's your day so far? Hopefully this will cheer you up after watching this clip... 

Hope you have a fruitful Monday...

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Gymming with Mr. Shy....

This morning i woke up not that early but earlier than most of the KL peoples ... hehehe :p Anyone stayed in KL and woke up earlier than me?... I woke up @ 9:30am.

Went to the gym with Mr. Shy (don't know whether you still remember Mr. Shy? ) ... we went down to KLCC for Ginny's fitball pilate class. It was kind of challenge for me after skipping the class for about a month plus... why skip class?... lazy, vacation, spending weekend @ Klang etc... :p Anyway, today was quite a nice class ... not many regulars in the class. So she taught basic with lots of repetitions that made the hard parts. Basic some time killed... blek!

This was Mr. Shy's third times in Pilate class ... according to him, today's class was quite nice, he could follow the command and those commands were made sense to him... I'm happy that Mr. Shy has decided to go to pilate class together... I got one person to accompany and motivate to go for Pilate class in the future ... *clap clap*.

Anyone interested to try out the pilate class in FF-Maxis? we could go to the pilate class together as i could sign in one person on weekend to do gym with me with my First Club card.

Modem went haywire...

My modem was haywire after i restarted few times due to Streamyx connection... I was so frustrated with the Streamyx connection as i was happily chatting with my friends via MSN. All of the sudden i got disconnected ... yes DISCONNECTED. What the #@##@$#$@!!@#!

Anyway, after some investigation... i finally reset the whole modem back to its factory default and start the setup all over step by step ... hehehe... as good as buying a brand new modem. 

Wah la .... the modem worked again and 
I finally gained back the Streamyx connection after 2 hours of downtime... sigh~ Sigh~ :(

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Busy attending SAP ABAP training

I'm in the SAP ABAP training since Monday.... I woke up early in the morning @ about 6 something just to beat the traffic... the journey from my place to Technology Park Malaysia (TPM) is about an hour with the morning traffic. I need to buffer for 15 mins walk from the carpark to the main building. So, it's as good as going to work eh!

BTW, the training starts @ 9am and ends @ 5-5:30pm with only an hour lunch. So, is this working hours or what? Anyway, i'm glad i enroll to this training... It's a good training for my future career. hehehe....  

I would not be able to update my blog as frequent as what i did... this training required me to spend about 4 hours a day for reading and assignment outside the class...  which i only did 1~2 hours ... sigh~ sigh~ sigh~ 

Okie, gotta go now.... have to get ready to go for my 3rd day of training... cheers! :)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

On having supper in Boston

Where is Boston? Boston @ US?... kakaka :p I was having supper with a group of my friends in Boston last Friday night after the movie... The people came in and out from the restaurant in the middle of the night around 11pm. We need to wait for our seat even thought there were more than 20 tables ... all occupied... Imagine it's 11pm and the crowd still coming in...

We ordered all three signature dishes from Boston

Mantis Prawn

Steam Clam Meat

Bitter Gourd Fried Noodles

The dishes were nice especially the steam clam meat... It was juicy and the clam meat tasted fresh... Yummy! ... The mantis prawn too was fresh... This was the first time i had the bitter gourd fried noodles with of cause the crispy pork... What should i say? Is that fattening in the middle of the night? errrrr..... once a while is okay... said TZ blek!

We left the place at about 1pm... :p

Monday, June 15, 2009

Are you idiot?

It's Monday again ... I know lots of people out there are having Monday Blues... Are you one of them? :p Cheer up! Cheer Up!... Let me share with you a comic that i read on yesterday... i.e. Sunday Times comic session... Dilbert by Scott Adam.

Hehehe... most of the people now is looking for a job... i bet there are lots of them undergoing some kind of job interview around the world. Are you one of them? I hope you are not like the happy person that just got the job ... :p

Anyway, hope you have a great Monday and the rest of the days in the week... Enjoy! :p

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Delicious Japanese Food...

One month back when i was having dinner @ Sushi Zenmai The Garden. I have taken this series of piccies that i wanna to share with all of you. This was a nice dinner instead of food... The juicy sashimi on top of the rice and the juicy salmon roes inside the handrolls... Yummy!

Salmon Temaki


Softshell crab temaki

Salmon Don

We added the Chawanmushi which took us about 40 mins ... Lots of chatting while waiting for this nice and watery chawanmushi...

Go ahead and give this Sushi Zenmai a try... it's better quality than Sushi King and Sakae Sushi... :)

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Who am I?

I'm an object...
I'm used by people who wear white...
I'm a tool for a professional...
I perform lots of test for a person...
When children see me, they will think i'm a toy...

Who am i?

PS: If you have the right answer, you will get a free test... :)

Friday, June 12, 2009

How hazy is your day?

Woke up this morning and realized our lovely city has covered by our annual companion from our splendid neighboring country... where is our fabulous twin towers?

My day was so unmotivated when i saw the groomy day from my balcony... help! help! please chase away our unwanted visitor... I wanna my nice and clear blue sky... Can we rely on our government to help us to ensure we have a good environment to stay? hmmm... must be a joke of the century if the answer is YES!

