Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Year Eve 2013

2013 will be disappeared in about 12 hours... TZ will use these few hours to do a quick reflection

2013, an interesting year for TZ... Lots of traveling around with almost every single weeks in the months... Now everyone can fly so do TZ muhahaha... Europe, Asia, people surrounding him has tagged him the regular traveller. KLIA, TZ 2nd home!!! Oops~

2013, a year that TZ was so lazy to blog... how many blog posted in this year? 90 posts including this one. Oops *OMG* face. 90 posts out of 365 posts in one year. Just did not find any motivation to post in 2013. 

2013, TZ met a numbers of new friends which will be friends moving forward not those just hi and bye friend or for Yamcha type. Anyway, social circle still maintain in year 2013.

2013, TZ has registered so many running events outside the country especially the neighboring country of Singapore. Achieved the first 10km run without stopping i.e. no walking throughout 10km. :)

2013, a roller coaster year for TZ in working life and life outside work... So, it's exciting year or what?

2013, a year which TZ has achieved another certification and known as CPRE holder (Certified Professional Requirement Engineering) a.k.a business analyst. Still maintain ONE YEAR ONE CERTIFICATION

Now... few more hours to go before the clock hits 12am and we celebrate the beginning of year 2014

2014, TZ wanna to work hard to pursue MBA (Married But Available) oops it's Master of Business Administration. 

2014, Continue to enjoy the traveling life since people has tagged TZ as regular traveller. Travel planning has just kicked started... stay tune eh~

2014, 6 packs abs... can?

2014, TZ has signed up more running including the Singapore Zoo run and the Asia run for your life. Many more to come... 

2014, Work life was still not very clear as the organization is going to restructure but TZ might have a good opportunity. Let's see!!

2014, Need to better juggle the time to spend more time with parent instead. 

2014, TZ need to focus more on financial planning as everything is NAIK(goes up). Sad eh~

2014, TZ need to stay blogging again... Readers are you ready for some new 2014 posts?

That's all folks... See you next year :)

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Halloween Horror Nights 3 @ Universal Studio Singapore...

I have an important appointment with the Three Vengeful Sisters @ Universal Studio Singapore on Oct 12th 2013. So who are the three Vengeful Sisters?

I yet to know how to react when i see them... Anyway, i'm looking forward to meet them this Saturday. 
Yes~ TZ is going to test his fear... :p

Anyone is planning to go too?

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

500 reps exercise

Friend : Hey TZ, why are you working out so hard? Are you insane?
Me: Nope~ Why you say I insane?
Friend : You do hundreds reps of each exercise... Chin up, Push Up, Dip, Shoulder pull, Bicep curl etc...
Me : Hehehe... that's one of the training my PT ask me to do in order to get nice upper body.
Friend : Oh Really?
Me : Yes~
Friend : I will try...
Me : Don't try... Just do it?

That's was Friend A chatting with me via Phone...

Ex-colleagues: Hey TZ, long time didn;t see you in gym... thought you quit
Me: Hahaha... i quit? *inside me --> You quit also i will not quit; LoL
Ex-colleagues: You work out very hard recently. Your upper body getting nicer.
Me: Thank you. Yup~ I kind of work out hard recently. Workout 500 reps program designed by my PT.
Ex-colleagues: what is 500 reps exercise?
Me: It's you do 100 reps for 5 different exercises within 1~1.5hrs.
Ex-colleagues: Interesting, so what you do?
Me: I do chin up, push up, dip... blah blah blah
Ex-colleagues: Wow~ *Jaws dropped*

This was me bumped into Ex-colleague @ Fitness First - Paradigm Mall

Colleague in US: TZ how many push up can you do in 1 mins?
Me: Maybe 40-50... Not sure cause i didn't really count. What's about?
Colleague in US: I challenged the team over in US to start with how many push up can they do in 1 min. And will track the improvement every month.
Me: Oh~ Sound interesting, Can i join in?
Colleague in US: Certainly you can... 
Me: Will let you know the number eh~.
** Next Day
Colleague in US: TZ, what is your baseline number?
Me: 53.
Colleagues in US: Wow~
Me: Not really a good one.. Can be improved... hehehe...

