Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Busy --> Lazy --> Sxxk

I was busy chasing my vendor to get every ready for my customer since last week. I have been working more than the hours that i suppose to work. Luckily, i was still not sacrificed my gym time for my busyness. Unfortunately when it hit this week, the work schedule totally upside down... I couldn't have the chance to go for the gym cause i was chasing the vendors for quotation... Sigh~

I was not feeling well since yesterday but not as bad as now. I still able to walk without muscle pain but unfortunately this morning the muscle started pain... ouch! Ouch! ouch! Walking like an old man...

Yup, i'm sick and i got slight fever, slight sore throat, slight ... now i'm not sure how long i gonna to be this situation... Please get me out of the sick time. I wanna be healthy again. Guess what my colleague gave me to cheer me up?

"An apple a day, keep the doctor away". They changed it to "Use iPhone everyday, doctor will stay away" So doc, please don't get offended eh~

hahaha... i'm in the gym now. Took a shower and wait for friends to get ready to leave. I was doing the shortest gym session today. i have 15 mins run, 15 mins walk... After this exercise, i carried weight for my chest but felt like no energy... So gave up and hit the shower... Now i felt better... definitely need a stretch when i get back home.

Folks, the weather is changing from time to time .... take care of yourself eh~ Do more exercise and eat healthy :) Ciao~

Three days, no...

I was not hitting the gym for three days in a row... Why?


Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Random Picture from Iran

It's going to be a month after i came back from Iran... Do i miss Iran life... eeeee... what should i say...

Iranian Rice

Iranian Motorcyclist

Not sure what building is this... Anyone can read Farsi?

Valiasr Street - the longest street in Mid East and Tehran (19km)

Milad Tower - Sister tower to KL Tower

Monday, June 28, 2010

Worldwide Photowalk @ Malacca

What is the Worldwide Photowalk about? TZ is looking forward on this event

Anyway, i'm joining this event @ Malacca on July 24th 2010. Will be traveling to Malacca for a weekend. I hope to meet up photographer from various corners of Malaysia even from outside the country. Together to shoot the nice part of Malacca...

If you are interested to participate on this walk @ Malacca. Just drop by this link and register yourself. It's free...

See you then ... :)

Friday, June 25, 2010

Weekend getaway...

Last weekend i spent in a small town... opposite this small town island, there is a nice resort hotel which is one island one resort. Yup, it's private beach, private villa... and all private. Not sure there is nude beach on the other side of the island... I heard from the boatman the villa facing the other side costs USD3,500 per nite.

This famous island is belongs to YTL group and they have developed this island into a 6 stars resort. It looks nice from far during the sunset

So the next day, we hired a boat for a mission to spy and tried to intrude into the island. Unfortunately the boatman refused to bring us closer to the land... Sigh~ we could only spy from far.

Did you see any celebrity in the picture? Anyone sunbathing nude? ...

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Kucing watching Sunset

So what is this kucing doing on the rock? Shall we ask smallkucing?

I din manage to take a picture with this kucing as i was trying to side beside the kucing and enjoy the Sunset @ Pangkor.

Kucing @ Pangkor - watching Sunset
Dedicate to SmallKucing

Bunch of people just trying to take u jump , i jump picture

Reflection on the beach

Rocky Bay - able to walk over when low tide

My favorite Sunset picture - Taken by TZ :p

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Spending Weekend in a small town...

I was spending my weekend @ this small town. A nice short getaway from the big city and got the opportunities to relax after my Iran trip. The weather was just nice for a getaway :)

This is downtown

Pink taxi make me think of the Mini bus in KL

miniature great wall - Landmark of this town

Historical Site near the town

The great sunset

So, anyone know where was i last weekend?

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I want Coke

Friday, June 18, 2010

Beautiful Water

For people that don't know what is beautiful water... Let me do a short introduction on what Beautiful Water did...

Every morning after you woke up... you need to go to toilet, pee or poo. The moment you flush, Beautiful Water system need to perform their work. In short, Beautiful Water actually is a company that take care of Malaysia sewage works.

Enough of the introduction, let's TZ tell you his story now...

I received a red color paper with a white paper attached... And i realized i have not been paying the Beautiful Water for nearly 2.5 years. So it has accumulated to RM288. wow~ such a nice figure for chinese. Easy to get rich *WINK*. Anyway, i was looking around to see where i could pay this Beautiful Water in the net and i encountered i could transfer from my Maybank to them... good! Settle...

But I personally think that we shouldn't pay Beautiful Water for their service. This should be the basic infrastructure that our lovely government should take care. Now everything in Malaysia needs to pay... Our salary just goes to bills :( Thanks to our lovely apa apa pun Boleh government... We are so poor now. I think before the country go bankrupt. We as the working class citizen go bankrupt first...

BTW, do you think Beautiful Water service value for money? My answer is NO~ what about yours?

