Friday, October 29, 2010

Lullaby song

How many lullaby song can you sing? I know there are plenty of lullaby songs from each corners of the world. It come from different ethnic, culture and languages...

So any of you can sing a lullaby song? Come sing along with this clip...

okie, TZ's eyes cannot open and it's time to hit the bed. Good night everyone... ZZZZZZZzzzzzzzz

Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Library

Me: I'm going to Library...
Colleague: why are you going to Library?
Me: Study for my PMP exam...
Colleague: Wow~ you are so hard working.
Me: You want to come along?
Rest of the people: *starting laughing*
Colleague: *sense a bit not right* So which Library are you going?
Me: Oh... the Library in The Curve.
Colleague: Oh is it? A community library in the mall... cool~ how's the library? good?
Me: You come along and pay a visit...
Colleague: Okay i will go and find out one of this day...
Rest of the people: *laughing again*
Colleague: Hmmm... is it the Library that we go for borrowing books?
Me: there are plenty of books inside otherwise the place will not be called Library... oh there is Librarian too...
Colleague: Oh really? I think i should pay a visit soon...
Me: You should...

Anyway, my colleague did not pay a visit the Library @ the Curve together with us but instead she visited the Library in Midvalley... Guess what? I got a message from her on what happening in Library last weekend... What a surprise?

Now what do you think I go to the Library for... this is what we did in Library...

Yup we go Library for drinking... study? errrrr....

View inside library... Oh! Can you spot the librarian?

BTW, the Library have plenty of promotion and happy hour offer during weekdays and weekends... 

Buy 1 pint free 1/2 pint

That's all folks. Do study hard in the REAL Library and play hard & have fun in the Library coz All work and no play makes a dull boy.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Wedding @ V-Garden, Klang...

Last weekend i was invited to my ex-colleagues wedding @ Klang. This invitation was sent out one year back and at that time i couldn't RSVP because i don't know whether i will be in Malaysia... Anyway, i managed to attend her wedding. It was a nice and simple wedding.

I reached at the venue @ about 7pm.... exactly the time printed in the invitation card. I was sitting there for an hour alone until the bride rearranged me to another table which i was supposed to assign to sit with... The gang of my previous company has shifted to another table without informing the bride...

Each of us was given a pot with a small cup... Guess what is in the pot?

Lastly, let me introduce the bride and the gloom... Due to the lighting, the picture taken by my iPhone is not up the expected quality :(

Anyway, I would like to thank to my ex-colleague for inviting to her wedding. By the way, this is the first wedding that i went to the wedding that the host did not accept any gift / angpow... ;-)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Geláre Cafe, e@Curve

Are you craving for a nice fruity, wafer ice cream?
Hungry now?

Let's go closer and see the juicy fruits and ice cream...

So are you craving for ice cream now? Pay a visit to Gelare Cafe at e@Curve... 

BTW, the shop offer a lower price on Tuesday... Enjoy your ice cream eh~

Monday, October 25, 2010

My new Crocs

Today i bought my 2nd pair of Crocs... A pair of slipper which i found it ugly when i first saw their very early version... anyway, i bought a nice pair of Crocs this afternoon with RM37 off from the original price thanks to my friend whom pass me the discount voucher. He earned it from the 10 10 10 run... :p

I just wondered how's the color? is the color nice? I like this model when i it from far especially it has the orange and black... make the orange real striking... :p

BTW, anyone still remember my 1st pair of Crocs which i posted in New Stuff for myself post few years back? Now this pair is in Uganda Africa...

Do you own Crocs shoes yourself?

Thursday, October 21, 2010

You Again

I was heading to e@Curve Cathay to purchase the movie ticket for Saturday show... What am i going to watch? hehehe... the movie is You Again.

Guess what? I was offered free passes for tonight viewing of the movie YouAgain @ 9:30pm by a lady. She has extra passes and asking me whether i wanna to watch the movie. I told her too bad I wanted to watch the movie on this Saturday not today. Why? Because my friend was not free to watch this movie today. Free movie passes in front of me and just gone... sigh~

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

An Apple

There is this saying " An Apple A day, keeps the doctor away"

Picture adapted from

Do you think it's true?
Why not Orange or other fruits?
What is your view about this statement?