That's my Colleague in US challenged me on how many push up i could do in ONE MINUTE.  How many you can do?

Me: Hey Dude~ Gym today?
Gym Dude: Nope~ Got stuck in the pile of work @ office. Still having meeting in a short while.
Me: Oh no~ poor you.
Gym Dude: Yup... a bit emo now cause cannot go to gym. Body slowly out of shape jor
Me: You must be kidding. Dude like you with a nice body... out of shape a bit it's okay. 
Gym Dude: You haven't seen me for months. My body has out a shape a bit.
Me: Don't belief... you are so conscious yet you say body out of shape, don't think so... 
Gym Dude: How you know my body still in shape since we haven't met for months
Me: Anyway, dude we will gym together when you are free eh~
Gym Dude: Okay~.

That's my once a while gym buddy via whatsapp... 

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Science of Persuasion

I learnt this on the workshop i attended yesterday. It was an interesting way of present the Science of Persuasion... Do you get the geez of it by only spending 12 mins?

Friday, September 13, 2013


The Price of the petrol has jerk up, followed by the good and services prices also hike up... Malaysian Ringgit devalued and my salary getting smaller and smaller... Moreover, i need to save for my future... I have decided to cook my own lunch whenever i work from home.

So what i cook? >.<

Mussel Pasta Salad

Seafood Pasta Salad
It's a simple and quick lunch for me on my lunch break at home. I just need 30 mins to come out this lunch.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Celebrating Malaysia Day @ Hornbill State

huhuhu... I'm leaving city of pothole again for celebrating Malaysia Day. Another 24 hours i will be on my way to the city of Meow Meow... Guess?

This is 1960s Meow Meow City (TZ made it looks like 1960s. Nice?)... Let's roll the clock forward...

I was there on March 2009 and it was an enjoyable trip as i went with a friend of mine who likes photographing. And we met a couples of new friends at the backpacker inns. We spent 6 days in total at Kuching. Okay don't ask me why i spent 6 days in total. >.<

Anyway, this trip was a short one as i will be following a friend of mine back to his hometown and stayed in his house together with a Singaporean friend of us for a weekend. So, I'm not sure whether what my friend has arranged for us but i got to know there is one Sarawak Cruise in the itinerary... i'm bringing my Nikon D7000 for more shots. huhuhu...

Anyway, stayed tune for the report out of my weekend escape out of City of Potholes. Hello City of Meow Meow...  

Here some photos that i took when i was there in 2009

Water Front

Bidayuh house @ Cultural Village

Umai Umai - Sarawakian Sashimi
Say hello to Ritchie

Monday, September 9, 2013

Is Monday really BLUE?

I never think Monday is BLUE even though i went through the tough time. But today is Monday... I felt the BLUE~

Price on Good and Services Hike up 
After our lovely government announced 20 cents petrol price increase, all our goods and services also climbing up the ladder. And our saving is getting smaller and smaller... Sigh~
Is there a way to beat this to retain the saving?

Ringgit Devalued
The Ringgit is getting weaker and weaker day by day... meaning we are having pay cut compare to our fellow friends in Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia. It will come to a point an senior executive will earn less than a fresh graduate in Singapore. Sad case eh~
Any action plan to protect my salary being devalued?

Uncertainty on the current job
Change is constant no doubt but change is getting rapidly and things just get more and more unstable. So i think this is more stressful than having some issue in your job.
Maybe should think about switching to other country...

Investment for EPF individually got CUT again
The lovely government has revised their rules on the EPF individual investment via Unit Trust. This has brought down some full time Unit Trust agent's salary... overall we no longer able to get more fund for our individual investment. This will be just depends on our lovely government on how they wanna use the fund. Another Sad case~
We really have no other alternative but depends on the lovely government~ Big SIGH~

So, what should we do as a Malaysian?

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Standstill in Moving...

How do you feel if you are standing in the middle of all changing moment... imagine you are the one whom standstill in the middle while the rest of the surrounding is moving.

