Thursday, July 30, 2009

It's less than 24 hours ...

What am i feeling now ?
Am i nervous? Errrr.... not really!
Am i feeling information overload? A little...
Am i feeling happy? Yes, my torturing period will be going to end
Am i feeling worry? ya! a bit coz so many things to remember :(

What i need is to have a relaxing day before my exam... So i decided to hit the gym this afternoon with some weight training and pilate class to release certain stress then later continue with my revision... Hopefully i could score on tomorrow exam.

It's a mutiple choice exam and we will do it online (ya! means we answer on the computer screen... hehehe ... no more paper) ... After the 3 hours exam. That's come the exciting and nervous moment ... [Drum please]~ The result of the exam... the result will be known exactly 12pm tomorrow. There will be a pass and fail flag with some breakdown. The certificate will be sent to my mailing address within a month.

So. wish me lotz of GOOD luck eh! ... BTW, can i borrow all the GOOD luckz from you ... TZ need GOOD luckz. Will return to you after 12pm tomorrow afternoon ;-)

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I got a message from my discussion group team members asking to postpone the morning meeting to 2pm afternoon.. so i have the whole morning and would be able to have my lunch @ home before leaving for the discussion group... 

Hmmm.... what i had for lunch then? Since i wanna a simple and fast lunch... i went ahead and made myself Eggs Sandwich.

Closest shots

It's so simple to made... Just need Eggs, Bread, Salad leaves (14 mix leaves pack), Pepper, Salad Cream, Milk. It only took me 1/2 hours to prepare my lunch :) that's simple ... 

Another shots of the juicy eggs on the salad leaves + bread

just place everything on top of the bread.

tada... this's mY LuNCH... 

So how many slices of bread do you think i have for my lunch ... 
give it a guess?

Monday, July 27, 2009

Press the Close Button!

I nearly became sandwich after a stupid and no brainer indon maid just press a button @ the elevator... :( I was unlucky to meet this person who didn't know what is the button to hold the door.. instead she kept pressing the close button... Initially i thought she was holding the door for me to go in as i was so gentleman to let her go into the elevator first which i always do for anyone especially ladies...

As usual, when the elevator arrived, I step away from the door so that people could come out from the elevator... I was standing a bit far from the elevator door and this indon maid was standing beside me... When the elevator arrived, she quickly jumped into the elevator after the two person came out...  even though i stood nearer to the elevator door... Then i made my way going into the elevator straight after the Indon Maid went in... i saw the Indon Maid pressed a button and i assumed she was pressing the open button... so I made my step into the elevator with confident... But all of the sudden the door slammed @ me, luckily door detector has overwritten the Indon Maid action... otherwise i would not be here to blog about this ... that stupid Indon Maid, she didn't press the other button (open the door) but kept pressing the button to force the door closed... WTF? I was so unhappy and gave her an angry stared since she forced the door closed instead quickly change to open the door... she quickly pressed the floor and waited the elevator to reach her floor... "ding" ... she quickly went out when the elevator reached @ 6th floor ... 

Next time if you see me not being gentlemen... please pardon me as i nearly risk my valuable life being gentlemen. Is there worth? sigh~ sigh~ sigh~ 

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Are you grounded?

When i flipped through the newspaper today... the case of AH1N1 in Malaysia has increased another 14 cases as per yesterday count ... I was having some concern as a lots of selfish people out wondering @ the public place with sneezing here and there... Everywhere sneeze sneeze... 

This morning i went to The Garden to attend a discussion group for my exam next Friday... I was @ Starbie as early as 9am (yaya! I was in Starbie again... blek!) Anyway, that's not my main point... my main topic for this entry is AH1N1....