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Healthy lifestyle

Do you consider your lifestyle healthy?

Recently i have changed my diet to more balance diet, go to gym and workout for at least 1.5 hours, sometime I even spent 2.5 hours if i attend the cardio class like RPM. Some of my colleagues have envy that i have such a lifestyle and surprise i could maintain with this lifestyle for years. Coz they always think the working group will not have energy for exercise. Hmmm.... it's an excuse...

Last week when i was eating with my colleagues... One of the lady was so envy with my healthy lifestyle. She kept asking me how i could sustain with this lifestyle.

Lady: Hey you have a fit body
Me: Thanks...I go to gym everyday and control my diet too.
Lady: wow! What workout are you doing?
Me: I do 1 hour of cardio class (RPM) and 1.5 hours of weight training.
Lady: Wow~ you are so determine to go to the gym everyday.
Me: Yup...It's part of my life.

Few days back she saw me eating salad in the office.

Lady: Hey your breakfast is so healthy.
Me: This is my snack.
Lady: So what do you have for breakfast?
Me: I have fruits, oat and yogurt for breakfast.
Lady: Wow~ you really a health conscious guy. 
Me: Hmmm... i wanna to get a lean and fit body. 

Anyway, I have dropped some of my unhealthy habit to make myself eating those healthy food again. I have a plan to build the six pack. Before having the six pack, i need to work hard on my abs and control my diet. 

BTW, I'm trying to sleep before 12am too... 

Let's get a healthy lifestyle and do start your healthy lifestyle today before it's too late eh~

Monday, October 18, 2010

Black and White Monday

The usual color for Monday is blue. Agree? I think blue on Monday so boring...
There is millions of color in this world to make a picture looks great. So we could choose another color for Monday other than Blue.


What if all of the sudden all the rest of the color disappeared and left black and white. Will the picture still look interesting?

Now how about let's turn Monday into Black and White, imagine you are now in the world of Black and White...

So, what would your preference... blue or black & White for Monday?

Sunday, October 17, 2010

The American (2010)

We wanted to watch movie and we selected the American starred by the famous actor George Clooney. We thought that this should be a nice movie to watch...

Unfortunately, it was a disappointed movie... We couldn't understand what the movie is about...not sure whether it is because Malaysian censorship board has censored some of the important storyline. As a result no one could understand and catch the story line. Sigh~

Anyone, has watched the original version without censored... maybe this movie is not that bad. Why i say so ? Because in IMDB... the rating is 6.8/10 and most of the reviewer gave good review too. So i think its became suckie because of the censorship...

Anyway, i was disappointed with this movie, we should have chosen The Switch, Buried or others.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Subway vs O'Briens

What is this two eatery place have in common?

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Facing the climate @ Ikano Power Station Malaysia

Facing the climate is a cartoon / comic exhibition @ Ikano from Oct 10-17th 2010. This event is held in conjunction of the Stockholm environmental conference. There are cartoonist from Sweden and Malaysia. I was invited by my friend Sheldon (one of the cartoonist from Malaysia) to attend this opening ceremony. This was a nice and simple exhibition/events to build the awareness of how important we need to conserve our environment.

As the theme is about global warming, go green, conserve energy etc... all the comics/cartoons that exhibit in this event was about saving environment... I managed to capture some pictures via iPhone during the ceremony.

Simple traditional Leather puppet show 
on describing how important to conserve our environment

Everyone was very focus on the performance

Datuk Lat kick start the live drawing session

Anyone know which character is Dato Lat's drawing?
Sheldon (my friend) drew the Panquin

The cartoon that drawn during the open ceremony by 7 famous cartoonist a.k.a the picture above was auctioned in the event. Guess how much this piece of art work sold? The starting price was RM500.

There is a board that encourage all of us to post our suggestion on how to contribute on saving the environment...  I found the below two messages very interesting especially the first one... 

Do pay a visit to Ikano before Oct 17th 2010... to take a look @ the exhibition at the same time place your suggestion on the board eh~

Picture taken from michael Chuah blog

More detail on the exhibition click here

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Life is bored...