Do you feel lost and helpless?
Do you feel giddy and want to throw out?
Do you feel being pressure and kind of don't know what to do?
Do you feel happy that you could standstill while the rest of the surrounding are moving?

Now take some time to imagine the moment... You are in the middle of all the fast moving traffic... No one will bother you but just avoiding you... 
How do you feel?

Monday, September 2, 2013

RON95 increase 20cents in Malaysia

Our lovely Prime Minister has announced an increase of 20 cents/liter for Diesel and RON95 effective September 3rd 2013 00:00.

A lot of people just thinks that it's affordable as it's only increase 20 cents/ liter. Base on the past history whenever the petrol price jerk up... the repercussion is the rest of the goods and services will increase too. So if you think it's just a 20 cents up only? You are super wrong... wait and see more to come.

Look at how the 20 cents impact to THE RAKYAT immediately...

Most of the people trying to queue to fill up the petrol... but unfortunately there were small amount of people just filling up RM10. So how much can they save? Moreover, they have jammed up the whole place. Dear lovely PM, can you see how suffer some of the people whom felt the pinch even though it's only 20cents increase...

For my case, my tank was already below 1/2 tank and i have pumped RM40 to make it full. It cost around RM90 to get the whole tank filled if the tank is empty. So, estimated saving was around RM4. Not even a Char Keow Tiao in Kuala Lumpur. Sad case eh~

Thanks to those who voted the Rakyat Didahulukan and Janji Ditepati Party... Just to see when the Karma will strike... Good Luck~

Friday, August 23, 2013

The Phantom of Opera @ Singapore

Finally, the day has come... Another 5 hours i will be watching the Phantom of Opera.

Saturday, August 17, 2013


Are you familiar with the brand name called TicTac?

four famous favorite of TicTac

Still remember the taste of a TicTac? Is this your favourite?
It's so amazing that this product has survived so many years even older than me... Anyone know which is the original favor of TicTac? I meant which favor is the first to come out?

Guess what? Today the TicTac has come with various form and various beans. I even saw one box of Minions TicTac... this is how the company survived generations. Until today kids are so fond of TicTac because they have evolved on their packaging too.

Drum please... Let me introduce you the GIANT TicTac

Giant TicTac
Any other shape of TicTac which you have come across?

Friday, August 16, 2013

McAloo Tikki

Are you keen to try this McAloo Tikki? Now available in McDonald's Singapore all the way from India. When i WIKI McAloo Tikki, I got to know Aloo Tikki is a snack made out of Potatoes and Spice which originated from Northern India.

Guess what? I also found this in WIKI
"The McAloo tikki burger, a trademark of McDonald's served at McDonald's restaurants in India, UAE and other countries with large Indian populations, is not a true representation of the traditional food"

Now, Singapore has been recognized with Large Indian Population by McDonald's. When will McAloo Tikki be in Malaysia? Hmmm... maybe not cause Malaysia is truly Banglasia Not India... Muhahaha :p

Thursday, August 15, 2013

An afternoon with Yang I Deun @ The Curve

Last Saturday after gym workout at The Curve, had lunch with my friend. Friend brought me to watch this piano performance at the Curve "An afternoon with Yang I Deun" a Korean pianist on a rounded stage in the middle of the open area near McDonalds, BodyShop etc.

Yang I Deun on Piano
Surprisingly he has his own fans club. A lot of people were there for his performance. Before he started his performance, his fans already waiting for him to perform... *thumbs up*

Yang I Deun playing piano
Look at the boy... he was so curious and wanted to go closer... Not sure whether he wanted to touch the piano?

Do you play piano?
Will you be encouraging your children to learn piano?

Saturday, August 10, 2013

On watching LIVE performance @ Alexis Ampang

My newly known friend has arranged a night out at the Alexis Ampang for a LIVE performance by Bihzhu from Penang.

We had our dinner at Alexis Ampang... Dinner was so so and to me the Alexis burger was not that great. The Fatboy, Chillis and TGIF burger is way way better than Alexis burger. I should have order their Asian food ;-)

Alexis Burger
According to my friends, the Alexis Restaurant famous for its Tiramitsu

We actually order two different cakes for our dessert to share...

