Thursday, December 6, 2012

On the Road

i was busy focusing on my new job in a new group. at the same time i was in and out of the airport and on road trip starting October. When i was having a conversation with my trip to Bangkok this evening, made me realized i have abondened my blog for quite some time. So here i am again... writing on my blog from the city of angel.

Greeting from the Land of Smile.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Busy vs Lazy

Work has been making me busy for the past few months... is there true? Or i was being lazy to update my blog. Anyway, I shall kick start to update my blog regularly again. 5 elements of My Life has been accompanied me for 4 and half years. and it was there when i was having quite a number ups and downs... guess what? Readers of 5 Elements of My Life have supported me to get over those hurdles and challenges. 

Stay tune eh, i will be back soon... 

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Happy Malaysia Day

OOPS~ Wrong Flag >.<

Friday, September 7, 2012

NIKE We Run 10K KL 2012 registration

captured from Nike Facebook page
September 7th 2012 - The popular We Run KL is back... The registration has open its business since 9am, thousands over people have rushed into the system to register. The system was jammed and many bugs has emerged as the time went by... Lots of complains have been launched in the Nike Running Malaysia Facebook page (1,600+ comments as of 2:30pm) i believe the comments will increase from time to time. 

Is the application FIT to use is one of my first question? Why i say so... 
  1. There are bugs which shown that the system was not test properly prior to the launch. (I have tried at least 10 attempts and so so soooo frustrated cause every time i have to start all over again)
  2. The system obviously didn't go through the performance testing, front end failed, database failed and connection failed. 
  3. The most important piece which is the payment gateway. Is this reliable? Are the registration accepted after we gotten the transaction from Bank and IPay88? No one come out to give the public an answer. (My two transaction went through but I'm not sure my friend and I were in or not)
  4. No FAQ publish to answer some of the common questions... I looked at this as the pre-launch preparation failure. Why? Cause the have anticipate thousands of people will rush in and register, why can't they take some action to make this more smoother. We run Singapore has a different approach...
Anyway, I was struggling a few hours to connect but at last only managed to registered one of my friend and I (two participants) ... I have another two more to go - Sigh~ Guess What? One of my friend actually say 

Do you agree with him?

To the organizer a.k.a NIKE, 
You are not only wasted our time on the registration but you also wasted all the financial banking call center resources to answer those users' call regarding the failed transaction from your payment gateway (iPay88). I was having the conversation with my bank call center and they told me they could not do anything as they have approved and transfered the amount to NIKE via IPay-88. If the registration failed, how would you gonna to compensate us all these time and effort loss? Can we sue you for RM10K compensate? :p

Anyone else managed to register the run?

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Camwhore @ Patong Beach, Phuket

I was traveling to Phuket, Thailand on Summer 2012... 

Read carefully - Dangerous! Strong current NO swimming here.
You may walk...
Pose Pose here and Pose Pose there
Pinch the Sun
Walking on the sea bed during the sunset
Jump Jump pose
Of cause not as good as SmashPoP
but i'm learning
That's all folks... Till then stay tune with my blog eh~

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Buff, Lean and Flexi

The Personal Trainer (PT) who trained me since March has decided to move on and he has resigned from Fitness First One MK to pursue his new career... Air Steward. 

Anyway, I changed to another PT who has even more years of experience. Last Tuesday was the first session. He was asking me what i would like to achieve. I told him... 

  1. Six Packs
  2. Strong legs and bigger lower body (someone comment my upper body was too big to match with my lower body. So sad eh~ )
  3. Have a nice cut on the arms. Those drooling arm. 

Then my new PT commented ... "Buff, Lean and Flexi"  
He told me he wanna to plan to buff me up a bit by further reducing my current 14% fat... Usually a buff and lean person might not have a good flexibility of his body, so he also plan some exercise to strength my joint and make sure i have flexibility on my body and not walking like a ROBOT.