It's Wednesday and still have 3 full working day. Life over in office is so bored that i have basically work myself out from the hectic project temporary. The team don't need me as i have closed most of their gap. Now the project manager can operate on her own I belief... Unfortunately my boss still wanted me to assist her.

I wanted to plan for my PMP examination but the client still have not settle and buy off the User acceptance testing date and the launch date. So i was in between the decision for my examination plan which i could not take a week off for my final revision of my exam if i choose to take my exam on Nov 16th 2010. Now I have set another target date i.e. Nov 24th 2010. Yet to discuss with my boss.

Anyway, another three more days is weekend again... hurray~
So what is your plan for this weekend. I know some of you have signed up for the run in UPM. How about the rest of you? One of my friend has organized a YUEN session this Friday and i was invited to the dinner... So what are you going to spend your weekend?

Adapted from

But i could not find it yet... I'm still looking for the Cure... Any suggestion?

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I Love Yoo! Where tradition meets modern...

My friend and I went to Empire Gallery for gym after the 10-10-10 fun run (coming up next post). We were hungry and looking for a place for our breakfast. Since we were early in Empire Gallery, I suggested to taste the "Yau Jar Qui" in I Love Yoo!... Why? Cause everytime we want to taste, there is a long queue. It has triggered my curiosity of how tasty is the food that make people line up for it.

Yau Char Qui with Soya 

Yau Char Qui

I Love Yoo!

Anyway, I was a bit disappointed because it was not as tasty as i expected. And the amount of people lining up to grab this food is really kind of over-rated. Luckily the food was not that expensive as for a "yau char qui with Soya" cost about RM3.90. I yet to try the porridge... maybe the porridge with Yau Char Qui is nicer... 

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Busy Saturday...

My Sis is in town for this weekend. She will be flying back to Vietnam Monday morning. I was assigned to be my sis's personal driver for the day. Anyway, it was a busy Saturday and i spent most of the time on the road traveled from point A to point B... especially being forced to co-exist in the road with all those horny drivers... sigh~

Anyway, we have accomplished a lots of things... including visiting grandpa, hitting the gym, shopping etc. Of cause i thought i was going to miss my gym session but ended up i managed to do 2 hours of weights training. What a lucky day :)

I planned for Mom and Sis to meet my aunt in The Curve so that i could hit the gym while they were having dinner with aunt.

After my workout, i happened to crave for Salmon Bagel @ Coffee Bean (CB). So i decided to drop by CB in The Curve. Ordered Salmon Bagels and a frozen lemon. Guess how much it costs me?... I ended paying RM30.75 for my dinner. Such an expensive dinner compare if i took my dinner in Tony Romas... If i ordered a salad and refillable soft drink. It only costs me RM20+ after my RM10 off and 10% off for the total bill. :(

Friday, October 8, 2010

Horny Drivers

I bet most of us drive a car in Malaysia. Talk about the Malaysian drivers, i bet everyone will have lots of comments. Anyway, i did an experience myself two days back. I tried not to use my car horn while driving but unfortunately mission failed. My mission was i tried not to horn other drivers unless it's for emergency and warning purpose.
Let's begin our journey to look @ how horny is Malaysian drivers...

Lots of horny driver really don't know how to control their car, they got excited, the next moment they were attempting to kiss your car. So this kind of horny driver, i would have to give them a horn so that they would not be so horny and trying to make the kiss :p

One group of  horny drivers just like to poke here and there. Especially poking into the limited space between two cars. the tighter the better... I think they deserved a big big horn for emergency and warning.

Butt showing horny drivers like to do this whenever they realized they have chosen the wrong choice. How?
They chicken out by flashing their butt to the rest of the drivers when they was performing on reversing their car in the highway. So do you think should this kind of horny driver deserve a horn? 

Fishies smell horny drivers was another group of drivers which we need to be careful. Why? this is because they are so selFISH that they don't even care about others safety. This group of horny drivers don't know do what in the car... hmmm... maybe making out, talking horny on the phone, stop anyway for a quickie and so on. (Please use your imagination eh~)

Lastly, there is a group of horny drivers which taught they have nice and big car, they can stop anyway, poke anytime and showing off what they have... I personally would not respect this kind of horny drivers as they taught their car is the greatest... 

