Thursday, August 30, 2012

Michelin Energy XM2 - good for Malaysia drivers?

After ran over the Malaysia Boleh potholes the night before, all the 4 tyres of my car have been replaced with Michelin Energy XM2... Nice to drive but yet to test on the wet and slippery road. Michelin has claimed that Energy XM2 are more durable, better grip and more important it's potholes resistance and tested...

Everyone knows there are so so so many 1Malaysia potholes or Malaysia Boleh potholes scattered around the city of Potholes. This is the type of tyres we should have when we drive in the city of potholes. LoL.

Picture adapted from The Star Online
Potholes @ Persiaran Surian
I found an article in Stars stated how dangerous is potholes @ Persiaran Surian, those potholes caused my tyre flatten and made me change the tyre :(  Just wonder how the lovely government going to close this issue?

Anyway, I was lucky as i was not riding a bike otherwise i would have injured and might be said goodbye to this world. 

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Flat Tyre

Picture from
Have you gotten a flat tyre before? What would you do when you have a flat tyre?
1. Call AAM
2. Call friends to help
3. Call siblings
4. Do it yourself

Which is your answer?

I have a flat tyre on my way back from the Curve after my gym and snack last night. It was around 10pm. I was driving and suddenly i heard a very loud sound and my steering was tilt towards the left side of the car. So i quickly on the signal and stopped by the road... Oh no the tyre has just flatten. 


Without wasting anytime, I transfered my laptop bag inside the car from the trunk, got hold of all the tools. And kick start the project. 

The first thing i need to do is to locate the connector under the car to hold the Jack. 

After i located the connector, i jacked up the car with the Jack and the given tools. Next was the unscrew part, unscrewing the 4 tighten nuts from the flat tyre was not an easy job. You need strength and tools. I was using leg to step, arm to pull to unscrew all 4 nuts. 

Took out the flatten tyre and tried to fit the spare tyre on to the ring. The car was not high enough to place the spare tyre. So i continued to jack up the car until the spare tyre fit into the ring. Screwed the 4 nuts and made sure all the nuts were tighten. Again i have to use arm and leg to tighten the nuts. Of cause with the tools... 

Anyway, it was a second workout for me and guess what? I figured out this was another type of workout which i wet my whole polo shirt and i felt the whole body muscle being worked out after i completed the project a.k.a changing the tyre.

I drove home safely "HOME SWEET HOME"

Monday, August 13, 2012

Horoscope said

This is not in an ideal situation for you to advance your hopes and wishes. There will be more setbacks than usual and it's unlikely that you'll make much headway. Practice patience - better times are ahead. Use this opportunity to learn all you can from the setbacks and make sure you don't make the same mistake twice. Should fate conspire against you again, remember that you can't force fate; perhaps it's that she has something better in store for you.

Do you believe what the Horoscope said?