Friday, August 31, 2007

Perfect Stranger

Crime could happen and plan with the right location at the right time without anyone notice. I never expect that the real murderer is Rowena... This is really a surprise after Miles review the crime scene planning in the last 20 mins before the movie ends. As expected, Miles is the next victim as Rowena for sure will kill him to keep his mouth shut. This is so scary if it is a real case. Anyway, the story is quite interesting but not up to my expectation on this Bruce Willis movie. Usually Bruce's movies are mix of actual and thriller/crime investigation. But this is more storyline and a little bit dry.

I managed to ask Darrenzeger out to have a movie with me today. Pre-booked the seat for Perfect Stranger @ Cineleisure The Curve. I picked up Musa @ his place and we went to the Curve @ about 12pm. Got the ticket from the box office and headed for our lunch. We had our lunch @ TGIF. Guess what we ordered?

My order:
Starter: fried calamari;
Main: Half BBQ Ribs
Dessert: Mocha creamy pie
Drink: my favor Ultimate Long Island Ice Tea.

Darrenzeger's order
Starter: Shared
Main: Southwest Shrimp Ceaser Salad
Dessert: Shared
Drink:Utimate Margarita

Yummy! Yummy :q

After the meal, we have a walk in the curve to kill some time before the movie. We managed to get in the cinema on time. Grabbed a large pop corn and plain water, we were ready to enjoy our movie :-p Hey you know what? darrenzeger nearly felt asleep... fortunately not otherwise we would have additional soud effect :-p

Anyway, after the movie we dropped by Starbuck to have a quick sipped of coffee / fruit punch and headed to MJ for more shopping. Darrenzeger was looking for a pair of jeans but at the end he bought couple of clothing instead. This is also happen to me... usually i will lose focus and bought something else :-p Anyway, we had a great day today. :-) I dropped Darrenzeger off to the place that he was going to have dinner with his friends and called it a day. I had a short nap during watch TV back in couch @ my condo. This is what happen to me if i'm tire ...

Happy 50th Birthday Malaysia

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

If only the share market like Air Asia Ticket price...

If only the share market price like Air Asia Ticket price, everyone will be very happy. Within two days, the Air Asia ticket price has increased > 10% especially on the Hari Raya weekend. So now i need to make my decision fast...

The ticket for going to Phuket has increased from RM600.98 to RM670.98 i.e. RM70 expensive then before. My pocket money is getting lesser and lesser... so have to decide fast. :-p

Anyway, i'll decide before end of this week. Hopefully the price will not goes up again. Otherwise, i would have to change my plan then.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Vacation needed for TZ

I'm shopping for a short vacation during the long weekend week on October 2007. I have shortlisted a places to visit... Phuket. I wanna a nice quite beach for me to relax and rejuvenate myself after so many months of busy work with the dynamic change of the project direction from the management... Anyway, i could not tell much of the project that i worked on... :-)

I'm open for better place for my vacation, went to Bali last year... this place which would be cheap for me to stay at least 6 days. I will probably leave on Oct 10th 2007 and come back to KL on Oct 15th 2007. What i'm going to do in Phuket? I have not plan out yet but i have some in mind at the moment... Any suggestion?

I'm still looking for someone to travel together otherwise i will be going alone. I have done a bit of research i.e. the air ticket from KL-Phuket-KL will cost about RM600.98 and the hotel will cost about RM100 per nite. I will be staying in the center of the most happening place Patong Beach :-)

Here you go the list that i thinking of doing in Phuket
1. Sightseeing
2. Snorkerling
3. Get sun tan
4. Go for massage (people back from Thailand said that good and cheap massage)
5. Relax and walk around to take picture
6. Any suggestion?

Gotta to leave office soon for my gym session in Summit Fitness First... :-)

Saturday Nite out - Putrajaya Part I

Matt, Corine and I decided to pay a visit to watch the fireworks @ Putrajaya last Saturday. Picked up Matt from KLCC and headed to Putrajaya. Reached Alamanda @ about 1730. Shop around while waiting for Corine. After having dinner @ Secret Recipe, we drove to Putrajaya ERL station and parked our car there. We hopped in to a free bus to Putrajaya International Convention Center (PICC). We reached there at about 2030 which was 1 1/2 hours from the fireworks display. I setup my tripod with my SLR and we chat and jokes around to kill the time. Anyway, it was a fun nite. To be continue...

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Relaxing Saturday with an early morning call...

