Saturday, May 31, 2008

Lunch @ Al-Marjan KLCC

I have lunch with my ex-colleagues again in KLCC on last Friday. This round... we went to Al-Marjan KLCC. Al-Marjan is a restaurant which served Arabian food. 

Main course

It's was a buffet lunch... all you can eat! The food is so so but the environment is very nice... Actually, food is not that important for me... The one thing that i valued most was the crowd. I enjoyed chatting with all my friends and ex-colleagues. hehehe... we laughed away and updated each other on what's up for the week. 

I think i would only be able to join them for the next Friday before i leave for Uganda. *sob sob*... by the way, they are planning for an end of June party in downtown KL. I would not be able to attend the party... maybe I should just attend via teleconference... :-p

You must be wondered why there is no picture of my ex-colleague this round... coz I just didn't feel like taking any picture this round. All the pictures were with my ex-colleague right now. She took lots of picture :-> Waiting for her to upload. Will share will all of you once i got the picture eh!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

My new Spectacle...

I decided to get another pair of Spectacle with a clip on sunglass... I went to the Optical shop near my condo to shop for my new pair of spectacle. The manager there has recommended me the latest model. Managed to take 2 pictures with the new spec with and without clip on. 

What do you think?

Who is more adventurous...

I'm a facebook user and i have been very active in the facebook. Facebook has so many applications that some of them are useful but some of them are so annoying.... :-)

Anyway, I like one of the application in the facebook, this application could help you to further understand your friends and where do you fit among them. So i like to check out where am i from time to time via Compare People Application. 

Since i announced i'm leaving for Uganda Africa, guess what? I suddenly scored #1 in most adventurous among my friends... hehehe... this has reflected how my friends think about Africa.

If you have not do the compare people... please do it ... I would like to know further my friends think about me. Here you go my score in Compare People as of May 29th 2008...

#1 More Adventurous
#3 More althletic
#5 Would make a better father (potential)
#6 More Fashionable

Do you agreed with the score?

Good Morning KL...

Good morning KL... It's 8:30am May 29th 2008... Thursday morning... what is your plan? Almost all of you has reached or on your way to the office,  i bet some of you are sipping your 1st cup of coffee to start your day eh!...

I woke up early this morning (usually i woke up at 9:30am). You must be wondered what job i have and which company i woke with ... hiak hiak. I'm now in between job... so i could enjoy :-> Anyway, if you follow my entry, i have accepted a job far far away and going to leave Malaysia soon.

Guess why i woke up early this morning? I got pissed if someone woke me up during my sleep... so don't ever call me if i'm sleeping eh! 

Usually the first thing in the morning i will do is to look out the view from my balcony. This morning the KL view was quite beautiful with some mild sunlight. 

I don't mind sitting @ the balcony for hours just to stare @ the nice view but with the construction... I think i better go to Starbucks for the rest of the day... the noise is making me crazy... 

Gotta go rite now ... enjoy your Thursday eh!... One more day and we will be able to enjoy the weekend ... anyway, everyday is a weekend for me... hiak hiak hiak :-p

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Lazy Bug...

I'm a lazy bud today... i woke up in the morning without any plan, just relax, surfing the net, watching TV and did some reading... initially I wanted to ask one of my university friend out for lunch since he is going to start a new job next week but at the end i was so lazy to go out. So plan canceled...

I wanted to cook my own lunch at noon but again I was lazy to cook. At the end, I went down to the cafeteria to buy my lunch... fortunately i was not lazy to go out to get my lunch. :-> I had Nasi Lemak which was a no no for so many months ... oops! better don't tell my Personal Trainer, Isaiah. 

I was suppose to go to the gym at about 3pm... again i was lazy to go out since the sky was turning dark and it was going to rain (just an excuse for being lazy)... so instead of hitting the gym, guess what? i took a nice nap until my mobile rang... *sigh* a sales person called and selling some hotel package :-( Don't know who actually passed my phone # to this person .... :-(

Now, I'm blogging away... waiting for dinner to be served. Mom is cooking dinner. Maybe i should send my car to wash now or go to the spectacle shop to get another pair of spec... which i kept pushing from Monday till today... errrr... lazy to go lah! I will just do it tomorrow.... :-p

Nana & Ady's Wedding

Last Saturday I attended a wedding with my parent @ Cheras KL. The Bride, Nana is one of my dad's office customer. She knew my mom very well as she came to my dad's office to purchase the goods. So my parents got invited to her wedding.