Two Different Cakes for dessert

 At around 10 something, the LIVE performance started and the performer started singing all kind of songs including Reggae, American blues, Jazz and one kiddie songs Xiao Bai Chuan... The performance was very good. 

LIVE performance by Bihzhu

The performance lasted around 2 hours included the break. I managed to buy her first album and gotten her autography... There are 6 songs in total, the song i like most is the Xiao Bai Chuan.

Bihzhu's first Album
Thanks to my friend invited me to this nice LIVE performance and night out...
Here you go the Xiao Bai Chuan that i like...

Friday, August 9, 2013

On Watching Percy Jackson and the sea monsters

I went to watch the Percy Jackson and the sea monsters with one friend of mine. Bought the movie ticket before hitting the gym.

Met my friend around 19:00 and went to Pho Hoa for Vietnamese Beef Noodles. After the dinner we went for the movie. The Percy Jackson is quite nice as it's not lengthy. The movie finished around 1.5 hours. 

I personally thinks that it's worth to watch the movie... I don't wanna to be the spoiler for the movie. :p Go ahead and watch it eh~

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Hungry Ghost Month

You will kind of know when the Hungry Ghost Month (HGM) approaching...
1) The horror movies in the national TV
2) Lots of people sicks
3) Live concert by the roadside with the first and second rows of chair empty
4) Prayer booth setup by the roadside and within the temple

When i was a little kid, i usually very scare of Hungry Ghost Month. Maybe thanks to those ghost movies and commercial that reflected the scary part of the HGM and those people whom pray to those hungry ghost on the street...

14th days of the HGM was the most happening day according to the old people. There were the day that lots of hungry ghost wondering around the street... So usually my mom will ask me to come back home as early as possible. But I think that's the practice for most of the people as the street is empty on that day.

I found this clip regarding on how the Malaysian Chinese pray during the HGM... 

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

On visiting MacRitchie Trail, Singapore

A lot of people have the same mindset of myself... when we mentioned Singapore, this is the image that comes up to our mind...

Guess what? Singapore has lots more to offer... The MacRitchie Trail is a very nice natural reserve park which covered a very wide area.

MacRitchie Trails Map
We decided to go with the Orange Color trail which is 7.0km return. This trail is not a difficult trail as mentioned in the map... Interesting enough after 200m, we walked into the jungle like path...

The Trail
Along the trail, we are greeted with a small stream parallel with the trail. No fishes were detected...

The Stream

The Trail

After 3.1km, we finally came to the gate of the HSBC TreeTop Walk. The main attraction of MacRitchie Trail. 

Gate to the HSBC TreeTop Walk
It's a one way to the other sides... Meaning you could not walk back to this end. The exit is over the other end of the TreeTop walk.

TreeTop Walk
From the TreeTop Walk, we managed to see the MacRitchie Reservoir... Due to the hot sun... we took a few shots and left the place and back to the trail...

Can you see the MacRitchie Reservoir?
We managed to finished the whole 7km trail within 2.5-3 hrs. The recommended time to complete this trail is 3-4 hours. Hahaha... we still consider Fit :p 

More pictures @ A picture A day.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Guy vs Lady?

Question:  The person holding the umbrella, is a he or she?

Sunday, August 4, 2013

The (Honest) Truth About Dishonesty

I went into the Borders besides the gym two days back. Wondered around the bookstore, doing some reading. When i went through the TOP TEN rack... there was this book that drawn my attention.