Before our new training chapter begins, he did two assessments on me... 
  • Weight me with the electronic weighing machine that shown the % of fat etc.
  • Planned exercises with total body workout to be the benchmark of the first day.

So, i finished the all the exercises within an hour... And we marked down all the reps vs time. Like total push up within 30 sec. etc. Guess how many push up i did for 30sec? Interesting eh~

Anyway, for the whole day today i was dreaming to have RAIN's body :p

Can i achieve?

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Michelin Energy XM2 - good for Malaysia drivers?

After ran over the Malaysia Boleh potholes the night before, all the 4 tyres of my car have been replaced with Michelin Energy XM2... Nice to drive but yet to test on the wet and slippery road. Michelin has claimed that Energy XM2 are more durable, better grip and more important it's potholes resistance and tested...

Everyone knows there are so so so many 1Malaysia potholes or Malaysia Boleh potholes scattered around the city of Potholes. This is the type of tyres we should have when we drive in the city of potholes. LoL.

Picture adapted from The Star Online
Potholes @ Persiaran Surian
I found an article in Stars stated how dangerous is potholes @ Persiaran Surian, those potholes caused my tyre flatten and made me change the tyre :(  Just wonder how the lovely government going to close this issue?

Anyway, I was lucky as i was not riding a bike otherwise i would have injured and might be said goodbye to this world. 

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Flat Tyre

Picture from
Have you gotten a flat tyre before? What would you do when you have a flat tyre?
1. Call AAM
2. Call friends to help
3. Call siblings
4. Do it yourself

Which is your answer?

I have a flat tyre on my way back from the Curve after my gym and snack last night. It was around 10pm. I was driving and suddenly i heard a very loud sound and my steering was tilt towards the left side of the car. So i quickly on the signal and stopped by the road... Oh no the tyre has just flatten. 


Without wasting anytime, I transfered my laptop bag inside the car from the trunk, got hold of all the tools. And kick start the project. 

The first thing i need to do is to locate the connector under the car to hold the Jack. 

After i located the connector, i jacked up the car with the Jack and the given tools. Next was the unscrew part, unscrewing the 4 tighten nuts from the flat tyre was not an easy job. You need strength and tools. I was using leg to step, arm to pull to unscrew all 4 nuts. 

Took out the flatten tyre and tried to fit the spare tyre on to the ring. The car was not high enough to place the spare tyre. So i continued to jack up the car until the spare tyre fit into the ring. Screwed the 4 nuts and made sure all the nuts were tighten. Again i have to use arm and leg to tighten the nuts. Of cause with the tools... 

Anyway, it was a second workout for me and guess what? I figured out this was another type of workout which i wet my whole polo shirt and i felt the whole body muscle being worked out after i completed the project a.k.a changing the tyre.

I drove home safely "HOME SWEET HOME"

Monday, August 13, 2012

Horoscope said

This is not in an ideal situation for you to advance your hopes and wishes. There will be more setbacks than usual and it's unlikely that you'll make much headway. Practice patience - better times are ahead. Use this opportunity to learn all you can from the setbacks and make sure you don't make the same mistake twice. Should fate conspire against you again, remember that you can't force fate; perhaps it's that she has something better in store for you.

Do you believe what the Horoscope said?

Monday, July 23, 2012

Starbucks Cyberjaya

July 9th 2012 marked a new milestone for the development of Cyberjaya community... Guess what? My dream came through and the Starbie in Cyberjaya finally started their operation. Too bad the boss of the Starbie Cyberjaya is NOT me. Sad eh~

Anyway, i was the first person to get the coffee from Starbie Cyberjaya among my team. For the first week opening promotion / special, they gave a free donut when you purchased drink via the Drive Thru.

Americano + Donut (Free)
Drive Thru order counter / machine
It's so convenience with the Drive Thru. I don't need to get down my car just to purchase a cup of coffee but the damage is one drive through i need to spend at least RM6.35... price to pay for the convenience.

I was given a huge Starbie Sticker  on the first visit. In summary, i got a free donut and a free Drive Thru Sticker. What i will get with the big sticker?