Woke up as early as 7:30am on Saturday morning unwillingly... My inconsider neighbor (the unit above me) was knocking on the wall... doing some construction work. If i was granted three wishes... I would wish the persons that stay one unit above me disappear, so he or she would not make so much noise and brought so much inconvenience to his or her neighbor... (I'm soooo bad! :-p ).

Anyway, after woke up so early, i decided to do some banking... I went down to Citibank @ Damansara Perdana to transfer my personal banker (PB) to that branch... hurray! I don't need to go downtown for any F2F transaction. This PB is very friendly and i hope she would provide a good services to me... She is not as arrongant as my previous PB. I need to move on as this PB provided a better service... reality drives :-p

I drove all the way down to Fitness First SPK to do my gym but unfortunately, I got to leave after 15mins... it was so stuffy and i felt like no O2 in the gym :-p So, headed to KLCC... I don't know what i was going to do and my stomach cry for food (like a baby :-> ). Decided to dropped by Starbuck. Here i am in Starbuck by the park @ KLCC. Sitting a nice located table that i have the whole view of the park @ the background and could observed the people reaction... :-> Let me take a picture of the environment... (i have to uploaded the picture later lah!, damn I left my USB wire @ home :-(

Guess what? I'm sitting besides these 3 lady which i believe they are the promoters for SK II... One of them is so vain (the right one). She kept looking at her small mirror from time to time. The middle one whom boasting about property and her husband know lots of developers which could get good price. The left one was so admire and wanted to get a property... Three of them keep gossiping and they are entertaining me too... So i'm not so bored :-p Too bad they just left...

Interesting enough, one family just came in and sit in front of me... from the way they dress and talking, i think they are not KL metropolitan city people... Hey! this is Starbuck not food court... please slow down your voice... talking as loud as thunder... yet not ordering anything from the counter and occupied a table. Come on buy something from Starbuck, otherwise move on please... hehehe... I'm so sarcastic... :-p At last, they left... table in front of me empty again with some tissue left by the group... no business for Starbuck yet need to clean up the mess. What a day!

Starbuck over here is still very busy... Now i need to decide whether should i proceed to Fitness First Maxis or should i just skipped workout for today and headed home... I will stay until about 3pm and head home to get change then come by to fetch Matt in downtown... :->

Thursday, August 23, 2007

High School Reunioun countdown...

I received a mail from my high school mate two days ago. I have responded that i'm going to attend the gathering on next Sat (September 2nd 2007). So, i'm excited to meet those school mate that i don't see them after high school :-) about 15 years already... so how they would look like and how do i look like and so on...

Anyway, here you go the mail content
In celebration of 20th anniversary for us who bearing the school number of 87xxx, a small gathering is organized as follows:
Date & Day: 1 Sept 2007 (Sat)
Time: 6:30pm (dinner shall be served at 7pm)
Venue: Soong Foong Inn Vegetarian Restaurant 松風小館素食料理
No. 22, SS23/11, Tmn SEA, 47400 Petaling Jaya. Tel: 03-7806 2235
(please refer to the attached location map & brief explanation)

You and your family are cordially invited. Kindly revert to us via email or sms by 25 Aug (Sat), with your full name and school number, as well as the number of persons (adult & child) clearly stated. (Also let us know if you need baby chair for your children)

Please help to forward to those who are are not in my mailing list. Thank you.
we are looking forward to seeing you soon.

ps: Not only family member are invited. We also welcome the attendance of your partner or fiance(e).

After receiving this mail, i quickly response with my name and my school number... what is the attendee number ... only me lor... what to do? No girlfriend to bring with me... (anyone willingly to be my gf for this dinner ah? I could be contacted via this blog :-p )... Then my school mate responded to me and double confirmed with me that I will be going alone... how awful, why can't i go alone? Anyway, who cares? I'm enjoying my single and available life rite now.

Gym + Fireworks

I don't think the title clicked... anyway, i have a enjoyable nite out...

Matt (friend), Corine (colleague) and I decided to give an attempt on watching the fireworks @ Putrajaya. We got off on 1730 and between 1730 to 2200... this is a long waiting time that we don't know how we could killed it. So, i inivited both of them to come with me to Fitness First @ IOI Mall for a tryout session. When we reached there, there were lots of people there already waiting for the class. Corine wanted to try out the BodyJam @ 1820. Although, Matt and I were sucks in dancing but we went in the class with Corine until 1845, then headed to RPM.