As i walked down to the LG before i about to leave to get my car @ the car park... there was this auntie who standing near the CIMB bank carried a stack of tissues sneezing and sneezing and sneezing... i was looking at her sarcastically... My staring has indicated that she was so selfish and She was so uneasy then walked away with lots of sneezing ...  I was so uncomfortable as i think she has the higher possibility of infected by AH1N1... why was she in the mall and not @ home quarantine... I thinks this kind of people should have jailed for spreading the virus if they really infected by AH1N1... Selfish! Selfish and Selfish~ :p

Anyway, after i left The Garden, I went over to the Curve and bunked into Tony Roma to further my study since my group members @ the discussion decided to call it a day... why Tony Roma? hehehe... it served RM0.50 hot drinks (coffee, tea, hot chocolate...) and a 144mbps connection... hoo hoo very nice environment too... But that's not the point too... what is my point? AH1N1... :p

Before i left The Curve, i came across an interesting NOTICE issued by The Curve Management... Here's what i saw

Since the caption is quite small for all of you... I have retype all the words below:- 

Protect yourself Against Influenza A (H1N1)
If you have Flu-like Symptoms such as fever, cough, muscle / joint pain, sore throat or runny nose, seek medical treatment from the nearest clinic or hospital especially if you have recently traveled from a country with the H1N1 virus.

Cover your nose and mouth with tissue or a handkerchief when coughing or sneezing.

Wear a face mask to reduce the risk of transmission of such disease.

Avoid close contact with person who appear unwell and have fever cough.

Avoid shaking hands but do bow your head in greeting or place your right hand on the upper left side of your chest to show respect.

Wash your hands often with soap and water thoroughly or use appropriate antiseptic hand cleaners.

Hmmmm.... l think there should be another clause... "DO NOT go out to the public place and spread the virus... You are grounded!!!.... " So i think the auntie has just covered the nose and mouth when sneezing ... she could just argued that Malaysian Health Minister did not enforce people who are sick must stay @ home... :p 

What do you think the Malaysian Health Minister should have done better to prevent the spread of the AH1N1? 

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Study under NOISY environment...

I'm currently trying to study @ Starbucks Jusco Maluri since i just sent my car for service and some fixing ... no doubt car is high maintenance. Not sure how much it cost me this round :(

Anyway, I got annoyed by this bunch of Japanese big boss who worked in Jusco ... they were speaking in Japanese like no one is around... ( hey dude, I did know what you are talking as i know some Japanese... :p ) they laugh like a thunder, emmmm... I bet we will get rain since these bosses is laughing and laughing non stop... I wish they disappear from Starbie as soon as possible... I wanna a full concentration to finish my study before 5pm. The free servers will be down starting from 5pm... :(

For the past few days, i had bunked myself in Starbie to study... Last Sunday, i was disturbed by a bunch of kiddo whom parents were not interested to control their kiddo... They themselves were talking as loud as the giant is whispering... the noise was unbearable... ish! One small kiddo even came by shouted beside my ears. I nearly burst out, but... then, the father came over and apologized... I was so tempted to tell the father off but my friend just gave me a look and signal me not to do that... I chilled myself and continued with my study... Later i checked with the brista and the brista also shoot her head and she was annoying because there were couple of customers was complaining that families have taken away the quiet Sunday @ Jaya-One Starbie.

Hmmm... since when the standard of Starbie dropped till Mamak Stall, McD, KFC ... even Wendy is better now... what a sad thing :p

Oh guess what? I need to get back to my study now ... the place is back to peace after the stormy and thudering off ... finally the whole group of annoying people left... Left four of us now in the Starbie ... i could only heard the keyboarding and mouse clicking sound... hurray TZ is going to get back to his study... CIAO!!!!

ps: Starbie = Starbucks

Monday, July 20, 2009

Spamming... is this a right action?

To all my readers, thanks for your support and valuable comment... You are my great companions on the blog communities... I appreciate all of your comments and we have lots of fun visiting each others blog. 

Sadly to say that i also got some of the bloggers whom wondering around the blog communities to draw attention due to he or she wanna to get more hit on their blog... I would consider this group of people a spammer... 