Drive Thru Sticker - get something if spent RM25 and above
Last but not least, this is how the Cyberjaya Starbie looks like... pay a visit to the outlet if you were there eh~ Hey there is one more things, they serve hot food a.k.a pasta. I yet to try them, i heard the Cyberjaya outlet is the only outlet serve hot food at this moment. Try it eh~

Starbie @ Cyberjaya

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Are Lemons come from Lemongrass?

There is one statement from a young teen who was talking to his friend about Lemon and Lemongrass. I overheard their conversation and i was shocked with the statement...

"Lemon is from Lemongrass", Lemon is the fruits and Lemongrass is the leaves... I was starting to laugh out loud. Hey man, how can Lemon is from Lemongrass? Although Lemongrass do contain the word Lemon.

This is a LEMON
picture adapted from
So, how does the Lemongrass looks like?

This is Lemongrass
Picture adapted from
So, now if Lemon come from Lemongrass... where can you see the Lemon... Buried in the soil like Potatoes? Luckily the person did not continue to say that... *sweat

It's sad that the new generation do not have a good general knowledge on what is surrounding them... they hardly read other than what published inside Facebook... Please do not assume that Lemongrass should be the tree for producing Lemon. Just because the Lemongrass have the word of Lemon... LoL

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Wei Bu Toong Seafood Restaurant

Last Sunday, July 1st 2012 was my dad's birthday. Since dad is a birthday boy on that day... Mom and I asking dad to choose what he likes to have for either dinner or lunch.

At the end, dad chosen Wei Bu Toong Seafood Restaurant located near Kepong area... initially i don't know how to get there but with the help of Google Maps. I managed to find the way and brought my dad to the restaurant.

Dad's ordered three dishes and two big rice to share out...

Seafood Tofu
Vietnamese Style Prawn

Last but not least, the main purpose we went to the restaurant... Overall, the crabs are quite okay, only one crab was slightly not fresh...

Steam Crab
So, it's time to start the guessing game... How much does it cost for the meal, three dishes, two rice and a pot of tea, What do you think?

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

July 1st ...

Last Sunday, July 1st 2012, there were three events that i know off ....

#1 - My dad's birthday

#2 - The Canada day (Oh Canada... )

#3 - Hong Kong handover to China on July 1st 1997, 15 year ago. If you wanna to watch the full video clip on the Hong Kong Handover Ceremony... here

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Rainforest World Music Festival 2012 (RWMF)

I have been talking about going to the Rainforest World Music Festival since decade ago...  Very sad to say i haven't visited the RWMF yet. Last year, i told my Sarawakian friend that i wanna to plan to visit the RWMF this year. Emm.... Nothing happen as i kind of forgot the event until recently i saw this poster.

Picture adapted from
Surprisingly no radio station talking about this event and not much people promoting about it. So, now it's too late for me to get the flight ticket, hotel accommodation and the entrance ticket to the RWMF 2012. I bet there still have the package but it should be costing a bomb... Maybe i should plan in ahead for RWMF 2013 then... Anyone can offer me a stay in Kuching?

BTW, anyone going for RWMF 2012?

Monday, July 2, 2012

Political Tsunami

Most of you must be thinking i will write about Malaysia General Election related post eh~ You are wrong! I'm not going to write about our lovely government or those useless and useful Members of Parliament etc etc... So please do not arrest me eh~

Politician is not a job which only exists in a country... it's a globalized job and exists in everywhere... it exists in a big family, a small company, a big corporation, a country and maybe in the future it exists in space too like Star Treks... Muahahaha!!

Anyway, I'm about to tell you some story which happen in the big corporation. CHANGE is a constant  in a big corporation especially the multinational company. Almost everyone in the big corporation has to learn how to be politician. True or Not? Those who work in big corporation, are you a politician?