Setting up the bike was a challenge for Matt initially. But after he learnt and got the technique from Alvin (the instructor). He managed to setup a good and comfortable setting for himself. Class started and Matt was enjoying the RPM so much that he kept going on and on and on and on until the end... :-) Anyway, it was a awesome experience for him. He told me that he didn't feel any muscle pain... Way to go Matt... wanna to try BodyCombat, BodyAttack, BodyPump, BodyBalance, BodyStep... Bodyxxxx (new one lah!)?

We had our dinner @ the nearby restaurant before headed to Cyberjaya for the fireworks. When we arrived there, the place was packed with people and those irresponsible drivers just left their car and headed to the lake side. I was cursing those driver who parked their car and hope that the bus would hit and smashed their car... unfortunately it did not happen... :-(

The fireworks was worth for 1 hours plus of jam for 25mins fireworks display. After the fireworks, i sent Matt home and headed back to my condo. I reached downtown KL @ about 12:10pm... it was a long drive back but it worth... :-)

Do you know where i took this picture?

Coming Soon! More picture that i taken will be posted in the near future. Stay Tune Eh! Till then, any one would be able to guess where i took this photo :-p

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Is this the lifestyle you are looking forward to?

I'm looking forward for this lifestyle... it is awesome... all automated and no need to worry :-p No secretary needed... the UMPC is your secretary :-) Your navigator too...

Tough workout

I had a tough workout on Monday nite after rest for a week on PT session... :-)

My PT Isaiah has planned quite a challenge and different from what i did normally. He started the training with the Cycling --> chin up /push up --> rowing --> back --> abs --> stretch.

1 min of easy ride
1 min of racing
1 min of seated climb
1 min of standing climb
** each min the resistant is different. the cycling lasted for 8 mins which is two set.

Chin up / push up
3 set of 6 reps chin up with the interval of push up (tricep push up)

Rowing (total distance 1000m)
2 mins of easy row
1 min of fast rowing
2 mins of easy row again
1 min of fast rowing
2 mins of easy row again
30 sec of fastest rowing (spend all my energy to row up to 40m/s)
** Row Row Row a boat ... blah blah (i forgot the lyrics already... it is a kids' song)

Using fitball one hand with the 20lbs dumbbell and the other hand and leg holding the fitball.
curling the arm/shoulder

Driving with Fitball : Using the 5kg plate as the steering and sit on the fitball. Turning left and right to work out the abs. Initially i thought this is not too challenge but at the end i felt my abs really workout.
Bridge on the Fitball: This position is not easy. In fact it is one of the difficult abs exercises. Ouch! it hurts when i adjust my hand according to my PT instruction.

This is the most enjoyable after the 1 hour workout...
that's it folks. My Monday workout.

Are you interested to try out this workout... If so, you may wanna to consider to sign up a PT session to have the taste of what i'm having rite now. Good workout leads to good result eh!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Day without Tunnel...

The smart tunnel is closed from yesterday until this Friday. Total days closed is 5 days. Just wondered what happen to the tunnel. I heard some rumour saying that the tunnel is closed for testing etc. Some says tunnel is closed for patching... some cracking and water leakage.

Anyway, bottom line is that the Klang Valley folks could not make use of the tunnel to go downtown faster. Guess what happen this morning... The queue of the car started way before Sungai Besi Toll. I bet if you watch it from the top... it looked like a huge / long carpark. The car only moved inches :-p Fortunately i'm working in Cyberjaya and stayed in downtown KL. So i was against the traffic :-)

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Tiring Sunday 9am-5pm CPIM class

I was pursuing the Certification on Certified in Production and Inventory Management (CPIM) since 4 weeks ago. Today was the last day of class on the Detailed Scheduling and Planning (DSP). I will be taking exam on September 22nd 2007... Wish me luck eh! :-)

Today's class was quite rush as there were about 1/2 chapter brought forward last week. But at the end, we still managed to finished on time. There were lots of good discussion. I'm looking forward to be certified by the APICS. This certification is a world recognised certification. So it will upgrade me on my factory knowledge and be specialized on Manufacturing Domain with supply chain knowledge.

After the class, i had dinner with Sbanboy @ Esquire Kitchen, Subang Parade. We ordered 2 vege dish and one dumpling. Since both Sbanboy and i have to study on coming exam. We decided to head back home to study after the dinner.