I haven't really read through this book yet. So not able to tell you what HONEST TRUTH that the author trying to address in DISHONESTY. Will blog again once i finish the book.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Run TZ Run 2013

All of the sudden i have added 2 runs into my list within 24 hours... The Singapore Standard Charter Marathon 2013 on Dec 01st 2013 and the Bangkok Bayan Tree Hotel Vertical Run (Relay) on Oct 6th 2013. This year run started quite late as i was in Europe during late March till April for my vacation. There were not many interesting run until the Sundown Marathon in Singapore appeared on May 31st 2013. Honestly speaking, i kind of participate more run outside the country then running in the City of Potholes. Maybe just scare to drop into the potholes while running... :p

Done deal 
1. Singapore Sundown Marathon - May 31st 2013

Up coming
1. CSC Run by the Bay - August 25th 2013
2. KL Standard Charter Run - Sept 29th 2013 (Postpone from June 2013)
3. Bangkok Bayan Tree Hotel Vertical Run - Oct 6th 2013 (relay)
4. Singapore Standard Charter Run - Dec 1st 2013

I think that's all folks for year 2013 unless my friend jio me to run with him on some others run... ;-)

Friday, August 2, 2013

Bangkok Bayan Tree Hotel Vertical Run

My friends has just registered us to the 61st Floors Bangkok Bayan Tree Hotel Climb on Oct 6th 2013 yesterday night. So Bangkok here i come again... the vertical run is a team of 4 person. Total steps to achieve is 1093 so each of us have to climb 273 steps. It's equivalent of Batu Cave Steps. So, I found the training ground for my vertical run.

The venue

The Training Ground

Looking forward for the run in Bangkok...

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Can you reserve a gym locker? @ Fitness First

A: Excuse Me, you are using my locker
B: I thought no one is using this locker
A: Don't you see there is a set of Towel in the locker?
B: You mean the gym towel? I though the other person just forgot to return.
A: It's mine that i left inside... Can you get another locker?
B: *shut the locker door and proceed to the toilet*
A: *shouted @ B* Can you understand what i meant?
B: How could you use the Towel to reserve the locker?
A: Are you going to give it back to me? (B has placed all the stuff and got changed to his gym clothing)

Me: I'm going to leave right now. You may use this locker.
B: Do you mind using that locker instead?
A: Okay~ *unhappy*

I believe A has placed the towel and got out from the locker room to do something... not sure why he don't lock the locker. Maybe the card was not working... 

So, can you reserve a gym locker using the Gym Towel? Why in the first place B go to take out the gym Towel and get the locker. (there is the only upper deck locker available). Maybe B have not choice to get the one.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Short getaway from City of Potholes - Day #2

Day #2 : Singapore - Kuala Lumpur

Hwa Nam Restaurant - This restaurant specialize in Dim Sum and it's one of the oldest Dim Sum Restaurant in Singapore.The dim sum is not as tasty but it's very traditional. 
MacRitchie Trail (HSBC Hanging Bridge) - After breakfast, we headed to the MacRitchie Trail for a 3-4 hours hike at the same time see the HSBC hanging bridge. Why called HSBC hanging bridge, it's the community work of HSBC and the sponsorship from HSBC. By visiting the trail, the perception that i have earlier on Singapore i.e. all concrete no nature. I was wrong, they have natural reserve park too but not as huge as Malaysia. I challenged my Singaporean friend to bring me something which is more unique and not man made. So here i am on the MacRitchie Trail... 

Fitness First millenia walk - I gotten my passport but unfortunately not chance to hit the gym. So i used it for pass to the shower facilities. YES~ we went Fitness First to shower before heading for lunch...


MEDZS - a restaurant which has the concept similar to Marche. But this restaurant focus on more Mediterranean food. The best thing is this restaurant sells pork dishes. We have the Pork Affair for our lunch. The food was yummy and we were so full after the meal.

National Museum of Singapore (Princely Treasure from the house of Liechtenstein) - All the valuable paintings are shipped from Liechtenstein Palace. Some of the well known painter like Rembrandt etc. The exhibits are very nice... unfortunately i just got back from Europe. So to me the exhibits are not as many as we can see in Church and Museum at Europe.

East Coast Parkway - This was the last stop before heading back to City of Potholes...  We chill out in One Twenty Six for a booze. After finished our drink, we hit the nearby bicycle rental place. We rented a bicycle to go around East Coast Parkway. It's a very fun and relax by the beach. Headed to Changi Airport around 7:50pm. Took KFC @ Changi Airport.