Saturday, June 12, 2010

TZ has no luck with iPhone

Three weeks ago, before i left for Tehran... I was trying to switch my DIGI prepaid to postpaid iPhone 3Gs plan. I was stuck with the stupid Celcom's user which has the same old IC number with me. The telco company has listed me into the blacklisted database. So my mission to switch to iPhone was aborted... :(

Today, i was so happy as one week ago, i received the mail from CELCOM that my name has delisted from the blacklisted database. So, early morning i drove over to Digi @ Solaris and attempted to switch the plan for the 2nd times...

When i reached the Digi specialized center, I was surprise that no even a single customer was inside the center. Only the DIGI staff... I walked towards the counter

Digi Staff: Good morning sir...
Me: I would like to switch my postpaid to the iPhone 3Gs plan.
Digi Staff: Sorry Sir, we are out of stock for iPhone now. The stock will be here on July 15th 2010.
Me: How about other sites?
Digi Staff: All the DIGI center has run out of stock...
Me: Hmmm... Can i switch to Postpaid first then later to the iPhone 3GS plan...
Digi: Sir, I would like to recommend you to come back on July 15th 2010.
Me: Sigh~ Thanks a lot. (walking out from the center with a sad face)
Digi: Have a nice day.
Me: Same to you.

The moment i walked out from the DIGI specialized center, i really wanted to hit the stupid CELCOM which don't know how to handle their customers' debts. I wish CELCOM will just disappear from the world for their miss managed. The customer who has the same IC number as mine has owed CELCOM thousands since year 2007... the A/c has been suspended. No one do anything in CELCOM to manage this a/c and TZ got hit by this ... Stupid CELCOM...

Now, I need to wait for another month... Sigh~ Sigh~ Sigh~

۸۸ ۸۸ ۱۴ ۱۵

In Malaysia when u want to order pizza, what number you call? Or you may just click into the Dominos pizza webpage and order a pizza online. But when you are in Tehran... What number you call for a nice pizza? Anyone know?

Pizza box

Yummylicious Square pizza

Are you drooling yet?

You have seen the top... need to see the bottom too

So, do you want to try the yummylicious pizza now?

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Home sweet Home...

I reached KLIA on 2:15pm, so soo soooooo tired. Din sleep for 24 hours... Need to sleep early tonight :p

Still not in Malaysia timezone yet... :(

@ Dubai

I'm waiting for my flight to Malaysia now. Another 1 hour of waiting and 7 hours of flight... I will reach KLIA... anyone offer me a ride?

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Less than 48 hours...

I'm happy and start counting in hours my flight back to Malaysia. I have been away from "Civilization" for nearly three weeks... Everyday doing the same old thing for the past three weeks, sound like no life at all eh~ But after going back to home... what should i do?

This business trip is really suffering... customers torture, restriction applied, manage under limited resource, unhelpful team, not many variety of food, no gym, no Saturday and Sunday rest... eeee what else?

Anyway, it is going to end in less than 48 hours... hurray i'm going to fly back. Kuala Lumpur here i come ..............

Monday, June 7, 2010

Place i stayed @ Iran

I am staying in this hotel for nearly three weeks... It's a 4 stars hotel with a small kitchen that we can cook some light food. It's not a fancy hotel... they claimed that they have a gym but without equipment, a swimming pool but without water... oh, a bar but without alcohol :p So what they have... hehehe... they have a quite cozy room..

View from entrance

Small kitchen


Two twin bed with working tables beside

So this is our bunk place in Iran... How's it? nice?
Anyone wanna guest how much per night in Iranian Rial? (1USD = 10,000)

Sunday, June 6, 2010


What are you thinking when you see this picture? When took this picture i was thinking of quickly finish my mission and heading back to Malaysia :p

* Picture taken @ Doha, Qatar.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Translation please!

Anyone know arabian?
Can you help me to translate this please?

Thursday, June 3, 2010


My flickr a/c got blocked... so no more picture from Doha and Tehran. Anyway, another few more days of suffering i will be back to Malaysia. June 8th 2010 is the day i'm release from this country with all the blockage... No FB and now No Flickr... what next No Blogspot ... Please don't. This is the way i communicate with my fellow bloggers.

Let's cross the finger, hopefully they don't blog my blogspot too. :p

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Back to Tehran

After 24 hours Doha trip, i'm in Tehran now... have to go back to the battle ground for another week with serving my demanding customers. Round 2 >.<

Anyway, i have already starting my countdown to go back to my lifestyle. Hopefully i don't have to extend my stay for another week for Round 3. We should be able to complete whatever we need to complete and heading back to Kuala Lumpur on June 8th 2010.

Let's cross our finger and please send TZ back to KL :p Coz if TZ not going back by June 8th 2010, his energy will be drained out. I felt so not energetic anymore after 14 days of working none stop. I felt this is a torture instead of enjoyable and those unnecessary stress to resolve the issue which I think we really need to give time for the team to breathe. The management just wanted everything to be done fast. Why? just because of the budget/expenses. Sigh~ At the end we spent twice because of bad quality work cause by unreasonable time line.

Anyway, gotta hit the battle ground again. Ciao~