Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Starbie 2011 planner

Everyone in my office was so envy on my starbie 2010 planner... 

Guess what? The starbie 2011 planner has came out...I started to collect the stamps last week after i saw the 2011 planner from Little Gray Dot's blog... How to collect the stamps? 

Starbie will issue you a card to collect 12 stamps. Everytime you purchase a size Grande and above drink from the menu. You are entitled to earn a stamp. So they will stamp it in this card.

So far i have earned 6 stamps... 1/2 way to get the Starbie 2011 planner 

Are you planning to get the Starbie 2011 planner? Let's start collecting eh~

Monday, November 29, 2010

On Meeting Mr. Potter

Few friends and I have decided to pay a visit to e@curve to meet Mr. Potter. Given that Mr. Potter is a very busy person... he has setup many slots in a day just to let people meeting him. We managed to get the appointment @ 2:45pm. 

Guess what? Two of my friends are the royal fans of Mr. Potter, they have been follow on Mr. Potter foot print since day one... Errrr... maybe we should say they have been stalking Mr. Potter since day 1,  so they were so keen to meet Mr. Potter once they know that Mr. Potter is in e@Curve... as for me i just went along the flow and get this opportunity to meet Mr. Potter too. 

At 2:45pm : The meeting started... This was a long meeting as the meeting lasted until 5:15pm... It was about 2.5 hours meeting. During the meeting i felt asleep few times as the meeting was a bit boring... But the meeting getting more and more interesting when more action kicked in. Unfortunately, we need another meeting in the near future to draw the conclusion. So i'm not sure when we can meet Mr. Potter again.. hopefully Mr. Potter can address the outcome of the whole meeting in the next meet up eh~

If you haven't meet Mr. Potter... Do meet him up in these few weeks eh~ Before he flown away. Make an appointment as early as possible to avoid disappointment eh~

Picture adapted from megarelease.net

Friday, November 26, 2010

Beeping UFO

Anyone know what is this for?

A. This is for communicating with UFO
B. This is to chase away the cockroaches and insects
C. This is the next generation phone chargers (just place your phone on top and charge)
D. This is an air refreshened 
E. None of the above

If you choose E, please explain what is this for and how it works? 

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Plan for Countdown 2011...

Another one more month, we will have to say goodbye to year 2010 and welcome 2011. I belief most of you have already had planned to celebrate the countdown... 

I haven't had any plan yet... don't know what and how to celebrate. 

Do you have any plan?

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Aman Suria : Wan Tan Mee

Since my office is very near to Aman Suria, the food paradise. Last week, my colleagues bought me to this nice Wan Tan Mee located @ 747 kopitiam.  

Did you see the nice juicy pork... Yum Yum...

The stall that serve the nice and yummy Wan Tan Mee

I'm drooling and my stomach is making noise now. Anyway, i will not have this fattening food for my snack. Okay it's time to have salad as my snack now. Ciao~

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Are you thirsty?

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Relaxing Weekend @ Penang

Nov 19th - We left Penang on Friday evening after Thursday camp out in the office to ensure the system is good to go... Anyway, not sure exactly what has happened to the system as i haven't had a chance to talk to my colleagues. I have a peaceful and relaxing weekend getaway in Penang although it was a short one. The drive from KL to Penang was so challenging as it rained from KL to Taiping. At the end we reached Penang and checked into the hotel.

Nov 20th - Because of the work late the week before and the day before Friday, i was so tired... ended up i slept most of the time during the weekend... So i didn't visit any place in Penang other than Hard Rock Hotel / Cafe for dinner.

Nov 21st - Left Penang @ about 1pm and arrived KL @ 4:30pm... it was a bumper to bumper drive with slow morning traffic some part of the North South Highway. But we were so luck as few of my friends left few hours later than us and still on their way back...

Drive Safely...

Friday, November 19, 2010

Penang Penang Here i Come ...

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tired and speechless...

Another few more days the system is going to live... There are still so much unrested portion. Can we manage to complete on time to roll out the system? Errr... It's hard to say...

Anyway, the whole team have been working hand in hand to place this system together. Just a couple of days to go. Let's do it team~

Okay better hit the bed now. Going to the gym tomorrow morning cause don't think I have time in the evening... Ciao~

Have great Tuesday eh~

Monday, November 15, 2010

Soup @ EspresSOUP

Have you tasted the clam chowder in San Francisco? Yes/No? You may taste the nice clam chowder in your neighborhood now... There are 8 outlets of EpresSOUP in surrounding Klang Valley that ofter nice soup...  

