Friday, April 29, 2011


If you are a cantonese, you will not choose this number. Why? Reason being, if you pronounce this number in cantonese "Yak Yak Sei" meaning everyday die.

I went to the gym yesterday night @ the Curve for my RPM challenge. When i stepped into the locker room. All the lockers were fully occupied except the locker #114 which was the only one not taken on the top row. For me, i will not care about the number that bring me luck or not. As long as the locker is secure and workable. I will take it.

I saw one person came in to the locker room, went through most of the locker. I think he was very picky on the number... finally he settled with a locker end with 8. how you pronounce 8 in cantonese? your will hear "Fatt" not the fart eh~. As a result, number which end with 8 has become popular among chinese.

So, are you particular with the number you will get?

Satu makan Dua mau, Dua makan Toilet Mau

Let me translate the title of this post... of cause for those who don't understand Malay...
"Satu makan Dua Mau, Dua Makan Toilet mau" means The first one you eat, you ask for more, the more you eat you go to toilet later" I was being curse on eating too many buffet since last Friday.

Friday --> Damai Laut : BBQ Seafood Buffet by the sea
Saturday --> Chicken Rice for lunch, Duck noodles for dinner, Hotdog bun for Supper
Sunday --> Duck noodles for lunch, Dinner Tenji (Japanese Seafood buffet)
Monday --> mix rice for lunch, fried banana for snack, soup and bbq chicken wings for dinner/supper.
Tuesday --> Burger for lunch, mom's cooking for dinner.

On Tuesday night, I'm not feeling well already. I feel so bloated and feverish. I didn't go to the toilet until the next day. The first time visiting to the toilet sounds bi le ba lah and the browish, yellowish fluid type of dump out from my ass. You know what i meant eh~ Anyway, it was an uncomfortable day, i in and out the toilet for total 6 times. Luckily, i was working from home... So accessing the toilet was not a problem. :(

Finally, I recovered from the stomachache after a day of pass motion. I felt better and went to office today. 

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Daily life... CHANGED

I have been so soooo sooo busy for the past few months since day one i joined this company. My friend has given me the nick name. Busiest man. Of cause you have knew this from my blog too. I seldom update my blog nowadays. Reason being.... Busy!

Besides the blog, I seldom hit the gym too. What a sad case :(  TZ no longer the gym bunny which goes to gym everyday. So my body weight has increased dramatically and i'm getting fatter and fatter. I'm having the healthy lifestyle but now not so healthy anymore. I must pick up my gym again... Gym gym here i come...

CHANGE is good but CHANGE from better to worst is not a good CHANGE.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Sarawak Election 2011 - Will Sarawakian vote for the change?

The moment has come... The result of the Sarawak Election 2011. What would be the result? Would Sarawakian vote for change? Hmmm... Let's have a look at the result tonight.

Anyone have the latest update on the Sarawak Election 2011?

Update: Sarawakian still not prepare for a full change but they have shown improvement. :)

Monday, April 11, 2011

April 11th - The moment has come...

I was busying to get everything planned out and prepared for the big day... hmmm... of cause not my big day. It's my system big day. The application that i handle will be going live on April 11th 2011. A lot of people is watching this moment.

We yet to get the end user sign off for the go-live. So the moment has come... Sign off time. Anyway, for the past 2 days i was working as the orchestra conductor... conducting the final deployment of the long waited system. I have been working 17 hours each day for the last 2 days. I only have one focus... Get the system out and put it on live...

At last the moment has come... and i have officially handed over to my counterpart whom is going to hand over the system to the end customers.

So what is the decision? Go or No go?.. Will update you when the time comes...

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Doing Business while having Business Meeting

For the IT technology company, the trend is to allow its employees to have a flexi working hour. Especially those team that support globally. The moment you woke up in the morning, there will be meeting until the moment before you hit the sacks, meeting still goes on.

So nowadays, working from home is another trend for most IT companies. As long as the work done, the company and boss will not bother what you are doing. So to be creative to save some time. A colleagues of mine just do his business while attending the business meeting. Before i proceed, just wanna to do a check here. What would you thinking when you see this title?

Thanks to the technology of wireless on phone and connection. Basically you can do meeting anywhere and everywhere. So while you are doing your business, you could attend the business meeting. "Doing Business" in this case means that you are having a dump... :p Why i think of this? I have a ex-colleagues who always attend the business meeting in the toilet and one day he forgot to mute. During the meeting, he flushed the toilet after done his dump. The flushing sound came into the meeting, the whole meeting stopped and everyone just kept quiet. Follow by the laughed. What a embarrased moment for him eventhough we could not see his facial expression and his naked body *wink*

Another colleague of mine wishes to have a water proof telephone so that he could take a shower while attending the business meeting... I could not figure how to take a shower while having meeting. Can someone please paint the scenario :p

So what would you think? Will you have your business meeting while you are doing your own business?

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


What is ViPR? It's a new exercise equipment using your body movement and additional weights to further enhance your workout.

I went to FF 1 Month Kiara for my gym workout yesterday evening. And i have the opportunity to join the ViPR workout session led by a Personal Trainer. Ian was the instructor for the training session. This was my first time joining those small group exercise using the newer sporty equipment. What i wish is to burn all the fat surrounding my waist and have the 6 packs :p  

The session was a bit challenge if you are not a regular gym goer... As i wasn't get used to this kind of workout, i felt the soreness during the exercise. So what am i doing for my gym? Usually what i do is working out on the machine, some free weights and some body push up on the barbell and sit up.

This workout is totally different, it's need you to hold your body strength to support. So whenever you are doing the swing left and right, up and down. You actually activated different muscle to support the swing. It a full body workout session. Guess what? Now i feel the muscle soreness like after the Personal Training... hehehe... I willl try to attend as many ViPR work out as i could.

If you have not tried it... do go to FF 1 Mont Kiara, they organized small group exercise on this new sporty equipemnt.

Picture adapted from

if you have notice the Asia Bigger loser program. You should be familiar with how they were trained using the ViPR.

Sunday, April 3, 2011


Anyone know what these Symbols represents?