Thursday, September 19, 2013

Science of Persuasion

I learnt this on the workshop i attended yesterday. It was an interesting way of present the Science of Persuasion... Do you get the geez of it by only spending 12 mins?

Friday, September 13, 2013


The Price of the petrol has jerk up, followed by the good and services prices also hike up... Malaysian Ringgit devalued and my salary getting smaller and smaller... Moreover, i need to save for my future... I have decided to cook my own lunch whenever i work from home.

So what i cook? >.<

Mussel Pasta Salad

Seafood Pasta Salad
It's a simple and quick lunch for me on my lunch break at home. I just need 30 mins to come out this lunch.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Celebrating Malaysia Day @ Hornbill State

huhuhu... I'm leaving city of pothole again for celebrating Malaysia Day. Another 24 hours i will be on my way to the city of Meow Meow... Guess?

This is 1960s Meow Meow City (TZ made it looks like 1960s. Nice?)... Let's roll the clock forward...

I was there on March 2009 and it was an enjoyable trip as i went with a friend of mine who likes photographing. And we met a couples of new friends at the backpacker inns. We spent 6 days in total at Kuching. Okay don't ask me why i spent 6 days in total. >.<

Anyway, this trip was a short one as i will be following a friend of mine back to his hometown and stayed in his house together with a Singaporean friend of us for a weekend. So, I'm not sure whether what my friend has arranged for us but i got to know there is one Sarawak Cruise in the itinerary... i'm bringing my Nikon D7000 for more shots. huhuhu...

Anyway, stayed tune for the report out of my weekend escape out of City of Potholes. Hello City of Meow Meow...  

Here some photos that i took when i was there in 2009

Water Front

Bidayuh house @ Cultural Village

Umai Umai - Sarawakian Sashimi
Say hello to Ritchie

Monday, September 9, 2013

Is Monday really BLUE?

I never think Monday is BLUE even though i went through the tough time. But today is Monday... I felt the BLUE~

Price on Good and Services Hike up 
After our lovely government announced 20 cents petrol price increase, all our goods and services also climbing up the ladder. And our saving is getting smaller and smaller... Sigh~
Is there a way to beat this to retain the saving?

Ringgit Devalued
The Ringgit is getting weaker and weaker day by day... meaning we are having pay cut compare to our fellow friends in Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia. It will come to a point an senior executive will earn less than a fresh graduate in Singapore. Sad case eh~
Any action plan to protect my salary being devalued?

Uncertainty on the current job
Change is constant no doubt but change is getting rapidly and things just get more and more unstable. So i think this is more stressful than having some issue in your job.
Maybe should think about switching to other country...

Investment for EPF individually got CUT again
The lovely government has revised their rules on the EPF individual investment via Unit Trust. This has brought down some full time Unit Trust agent's salary... overall we no longer able to get more fund for our individual investment. This will be just depends on our lovely government on how they wanna use the fund. Another Sad case~
We really have no other alternative but depends on the lovely government~ Big SIGH~

So, what should we do as a Malaysian?

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Standstill in Moving...

How do you feel if you are standing in the middle of all changing moment... imagine you are the one whom standstill in the middle while the rest of the surrounding is moving.

Do you feel lost and helpless?
Do you feel giddy and want to throw out?
Do you feel being pressure and kind of don't know what to do?
Do you feel happy that you could standstill while the rest of the surrounding are moving?

Now take some time to imagine the moment... You are in the middle of all the fast moving traffic... No one will bother you but just avoiding you... 
How do you feel?

Monday, September 2, 2013

RON95 increase 20cents in Malaysia

Our lovely Prime Minister has announced an increase of 20 cents/liter for Diesel and RON95 effective September 3rd 2013 00:00.

A lot of people just thinks that it's affordable as it's only increase 20 cents/ liter. Base on the past history whenever the petrol price jerk up... the repercussion is the rest of the goods and services will increase too. So if you think it's just a 20 cents up only? You are super wrong... wait and see more to come.

Look at how the 20 cents impact to THE RAKYAT immediately...

Most of the people trying to queue to fill up the petrol... but unfortunately there were small amount of people just filling up RM10. So how much can they save? Moreover, they have jammed up the whole place. Dear lovely PM, can you see how suffer some of the people whom felt the pinch even though it's only 20cents increase...

For my case, my tank was already below 1/2 tank and i have pumped RM40 to make it full. It cost around RM90 to get the whole tank filled if the tank is empty. So, estimated saving was around RM4. Not even a Char Keow Tiao in Kuala Lumpur. Sad case eh~

Thanks to those who voted the Rakyat Didahulukan and Janji Ditepati Party... Just to see when the Karma will strike... Good Luck~