Thursday, March 31, 2011

TV series/Sitcom

How many TV sitcom/series sound familiar to you?

I like how Josh Groban sang in this Emmy Awards, especially when he sang the soundtrack of FRIENDS. So, which one is your favorite? 

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Earth Hour 2011

March 26th 2011 is the EARTH DAY... So a lot of places are going to switch off the lights for an hour i.e. 8:30pm-9:30pm.

KL Petronas Twin Tower Light Out

Are you going to do that too @ home?
Remember to switch off
1. No Internet connection
2. No Aircon and Fan
3. No lights.
4. No TV and Radio.
5. No Phone.
6. No Car engine.
7. No Clothes.
8. No....

Earth Hour 2011 plan...

Friend: So what is your plan?
Me: Hmmm... not sure.
Friend: Are you going to celebrate?
Me: Not sure coz i'm not in KL...
Friend: Where are you?
Me: I'm @ Port Dickson now.
Friend: What are you doing there?
Me: Having a getaway with my parents and theirs friends.
Friend: So are you going to celebrate in PD?
Me: Not sure they have it in PD. So where are you going to celebrate?
Friend: Starbie Ikano...
Me: Free coffee but you cannot online for an hour. Too bad i'm not in KL.
Friend: huhuhu... no internet for an hour cool. Where are you?
Me: I'm @ Avillion Admiral Cove, PD now. Guess what? I have an idea maybe i should shutdown all the application that i support for an hour (8:30-9:30pm) in conjunction of Earth Hour 2011.
Friend: Wow~ cool.
Me: yup, but... later you will see me switching to another job. Why? Got Fired...
Friend: hahahaha....

Anyone of you have a good plan on how we could celebrate the Earth Hour 2011?

Blog updated from Avillion Admiral Cove, Port Dickson: March 26th 2011.

Friday, March 25, 2011


How many push up can you do?

I bought this set of push up gadget for only 20s. This is just in case i could not go to gym. I'm a bit sad as i haven't not been hitting the gym for three consecutive days since Tuesday. I must go to the gym tomorrow. 

So back to my question, how many push up you usually do? 

guess what? I could do 60 push up if i don't go to gym. I wanna to maintain the momentum of working out and kick start back my push up @ home training whenever i didn't have time to hit the gym... 

So what would you do if you couldn't make it to the gym? 
EAT, SLEEP and more EAT... more SLEEP. 

If you are the one who eat and sleep, i think you are qualify to receive the honorable award a i.e. LAZYBUM... 


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Wet Thai Cafe Bandar Puteri Puchong

Day before
My friend text me...
Text --> Hey wana hv din wt .... 6:30pm 2moro at Bandar Puteri?

I accept the invitation but not sure where were we going... only know somewhere in Puchong.

On the Day
I had made an appointment and went for my hairdo @ Shawn Cutler, Bangsar. Didn't get my friend's text regarding the dinner venue. So i text him. He replied...
Text --> A Wet Thai Restaurant, b puteri. It is in google.

To my disappointment, I could not find the A Wet Thai Cafe in Bandar Puteri in the Google Map. The result shown Cheras. Later, i went into some food blog and found the full address. Type it to the Google Map and found the exact location.

The timing was so perfect. I reached there same time as my friend as i saw them while they are in the carpark. We sat down and my friend started the ordering... I was glad that i don't need to order. Few minutes later we were done with the order.

So any idea what we have ordered?...
The whole table was full of food but the amount was just nice for 4 person.

Pineapple fried Rice, Paku Pakis, Tom Yam, Green Curry Chicken

Yummy Pork Neck dish

fish wrap with salt and bbq

Water Chestnut dessert

So now, are you hungry now?

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Busy... Busy and Busy


Sunday, March 20, 2011

Working Round the Clock

My very first time working round the clock after joining this new company... 

I was working with my deployment team from various region to deploy a new system to the production on Saturday early morning. The plan was to start from 12am to 12pm Saturday. 

But things went wrong with one interface and we were stuck, multiple retry but we decided to give up on 10:30pm Saturday. I was super tired after the whole long hour of following the team progress. I ended my day with a nice hot shower. 

While waiting for my hair to dry, I went online and did some chatting, facebooking until i dozed off. 
Guess what i just woke up... it's 12pm Sunday. Still feeling tired and half a day just wasted like this... :(

Thursday, March 17, 2011

When you are sweating...

As everyone know i go to gym almost everyday... yup "almost"... cause nowaday, i might miss one or two days gym due to conferencing at night. Anyway, that's not the topic.