That's all folks... 2D1N getaway from City of Potholes

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Short getaway from City of Potholes - Day #1

My friend has bought the Ballet Under the Stars - Giselle tickets. I was invited to view the ballet while having picnic @ Fort Canning Park, Singapore.

Day #1 : Kuala Lumpur - Singapore (intial arrival time 9:45am | after delay: 11:45am)

Amazing delayed on the flight to Singapore has set me back for 4 hours. The captain has tried 2 attempts to land in Changi International Airport. Due to the severe thunderstorm. The 2 attempted landing were basically FAILED. The flight ended in JB until the weather was cleared in Changi International Airport.
There were couples of them in the flight were heading to the Phantom of the Opera Matinee Show in Marina Bay Sand. One old couple, the wifey was panic that they could not make it to the Phantom of the Opera. Cool mam... cool....

Science Center - After my friends picked me up @ Changi International Airport Terminal #1, we headed to the National Science Center near Jurong. It has been so long i haven't been to the Science Center. Due to the delay of the flight. The pre-purchased Omni Theather Ticket got burned. Tsk Tsk Tsk.... imagine so many kiddy and science related items to explore and play with... Worth~ We re-purchased the Omni Theater ticket. The IMAX floor to ceiling and half rounded dorm has made everything looks so GIGANTIC.

Giselle (Ballet Under the Stars) - This is the main purpose i traveled down to Singapore. My first experience of watching Ballet outdoor, moreover with picnic style... We have prepared lots of yummy food etc. The ballet was worth to watch and i have gathered another new experience. And a good observation on how people squeeze themselves into a smaller piece of grass. 

Fort Canning Hotel - Walked over to Fort Canning Hotel to chill out in their lounge. We had one drinks each and enjoying the quiet environment while waiting others to leave the area. Avoid the jam ;-)

Monday, July 29, 2013

Walao Wei~ Bus Driver @Singapore

Did you see what i saw? This also happen in the FINE country eh~ I thought only @ City of Potholes... Muhahahah... The bus turned out from the bus lane and cut across two lanes to the outer lane with so many cars queuing for their turn. So, this is not only happen in the city of potholes but also happened in the FINE country too.

Friend A: Walao~ Must be xxx country driver... *all of us looking at the driver try to find out the driver is from which country
Friend B: It's an Indian not Chinese. So our perception he must be coming from Bangladesh or India...

Hmmm...  What do you think about those buses that break the rules. Do you feel safe to be on it?

Friday, July 26, 2013

Citibank VIP lane @ Cathay Cineleisure, e@Curve

I'm holding the Citibank Credit Card which claimed that you could bypass the queue and straight into their VIP priority lane. On July 6th 2013, around 6:04pm, I was approaching the counter and tried to buy the ticket. The ticket counter assistant asked me to queue up with rest of the people to get the ticket.

I was not very happy as i didn't get what Citibank has claimed to have the priority on getting the movie ticket. I asked the person... Guess what? the answer was "The Citibank VIP lane can only be used on FRIDAY" listen carefully ONLY FRIDAY... normal day you don't have such priority...

counter close for Citibank VIP lane

Has this VIP lane setup to serve its customer only on FRIDAY?

Thursday, July 25, 2013

On visiting Batu Cave

It have been such a long time i haven't been to Batu Cave... when is the last time i went to Batu Cave? Can't even recall. This means that i haven't been there for a couple years. Anyway, there are quite a bit of change at Batu Cave. For those whom don't know what is Batu Cave... It's a temple built inside the Cave decades ago... Since the cave located higher ground, you need to climb 273 steps to get to the main temple.

273 steps leading to Batu Cave

View from Step #1

View from Step 273

Entrance of the Cave

Statues at the side of the cave wall

Inside Batu Cave, there is a main temple on the left

Early bird got the worm... Why i say that because we visited Batu Cave at around 8am. No many people visits the cave yet. Mainly those whom were using the staircase for training. As a result, the parking is FREE and we managed to observe people's offerings being offered to the GOD in the main temple.

It's kind a good experience to visit Batu Cave... Have you been to Batu Cave before?