As a technology graduate, I'm very clear about what is the rules of using blogs... I think most of us using blogs to express our ideas, motivates each others to continue with our day to day life... Making new friends through blogging... but some of the people out there just have some hidden agenda that no one will know... maybe they just wanna to use the blog to create a fight, bad mouth people, accuse people, calling other people names etc... why should those people do this kind of things without benefit others... ???? 

hmmm... recently there's lots of interesting stories in the blog world about Plagiarism!!! I was experienced once myself as one of my blog entries about my experience of visiting a place in Malaysia was translated into the other language and published into a blog in other side of the world? What i did to close this?... I didn't hire a professional to spam for me in others blogs... I didn't bother to spam other bloggers in the communities myself about this matter... Didn't even bother to go around the blog communities to tell the whole world my material was being copied and translated? But i did send a mail and settle with the particular blogger? I didn't wanna to spam others blogger as i'm not as immature as some of the people out there... thought going around the blog communities and spam could actually solve the problem and created the awareness to other bloggers ... Yes! you might have created the awareness but what would the bloggers communities going to do ... boycott the bloggers? Sue the bloggers? Kill the bloggers? ... :p

Okay, please don't put me wrong that i support the person that steal our material in our blog...I will not support those people... but if there is one ... things can be resolved through between the owner and the person without even need to hire third parties to create a hoohaa in the blog communities... Again ... Please tell me what is the benefit by doing so? What would you get out of this... Just to warn other bloggers and seek for revenge to boycott the person? or just wanna to get more publicity and more hits? hmmm .... what is the real objective? Don't ask me...  I just don't have the answer... the person who spam around should have the answer to what we are looking for... ;-)

I strongly thinks that the spammers are worst as they did more destroy to the communities... ;-) So, what do you think?

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Cut Cut Cut ....

I cut down my expenses few months back...
I cut down my time on updating my blog since 5 weeks ago...
I cut down my social networking too (errr... delay all the yamcha sessions) ...
I cut down my gym for the past two weeks - din go gym everyday :'( ...
I cut down my time for going around reading people blog, only selective blog i read...
I cut down on MSN or i would say seldom MSN.... Only MSN during my break


I need to focus on my up coming exam... this is real important for me to send my crappy career away in exchange of a new start on my career... so this is a deal or no deal kind of exam to step into a new and different environment. This is what i wanted long long time ago but too stingy to pay RM30K or i should say i don't have so much to pay for the most expensive course that i have taken so far... :p

Anyway, the course is over but the exam is coming ... another 14 days to go... i'm in stress now as there are near to 1,500 pages of material to study and about thousands practise questions to work on... where should i start ?... Ok... i need to stay focus on my study...

Can you see the word i meant i need to do in the graphic above ... ?

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Study~ Study! ....

Another one more day is my trial exam... wish me luck eh! .... :p

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Relaxing with Aromatherapy...

I was a bit stressful errrr.... not too much just more stressful then just sitting @ home blogging and waiting for my unknown start date project to trigger again... sigh~ sigh~ sigh~ Since i joined this SAP class 4 weeks ago... I have been undergone some level of stress but not the stress that i couldn't take... Nothing can compare with my previous work. With my regular gym session... the stress disappeared after a nice jumped up and down from the step board... sweating my stress away... :p

For the past one week i have been using my new bought RM5.00 Aroma pot... I bought this Essential oil from Body Shop two months back and haven't tried out the Aromatherapy with the essential oil ... Reason being i was looking for a reasonable price Aroma pot... guess how much an Aroma pot that Body Shop sells? It's RM70+... how ridiculous.... Finally i managed to get it from the RM5 Japanese shop one week back... 

Every night i light up the Aroma Pot... feel so relax and turn my room to a nice, quiet environment to study my exam... :p hehehe.... once a while i was so tired and dozed off ... 

Monday, July 13, 2009

Italiano cena

Insalata pesto alla genovese, Pastini Con Sugo di pomodoro basilico e burro etc... have in common. Hmmm.... what are these two Italian sentences have in common????... hehehe, they could fill your stomach... of coz my traditional Italian dinner not only have these two dish... but more dishes :p

If you remembermy recent entry... I did blog about i got the invitation to have an Italian dinner by my friend on last Saturday. (Traditional italian Dinner)

Arrived @ my friend place about 7pm... once his guest all arrived, he started to prepare the first serving ... it's the Inslata pesto alla genovese (salad with genoese pesto)

hmmm... the salad was so yummy... :p we chat for a while and the next dish was served after the salad... An italian food without the pastini would not be Italian food... So the 2nd dish was Pastini Con Sugo di pomodoro basilico e burro (pasta with tomato, basil and butter sugo).