Recently one of my colleague got switched within 24 hours from Project Manager to Business Analyst, according to her project team members, she is doing very well on managing the project, in fact she has managed the project for couples of months since the project kicked started. The management just decided to place a new / inexperience PM to the project just because the new PM requests... (Good luck to the team)... Anyway, i weren't wanna to get myself involve into this kind of matter. So i will not write more about this... It's kind of scary as i don't know when would be my turn as i am new to this group. 

Again, I have to stress CHANGE is constant in the big corporation... So no matter how, we need to get ourselves prepare to undertake the Tsunami which might or will sweep away our career... Are you prepare to undertake / avoid the political Tsunami?

Friday, June 29, 2012

Patong Beach - No Swimming please!

There were lots of these flags along the beach to warn people not to swim due to the strong current.
By the way, the warning flag actually stated "Dangerous Strong Current, No swimming here" I did not swam but was walking and taking photo with the red flag. Is this okay?

Thursday, June 28, 2012

RPM with Izwan

My PT has restricted me to have only one cardio exercise per week. So i choose my RPM on every Thursday. Today, my ex-colleagues cemek has decided to join me on RPM.

Izwan was our instructor for RPM @ Fitness First Manulife. I registered for his class when the RPM registration just opened. Therefore, i gotten my regular bicycle which is facing Izwan. In short, he could see me and i could see him clearly especially adjusting the resistant.

Class started around 7:05pm... he announced that this was the last week to play the new release i.e. RPM 55. I wasn't sure others RPMer whether they have fed up with the track... But for me this is new as i was not able to attend any RPM class last week. 

Among the track... my favorite is track 2 with this song

I became center of attention as today i cycled energetic and fast... So, Izwan kept challenging me to put on more load aka increase the resistance... now i feel the soreness on my leg. 

But anyhow, it's a nice class with the humorous instructor.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Phi Phi Island Snorkeling + camwhoring

Last Saturday, as we were in Phuket, we signed up for the day trip to Phi Phi island... visited the Maya Beach... Phi Phi island etc.

The trip to Phi Phi Don and Ley took around 1hr 15 mins. Along the way there is nothing to view... all of the sudden when we about to reach, we could see a huge island with a very unique landscape. Unfortunately i don't have the picture of the scenery due to my camera has broken. Sad eh~ Anyway, My friend gotten all the nice shots :)

Thanks to my friend, i was able to camwhore in the water @ Phi Phi island...

TZ with snorkeling mask
Bubble + Butt = Bubble Butt... Agree?
Strong Current - Up and down like roller coaster
TZ swam like a fish and swam together with the fishes
Did you see any fish? How about the orange fish... Handsome or not?
Last but not least...
A two thumbs up for Medie007, took such a nice camwhore picture of me
That's all folks... Stay tune for more on Phuket Trip posts :p

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

On the broken camera ...

Things happened exactly like few years back when i was in Kijal Awana... heading to a nice beach area which could take lots of nice Sunset pictures... Kaboom~ it dropped and broke....

Day before...

I was wondering whether i should bring my usual lowpro camera bag with cushion or just a sling back and place into the big bag... My decision was the sling back. Another thought came to me that should i place a sweater at the bottom of the sling bag to serve as the cushion. At the end i skipped that thought... Sigh~

On the day...

My flight was 7:25am and was a bit sleepy as i left for the airport on 4:30am. Checked-in, bought a coffee and sat @ Starbie to chill out before walking into the departure hall. When i was approaching the security check and i brought out my small camera bag from the bigger bag... my hand slipped and the bag dropped on the floor. The lens was detached from the body because one of the plastic has destroyed. I was like kept saying "Shit Shit Shit"... Anyway, I could not do anything but taking the camera with me and lot it in the safe while i was in Phuket... Sad~

Now, i need to send my baby to Nikon for repair, hopefully they won't charge me a bomb...

Folks no nice pictures from me for my Phuket Trip... I was using my Galaxy Notes to take picture only.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Free Sex Show (SX18)

This post that you are about to view may contain content only suitable for adults. If you are under 18, click here.