Guess what? I noticed when i went to the carpark and picked up my car. I saw some carpark that reserved for those parents with kids in the trolley. To my surprise, Subang Parade well taking care of their customers by arranging some reserved carpark for parent with baby. First in Malaysia ... never see this before... :-p

Some detail info on APICS / CPIM
Since 1973, the CPIM program has educated more than 75,000 manufacturing professionals on essential terminology, concepts, and strategies related to demand management, procurement and supplier planning, material requirements planning, capacity requirements planning, sales and operations planning, master scheduling, performance measurements, supplier relationships, quality control, and continuous improvement.

Benefits of CPIM A CPIM education can help you to
* Increase your functional knowledge of production and inventory management
* Improve efficiency across the processes of your organization's supply chain
* Streamline operations through accurate forecasting
* Predict outcomes more accurately
* Maximize customer satisfaction by delivering products and services Just-in-Time
* Increase profitability by optimizing your organization's inventory investment
* Enhance your credibility among peers, employers, and customers.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

MIFC @ Putrajaya

I called Sbanboy and Musa to see whether are they interested to head to Putrajaya for the Malaysia International Fireworks Competition watching. Unfortunately, Musa has a dinner with his church buddies (including Dalantau) @ the Ampang waterfront Korean BBQ. So, happened to make arrangement with Sbanboy to head to Putrajaya to take the picture of the fireworks as planned.

I gathered all my camera gadget including the tripod. Dump it @ my car trunk and decided to head to the gym before meeting Sbanboy. Finished my workout @ Fitness first SPK, called up Sbanboy and heading towards south. When I reached the Desa Waterpark interchange, there were a lots of cars caught in the jam heading towards the Seremban Highway. I decided to exit to use Federal highway, again the jam started before the Mid-valley interchange. So i decide to call off the plan and heading back to my condo... It was a disappointed nite... :-(

Anyway, here is some interesting information regarding the Malaysia International Fireworks Competition (MIFC) Will try to arrange another trip on next weekend, hopefully we could manage to head to Putrajaya... :-)

Malaysian International Fireworks Competition (MIFC)

Malaysia International Fireworks Competition 2007 Putrajaya International Convention Centre will be the venue for the 1st Malaysia International Fireworks Competition. The magnificent view across the lake overlooked by the grand Seri Gemilang bridge will be the main focus for two weeks. From 18 August 2007 till 2 September 2007, Nations from Australia, Japan, Italy and Malaysia will be competing for the Merdeka trophy.

Are you virgin?

My colleague has organized a nite out @ Souled Out, Desa Sri Hartamas. Left Penang @ about 14:00 and reached KL about 18:00. Took a nap before headed to Souled Out. I left my condo 10 mins before 20:00 and reached there 10 mins after 20:00. Only two of my colleagues reached there and the rest was still on the way.

Each of us ordered our main course and we also ordered couple of started for munching. I ordered Porterhouse steak and Pimm's No. 1 for drinks. My colleague ordered the Long Island Ice Tea and we just wondered what kind of alcohol content insides the drink. One of our colleague has the experience of bartending, so we were tried to test him what is the content of the Long Island Ice Tea. Before he answered our question, he asked "is it virgin?" The colleague whom ordered the Long Island Ice Tea quickly answer that she is not virgin... she lost virginity two years ago... blah blah blah... We are laughing out loud and teased her that the bartending colleague actually asked about the drinks not her... i don't think she was drunk as she only taken two sips... So, we started to tease her and she clarified that she just wanna to create some laughter and made the crowd more lively. She is a joker :-p ... So whether she is virgin or not? We don't have the answer, only she herself know the answer :-p

Do you know why my colleague asked "is it virgin? (he meant drink)" This is because if the drinks is virgin, it will only contain alcohol and juices, no water added. Otherwise, water would be added to the drink.
So when you order your drink next time... make sure you request and insist the bartender to preserve its virginity :-p LOL.

Long Island Ice Tea Recipe
The Long Island Iced Tea (LIIT) is the basis of many elaborate mixed-drinks. It dates to the 70's, named after the USA's largest island, Long Island, in New York. Although it doesn't contain tea, it's taste is similar. The drink sits in the top 5 of most popular cocktails and is regularly mentioned or seen served in television and films (worthy mentions are The Simpsons, Sex and the City and Cruel Intentions).
1 part vodka
1 part tequila
1 part rum
1 part gin
1 part triple sec
1 1/2 parts sweet and sour mix
1 splash Coca-Cola®
Mix ingredients together over ice in a glass. Pour into a shaker and give one brisk shake. Pour back into the glass and make sure there is a touch of fizz at the top. Garnish with lemon.