We arrived @ the wedding before the groom arrival. I managed to take some picture when the groom arrived... 

The arrival of the groom, Ady
The Bride, Nana was welcoming the groom
Bride and the groom walked towards the stage
Bridge & Groom @ the stage
Kompang team accompany the groom

Do you know how the kompang sound?

Meanwhile, the food was quite nice too... Unfortunately, it's a little spicy for me.

Beef Rendang, Fried Chicken, Vege, Squid, fruit Rojak
Buffet Style --- All you can eat, kid was attacking the food... :->
Food decoration @ the bride and groom dinning table

We left the wedding after mom congratulated the newly couples... 

Mom wished the newly couple

The total time taken was about 1.5 hour including eating... compare to the Chinese wedding which taking at least a few hours just for the dinner not included the traditional steps @ the Bride and Groom's house.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Farewell for TZ...

Bahija has organized a farewell gathering for me @ Attic, Bangsar last Friday. If you remembered my previous entries about Chill out @ The Attic. This is the same place that Bahija, Pat and I went for Nick Davis performance on end of April. Last Friday, it was a Funky Friday night. The bar has invited the team named The Trouble Clefs, which consists of 3 members, the pianist, bass and drum. They are good and i enjoyed the jazzy music so much...

Bahija was the first person to arrive @ Attic that night. I arrived after Bahija and we were waiting for the rest of the people. Attic was very new to almost all of my frenz and this was the first time they went to this place. Moreover Attic is located in the housing area, it's not located @ the bangsar bar area. Bahija and I was looking @ our mobile... as expected, our mobile phone kept ringing that night. Everytime my friend arrived, i would need to run down to meet them... the Attic sign was too small to be noticed. Anyway, no one lost their way :->

We took lots of pictures and each of us provide some updates on our new jobs... lots of them were asking me about Uganda, the same old questions, why i choose to go Uganda and when i'm going to leave... I have my same old answer again and again :-> 

back: Jeremy, Bahija, PooiLing, SawKee, KamWeng, Joelle, Susan
Front: Matt, KimKiat, YoongKee, TZ, EngHoo
Got molested by a hand... whose hand? Any guess?
Girls on the left, guys on the right, Kam Weng, which side are you going to stand? hehehe... 
Matt showing his finger (why he is so pissed with his drink?)
PooiLing, SawKee, bahija, KamWeng, Joelle, TZ, YoongKee

The environment was getting crowded and hotter, we continued to take more pictures... i was sweating away as i ran up and down so many times...  hehehe....

TZ and Bahija
TZ and SawKee
Joelle and TZ
TZ and KimKiat

We left about 12 something and it was a fun farewell gathering. Once again, thanks to Bahija
on organizing the gathering. To all my fellow friends, thanks for coming to cheer me up before I leave Malaysia for Uganda... It's a very memorable moment for me. I'm not sure whether Uganda will have such happening place or not ... :-> but anyway,  if life over there is as happening as here, it would not be the same without a bunch of hanging out friends like all of you... I start missing all of you... *sob sob*

Shake the Babes...

I was invited to have lunch with my ex-colleagues @ Michelangelo's Italian Kitchen last Friday. The restaurant is located near the entrance of Sunway Lagoon. 

I reached the restaurant @ about 12pm and the rest still stuck in the office... so i decided to dropped by the Starbucks just next to the restaurant. 15mins later, PL joined me @ Starbucks and we waited for the rest to come before going into the restaurant.

I would give the restaurant a so so rating as the environment is okay but the food is not that good, just a very normal Italian food. My ex-colleague has ordered the escargot but the escargot just over cooked... :-(
Mushroom Soup - yummy!
Seafood Spaghetti 
Escargot (no very good <-- overcooked)

We spent the rest of our time gathering on chatting and one group of my ex-colleagues were talking about iPhone... showing the iPhone feature. They are talking about the Shake The Babes... you must be wondered what is the Shake the Babes? This is an application downloaded from the Internet... when you shake the iPhone, the lady in the phone will strip piece by piece until... my ladies ex-colleague were excited and asking whether there is a guy version... anyone? :-> We were teasing that Matt, my buddy could become the model for the guy version, what do you think?

CY, KK, HC - KK was talking about iPhone... the iPhone team members
HN and PL - PL was commenting on her food...
Rock, Paper, Scissor again? who win ah?