Otherwise, please proceed...

My friend and I went for a short trip to Langkawi and managed to visit the Kilim GeoPark Langkawi. We gotten the chance to go into swampy area which lived by lots of different communities. Our boat took a pit stop @ one of the monkeys communities led by the king of monkeys, SunWuKong 孙悟空

SunWuKong 孙悟空
Ya right? as if we really met SunWuKong 孙悟空.  LOL...

Anyway, our tour guide has explained all about the monkeys and its communities

  1. how the monkeys survive in the swampy area 
  2. what is their food source 
  3. ... blah blah blah...

Last but not least, he touched about the sexual topic on how sexually active are those monkeys and how the male search for sex from the female, how long the sex would last and so on.

Few minutes after his explanation... the monkey started to provide us a free live show. Hey, is that our luck to have the free show?

Monkeys are having sex
zoom in version

Anyone of you view this scene before?

Sunday, June 24, 2012


When you travel to any of the country... if you looking for affordable food, where you usually will go?

I usually will go over to the MarketPlace... a local place where you could get local delicacy with reasonable price. I managed to snapshot some of the picture to share with you when i was visiting the MarketPlace @ Sukhothai, Thailand. 

MarketPlace @ Sukhothai, Thailand
Inside Market Place
Food Store by the MarketPlace, what she sells?
Tada... she sells Thai Porridge... Yummy~
So, we had the street food while we were in Thailand... The street food in Thailand is nice and yummy~ Not to mention it's cheap too... shhhhh... cannot say too loud otherwise my next visit the lady will charge me double :p

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Mekong Delta : Rice Paper Making

August 2011, I took a 10 days trip to Vietnam largest city i.e. Ho Chih Ming City (HCMC). The whole trip was a free and easy... with half day walking tour of HCMC daily and spent the rest of the day sitting in the cafe and enjoy the coffee and its environment...

Anyway, I managed to sign myself up with a full day trip to the Mekong Delta, the important delta in Vietnam that produces most of its agricultural product. 

BTW, do you like the vietnamese spring rolls? This is how they make the rice paper for spring rolls...

I was glad to see how they made the rice paper, before the trip i don't even have any idea what ingredient made up the rice paper, I only tasted the Vietnamese Spring Rolls which is one of my favorite. Now we know eh~ 

Friday, June 22, 2012

Phuket, Thailand 2012

Hurray... I'm in Phuket Thailand for my weekend get away from the city of... 
1. Potholes
2. Haze
3. Cronies
4. Selfish Drivers

What should i do for the next three days? Hmmm. maybe snorkeling, canoeing, partying and drinking... etc. 

Snorkeling @ Phi Phi Island
Oct 2007
Phuket Town
Oct 2007
Stay tune with the latest picture from my 2012 trip eh~

Thursday, June 21, 2012


Last Saturday, i went for my PT session and realized i forgot to bring an extra fresh underwear... Oops! Of cause, I was not gonna to wear the sweaty underwear after the gym. What choice did i have? Hmmm.... I don't have any choice...

So I decided to go freeballing... It was my first freeballing in the public. I felt so insecure and naked too. Moreover, the down under feel so cooling when I walked over from 1MK to Plaza Mont Kiara to get my lunch before heading back home. I was so conscious while crossing the road,  walking towards Subway to buy my lunch. Don't know how the surrounding people look at me... I don't know how to describe but it was not a good feeling indeed.

Anyway, anyone have done this before and mind to share?

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Is METROBUS in Kuala Lumpur (KL) safe?

How safe is KL public transportation? I mean buses, taxis... Anyone?

I was nearly hit by the bus at the junction of Taman Rainbow and Jalan Ipoh...

