Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My first Metal Medal...

Last Sunday i gotten my first Medal for finishing the Ekiden Run 2011 with 4 of my friends. As early as 5am i woke up and got ready for the relay run in Putrajaya in conjunction of the Youth Day.

The run was consider a fun run as each of us only need to run 3km... i was the 2nd runner and the starting point was behind the PICC which straightaway started with uphill... tough tough tough. I could not walk uphill as all the people in the station were cheering the runner. What a tough moment to start. Even though cannot run also need to pretend to run.

After running 1km my leg was so sore as i was in walking mode around 400m then run a bit and walk a bit... I was walking up the slope to cross the bridge... then all of the sudden there was this cameraman and a video man talking video and camera. TZ is smart, so i started to run to pass the camera. Straight after i was away from the camera... i walked again :p i was not able to run... i started back on running about 500m before the next station. So i will look good and of cause officially passed over to my friend in running mode ;-)

Anyway, i managed to finish 3km in about 25 mins... and i gotten my first medal...

Ekiden Run Putrajaya 2011 - TZ first Medal

Let's have the close look...

Anyone interested to participate on year 2012?... Let's make this to be bloggers' Ekiden Run 2012...

Ps: I would like to thanks Calvin for taking the picture of me and Medie007 for getting us together for this run :)

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Spotting the wrong doing...

Anyone can point out what was the wrong doing in this picture?

Let's go closer to see what they had done wrong?
Zoom in...

Anything wrong with the pictures above?
Okay, now let's focus on the other...

So, what do you think on the picture above? There were this two person sitting on the seesaw... These two adults trying to be a kids again. It's that funny? Hmmm... i don't find it funny.

Hey come on this is the children playground for children. The equipments are designed for children, it's not design for overweight adult like you. Your weights will spoilt the equipments. It's a type of vandalism and this is what i mean a wrong doing... What do you think?

Friday, May 27, 2011

Exercise mouth @ gym

Since the opening of Fitness First 1 Mont Kiara, I started to hit the gym there. It's the closest FF gym to my place and it's an hour drive from my workplace without jam.

I have a friend also join the same gym. He has engaged a personal trainer and the personal training trains him every Mon, Wed and Friday. BTW, he complaint to me that his PT always torture him. Hmmm.... this is so call, pay people to torture yourself :p

Anyway, just wanna to understand what type of exercise usually you do in the gym. Are you attending the group exercise like Bodypump, Bodycombat, RPM, TRX etc. What would your workout schedule like... ? Do you exercise your mouth or not?

Guess what? This friends of mine not only have PT training and workout on the machine. He also workout his mouth regularly too. Of cause, he workout with his phone. Basically, he talked and talked and talked... There was one day, i started with my 3KM ~ 20mins run, followed by the weights and ended my workout in an hour....

Guess what? I still saw him exercising his mouth :p

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

8 days to go ....

When i saw the countdown... it's shown 8 days to go for my 8 days vacation. Hurray! I'm happy in one hand but unfortunately as usual. It will be a busy days from now until i fly off to Bangkok.

Question now... should i bring along my BB?

Bangkok Bangkok!... Here i come... Oh, i have to book our accomodation tonight.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

21 years old...

It's 2:30am in the morning, i'm still awake... I visited couple of blogs and came across SmashPop blog which he posted about Mike's 21st birthday.

I'm thinking if i was given a chance to go back to 21st birthday. How am i doing differently? BTW, i had a nice 21st birthday back in Canada. My housemates have thrown me a 21st birthday with my buddy whom are 3 days younger than me. Guess what? We were born in the same hospital in KL but we didn't know each other until 18 years later, we met in the college and were in the same university.

When i turned 21 years old, my plan was to register as a legal voter to exercise my rights. Secondly i wanted to pay a visit to Casino De Genting. hehehe.... I could officially step into the Casino.

Hey~ any of you whom have turned 21 years old and yet to register as a legal voter. Please do so now... you have the responsible to exercise your rights in our lovely country. If you didn't register yourself as a voter, please remain silent cause you have given up your rights to voice. So please don't compliant about our lovely government treated you badly or the alternative done a bad job.... etc etc. You yourself given up your own valuable rights.

Anyhow, if you are given a chance turn the clock back to 21 years old, what would you do differently? For those who haven't reach 21 years old. What would be your plan?

