Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Australia trip planning - Great Ocean Road and Goldfield Route

I have been doing the research on where to stay... where to visit... and what to do for the 10 days in Australia next month.

Initially, my plan is just to chill in Great Ocean Road and Melbourne but at the end after i planned, I realised that we have more time. So decided to cover the goldfield route which includes Ballarat which i will have my graduation on Dec 10th 2015.

Am excited to visit the underground mining, visit the great scenic drive of Great Ocean Road and looking forward to graduate in Federation University Australia :)

Yay~ Let's countdown now... 

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Saturday afternoon - To gym or NOT to gym ...

Oops! people must be thinking... My only things can be do in Saturday is to gym. I was slowing down on going to the gym recently. Kind of lazy, not sure why but i think i have to ditch my bad habit of not hitting the gym as often as i did. 

I was proudly telling everyone i'm a gym goer and hitting the gym everyday. But today, I was asking myself "To gym or NOT to gym" 

Guess what? 
One of my friend who is a blogger posted a picture in my FB after i ask this "To gym or NOT to gym"

hehehe... do you find going to gym very hard? I found consistently going to the gym is hard after you kind of slow down. 

Okay~ Time to wrap up and hit the gym eh~

Friday, November 6, 2015

Spectre James Bond 007

C: And now we find out what 'M' stands for - 'moronic'. 
M: And now we know what 'C' stands for 

I found this interesting... 
Anyway, I managed to watch the latest James Bond 007 movie in Paradigm GSC with my friends after work yesterday.

It was a nice action movie with so so storyline. You know~ those same old James Bond 007 storyline. 
Anyway, i found it is worth watching. 

Thursday, November 5, 2015


It's always good to do some reflection from time to time... 

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Busy Wednesday Night...

Every Wednesday I'm attending the "Kub Kub" class... 
For your information "Kub Kub" class is my Thai language class. Yes~ I have signed up for learning Thai language class. :)

Today, I have signed up for a Business Analyst Virtual Event 2015... The events going through the webcast to participate in the conference event. The disadvantage in this side of the world is i gotta stay up whole night to go through the conference. And I need to work tomorrow ;(

This is a virtual even main lobby... 

Okie. gotta focus on the presentation now.


Tuesday, November 3, 2015

What other transportation do we have?

Mid of October, toll has gone up... What our lovely government said the increment is to encourage people to use public transport and ease the traffic jam. 

Now, public transport (train, bus and taxi) are going to increase... what would the government said this time? Let's use bicycle as we have build a nice bicycle track along the Klang River... LoL~ 

So now what would be our next alternate transportation for city of potholes? 
Could it be what you see in the picture...  

Why this could be an alternative transportation soon... cause in the country where you will find this type of transportation is that the other mean of public transport is NOT affordable...
Just guess how many people can fit into this small little car?

Monday, November 2, 2015

The Great Escape @ Singapore...

What would you like to escape from when you are in Singapore?

There is this place called The Great Escape... basically it's a hidden place that you can escape from most of the PRC / MIC tourists in Singapore... you may be able to escape from crowd like Orchard or Marina Bay Sand. Hmmm... what else you can escape from... let's see~

It's actually located Golden Mile tower parking... so it over look the view of the new stadium and the eye of Singapore with the side view of marina bay sand...

Great place to have an evening booze booze and chat chat... My friend has a nap too. Oops~
We spent about an hour plus and headed to Arab street later~

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Countdown @ where?

One week back when i was in Singapore...

Friend : This year countdown where shall we go? 
Me : Not sure, you decide... 
Friend : Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Bangkok, ... 
Me : What are we going to do on the countdown? 
Friend : Just have a few friends to get together... 
Me : You wanna come over to Kuala Lumpur? 
Friend : Maybe in my place @ Singapore then... Let's have potluck... 
Me : Okay... 

Friday Oct 30th 2015 - whatsapp
Me : so have we decided where to have the countdown? I wanna book the air ticket already if confirm
Friend : confirm please buy your ticket 
Me : Okie will buy tonight 
Friend : Yay~

Looking through all the airline and finally decided to go with Tiger Air... 
Me : I'm booking the air ticket now. 
Friend : Let us know once you have confirm your flight 
Me : Done~ Here you go 

< Attached the flight itinerary > 

Friend : Yay yay... Let's plan for the party now. 
Me : counting down now... 

YES~ I will be counting down in Singapore this year... 
What is your plan for New Year Eve?