Pimm's No. 1 Recipe
1 1/4 - 1 3/4 oz Pimm's® gin
1 twist lemon peel
1 twist cucumber peel
Pour Pimm's over ice cubes in a large highball glass. Fill with 7-up, add twists of lemon and cucumber peel, and serve.

Friday, August 17, 2007

View from my room @ 32th floor...

I always request a higher non-smoking floor with all the hotel i stayed... i like the room view from the high floor :-p

There were some defect ... the glass reflected me on the picture... do you notice that?

Final nite @ Penang ...

I had my meeting ran until 6pm and felt so tired after the meeting last nite... energy low! But the energy boast up during the dinner... My boss old friend bought us to one restaurant called Ocean Green for seafood. We ordered quite a few dishes of seafood i.e. bake roe crab, prawns etc. It was a good dinner ... Unfortunately, i don't have my camera with me... no picture again :-(

Anyway, after the dinner, went back to the hotel for my nice jacuzzi again. I was enjoying the jacuzzi for a few days and I felt so relax after the jacuzzi. I think i will be coming back to this hotel again for my next trip :-)

Gotta to catch up with my meeting in 4 mins time. Update later eh!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

A tired day... meeting until 1830

I had a long day today... started the meeting on 9am... and back to back meeting with only 1 hour lunch... required full concentration. But quite happy as accomplished my mission and learnt more about the process.

My boss brought the colleague of us from US to have the dinner @ Kashmir This restaurant located in Penang road and claimed that has the best Tandori chicken in town. The price is a little bit high but anyway it was worth for the amount of services.

Picture from Kashmir restaurant (I did not bring my camera today)

After dinner, we dropped my colleague @ Evergreen and headed back to our hotel. I straight prepared the jacuzzi once i entered the room. Get my laptop connected and start doing some surfing and chatting while waiting for the water to be filled.

I'm very tired right now. Going to hit the bed :-)

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Normal working day / nite @ Penang...

Back to back meeting is a norm for a F2F meeting. We travel from one building to another building to meet up the customers...

Vegetarian Dinner tonite @ Burma Road, one of our colleague from US is a vegetarian... Did not bring along my camera.. no picture. The restaurant is kind of old but the dishes are nice and different... Wish i have camera to take some picture for all of you... sorry :-0 Anyway, we had Mutton curry, Sweet and sour fish, roasted pork, Taufu and mushroom soup... You must be wondered why there were still meat in the Vegetarian restaurant... :-p It was the imitate meat not the real meat... the fish is made out from Yam :-)

Went to gym after coming back to the hotel... Hotel gym is very basic and not as good as Evergreen but sufficient for me to do my workout. No Sauna :-( Check out the hotel Spa place and realized that the massage package is not that expensive... might consider tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. Enjoyed the jacuzzi in the room after my gym workout... I'm so relax right now as i felt asleep in the jacuzzi... so nice ... all my muscle is relax and could do another 20 more push up :-p

Monday, August 13, 2007

Motivated Monday! ... No blues :->

As I was leaving for Penang this evening with my boss. I decided to leave ask my dad to drop me @ KL Sentral i.e. the train station in downtown KL. I took KLIA Transit to Cyberjaya station. Then took a taxi to my office. Started with my day on the meeting with the development team which i accomplished with the project implementation timeline... long due items which we need to iron out. Anyway, it was successful completed... :->

My boss, my colleague and i left our office @ about 4pm... the weather was just nice to drive. My boss drove for the 1.5hrs and my colleague took over the drive from Tapah to Butterworth. We had our dinner @ a stream boat place @ butterworth before we headed over to Penang.

Stream Boat Dinner @ Butterworth

After the dinner, we dropped a colleague of us and headed to the ferry. It has been quite sometime i never been to the ferry @ nite. Such as nice Penang nite view... unfortunately it does not turn out good from my Canon Powershot A520 without tripod. So disappointed...

Ferry is too shakey... Light is dancing @ the background.

Car on board @ the ferry

Penang @ nite : camera not good :-(

Welcome to Penang : reach the island :->

This round i just checked in a nice all suites hotel: Northam. It is a nice hotel and my company's travel agent has checked me into a Junior suite...

Nice eh!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

My fat percentage is 15.8% not 18.5%

There is a correction on my fat percentage which i blogged about on my previous entry 18.5%... I actually hit 15.8% which my PT was so happy and he has nothing to say... He encouraged me to continue maintain this... My total body weight has increased which means that my total muscle mass has increased ... hurray... more muscular lah! BTW, Have you set your goal that you wanna to hit for your body fat percentage? or your muscle mass? or your health? hurry set it and work out to achieve it... you will not get there without a goal man! ...