We were there until about 2pm and i left Sunway for Summit after lunch for my PT session :->

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Chill out @ Rainforest Cafe Sunway Pyramid

Our friend, Dave came back from Vietnam. EH has organized this chill out session and he chosen the same place as where we were there on Dave last trip. 

I popped over to Sunway Pyramid after my gym @ about 3:30pm. Since i was early, i dropped by the Sunway Pyramid Starbucks to relax and sip my favor Ice coffee Latte with Hazelnut favor.

At about 5:45pm, EH and Matt arrived and joined me @ the Starbucks... we were surfing and looking at Matt's photo in the facebook. :-> 

Later, we moved over to the Rainforest Cafe, just two shops away from Starbucks. The waitress were dressed sexily and the place was full of leaves and lights hanging over, you really felt like you were in the rainforest with lights... hahaha :-p. Anyway, EH, Matt and I, we found a table and waited for Corine and Dave. 

Tz, Dave and Corine
Matt and Tz
Janice (Matt's new girlfriend) and Matt
Pat, Matt and Tz

Pat joined us later after he got out from his work. We had a good chat and updated on what are we were working on... I announced i am going to leave for Uganda... Dave and Pat were so surprise and kept asking me what am i doing in Uganda. Am i weird or what? Choosing a country which not many people really excited to go... You know what? I'm looking forward to my new job, new environment and new culture :-> I just like to be different and adventurous life hehehe...

We left the place @ about 9:45pm... 

Credit Card got cloned and suspended...

I just got a called from the bank and my credit card got clone and suspended... no credit card for few days... so no shopping for me ... hehehe :-(

I was a little upset when i received the call from the bank stated that my credit card got cloned. They had suspended my card and will only replace my card in 3-4 days. Fortunately, i have another card to use otherwise that's goes my shopping this week.

I thought with the chip, they would be difficult to clone the credit card. Why this happened again? I'm not very comfortable with this bank credit card since day 1... so until recently only i agreed to accept the card. *sigh* why this is happening to me :-(

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Preparation for my new job...

After i accepted the job to leave Malaysia for Uganda last Friday, I have been busying getting things ready. As a project manager, I need to draw a schedule to manage my own items for this 2 weeks before leaving for Uganda, Africa. I only have limited resource to handle this and no push out... muahahah.... :-p

On Saturday, i went to a Luncheon with my Mom @ Westin Hotel downtown... later we left KL for Penang to spend a relaxing weekend with our relative + cousin... at the same time visiting the temple on Wesak day. 

During my stay @ Penang, I managed to pay a visit to Queensbay  for shopping and got myself 5 new shirt and 2 ties from G2000. I have to changed my closet as i no longer with the factory environment ... yuppie... tie and suit! Don't put me wrong, factory people are not fashionable... sometime think about it, factory environment is much more better as we could save lots of money... don't need have a separate set of clothing just for work... :-> the clothing can be wear for work and off work ... how i wish! 

I still have the laundry list to be completed before i leave Malaysia. Banking, Passport renewal, disease prevention injection, .... what else? So many items in such a short time ... *sob sob*... Anyway, I just finished doing my passport a moment ago... waiting to collect @ 11am. Hopefully, i would be able to finish before 12pm. I will have to drive over to Summit for my 1pm PT session... later meeting Dave whom came back from Vietnam for vacation @ Sunway Pyramid. That's goes my day for today. :'(

I will be going in to the office (new office) tomorrow morning for training. Meeting more new people from different group, hopefully i would be able to meet my new team members. Looking forward to meet them :-> but before then, i need to come out project strategy presentation for tomorrow presentation. Need to finish by today... :->

Gotta go rite now. Enjoy your day eh! :->

Streamyx down again! :-(

My home streamyx down again together with my Wireless Router *sob sob*

No internet for these few days :-( Called up Streamyx last night and impress with their call center... more professional :-) Anyway, let's see take them how long to fix my connection.

Friday, May 16, 2008

CSCP exam got postponed...

I postponed my CSCP exam this morning after i got the answer from my potential employer. I was going to accept the contracted work in Uganda Africa. There will be a 20 months contract job, once i settled all the stuff, i will be leaving Malaysia for Uganda.

I felt excited but also a little bit rush. Things just came so sudden and i was not well prepared yet. Anyway, let's see how the things flow. 

Last day of my previous company's office @ Cyberjaya...

Today is the last day of my previous company's office @ Cyberjaya. My ex-colleagues have been busy to pack up all the stuff and prepared to leave the office. They will be working from home for the rest of the months until June 30th 2008.  

