Saturday, December 31, 2011

Quarter 4 - 2011

Today is the last day of 2011... another 12 hours to go and say goodbye to year 2011 and say hello to year 2012. Before ending the year 2011... let's review Quarter 4

Nearly got into an accident on the way back one raining evening. It was a scary moment and luckily i was in control of my car well. Just a bit of stretches under my front part of my car and a scary moment.

Penang Bridge run and We Run KL were the last two run of the year. I was pushing myself to get the finisher medal on the Penang Bridge run as it's has the time limit to get the finisher medal.

17 days road trip in Thailand was the finale of the year 2011... It was an enjoyable 17 days out from thinking of work... switched my job from a project manager to a photographer for the 17 days. thousands++ photos has been taken.  What a switch eh~? Anyway, i haven't posted all the photo to the blog, maybe i should follow what FoongPc has done... blog for a year regarding his trip to Cambodia. Stay tune for photo and i will make sure i won't bore you with all my 17 days thailand trip post eh~

The year 2011 ended with an enjoyable year even though a busy working life, a not so aggressive year for TZ... but I has taken time to spend with my family and friends... overall a very satisfy year for me. I hope i would have more enjoyable year in 2012...

HAPPY NEW YEAR - See You in 2012

Friday, December 30, 2011

Roll Back to Quarter 2 & Quarter 3 - 2011

My new project finally gone live and the first batch of customers came in and used the system... It was a hard work for the whole team to get the release completed. Anyway, it also earned me tans of replacement leaves. So now you know why i got to travel so much in a year ;-)

My very first run in Putrajaya. It was a relay run as Medie007 signed up for 5 of us including himself. Each of us running 3km and i was not performing well as my route was going uphill :( Anyway, it was an enjoyable run back in May.
Run TZ Run
My very first trip to Bangkok. The city of Angel... The city was very big... of cause bigger than the city of potholes. BTW, and as what Twilight said everything is CHEAP CHEAP and CHEAP... We have a good time there. I couldn't imagine i was back to the city 6 month later...

This month of the year was very dry... nothing much happened and moreover after the vacation in June. The most disappointed moment was having the announcement from my boss ... No travel for the rest of the year :(... Anyway, i was using the month of July to slim down since i gained weight in the beginning of the year. So i tried out a PT session...

My dearest Nikon D70 died... death cause : Moldy. Anyway, i gotten another baby Nikon D7000. This was the month which I had so much photographing with my new Nikon D7000. Why? i went to Ho Chih Ming, Vietnam for 10 days. It was a nice trip as i was having the drivers to drive me around. Hehehe... sis's driver. :p

Another change happened in this month... Guess what? the change of BOSS. I was reported to the Senior manager instead of the director. This was a not so good feeling as they re-shuffle the organization. Anyway, i survived the change and moving forward.

Coming up Roll Back to Quarter 4 - 2011

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Roll back to Quarter 1 - 2011

I gotten a new job and i switched from a local company back to MNC. I felt like i was going back home as i like to work in MNC company then the local one. Not to say local company not good but i enjoyed working in MNC.

Hey I was kind of lazy for the year 2011... I only noticed that i didn't even do a report out on Chinese New Year 2011. Anyway, it's just the same old Chinese New Year... blah blah blah... But every year i got this super huge prawn that my uncle specially gave it to me...

Super huge Prawn in Chinese New Year
I planned and booked the ticket to Bangkok (June 2011 trip) at the same time i was loaded in my job... more and more projects came under my portfolio... so did i get the day off... Hmmmm... I was working hard and playing hard too. Anyway, it was a dry March 2011 but it's good that i have something to look forward. The First time to Bangkok.

Sunset @ Wat Arun
Next : Roll back on Quarter 2 - 2011... Stay tune eh~

Monday, December 26, 2011

12 days of Christmas...

What is your true love give you on the 12 days of Christmas?....

Indian style

So which one is your favorite ... Are you planning to make one yourself? If yes do share with us eh~

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Check your socks ...

Check your socks please!

Of course i'm NOT asking you to check your smelly socks... your dirty socks... your sweaty socks... errrr... not the socks you wear everyday. I'm asking you to check this socks...

Picture adapted from
Yup, it's the Xmas Socks... did you hear the sound of the bells on the reindeer? the busy sound from Santa travel around the globally to deliver people wishes whom wrote him letter earlier and has been a good boy / girl for the whole year 2011.

So what you get... does your socks look like this ...  full of surprise...

picture adapted from
Do you gotten what you wish for? Anyone of you wishing for this?

iPad2 - Picture adapted from
or ....

So, what were you wishing for?...

Merry Xmas and Happy New Year

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Wat in Old Bangkok

Wat means temple in Thailand... There are so many wats in Old Bangkok. My friend and i have chosen a few Wats to visit since we only have two full days in Old Bangkok. It's impossible to visit all the Wats in Bangkok :p

Wat Benchamabophit (Marble Temple)
Wat Saket (Golden Mountain)
Wat Rachanada
Wat Chana Songkhram Rachawora Mahawiharn
Wat Arun (Temple of dawn)
Wat Po - Famous for its certification on Massage
Incline Buddha @ Wat Po
Guardian @ Wat Po
Wat Phra Kaew
Wat Mahathat
small Wat near Wat Mahathat - not sure what is the name
So these were the Wats that my friend and I visited during our two full days walking trip in Old Bangkok. We have walked more than 15km for these two days... it was a nice walk and along the way we have taken lots of pictures... 