I started my own free weight workout after my CPIM class. I workout on Chin up; Upper, mid and lower chest; bi-cep and tri-cep... shoulder push up too. My upper body a little bit tired but felt satisfy... i never expected there were still so many people in the free weight area in Fitness First Axis after 5:30pm... People was still coming in at about 5:45pm. The gym close at 7pm every Sunday... I finished my workout and took the shower, left the gym at about 6:50pm. Heading to buy my healthy food ... Subway... and headed back to my condo. :->

Today's dinner

  • Two scoop of NitroTech Hardcore Protein Powder
  • one six inch of Subway sandwich menu: Turkey breast Turkey Ham and Roasted Beef with Mustard sauce and some pepper.
  • One bowl of campbell mushroom soap
  • 2 Green Apples
Hey, I'm a little bit hungry rite now... i would need to take some snack before hitting the bed. Snack: High fiber low salt Jacob crackers.

Exercise is not the only factor to loss 1.5KG of FAT within 2 months ... controlling the diet is also playing a very important part in total fat loss... :->

Back to the acient world...

I was going back to the acient world since yesterday, the world without internet... :-(

My Broadband connection down again... i was so angry with the internet service Provide (ISP) STREAMYX... I was STREAMING at the ISP service center... :-( I called up 1-300-88-9515 Option 2 (for English) Option 1 (for Streamyx) Option 3 (for technical support) to report the faulty, it's their problem again. See i have remembered the number, you know what i have made more than 20 reports via the call center for problem / issue within the 1st 6 months of this year, see how the failure rate of this ISP... TM NET sucks! I have no choice, the only ISP... :-(

My friend Winniethepooh mentioned that Canada telephone company suck! wait till you come to the boleh-land to experience the TM NET service... you would appreciate Canadian service then... Anyway, my whole weekend without any connection... I could not update my blog... no MSN, no surfing the net etc... You must be asking how i update this entry then...

Just between you and me! Don't tell anyone eh! I borrow my neighbor's connection ... special thanks to my neighbor for doing this charity work... :-) Anyway, gotta to go to hit the bed shortly. i'm going to take the train to work tomorrow as i will be traveling with my boss to Penang tomorrow evening. She is going to drive and i will be going to take a nice 4hrs nap in the back seat. Don't worry, there are another 2 colleague could accompany her while she is driving ... my mission : Sleep!. :->

Friday, August 10, 2007

Annual visitor HAZE is coming

I took this picture this @ about 9am. This is a view from my balcony. I think our annual visitor HAZE is coming back to pay us a visit...

55 minutes later, our visitor gone... hopefully HAZE is not coming back then. HAZE, we are not welcoming to our city (Kuala Lumpur) Bye forever! ... :-p

WL @ Holister

I bought a Holister polo shirt three weeks ago. I never notice something different until yesterday morning I retrieving this shirt from my closet. I notice that the washing label (WL) is very uniquely designed.

Hey, did you see Chiko inside too... These words are the washing labels... So here is a zoom in version

Thursday, August 9, 2007


Are you happy with the economy growth figure if it is 18.5% for Boleh-land? Will you be happy to get 18.5% of interest for fixed deposit? how about an 18.5% interest for your house loan? If Sales tax on the good & services is 18.5%, what would your reaction be? How about this figure is your body fat percentage (18.5%), what would you feel?

As usual, i went to the gym after work. I had a PT session @ Fitness First Summit. First thing when i met my PT is to request a weight check which i remembered i done it two months back. After the weight measure ... My PT and I was so shocked to see my Fat Percentage appear to be 18.5%... I further lost 1.5KG of FAT in 2 months... My PT was happy for me as i managed to hit my target which is lower than 16% :-> Anyway, it will be a challenge for me to maintain the % than to lower down initially.

So, what is my next step? Work even harder lor, so i could maintain mah!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

365 days to go ...

The Beijing Olympic will be held on 080808... which is one year from now. There were a celebration of one year countdown tonite @ Beijing. I missed the live telecast, it should be the good one.

Look at the picture, how beautiful is the Tiananmen square. I missed it as i have a meeting @ 9pm... :-( Anyway, thanks to the technology, i could see it in the web.

Here are some links to know more about how China celebrated the one year countdown of the Beijing Olympic 2008.