I will be going to the office to say goodbye and witness the official closure of the office... 
*sob sob* 8 yrs+ with the office, moreover, i was one of the pioneer in the group when this office just started operation... 

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

To accept or not to accept?

I went for an interview this afternoon... there is a company which has a project @ Uganda, Africa. They need to hire a project manager to handle the project. After the interview, i was given some document and material to read for further detail. 

Anyway, after understand the detail of the project scope, I decided to further our discussion and scheduled an appointment tomorrow morning to talk about the package that they would offered me. I have been doing lots of thinking and research since this afternoon. Until now, i still not sure whether accept or not accept... still need to look at the package :-> 

In case you don't know where is Uganda, here is the map of Africa ...

My dad has contacted his friends and i managed to talk to my dad's friend's son whom has based in Africa for 2 years few years back... Got lots of good information and advice from him, he also provided me some advice on how the living standard in Africa. Now, I still wondered about how safe is Uganda... :->

Let's see what will be the outcome of my discussion... :->

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Lunch buddy's Last Day of Office (LDO)

One of my ex-colleague whom is my lunch buddy was having her last day of office today (LDO). I was invited to join the luncheon with the all my ex-colleagues. 

We headed to Midori Japanese Restaurant @ Marriot Hotel IOI Resort for lunch... 

My ex-colleagues
My ex-colleagues photo session - after lunch
Teriyaki Beef
Matt, the waitress and I

Later, my lunch buddy handed over her company badge and all the important documents... Then she went around and said goodbye to all of the people there. One more person left the office and started her new chapter.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Condominium Viewing...

I like to go for a viewing on newly launched condominium in Klang Valley... My friend, Mohan has invited me to together with him to view a new condominium @ Ara Damansara. He came over and picked me up @ my place. Ms, Teh, Mohan and I, we travelled through NKVE and headed to Ara Damansara near the old Subang International Airport.

The moment we walked into the sales office hall, there were already lots of people walking and looking at the model. The sales person walked over to greet us and Mohan went to the desk for a quick signed in their guess book. Then, the sale person just roughly explained to us on their latest development. We walked over to the two show units besides the Sales Gallery. To me, i was not very impressed with the design of the units... in term of space, the layout has wasted lots of space. So can you guess how much is the cheapest unit costs? 

After hanging around and finished looking at the condo show units, the sales person guided us to the resort villa. We were picked up by a 4 wheel to the actual unit @ the construction sites. The outlook of the unit looked okay but when we walked in... again the design was not impressed. In fact, we had a weird feeling... :-( Moreover, their design was not applicable too.

After we done with the Ara Hill, we popped over to the view @ Serai Saujana (refer to the picture attached) which located @ the Saujana Resort opposite Ara Damansara. The condominium is so impressed from the outlook as well as their interior design. The moment we walked into the unit, we felt good and with the natural light from the windows... the whole units become so spacious and lively... i like the unit so much. Guess What? the price was also very interesting... the cheapest unit costs about RM1.3M... oops, i don't think i could own this condo :-( Anyway, it will remain my dream home then...

Before we headed back, we visited another one called something Maya also located @ Saujana Resort. This was not so impressed especially those units that facing the main road i.e. the Subang Airport Road. The traffic in the Saturday afternoon was so busy and this means that what would that be in the normal day rush hour... ;-) So, we were not so keen to ask about pricing... The cheapest unit was about RM400K... 

Lunch with Eligible Bachelor...

Don't put me wrong, I'm not excited to have lunch with Bachelor... I'm a bachelor myself too :-p I'm excited for my buddy, Matthew (refer to the picture). He has accepted the offer to participate as one of the eligible Bachelor in the Charity Bachelor Auction organized by Soroptismist International Petaling Jaya (SIPJ) on July 20th 2008 @ Westin Hotel, Kuala Lumpur. The whole lunch group was planning on how to package Matt as a hot sellable bachelor in this auction. We had discussed while having our lunch. My challenge ... how to shape Matt up in 60 days.... :-p

At this moment, i don't have further information regarding this event but i do have some idea from the past event i.e. Charity Bachelor Auction 2007. Anyway, sorry guys, this event is for ladies only, no man are allowed except the eligible bachelors for auction. 

Want to know Matt further? ... stay tune for my future entry eh!...

Friday, May 9, 2008

It's Friday again! ....

I woke up and walked over to my balcony this morning, this is what i saw from my balcony...