The serving was just nice to left some space for the main dish... which was the Grilled pork with broad beans in Saffron cream ragu. You could look at the picture and imagine on how i enjoyed the dish... It was yummy~

Dessert was served after a long chat... coz we were too full to have dinner immediately after the mail... What's for dessert? hahaha... Apple pie with Gelato... :p

Let me show you the whole apple pie which we celebrated a birthday for one of my friend's guest... Happy Birthday to you...

We finished our dinner @ about 10 something ... unfortunately we missed the late night movie ... :( Anyway, it was a nice dinner and i would like to thank my friend Anton for inviting me to the dinner... you have made us a great dinner... thanks dude~ *Two Thumb up*

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Exam is coming!

Last Friday, I finally submitted my enrollment to a certification examination to become SAP consultant... I got an instant confirmation reply from SAP Malaysia and stated my exam will be on July 31st 2009 i.e. 3 weeks from now ... :p

The exam is a multiple choice examination with 5 folders of study material and each folder have about 300 pagers of material to be studied... The trainer taught us has advised us to allocate at least 4 hours per day... I was being lazy and in addition with lots of activities (i.e. gym) after the class ... At the end of the day, I only spent 2 hours per day. hmmm.... now i started to feel the heat... so much things to cover yet and left 3 weeks... sad sad sad .... :(

The examination is a multiple choice question... The questions are from different sections of the reading material which carried different weightage ... hmmm what need to focus more? I think i should go and ask the trainer tomorrow morning for some study tips... It's important to know the weightage so i could maximize my score during the exam... Anyway, no short cut to gain the certification... So what is the keyword to pass the exam?


Gotta go and hit the book again... Ciao!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Traditional Italian Dinner ...

Today is July 9th 2009... time passed so fast ... It's 4th week of my SAP classes. I have been studying for my SAP since 3 weeks ago... Let's rewinded to July 7th 2009 evening ... when i was driving i received a text from my friend... 

"hey, wld like to invite you to my humble home for a traditional Italian feast this Sat nite. I'm the cook! ;-)

hehehe.... traditional Italian Dinner, just wondered what the typical gift is Italian bring for the dinner... ;-) Anyone have any suggestion? ...  

Monday, July 6, 2009

are you a selfish driver?

I have been travelling in the peak hours almost everyday for the pass three weeks ... Yayaya! not that i wanted to rumbling or ranting or complaining... just wanna to share with you my observation the drivers in KL... KL drivers are getting worst. Being a KL driver myself, I definitely not in those group that i described below... I follow the rules strictly... :p

Why i come out with the title Are you a Selfish Driver? If you have noticed the behaviour of the drivers in Malaysia or specifically in KL.... you would understand what i meant... and i bet you will somehow agreed with me... :p

A selfish driver has the following behaviour base on my observation.

1. Switching lane as they wanted especially during traffic jam. This has slow down at least two lanes of car that behind his or hers. Switch Switch Switch ... let me switch you off :p

2. Parking by the street which occupied a lane that caused the traffic jam due to other drivers need to switch lane to avoid the car that parked there. Can we call a toll truck to toll away the car and dump it into the junk... press it and recycled.... :p

3. Blocking other drivers which suppose to be able to turn into another road @ the junctions... this has made the traffic so messy... Ignorance of Yellowbox... what is the Yellowbox ? for deco only... :p

4. Driving in the inner lane with the speed of walking... is the driver driving or walking?... :p

5. Park in front of the bank with who cares attitude to do the banking... "just a few minutes"... hey that few minutes already enough to cause others inconvenience.

6. Performing acrobatic while driving ... driving with one hand on the phone the other on the food and no hand on the wheel... is it possible? okok... seriously, how many of you driving only with one hand on the wheel.. and the other hand on the phone?

7. Reversing from the parking space... "STOP!" i'm coming out... "the whole world must stop for the car to come out... especially those people that driving big and huge car... your highness even not doing it everyday... how about i drive a super tanker... looks who is harder... blek!

8. Cutting queue from the side of the road.... Shall we blame our road designer who design so much space @ the side of the road that gave the opportunities for the unconsiderate drivers to cut the queue... cut cut cut ... shall we cut your license away????...

9. Butt kissing driver happens whenever in the highway... some of the drivers just so annoying that they flash you out of the way or just as if your butt is nice to be kissed... hmmmm ... maybe they really like butts... just wondered what type of butts they like ... blek!