Anyway, how hazy is your day? I hope it's not as hazy as like our weather out there now... Cheer up! The weather is bad doesn't mean your life is bad too... Anyhow, everyone please drink more water and jog less outside.... it's important to take care ourselves in such a bad weather... :p I hope our lovely government is going to do something about this soon... it has been a known issue for years after years especially during this periods... I do see some open burning in my communities too... those people should be punished in somewhere on polluted the environment... oh ya... what has our government done on overcome this issue??? :p


I got a confirmation mail two nights back that i was accepted to go through the SAP ABAP programming courses sponsored by our lovely government. This program was given to those people that did not have job. Hehehee... I'm one of the people who is sitting on the bench now.

It's has been so many years i do not get my hand dirty on IT technical. It will be fun to go back to IT technical core and learn the most marketable skill set... Anyway, the training will start next Monday for the coming 5 weeks ... I will be tied up on learning new stuff for the next 5 weeks and my certification exam will be on end of July ... :)

Hehehe... I'm so excited to start the training now :)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Back to School....

You must be very curious why this entry title is Back to School... hehehe something is coming and TZ will change his career life if the things he is waiting for do happen... Wait Wait ... he will tell you more later when he confirm that he get it this time ... :)

Monday, June 8, 2009

National Park by the sea...

Two weeks ago, I was having my vacation with my friend in Penang ... we visited this national park by the sea... the national park included all the beaches and nice jungle reserved... The parks was not as big as most of the national park in Malaysia but it's quite unique ... hehehe at least there are no leeches... blek!

My friends and I managed to take lots of pictures with our Nikons... we are the Nikon supporters ... hahaha... 

Rocky Beach 

Don't know what this plant call .... i like it 

Overlook from a higher ground 

Sea shore 

One of the nice beach

Tough and challenging path - no leeches

Fishing Boat @ Monkey Beach

It's a nice national park to explore... we only explored two beaches and it took us about 3 hours one way. there were another beach which i heard it's nicer ... :) This will leave for our next visit... :p

Here's the link for all of you to know more about the Penang National Park.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

A " L " License Driver

I was driving back from Summit after my gym yesterday... when approaching the Sunway junction near the intersection of LDP and the service road towards the federal highway, something interesting happened...

Picture taken from internet

The road at this stretch only allow the car from LDP turn into the service road to Federal highway... but lots of car driver just don't understand what the meaning of this sign... or they just ignore the true meaning of the sign... Sigh~ Sigh~ sigh~

Picture taken from internet

Anyone can tell me what is this road divider line tells?

Anyway, let's get back to the interesting incident... as I was driving and approach the intersection @ LDP and Sunway... there was this "L" license driver with her driving school instructor came out from a junction and joined into my lane... the driver drove like a snail ... it didn't matter... hehehehe... TZ usually was not in the mood when people came out from the junction and drove slower than a person walking besides the road.... :p Since this was a "L" license driver, TZ was so patient and following her at the back. Suddenly, this driver turn into LDP without giving any signal... FAILED! Secondly, the driver not suppose to turn into LDP as the divider was a straight line and a dotted line ... the straight line was on our side... Another FAILED!

To my extremely surprise, the driving school instructor actually instructed his student drive over to the LDP (refer to the road divider image above) from the left to the right... I was so soooooo sooooooo shocked... How could the driving school instructor taught his student that? It's so SALAH... the JPJ should have taken away the driving school instructor teaching certification for this terrible and serious mistake. The driving instructor should go back to school...

Now, I finally understand why our country have so many accident and the driver tends to cut in and out of not a bid to the law... hmmmm.... the driver can just said that my driving instructor actually taught me like that... Too bad i don't have my camera with me... otherwise i will report this incident to JPJ and get this driving school and his driving instructor suspended and blacklisted.... bad bad driving instructor.

So, how's your first experience when you learning driving? Is your instructor actually taught you not to a bid the law... cut in and out here and there? ... :)

Friday, June 5, 2009

How much you care about our environment?

June 5th is the world environment day. I woke up this morning looking over my balcony... I saw a hazy KL city view but not as bad as few days back... So how much our government care about our environment? take away the trees in the city and build the skyscraper and highways... sigh~ sigh~ sigh~

taken on June 2nd 2009

Anyway, I switched on the TV and realized that there was this one nice documentary called HOME showing @ NTV7 in conjunction of the world environment day.  I went to google HOME and i found this copy to share with all of you... hehehe it's premier today ... catch it in the youtube. 

It's a worth to watch documentary... The documentary has reflected how the earth form until how human destroy the earth... what left etc... Just watch it... BTW, this documentary has a nice graphic from around the world... 

Let's conserved our remain resources... For those who careless of the earth environment, please do so from today onwards... for those who started to conserved the earth resources... please continue your good job... Let us conserved the earth resources and save our earth for the rest of the years ... 

Go Green This World Environment Day

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Camwhore @ Terengganu - Part 2

We went to Kijal Awana and pulled over there for 3D2N... This was a nice location for some camwhore ... kekeke :p

Lean against the rock

Awana Kijal - Terengganu

Pantai Kemasik - i luv this pantai

In between two rocks

Dreaming @ Kopitiam

Jump during Sunrise - how's my jump? Better?

Stalking someone... 

Blocking the sunrise - looking for some nice sea shells

Hehehe... this was camwhore in Terengganu... stay tune for my Penang camwhore eh! :p

Wednesday, June 3, 2009