I have a sensitive nose which could differentiate the perfume smell... When i smell the perfume i roughly can tell what the brand of the perfume (it was last time when not so many perfume. Hehehe... ) Anyway, this is not the topic.... 

Okay, let's hit the topic now. As i was doing my workout in the gym... people were walking by and there were different smell. Some smell like strawberry, some smell like fox, some smell like dirty shoes...  eeeee.... some is so hard to describe. Anyway, these were all sweat smell from different body... 

So when you are sweating, what is your body smell like?

Countdown to my Vacation... Where?

I have booked a return ticket to fly away from Malaysia to this place...

(Credit: Telegraph Colour Library—FPG International)

Anyone know where am i going?

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Say NO to Nuclear Power Plant

I don't need to explain much on what happen in Japan... Anyway, given that Japan is facing the Nuclear state of emergency and the people of Japan is facing the worst, the most challenging and dangerous moment... 

On the other side of the world, the German has come out and protest to request their government to shutdown all the nuclear power plant and abolish them for the safety of the people but also for the good of the people around the world. 

Look @ how dangerous Japan facing and 40,000 German has stood up to say NO to nuclear power plant. Why our lovely government still considering to build Nuclear Power Plant by 2021? The next most important question... where is the power plant going to locate? Which part of Malaysia?

Me: See what happen to Japan on Nuclear Power Plant. Our government still wanna to build? Sad Sad...
Colleague: What to do? They can earn from buidling it.
Me: I wonder where are they going to place the nuclear power plant?
Colleague: I think they will most probably will build in Sabah.
Me: I think they should place it in Putrajaya.
Everyone: Laugh... 

Dear lovely government, 
Please abolish the idea of building the nuclear power plant if your slogan is the People of Malaysia comes FIRST... hope you could exercise what you have promised... "THE PEOPLE OF MALAYSIA comes FIRST" So what would you say? In this case, i think the lovely government should abolish.

Folks, what do you think? ...

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Change @ Third Place

Third place has changed its logo, menu and introduced a new drink named CoCoa Frappracino.

Guess what? I gotten the opportunity to attend their launching on last Tuesday. But due to my conference call @ 11pm with US folks. I was forced to cancel it... *boohoo*

How i got it? Actually my colleagues who has gotten the invitation from the barista. He asked me whether wanted to go, and he can confirmed more than two person. So in another words, i can get more than one free invitation. We ended up didn't go...

Hey this is the Third Place new logo...

Third place new logo

Stabie old logo

What would you prefer... the old or the new? which is nicer?

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Happy Anniversary to 5 Elements of My Life

Today marked the 4th year anniversary of 5 Elements of My Life.
Time really fly... My blog already four years old.


Let's review what happened in the past 4 year on March 8th...

March 8th 2007
- the born of 5 Elements of My Life. TZ's first blog...

March 8th 2008
- 5 Elements of my Life celebrated 1st year anniversary... and coincidently it's Malaysia Election day. And it's the day that our lovely government lost Penang, Perak, Kedah, Kelantan, Selangor and all the parliament seat for Kuala Lumpur except one.

March 8th 2009
- 5 Elements of my Life 2 years old, reported from Kuching, Sarawak.

March 8th 2010
- 5 Elements of my Life marks its 3rd year anniversay, reported from Malacca.

March 8th 2011
- Oh... It's 4th year anniversary now...

Hurray, I have been blogging for 4 years...
How many years have you been blogging?

Monday, March 7, 2011

can herShey's cure your Monday Blues?

You must be wondering who or what is herShey's? I know today is Monday... Most of you will have Monday Blues.... Are you having one right now?

Anyway, herShey's might be able to help you on getting over your Monday Blues.
Why? Cause herShey's is sweet. She comes with different appearance and favour... There are Dark, White, Milky, super sweet and so on...

So now do you care for a herShey's?

Hehehe... this is my favourite herShey's, she is dark and bitter sweet... my colleagues brought this from US one week ago. It's was so so soooo tasty... Yummy~

Sunday, March 6, 2011

6 projects and 1 PM...

Do I enjoy my work in my new company?
My answer will be 937. (What is 937? Just use your phone keypad to find out.)

Why?... Hmmm... I felt satisfied when handle these projects. They gave me a moderate challenge at this moment given that I'm still new. Expectation is not as high yet. But moving forward I have anticipated more challenges with higher expectation from my boss and my co-workers.

Recently, a lot of my time has been invested into ramping up in my new job. I wanted to get up to speed to be able to be one generation ahead of the up coming actinides. Now, due to new to these projects.

Will I make it? Again I would say 937. I will definitly try my best to achieve them. At this moment, I will have to continue to invest my time...

Happy work week in ahead.
Enjoy your Sunday Eh~