So, are you one of the horny driver?

Thursday, October 7, 2010

One certification per year goal

Another 2 months plus, we will say goodbye to year 2010... I need to think about my new year resolution. But before that, i need to do some reflection on year 2010. Is it a bit too early to do the reflection?

Anyway, my target on one certification examination per year goal was not accomplish as of today, I still haven't get any certification for year 2010. This is due to lack of time for study as i have to handle the hectic and havoc project since day one i join this company.

Last week my boss called upon me for a small discussion regarding my Project Management Professional (PMP) certification. He is pushing me for the certification and has already placed this examination as a KPI for me to accomplish before end of year 2010. For me, examination is not a tough job but unfortunately i need time to study. So not sure whether i could get myself off for a week on early November given that the software also need to be out on the same period :( . If i could not get any time off,  i will have to postpone my exam to December 2010, what if something come up again and i'm gonna postpone again to year 2011. Sigh~

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Calls during vacation

Today is the first day of work after a getaway weekend to Penang and a day off yesterday. What a nice and relaxing weekend. I expected no call from my office and i was so happy cause no one from office actually called me during my vacation. But unfortunately i got two calls from my client. Sigh~ These calls were not urgent at all. Maybe she missed me >.< or she missed my voice. *wink*

I think Malaysian / Asian have to change the mindset. People already informed he/she is on vacation. Please be more courtesy by not calling the person if there is no urgency. Anyway, i replied the call asking her whether is there very urgent... Otherwise we can talk on Wednesday which is today. I bet i will have a lot of things piling up my table today. Need time to catch up my mail too. Back to the reality again :(

So, what would you do if you receive a call from your client / bosses which talking about non urgent matter which they just wanna to interrupt your nice and relaxing vacation? Will you ask them to F**K off?

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Starbuck = Kopitiam

I was sitting in Starbie Gurney yesterday morning while waiting for my sister. There were a bunch of Aunties and Uncles talking loud in hokkien sitting outside the corridor, There were 7 tables away as I was sitting inside Starbie. But I was able to hear their conversation clearly and know what were they talking about. Such a disappointed as they turned Starbie into Kopitiam. Sigh~

Again my morning quietness was destroyed by this group of people. Can't they just tune their volume down (just a bit). If i have a remote control, i will definitely stop them from making noise or just press the MUTE button. kakakaka.... or maybe fastforward and send them away. *evil look*

Anyway, do you have any experience that people turn a nice Starbie environment to a havoc kopitiam? Mind to share?

Monday, October 4, 2010

End of the short getaway

Time flies, it's the end of the getaway weekend. Going to hit back the busy, noisy, messy, clumsy and any "sy" city of potholes.

Although the getaway weekend is kind of bore but i managed to meet up another two bloggers and have a 2 hours trip to the famous temple in south east asia, of cause not forgetting to have this Penang Famous sourish white noodles.

So anyone wanna to try a guess, which temple we went for a visit and what food that we had during our 2 hours trip? Any guess?

Hehehe... I'm still in Penang... sipping my usual Ice Coffee Latte with low fat @ Starbie Gurney while waiting for my sister to meet her friends. I know some one out there will be jealous as some of you having Monday Blues, busy and hectic days while TZ is having a nice and relaxing Monday morning in the quiet Starbie :p

Saturday, October 2, 2010


My friend and i went for a movie called Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole. It's a nice movie with the inspiration of getting the things done whenever you have something impossible. Just stay and focus, you will get over all the roadblocks...

Anyway, here you go the trailer of the movie

BTW, the theme song is sung by Owl city new track

Friday, October 1, 2010

Last day

This is the last day of working day in the week... and also last day of working for TZ before his 4D3N trip to Penang, the city of good food.

I will be leaving Penang tomorrow morning for 4D3N in Penang. Will be visiting uncles, aunties, cousins, ex-colleagues and friends. Until now i haven't have anything schedule yet. I couldn't make the schedule until i reach Penang tomorrow. I think i have to reserve my dinner tomorrow with my aunties...

Anyway, i'm free on Sunday, maybe just hit the gym for a couple of hours just to maintain my workout schedule. So any suggestion of what i should do in Penang?