1. CCTV9 International :
2. CNN international:

Couple of main stadium in Beijing Olympic 2008 ... (how impress is the architecture)

Venue: National Stadium
Location: Olympic Green
Total land surface (10,000 sq. m.): 25.8
Seats: 91,000
Functions during the Games: Athletics, Football

Venue: National Aquatics Center
Location: Olympic Green
Total land surface (sq. m.): 65,000-80,000
Seats: 6,000 permanent and 11,000 temporary
Functions during the Games: Swimming, Diving, Water Polo, and Synchronized Swimming

Venue: National Indoor Stadium
Location: Olympic Green
Total land surface (10,000 sq. m.):8.09
Functions during the Games: Artistic Gymnastics, Trampolines, and Handball

Venue: Beijing Shooting Range Hall
Location: Shijingshan District, Beijing
Total land surface (sq. m.): 45,645
Functions during the Games: Qualifications and finals of 11 shooting events, consisting of all 10-meter, 25-meter, and 50-meter range shooting events. The entire shooting sports of the 2008 Paralympic Games will also be held in the venue.

Venue: Wukesong Indoor Stadium
Location: Wukesong Culture and Sports Center
Total land surface (10,000 sq. m.):6.3
Functions during the Games: Basketball

Push! Push and Push out....

My department team building has pushed out again... The new time will clash with my dinner @ Penang... how? Need to rearrange again :-p Bad planning lah! I meant the team building organizing chair.

Anyway, the venue for our team building has confirmed and the facilitator will be D'Jungle People again. I have attended so many team building... everytime the team building facilitator was D'Jungle People. No doubt there are good but some of the game i have already play before and still crystal clear in my mind. Hopefully, they will change this time. :-p
Looking forward to meet new colleagues from other groups. I have not meet them before... :-p The department that i work for rite now is about 130+ people ... so not everyone i met before and know them... this is the chance :-)

Are you real men?

I left office at about 1650 and picked Sbanboy up @ 1730. We headed to Subang Parade for our dinner. Since we reached there early, so we decided to walk into MPH for some reading before the dinner.

As usual, i picked up my favor magazine and guess what? August issue is the 4th anniversary of the Men Health Magazine. The cover looks different from other issues. Anyway, pick up and read the magazine. Came across a short statement and picture about chin up exercise...

If you can't yet do one chinup, you're missing out on the most effective way to build upper-body muscle.

Can you do chinup? Are you real men? hehehe...

Back to the dinner, finally we felt hungry and went to take our dinner @ Uncle Lim... Hurray! managed to taste uncle lim's porridge... i just munching my snack 20 mins ago as i was so hungry... :-p

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Sleepless in Kuala Lumpur

I was not able to sleep well last night after my gym workout. I think maybe my body was too active after a tough workout + all the RPM classes that i attended. I attended the RPM full + 4 tracks from RPM Challenge (half way came out to do my PT session with ISAIAH). The whole PT session was tough... targeting all those muscle which i don't workout and do my own practise... hey Isaiah, i felt good yesterday during the training but this morning i felt my body is as heavy as a huge rock. Difficult to pull myself up from the bed for 7am meeting.

I think due to the exercise that i did last night. I kind of not feeling tire but fresh. I belief it contributed to the sleepless nite that i have. I could not sleep until 2:30am... tried counting the sheep, pig, chicken and ... (any animal). At the end, my eye was so tired and felt asleep.

Set the alarm @ 6:45am... got up. Guess what is the first thing i do?

Still have not decide whether should i go to the gym tonite as i was so tired.. maybe take a day off from gym :-p

Monday, August 6, 2007

Working in the Sauna...

Today is the launching of Office Sauna in Cyberjaya. If you wanna to experience what is the future Office Sauna, please pay a visit to Cyberjaya... Hurry, limited time only. This offer has been started since early morning... heheh.... ;-p

I'm sweating in my cubicle working on my presentation... no that i'm panic for tomorrow presentation... if you know me well, i will never fear on presentation... no stress :-)

You know what? The whole office block air con has spoiled since early morning... outside temporature even better than inside the office. I have a hard time to breath too after lunch... It was getting hotter and hotter... Hey building maintenance team ... come on do you job, don't let us working in the sauna.

Sometime, i just wanna to complaint about the building management team. They are sucks on handling the maintenance job... the response to their customers was taking as slow as a snail (snail is even faster than their response). I wouldn't wanna to talk about action ...

Anyway, no matter how hot, i need to get my presentation complete by today and send it out to Costa Rica before tomorrow early morning meeting.