How it happen?
I stopped and waited for the traffic light to turn green so that i could turn into Jalan Ipoh. It was June 17th 2012 around 3:10pm (Sunday afternoon), there was this reckless bus driver whom driving the METROBUS BJE6767. He DID NOT STOP even the traffic lights has turned red at his side more than one minutes. He accelerated and passed through the junction super fast . Luckily, i was a bit slow this evening to go out to the main road, otherwise i would be hit by the bus and high chances might not be able to write this post as the bus will hit my car side way on where i sat. My mom and i were shocked... It was a near missed.

Dear Minister of Transportation, before you encourage people go to work by bus, go out to the city by bus, please please and please make sure the drivers of the bus are not those reckless and ignorant on people safety...

I really disappointed on what happen to the situation in Malaysia... There are so many accident cases involved buses but i didn't see the Ministry of Transportation taking any serious action. I think we really need a drastic change to make this country a better place to live... what do you think?

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

bubble butt

There was one night as i was whatapps-ing with one of my lady friend. We were discussing on gym thingy. She has signed up 50 sessions with one of the PT in her gym. At that time, i was just planning to sign up my first 30 sessions. I was asking her opinion which part should i plan to improve with my  PT the moment i signed up the sessions. So, i told her my improvement plan
  1. Get rid of the fat surrounding the waist
  2. Tone up the whole body
  3. Get a six packs abs
  4. Get a nice cut arms
  5. Get a firm and bubble butt
Guess what? my friend told me i don't need to work on item #5... she said my butt is nice already... luckily it's not a face to face conversation, otherwise i will definitely *blush blush* 

Anyway, i didn't know my butt attracts attention too... 

Monday, June 18, 2012

Hazy days @ Kuala Lumpur

Our yearly best friend Mr. Haze and his family comes to visit Kuala Lumpur. The whole KL is covered by Mr. Haze family for the past few days... And now it's getting worst. Not sure how many days more Mr. Haze will off from KL...

KL View with Mr. Haze and his family
Are you able to locate the lovely landmark of Kuala Lumpur aka the Petronas Twin Tower? Look at the picture below...
KL view on clear day
Folks please do take care yourself, drink more water and get more rest... Don't do too much of outdoor activities eh~ No Running please!

Mr. Haze and Family... please leave us and give us back the clearer day eh~

Sunday, June 17, 2012

30 PT Session completed

Yesterday marked the completion of my 30 Personal Training (PT) session. Do i got the body as what i wanted? 

Picture adapted from
Unfortunately i still don't have the body like RAIN, the korean celebrity... whom almost everyone admire his nice and defined body... imagine TZ has this body... wow~ *Slap slap TZ*
I'm asking myself on how long more should i have to go on diet, extensive exercise with PT... In the first place, can i get there or not?... 

One of my friend teased me that i will NOT be able to get this body. He asked me to forget on working hard to achieve it... why? According to him, due to my age, it's not easy or impossible to get what RAIN has... Sad right?  

Anyway, i wanted to proof my friend wrong and started to work hard to reach my goal i.e. gain 6 pack @ the abs. I have renew another 30 PT session until end of this year. 

Do you think i could do it?

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Oh my English

There was this short clip regarding how to speak proper English in TVIQ. Let's learn proper English...

Please do not CHOP the letter eh~

Can i borrow you to wash my car?

When people ask you follow the car... don't follow eh~

hahaha... i think better use Switch On your laptop if not the person turn on instead...:p

We need to be very careful when talking to the people from other countries especially we are working in the globalization environment now... so if you say please chop the letter for me... later people though you are going to have pork chop, chicken chop or lamb chop... LoL.

Friday, June 15, 2012

You're not a robot...

I bet all of you commenters should have familiar with this word "Please prove you're not a robot" then follow with a bunch of black color joined characters with a blur image with numbers to ask the commenters to verify.

Since the day before yesterday, my commenters have started complaining about the verification which they definitely are NOT robot... Moreover, sometime the word was not so obvious, so they need to try more than once to get the comment published.