Last weekend, i went with my friends to the EpresSOUP for a quick bites after gym. The outlet that i went to is located in MPH the Curve. The layout of the shop is cozy, simple and nice. 

There are few variety of soup to choose from... vegetarian, meaty etc... I ended up chosen the Clam Chowder as i missed the Clam Chowder that i have eaten in Fisherman Wharf, San Francisco few years back. 

The Clam Chowder served in freshly baked bread

Broke the bread and let the soup flowed out. Do you see the clam?

TZ has attacked half of the bread and soup... Yummy~

We also ordered a chicken salad to share... but the salad looked good. Unfortunately it didn't taste good. The leaves was not fresh and the whole salad was so watery. In addition, the salad taste so salty... So i would NOT recommend the chicken salad. Yet to order the other salad dish. Anyway, the EpresSoup really need to improve their chicken salad. *Two Thumb Down*

it looked nice but taste was disappointed

Anyway, I would recommend their soup dishes. The rest of the dishes i couldn't comment as i haven't tried yet. So if you have been to espresSOUP and tasted their soup or others dishes... don't mind sharing with us eh~ :)

Now, are you hungry?

Saturday, November 13, 2010

How to stop an unstoppable?

Hold on... I will tell you how to stop an unstoppable? I'm waiting for the movie to get stated. Another 2 more minutes, the movie will be started.

Stay tune for my review eh~

Thursday, November 11, 2010


Anyone going to participate on the Penang Bridge International Marathon (PBIM) next weekend. The hotels in Penang seem fully book already. Luckily i was able to book a hotel. Will be travel with my friend on next Friday and will be hanging out in Penang for a day before the run.... 

if you haven't book the hotel... better act fast eh~... otherwise you will have to stay in Queensbay mall.

All the best to all the participant eh~

I'm sick, I need rest...

I left early this afternoon from work... Not to go to gym. Not to be lazy. But...

Picture captured from www.highere.com

I'm sick. I need rest... I started to lose my voice, my hand was cold under the full blast air con. My head was spinning and my body temperature was unstable. I felt those since morning when i stepped into the office. So after lunch my body temperature climbed up... slight fever i belief.

Anyway, by 3pm i started to feel cold in the aircon. Whenever i feel cold in the air con room, it's the time to announce i'm Sick. I could tolerate very cold temperature if i'm not sick. So i decided to wrap up my work and left my office early.

While heading to my car @ the carpark, i made a call to my mom and told her i was going back for dinner. So once i reached home at about 4:30pm, took a shower and straightaway hit the bed... Slept like a pig :p

Unfortunately, my colleagues called me and woke me up to complaint another colleagues regarding she has not getting any reply from the person that she needed them today... Sigh~ She knew i was sick and she still buzzed me for this...Can i get a few hours off to recover from my sickness so that i could continue to work today... Sigh Sigh Sigh...

Man... what can i do now... Ciao~

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

23rd floor

If you stay @ 23rd floor... you will have a nice view like this

Okay enough of those nice pictures that i took from my balcony... Nice eh~

Something happened last night when i got back from the gym. Guess what? three lifts have protested and halted their service. So i ended up doing another round of exercise by climbing up the staircase until 23rd floors. Before that i was having an hour of RPM and had a quick bites... i didn't expect this will happen because this was the first time...

After the climb i was sop with sweats and was so soooo soooo tired. Anyway, please don't make me climb again eh~. Okay~ Now i need to hit the bed to recharge those energy lost during these two exercises. Ciao~

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Something Shifted

Not the movie Switch... It's actually something in my life and usual time/schedule has been switched since i was tight up with this current project.

Those switches are

  1. Time to go to gym: Switch from evening to morning
  2. Time to do business (poo) : Switch from morning to night.
  3. Time to wake up in the morning:  Pull in 2.5 hours to cater for morning gym.
  4. Time to sleep: Remain the same. 

According to my mom, she said it's good to sleep before 11pm. But given i just got off work on 10pm daily for the past one week, by the time i reached home and took a shower, it's already 11 something... and i also took my daily vegetables intake (snack). So how to sleep early... Sigh~

Anyway, my eyes are tired now... gotta hit the bed now and wake up at 5:30am for gym.