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Free Fries anyone?

Went out lunch on last Friday with my friends Matt and a bunch of my colleagues. Destination: KFC. Our company gave away KFC vouchers for drawer goodies as recognition. Two of my colleagues have searched through their drawer and found out that their vouchers have expired. So Matt, the "Ang Moh" friend of mine shown that he has confident to negotiate with the KFC crew to accept the expired vouchers :-) Which we would like to look at how powerful is him on negotiation.

We arrived KFC and lined up... Matt was the last person in the line... I finished buying my meal then we observed... Guess what? without any effort / negotiation... the lady in the counter just smile and accept the expired voucher... oh! come on... hopefully not because he is cute and handsome that the lady just fall for him to accept the expired voucher? We have nothing to proof... maybe i should have got another voucher and tried it... Maybe she might also give it to me as i'm also handsome mah! :-p

Anyway, his mission accomplish with free meal... so we wanna to test him out again with another items and looked at whether the lady @ the counter was really falling into him... that's some scratch and you get something on your next visit card that we got it... so all of us scratched and there was an item in the card stated that free fries with purchase more than RM30... we have two cards and it could only scratched on one of the box. If you scratched all of the boxes, the card consider void. So, we purposely scratched all the boxes to find out what was inside other boxes and the light bulb come to our mind. We asked Matt to claimed two fries using the void cards... (after all the talking with the counters' servers)

Guess what? Matt came back with the two fries, another mission accomplished... I could not belief that the way KFC doing business ... maybe this is how Malaysian treat the foreign or this is how Malaysian lady treat a cute and handsome caucasion... (ladies, no discrimination eh!). So the whole table had free fries to enjoy while trying to understand how Matt get the two fries... Finally, we suggested to have Matt to get the phone number of the lay... This is a tough one huh? but i don't think so .... anyway, one of my colleague did not agree and we abondoned the project (haha!) and enjoyed out fries...

It was a good experience on observing how the reaction of the KFC counters' server and how KFC doing their business. And how Malaysian treats the caucasion...

Friday, August 3, 2007

It's Friday again ...

It's Friday again... the week ended so fast as i still have so many outstanding items to be completed this week *sniff sniff*... I wish i have 48 hrs... don't put me wrong, i'm not work-a-holic... i just wanted to get all the stuff out so i could enjoy my life :-p

Anyway, you might wondering... TZ said that he has no time but he still have time to blog... I usually blog when i taking a break from my work. Just came back from lunch and just wanna to get myself relax before the next meeting on 3pm as i had a busy morning today. I'm usually busy when approaching the end of the week as US/Costa Rica still in their mid week. Think about it, i wanted to do some voluntary work to make my life more meaningful and gain more experience from the exposion... Anyone in Kuala Lumpur know whether any volunteer needed for teaching how to use computer or anything related to computer? (I'm not a geek but my speciaty is related to computer hehehe... ).

Another 23mins to my next meeting i.e. Business Update.... need some time to clear my today's item before going to the meeting...

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Bridge Collapse...

"Mississippi River bridge is falling down... falling down.. falling down... " The London bridge is still stay but the bridge over the Mississippi River has collapsed during the rush hour in downtown Minneapolis. It was a disaster as 7 have dead in this event.

Meeting Marathon (MM)

I woke up at 5:45am to prepare for my meeting @ 6am. i have 4 back to back meeting and another one in the afternoon... :-( It was a tiring morning for me since 6am. Hurray! I just finished my meeting and i will be working from home today. Will get off from work on 3:30pm... thinking of going to the POS office to get the package.

Ordered Pizza for my lunch... my favor Dominos Extravaganzza. I ordered the Value set that include the delicious buffalo wings.

Buffalo Wings

Dominos' Extravagazza

Thank you boss for allow me to work from home and don't need to drive back to the office after a long meeting this morning. Just finish my lunch and waiting for the next meeting @ 1pm.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Something on the lighter side ...

I saw a car with a funny tag hanging behind its windshield. Guess what? The tag with the statement like this "Don't Honk, the driver is trying to sleep" So guess what i do after i read the tag? I make a loud "Honk!"... this is to ensure that the driver in front of me is awake... Wakie Wakie :-p

Yesterday, i was listening to my favor station REDFM hosted by Alvin. He is a funny guy as per say... he raised a statement which is quite funny... "If your father is poor, you are fated. If your father-in-law is poor, you are stupidity" LOL,

that's all folks! ...