Anyway, i have taken away the verification and hopefully the robot will NOT attack my lovely blog eh~. So, please come back to comment on my blog eh~

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Two Pandas loan from China

The Stars newspaper published on June 11th 2012 7:11pm - "China to loan two pandas to Malaysia for 10 years". According to the news, it will bring good to Malaysia for 
  • The Stars : To get better relationship between Malaysia and China in order to bring more China investor to Malaysia and boast our lovely country economic
    • TZ : How much our lovely country needs to invest to host the pandas and what is the Return on Investment (ROI). Is this worth to invest?
  • The Starts : To enable Malaysia to conduct conservation research on the giant panda
    • TZ:  I don't see any benefit in Malaysia as we don't have pandas. If the lovely government stated to conduct conservation research on Malaya Sun Bear. Then i still see some benefit to the scientists and the nations. BTW, if they wanna study Panda, why can't the country send the selected scientists over to China, i bet the expenses will be way lower than hosting the two pandas.
  • The Stars : Promote public awareness on Panda conservation undertaken by China.
    • TZ : I don't see any benefit to Malaysia and its people. 
  • The Stars : Encourage the public to appreciate and learn the importance of biodiversity and wildlife conservation of Malaysia.
    • TZ : There are many more Wildlife in Malaysia needed funding to setup conservation.. Why not promoting helping these wildlife e.g. Malaya Sun Bear... how many of you know that the Malaya Sun bear actually originated from Malaysia/Borneo. I believe the Sun Bear conservation would also be able to encourage the public to appreciate and learn the importance of wildlife conservation of Malaysia. But very sad these wildlife conservation do not get as much funding as our lovely government plans to spend on the two pandas.
In this case, I'm really disappointed how our lovely government plan to use our hard earned money aka tax payer money to fund the unnecessary items which DO NOT BENEFIT the nation. There are lots more that we need funding but never gotten any... Sigh~ 

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Great Place to Work (GPTW)

Are you working at the Great Place To Work listed company?

There is an organization called Great Place To Work Institute will have the survey yearly to see which company gotten the GPTW of the year... meaning number one in the world for Great Place to Work. 

Anyone wanna guess which company gotten the #1 Great Place To Work company in year 2011? Of cause not the 1Malaysia store Blek~ Anyway, not sure who will be the #1 Great Place To Work company for year 2012... you wanna make a guess?

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Prometheus @ TGV Club Sunway Pyramid

Last Saturday night or should i say last Sunday... why? Cause the movie starts @ 12:30am.

Last Sunday early morning, I was watching the Prometheus with my friends @ TGV Club Sunway Pyramid. The movie ticket is RM25 per pax. Yup! it's expensive so i always have a thought that it's overrated and not value for money.

Anyway, the different between the TGV Club and the normal TGV cinema is 
  1. No need to line up for tickets. 
  2. No need to standing around the entrance waiting for the number to be light up. 
  3. No need to line up for food and drinks. Just order and the food/drink will be served.
  4. More room for leg and the seat is more comfortable. 
  5. The price of cause is more expensive, it's double the normal TGV cinema.
  6. No kiddos shouting "mama this, papa that"... I wondered how much is the ticket for kiddo.
When we arrived, the cinema was not ready... We were waiting at the designated lounge. It's so quiet. No wonder my friend told me after i tried it first time, i will like the TGV Club... It's true i love it already... 

TGV Club lounge
Okay enough of TGV Club... back to the Prometheus... I don't really enjoy the movie as i don't really like those movie with disgusting and darker scenes like the previous movie Aliens#1,2,3... so on. So the Prometheus is about the same scene as Aliens. I don't want to be a spoiler, i know a lot of you might not have watched this movie...

I got mixed comments on this movie from friends before and after i watched, so not sure whether it's recommended or not. Anyhow, this is just not my cup of tea... the only thing i enjoyed is the graphic... not to mention the nice TGV Club environment :p

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Google Earth go 3D on Mobile

Guess what?

Google Earth go 3D on Mobile... Have you install the apps in your phone? 
Unfortunately the Google Earth mobile apps is not available in Malaysia... Why? why?