Friday, May 20, 2011

Penang Free WIFI

Registering an account for accessing wifi within the Georgetown. The state government of Penang finally gotten Penang with free wifi for all penangite and it's visitors. I'm not sure how much the state government need to pay for the service but definitely this is a good decision. So anyone know who is the provider of Penang Free Wifi? The Penang Free Wifi is powered by REDTONE. The speed of the Penang Free Wifi is fast ~~~

Now look at what 1Malaysia have given? Nope... Do we have 1Malaysia Free Wifi? Nope... We only have 1Malaysia email which the provider company charges the government RM0.50 for each of the email. Imagine one email... how many mail you sent per day? just talking on you yourself?

Let's go back to Penang Free Wifi... I was impress with this free services that the Penang state government has provided. This has benefit to all people from various age, group and races. Anyway, on your next visit to Penang, don't forget to sign up your own a/c and access internet via the PENANG FREE WIFI.

Dear Mayor of Kuala Lumpur, 
As the citizen of Metropolitan KL, when are you getting our KL FREE WIFI? this is NOT acceptable which the metropolitan / capital of the country. DO NOT have free wifi like Penang. Sigh~

Thursday, May 19, 2011

My very First TRX class @ FF-1MK

I attended the TRX class @ FF-1MK this evening. I wanted to attend the class since day one. I always peep from outside the glass wall. And those people were very focus on what were they doing. The instructor on the stage was teaching and motivating the team.

This was my first class to TRX, so what is TRX? It's a type of exercise...

So if you are the member of FF... do try out the TRX exercise. It's nice and you would be able to have a total body workout... 

Monday, May 16, 2011

Gepai Waterfall @ Bidor

There was one of the weekend in April, i went to Bidor with my friends on the Bidor Marathon... The Marathon has introduced a very nice and kind of untouched waterfall in the vicinity of Bidor area.

We drove into a village road to explore the run tracks for 21KM... We ended up in a very attractive waterfall. Watch my first Vlog eh~

So what you think about the waterfall... nice?

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Looking forward for...

Sunset by the beach
Bar and Restaurant by the beach
Sandy Beach
Sunset by the beach
So are you looking forward for a beach vacation... I always do... these pictures taken while i was having a short weekend getaway @ Damai Laut Perak.

What is your vacation plan?

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Blogger Recommended editor NOT working

I kept getting the loading icon in the new Blogger recommended editor. Because of the loading icon, i could not write anything on the editor. It's seems like loading something at the background.... When it will stop? Hmmm... I have no idea.

So i when into the help forum and realized that i was not the only one. After searching the on the help forum, I followed the forum recommended to switch back to the old editor and i managed to update my blog. I think something must has been changed and caused the whole blogger community are not able to update their blog via Blogger New Editor.

This is what i got... if you can see the loading icon in the center of the editor... it was spinning and spinning and spinning non stop!

I have no choice but changing on the setting back to old editor in order to write this post. Do you face the same issue as me?

Ps: click here to the help forum on this issue

Thursday, May 5, 2011

What to write?

It's 12:47am now... not sure what to write?

Picture adapted from ideachampions.com

Write about ghost story... Hmmm... NOT INTERESTED~
Write about how fat am i ... Hmmm.... READER WILL GET BORED~
Write about work... hmmm.... BORING~
Write about food... hmmm.... PEOPLE COMPLAINT MAKE THEM FAT~
Write about travel... hmmm... PEOPLE WILL SAY " NO NEED TO WORK"~
Write about emo... hmmm.... DON'T THINK WILL BE MORE EMO THAN SOMEONE~
Write about compliants... hmmm... TZ ALWAYS COMPLAINT... SIGH~
Write about enjoying life... hmmm... MAKE PEOPLE JEALOUS LATER... HOW?~

So, what to write?

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

76 --> 82

what is the difference between 82 and 76? i think everyone know about this, it's a simple calculation... Yup it's 6.

Guess what? I gained 6kg after i joined this new company... Less gym time for me and more food intake. My office is equipped with all you can drink cold and hot beverage (coffee, tea or me, milo etc), the cafeteria is just downstair, so convenient... Every evening, nice crispy fried bananas and lots of snacks too. So, I could not resist on those nice yummy drink and food.

So now, average how many kg per day i gain from Jan 10th until today? Anyone can calculate?

Anyway, the point is not how much i gained, the point is how much could i lose in the following months. Easy to gain but hard to lose... sad sad.

Help! Help! Who has the good method to lose weights?
I don't want to be like

Picture adapted from articles.nydailynews.com

Monday, May 2, 2011

Rio Angry Bird

On March 2011, there is another set of story came out ... no longer piggy stole the eggs. This round the angry birdies were shipped to Rio. Brazil.

I have downloaded the RIO Angry bird free version. It's nice to play... Hmmm... Should i buy the full version for USD0.99?