Friday, December 23, 2011

8 days to 2012

It's time to reflect what you have done on year 2011... I felt i haven't accomplish much on year 2011. So what should be my resolution on year 2012? 

Anyway, my friends and I will be heading to Malacca for new years eve countdown this year. Hurray, first time counting down in Malacca. How is the celebration like?

Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Journey begin HERE

Let's roll back to December 2nd 2011... i was rushing to finish all my work and passdown a list to my colleagues and boss. I hooked up to the taxi and left for KLIA...

So the journey begin with these two pictures ...

Next Stop : Bangkok - the city of angel  UP NORTH...

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

EMO Monday

Monday was a very messy day for me... not saying it's the first day of work after my vacation but also an interesting day for me... Why?

Car emo
My car was emo on Monday. Never wanna to get started, even i tried and tried and tried. The car still cannot start. So, i have no choice but went back up to my condo and took out my lappie to continue to work. The moment i wanna to send out the Work From Home message to my team....

Internet connection emo
The internet suddenly gone emo and could not get connected... :( So what next? No car, no internet... how to work? So, i tried to call for help... guess what?

iPhone emo
My iPhone just emo on me... i could not slide open my iPhone to call. No car, no internet and no communication. WTF! So how? I tried and tried and tried... finally i managed to slide and called up my boss, informed him my situation and told him i will work offline reading my mail @ home at the same time tried to contact the mechanic for my car...

Electricity emo
Minutes later, the whole building ran out of electricity... oh god, why was this happen to me. No electricity, No car, No internet and limited communication (cause not all the time i could slide my iPhone)... at the end...

TZ emo
I was sad and emo... but still have to try my best to solve the situation. I went down to the car park again and gave the car a try... finally i was able to get the car started. Hurray! I could head to the office...  i quickly took shower and headed to the office.

What a day eh~

Monday, December 19, 2011

You got mailS

The moment i ON my work lappie... and fired the MS outlook.
Downloading in progress... 

Guess what? I have 1800+ mails to read and scan throughout. I gonna spend the whole day to clear all my mail. :(

What a mail reading Monday...

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Final Day in Bangkok...

Every trip will come to the end... I have been on the road trip for 15 days since Dec 2nd 2011. I have covered the whole Northern Part of Thailand and walked through the ancient cities of Thailand from the earliest kingdom until the current kingdom which located in Bangkok. Thousands of pictures were taken and a few of nice video clips too.

Anyway, today is Saturday and we are going to the famous and largest market in Bangkok... So for those who visited Bangkok, you should know which market i'm referring to... >.<

Sunday, December 4, 2011

@ khao San area...

Hey my fellow readers, I'm @ khao San area. A happening place enjoying my Saturday night in the city of party and drinking. The night is still young to get wasted.

So what are you doing now?

Saturday, December 3, 2011

On arriving @ Suvarnabhumi Airport

30 mins before landing ... 

City of Bangkok

After landing...
Suvarnabhumi Airport
Those pictures i taken on my last trip to Bangkok... we arrived Bangkok in daytime. But this round we arrive Bangkok @ night... This is the beginning of my 16 days photographing road trip in Thailand.

Welcome to Thailand 

Friday, December 2, 2011

Friday Teaser #10 : Why Frog so Happy?

Do you know why Frog so HAPPY?

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Thailand here i come...

Less than 48 hours, i will be flying off for my 16 days vacation in Thailand, the land of smile. Yup it's 16 days... Don't be jealous eh~

This is a photography trip, cam whoring and getaway from my work trip ;-)

Anyway, i will NOT be updating my blog during the trip unless some interesting event. But please keep checking my blog eh~ I have scheduled couple of post... kakakakaaaaa


Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Faulty TRANSCEND SD card ... Reliable?

Last weekend when i was happily filming the Hornbill Feeding... all of the sudden, my camera malfunction and giving me an error indicator on my card deck number 2. This is deck which store the card for video clips.  

So guess what card i was using? 

Yes! I'm using Transcend and this card was NOT cheap... it costs me RM195 for a 16GB where as the reliable ScanDisk only cost RM160. 

Why i purchase this card?  
The lady from FotoFlash KLCC who sold me the camera has confidently mentioned Transcend is a reliable SD card brand and a lot of people using it. Since i have no time to shop for my SD card. I decided to give it a try... I bought this card on August few days before my Vietnam trip and guess what on Nov the card just corrupted. Not even three months. This is so called RELIABLE... 