10. Making U-turn in the junction that will jeopardize others road users' life ... murderer!!!!!....

11. Miss one turn... hmmm... do you ever encounter cars that reverse 1km just to make a turn that they have missed... what do you think? are they murderer too?

12. Escorting the ambulance... i observed some drivers when the ambulance is coming from the back... everyone seems to give way... that this driver happily escorting the ambulance front and back by squeezing through the traffic... hmmm.... we should block the way when he or she inside the ambulance... blek!

13. Driver that go into the no entry or different direction should send back to school. they don't even understand what is the no entry sign means ... A kindergarden kids also know what is no entry sign... Shame on you!

14. Pilot on the road .... this is quite common as the selfish drivers of this type drive like a pilot... why i say pilot coz they drive in between two lane... hehehe using the dotted line as the central... like the plane running on the runway .. :p 

Are you a pilot on the road?

15. "Don't drink and drive" is the slogan that you see everywhere in the world... so how many of you actually Don't drink while driving or don't drive after drinking alcohol? hmmm.....

Do you have the same experience that i had
you are one of the selfish driver
contributes to those inconveniences? :p

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Should we take away the boss?

This strip caught my attention on how unreasonable was the boss while he was about to go for an unplanned vacation... BTW, do you have this kind of boss in real life? Who always create more problem to a simple matter? Shall we take away this kind of boss from the corporate world?... :p

Have a great Sunday... Enjoy it!
Before you need to face your boss again on Monday

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Study @ Starbie ...

My class ended early yesterday and i dropped by the Starbie to study... this was my initial plan but I ended up with spending my whole afternoon blogging ... emmmmm ... need to start study already... blek!

Anyway, it's Friday afternoon and i have been working hard on the rest of the week... wat a lame excuses.. i think i need a break so I spent my afternoon sipping shaken ice tea lemonade and having my favorite shepherd pie while updating my latest entry about lunch @ Sogo Japanese Restaurant @ 5 elements of my life.

shaken ice tea lemonade

shepherd pie (side view)

shepherd pie (top view)

This outlet has nice service... why i said so? As I was sitting @ a place that directly under the aircon... the brista came over and asked whether the temperature of the aircon was okay... am i cold or hot ... errrrr.... I was a bit stunt after the whole week of study... i should have told her i'm always "hot"... am I? kakaka... ;-)

Friday, July 3, 2009

Buffet lunch @ Sogo Japanese Restaurant

Last Sunday, I went for Japanese buffet with my parents, sis and bro in law @ Sogo to celebrate father's day and my dad's birthday. Sogo Japanese Restaurant used to be my hang out luncheon chatting place or so called a gossip place for my ex-colleagues and I... we gossiped about our boss... colleagues and so on... ooopsssss... hopefully my ex-bosses are not reading my blog... anyway, whatever is passed let it be the history...

Anyway, let's get back to Sogo Japanese Restaurant food is very fresh and the price is reasonable with mom's Sogo discount card.

I reached Sogo at about 12pm... i started with the starter while waiting for my parent, sis and bro-in-law.

then proceed with the nice raw sessions with all the raw food such as ....

Guess what? I took one dozen of raw oysters and i lost count of how many plates of sashimi i had.. it was so sooooo sooooooo satisfied. Besides the raw section... I also get my favorite Chawanmushi... :)

After sitting there for hours and an half ... it was so full and i decided to end my meal with two different desserts... the jello and the ice cream. Yum Yum!

hehehe.... you must be looking at where was the green tea ice cream... and why he didn't take the famous green tea ice cream... kakaka... the green tea was hidden inside... just under the white ice cream... how would i not taking green tea ice cream in the Japanese Restaurant for dessert... :p

We left the restaurant @ about 2pm... :)

Hehehehe.... I managed to take a picture of the dining hall of Sogo Japanese Restaurant... :)

Thursday, July 2, 2009

blog expired ....

I know someone might be going to give me a blog expiry comment ... errrrrr.... i could not cope with blogging now as i have been busy on my study on SAP... another 1 more month to go for my certification exam... Will try my best to update my blog ... i have so many things to write about but not in the mood to update ... blek! 

Study is my main focus now until mid of August... :)