Monday, November 8, 2010

Orange Monday

Take a minute and think what have you done before reading this post? Think again? Think think think...
Okay it's Monday and it's not Blue It's Orange...

My colleagues introduce me to this annoying orange... Take a moment and watch the clip below...

Have you annoy by the orange? If not watch again... and again...
Now, do you annoy by the orange?

Anyway, Happy Orange Monday eh~

Friday, November 5, 2010

Happy Deepavali

My team and I was working from yesterday 9:30am until this morning 3am... non-stop testing to get the system up for User Acceptance Testing on Deepavali holiday. Oops... i don't wanna to compliant about my client anymore. Anyway, the first day of User Acceptance Testing is schedule today and it will run through the whole long weekend until Tuesday.

I have sacrificed my sleep, my gym session for the pass three days and a long weekend getaway to Thailand. Why? just to ensure the system is good for live in two weeks. I wish the client will appreciate which i doubt so...

Okay enough of ranting in the early morning... Let's wish our hindu friends out there a very pleasant and happy Deepavali. I hope to have a small piece of my favorite biscuit... which is Muruku. Anyone?

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Saturday plan...

I received a text from a number which i don't have in my list. The message stated
"Leng Zai... Saturday wan go where dinner?" I just don't know whether i should reply this message or not... Anyway, finally i reply the message "Hmm... May i know who am i talking with?"... Then few seconds later the message came back and state his name...

Anyway, I have to work on Friday, Saturday and Sunday... maybe can plan out something but i could not commit... If i could join i will join but if not, just go ahead eh~ Hopefully don't need to work @ night on Saturday. I have been working for the past few night and was so tired. So what is your Saturday plan?

Okie, i think i better hit the bed as i plan to hit the gym early morning ... Good night everyone.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

BKT Sunday

One of the tasty food that you wouldn't want to miss when you are in Klang... What food is that? Of cause everyone know it's Bak Kut Teh (Stew Pork in herbs).

I got a chance to taste this famous BKT last Sunday. This shop has been there for 70 years and still very popular in Klang old town...it is the first BKT in Malaysia. 

Before the BKT session, My friends and I paid a visit to the Klang Run for it event as the photographer and cheering another friend of mine who was running... I bet you have read his post regarding the run eh~ Anyway, after he started to run. We also run to the BKT place beside the bridge near the Klang train station.

Fun For it - Klang

Because we were early, the BKT was still cooking so we waited for 30 mins until 7:30am to get our first bowl of BKT. The wait was kind of torturing with the nice smell from the cooking of BKT... But anyway, it was a nice chatting to catch up with friends too while sipping the tea. What a nice relaxing Sunday...

So, are you craving for yummilicious BKT now? I bet the answer is YES. Anyway, I was having too much pork last weekend in Klang and Banting. That bring me to workout hard in Gym for the rest of the week to stay inline with my goal to achieve 6 packs. LoL...

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Banting Beggar Chicken @ Bukit Jugra

If you have read my previous post... I think some of you already knew what this post about. Yup! It's a post about my visit to Banting Beggar Chicken @ Bukit Jugra with a few bloggers. We have a mini bloggers outing... 

We drove from Kuala Lumpur to Klang and took another 45 mins to reach the restaurant, finally we reached saw a tiny house with the signboard... 

Welcome to the famous Banting Beggar Chicken @ Bukit Jugra

Inside the restaurant

Outside the restaurant

Okay enough on the restaurant environment... Let's focus on its signature dishes. Again, on my previous post, I posted two different dishes to ask you to guess which one is pork and which is chicken... Are you able to guess? 

Now... Let's review the answer eh~

Beggar pork

Beggar Chicken

The beggar pork and beggar chicken were so tasty. I don't mind going back to the restaurant for another round of the beggar pork and chicken. If you wanna to know how this beggar chicken and pork made, just pay a visit to this restaurant. Or you could wait for Medie007's update.

Anyway, are you drooling now?...

Monday, November 1, 2010

On your mark, get set, GO!

No no no... it's not about the Nike run, the 101010 run on October 10th 2010, the Run for it in Klang yesterday.

It's about...

Yup, it's about food trip... there is one chicken and one pork... are you able to guess which is chicken and which is pork?