So do you think it's reliable? No... No... No....
I wanna to shout out ... "THIS IS DEFINITELY NOT RELIABLE..." Lady in FotoFlash please don't recommend this brand to other camera owner in the future... now i don't know whether all my nice photo are able to recover :(

I went into the Transcend facebook to get some contact for after service... By reading all the wall post, I realized that there were so many complaints and their after service seems like not very good too. Anyway, I will only send my card for repair when i come back from my Thailand trip. I definitely will NOT going to try out any other brand except ScanDisk. I don't want to risk my nice photo in those unreliable SD card.

To be continue ... 

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

We Run KL 2011 - Season finale run

November 27th 2011 Sunday - We Run KL 2011 was a successful event. First of all i would like to give a two thumbs up to the organizer for doing a good job. This is the best run i have in term of Safety, Refreshment (water stations), medical assistance and official personnel.

My friend picked me up on 5am in the morning and we headed to Lake Garden for the We Run KL 2011. We were early and have time to cam whore.

Cam whore #1 - Finish line @ the back
Cam Whore #2 - Why TZ stand still while other people run
The run started on 7am... all the participant starting to run for about 1km and quite a big group of them slow down and started to walk. Anyway why not, the ultimate goal is to get the Nike Tee and have fun in the run / walk ...

So many people wearing RED on the street...
We are not running for that political party eh~,
we are running WE RUN KL 2011
Basically you can see the milestone board every kilometres. I saw a lot of people cam whore with every milestone board along the way. I was too lazy to take all the milestone board ... so i saw this interesting board...

Ya right! Say who?
Anyway, behind the 3KM board there was this water station and the cheering team...

Run buddy run - indian style
Run buddy run - Chinese Style
TZ continue after spending some time to take picture @ the first water station... time lost 5 - 8 mins. Journey start again and he walked for another 3km and hit this milestone board...

This time the cheering team is a  BOARD ...
Another 4 more kilometers
Finally it came to 800m, TZ started to run again as many cameras pointed to the running for the last 800m stretch and cheering team from the audiences were there to clap and cheers... So, no matter how tired TZ have to run as if TZ has run the whole 10km... Have to become the celebrity eh~ .... kakakaka....

After the run...

Cam Whore #3: Not as tired look as PBIM eh~
So anyone wanna to know what goodies i have gotten after the run... 

Saturday, November 26, 2011

On your mark, get set and Countdown...

9 hours to go for We run KL 2011... Are you ready to run?
TZ is still in the middle of recovering from the Penang Bridge 10km run. Now it's 9 hours to go for the We run KL 2011... Should TZ proceed with the run?

Anyone running We run KL 2011?

Friday, November 25, 2011

Friday Teaser #9 : Name the landmark

It's Friday Teaser again... this week lets name the landmark and its country...

#1 : Temple in Africa 
#2: Historical Building @ Kuala Lumpur
#3: Tower in middle east 
#4 : @ the city of angel
#5 : The statue of Jesus...
So, now how many you know? give it a try eh~

Thursday, November 24, 2011

My very first Penang Bridge Internation Marathon

The Penang Bridge Internation Marathon also known as PBIM is a very popular running event in Penang. The participants were coming from various countries around the world. All most all the participants has to be in the running ground @ midnight.

  • The full Marathon (42 KM) starts @ 2am 
  • Half Marathon (21KM) starts @ 3am, 
  • 10KM starts @ 6am 
  • fun run @ 7am. 

My friend and i, we arrived Penang around noon on the day before the run and went over to Queensbay Mall to collect our running kits.

Blueish Running kits  
Last digit of my BIB
My friend left the hotel @ 10:45pm the night before the run... and i was lucky enough to have more sleep and the hotel shuttle left around 4am. I was waiting for my run @ Starbie Queensbay.

The run started exactly @ 6am for 10KM... initially i wanted to snapshot some nice scenery during the run and on the bridge but due to the time limit to get the finisher medal. I decided to skip the photographing and straight moved forward to the finisher line. Overall it was NOT an easy run compare to the previous marathon that i participated. The ramping up to the bridge has killed my leg muscle until today. I'm still in pain...

Tired. Not in the mood to cam-whore...
Anyway, it was quite a good experience for my very first PBIM... Will i participate again next year... I would say maybe nope but i want to bring my camera to snapshot the nice scenery of Penang Bridge like others did...

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Starbucks 2012 planner

I have been eyeing on the Starbucks 2012 planner since they launched it... It cost RM88 to purchase this planner or purchased 15 drinks to get this planner. So which one you choose?

As for me someone gave it to me as the present for this year :p so i neither purchased drinks nor paid RM88 for this planner.

Something come with a nice box...
the Planner
Close view of Starbucks logo
When i flipped through the inner part of the planner... The whole planner is very nice with lots of lively wording...

the inner part of the planner with bookmarks
Some knowledge and history about Starbie
Interesting instruction on some of the days...
I will look at each of the vending machine on Feb 01 2012
Anyway, next years planner was more colorful then this year... but i think they should have just get us to  reuse our this year's planner and provide the refill for the inner part of the planner... 2011. It will be more environmental friendly then... this is my suggestion :p

Saturday, November 19, 2011

When OLD meets NEW ...

TZ has spent a night in this town... This town has the mix of OLD and NEW...


The town @ Night

Now, where was TZ?