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Euro 2012

Recently i just switched to a team that working closely with the European. My boss reside in UK and my program manager reside in Ireland. I have switched from IT Senior Project Manager to Business Senior Project Manager. Hurray!

It has been 1 week I have been working with the European... guess what? They are looking forward on the Euro cup 2012 which has kicked off by now.

I need to follow closely on the Euro Cup 2012 as this will be the hot topic to talk about before meetings... 
Anyone of you is the follower of the Euro Cup 2012?

Friday, June 8, 2012

Male on the left, female on the right please!

Male and female separation
I went for London, the Summer Musical last Sunday. In order to go into the Amphitheater, we need to take a train from this train station. On the entry to the station, there were two sign with MALE and FEMALE.

Yup~ Male please proceed to the left and Female please proceed to the right. Of course i went over to the left and stood there.

Staff : Sir, you can stand over there *pointed to the other side (i.e. Female side).
Me: Hmmm... The side is for female, right?
Staff: *look at me with a blur look... huh? Don't worry you can stand there...
Me: Did you see the sign on the pillar... Male is on this side and Female on the other side.
Staff: Sir, the sign is for toilet on the side...
Me: hehehe... I know... just wanna to pull your leg. LoL....
Staff: *laugh...

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Sumsung Galaxy S3

Few years back, people lined up for phone starts with "i"... today people line up for "s"... what next? Maybe they line up for phone start with "tz"... muhahaha...

My friend gotten the Galaxy S3 on last Sunday and he straightaway signed 2 years contract with Maxis... Wow~ Now the market shifting towards Samsung. I bought my Samsung Galaxy Notes last February and i'm happy with it... guess what? It's very common nowadays...

The latest Galaxy S3
Last Monday, i went out with this friend of mine and we popped into the latest TGIF outlet in Paradigm. Understand from the bartender, the outlet in Paradigm is the smallest outlet... but this is very cozy though. We have a quick chat and the bartender offered to make us his signature drinks aka Green Dinosaur. 

Later, the other to be bartender helped to take this pictures with my friend's latest Galaxy S3... 

Having the bartender signature drink - Green Dinosour
You must be wondering why the picture was not sharp but a bit blur... The blur picture was NOT because of the Sumsung Galaxy S3 feature, this was because the new Galaxy S3 was covered with a piece of plastic, and there was another layer on the camera. So the picture looked so blur... sigh~

Anyway, after seeing the first hand of the Sumsung Galaxy S3... I think this phone is a good buy compare to iPhone 4s. What do you think?

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

On attending Wedding @ Dengkil

Bahija and I were having an invitation to one of our mutual friends or i should say a x-colleagues of us wedding in Dengkil last Sunday. It was a wedding held in the groom's parents house.

I picked up Bahija and headed to Dengkil via MEX highway. We arrived Dengkil around 1:30pm... But we only arrived at the wedding venue @ 2:30pm. Not that Dengkil is very big... Why? we were lost, yup lost in the small town. The address stated Jalan Air Hitam bt2, desa timah langat. So we googled on the ultimate GOOGLE MAP... the result returned 4 Jalan Air Hitam at different part of the town. So we went through each of the Jalan Air Hitam found in the map. No Luck!

At the end, we used the oldest way to find direction i.e. asking around and we gotten the direction. So one key learning, better asking and trust the locals rather than our friendly GOOGLE MAP :p In fact, our GOOGLE MAP was not that friendly in Kampungs (aka villages).

Finally we found the place and the moment we walked in, the groom i.e. Hairul, our x-colleagues saw us and waved at us. what a relieved... Luckily the food was nice, the decoration was very impressive as it was done by the groom himself. Talented guy eh~ ;-)

the wedding luncheon
Unfortunately the weather was too hot to enjoy the luncheon. I was sweating and sweating and sweating... As a result, Bahija and I decided to make a move, too hot to stay long.

We quickly took a few shots with the bride and the groom... left the place @ 3:15pm.

photo with Bride and Groom