Although it's a gloomy Friday morning ... come on... Friday! party day and my friends will got out from work and enjoy the weekend. I will not be so bored as i could go out with them...

So what is your plan this weekend?... oh ya! this Sunday is Mother's Day... I had got mom her mothers day gift :-> Enjoy your weekend eh!... I have a lunch appointment with my ex-colleague in Cyberjaya this afternoon. :->

Thursday, May 8, 2008

My Breakfast...

Breakfast is very important in our daily life... To have a fit and healthy body, breakfast is one of the meal that you should not missed. Why breakfast is important? (i extracted this article from Wikipedia)

The nutritional claims, there is concern that students who do not eat breakfast perform worse in school. Research has suggested that eating a meal before noon, consisting of standard breakfast-style foods is positively correlated with improved functioning of school-aged children. Skipping breakfast is also correlated with overweight.

The earliest record of the belief that breakfast is "the most important meal of the day" was made in the book Die Verwandlung by Franz Kafka in 1915: "Für den Vater war das Frühstück die wichtigste Mahlzeit des Tages." - "For the father, breakfast was the most important meal of the day."

There is still skepticism of this mantra however. Some people say that nutritionists are using correlation fallacy when equating breakfast with good health or good school performance. Some studies have indicated that people who go without breakfast as a diet may eat foods with higher energy concentrations (fats and sugars), which ends up being less healthy. Along the same line of thinking, it has been suggested that children who do not eat breakfast may not do so because their bodies rebel against any morning activity, including breakfast and early classes.

Another hypothesis about breakfast is that it interrupts the body's cycle between SNS activity and PSNS activity. According to this line of thought, meals are naturally taken after activity involved in either hunting, gathering, and/or preparing the food needed and deviation from this gives the bodies stresses it has not evolved to handle. The first meal of the day ends the nightly PSNS activity (which increases the burning of fat) and thus ends the intense detoxification your body goes through at night.

So i'm very particular on what i take for my breakfast. For most of the Malaysian, their favorite breakfast are Nasi Lemak (coconut rice), Noodles Soup, Dim Sum etc... I have no comment on these food for breakfast but what i eat for my breakfast are 
2 Tablespoon of GojiSplash
1 Bowl of Oat
1 Fat Free Fruit Yogurt
1 Green Apple

This food has helped me to stay out from snacking before lunch. Eating and Staying health is important as A strong Mind starts with a Fit Body. So don't skip your breakfast and eat healthy breakfast eh! :->

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Is our voice heard? Is the construction safe?

The resident whom stay near to a Duta Ulu-Klang Expressway (DUKE) construction has complaint about the road crack. One of the committee member has phoned me on Monday night asking me to pay a visit and take some picture of the road cracking... at the same time, looking at the fencing which encroached half of the lane of the heavy traffic road. 

Road cracking and the fencing is encroach half of the lane

I quickly took couple of picture and noticed another prompt danger point after the pillar completed. The pillar will stands @ the edge of the road i.e. just besides the road. If you take close look at the picture below, if you notice there is a junction which allow car turning out.. Whenever the car turned out... there will be high chances that the car will hit the pillar. I recorded a quick video clip when i turned out from the junction. See how dangerous :-(

Future Pillar @ the edge of the road... further up there is a junction

Close up view on how the future pillar @ the edge of the road

I was disappointed with the DUKE Highway concession as they are not taking care the environment even though the resident committee has raised this concern during the last meeting... Is our voice heard? 

Moreover, I was extremely pissed with the construction site working later more 50% of the week even in a good weather like these few days. Reason being, according to the last meeting with the concession, the resident committee has raised the concern and the concession has explained that they would have to work late due to rain... But given these few days, not a single drop of rain in KL... I'm so curious what would be their excuses this time for working late... "The sun is too hot" ... hahaha very fun :-( Just to give you some information about working late... before the last meeting, they have been working day and night until 11pm and when we file a complaint, they ignored all of the resident committee's complaint call... The quiet communities has been polluted by the noise from the construction site in late night. As the noise travelled upward, the resident whom stayed in the condominium even suffered on louder noise pollution. So, what do you think?

Anyway, this is a list of serious and urgently issues/items that needed attention from the concession. Hope the concession could close these item as soon as possible since the residents have raised these issues...
1. Road crack near the construction site
2. Dirt flying @ the surrounding area 
3. future pillar which will prompt to accident
4. Working late for 50% of the week in good weather