Saturday, July 30, 2011

A wet wet Friday morning...

Yesterday morning was a wet wet morning... It was a challenge to wake up in such a cooling morning. Moreover it's Friday. Anyhow, i have no choice but to wake up early and hit the office for my last day of training.

When i walked out from my room, the first thing i did was to look out the KL city from my balcony...

Did you notice what is different in this picture?
Typical scene in KL when it's raining
Zoom version of the traffic jam
Since TZ is staying high up in the sky. He was able to do a survey on which route to go out from his condo was much more faster. 

Even though the traffic is slow moving in various part of KL. TZ still reached his office on time ;-)
Were you stuck in the traffic yesterday morning?

Friday, July 29, 2011

Friday Teaser #1

When you are at the airport immigration. All of the sudden there is a old lady approaches you and ask for help to carry her heavy bag? what would you do?

A. Ignore her and move on.
B. Help her to carry the bag and go through the immigration desk.
C. Request the security personnel to help her.
D. None of the above. Please provide your answer.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Photogenic : Different Corners of the world

#1: THE G_ _ ND P_L_CE @ _AN_K_K
 #2 : S_U_ WA_IF @ D_HA
#3 : P_DD_  FI_LD @ S_K_NCH_N
#4 : _LO_K TOWER @ KU_L_ K_NGS_R
#5 : S_NS_T @ PAN_K_R _SL_ND
Visit  A Picture A Day for more photos.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Are you feeling lazy in the mid of the week... Let's me show you the laziness of Bruno Mars...

So are you feeling lazy now after listening to the song?

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Breaking News @ Centro Klang

July 24th 2011 SUNDAY: A run in Centro Klang early this morning. The run covers a couple of categories and various of distance. The two popular distance are 12km and 6km. My friend was running and i wanted to just follow the crowd to run but at the end i decided to stay in the breaking news cafe.

Breaking News Cafe
Inside Breaking News Cafe
I waited for my friends to finish the running... Guess what? I met Elizabeth Wong, one of the state exco of Selangor. I belief she flagged off for the Centro Run 2011. For further detail on the Centro Run... Do visit Medie007.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

On having the PT session

What is PT session? Personal Torturing session? or Personal Training session?

I was given a free trial on the PT session recommended by Twilight Man. The moment has come on Friday night. I have all the preparation to undergoing the PT moment except....

Friend: you are going to be tortured tonight
Me: Huh? Don't think so...
Friend: You will know how i felt while being tortured.
Me: Are you sure? Is that so bad?
Friend: Later you will know...

The torturing training started on 8pm sharp...
Bosu Ball
picture from stayhealthystayhappy
  1. Squat jump on TRX - 15 reps 3 sets interchangeable with 1 mins on Vipr side way squart. The first and 2nd sets were okay for me but when came to the 3rd sets i was a bit struggling cause i couldn't feel my leg anymore.
  2. Lunges with a twist (holding the ball) for 2 sets. This is not tough but again it hit my legs. i finished all the sets with any struggling. Hey i'm strong eh~
  3. Pulling yourself up with TRX and interchangeable with the rowing machine. This exercise actually hit my back and i could feel it after the 20 reps of TRX pulling myself up. Followed by the rowing which need to finish 500m within 3 mins. But guess what? I finish in 2mins 20sec :p I felt tired after the two sets of workout. But still okay. 
  4. Push up on Bosu with hand holding two edge of the Bosu for 15 reps, followed by 15 reps legs on the Bosu and another 21 reps on two Bosu, the hand and the legs for 15 reps. Last but not least, one leg up so i only using 2 hands and a leg to support my body for the last 6 reps (each leg three reps). I completed all the exercise without missed. But i was way way struggling on getting oxygen after this exercise. Suddenly i felt my sugar level was low... 
  5. Abs exercises are not very difficult. plank pose on the Bosu for 1 mins followed by the plank pose on the Bosu with moving leg side to side for 1 mins. Last exercise of the day is the side plank pose with a twist for 10 reps.
  6. Stretching time... this is the moment i enjoy most. A hard workout ended with a nice stretch :)
It was super tired after the training as i was not fully prepared as i forgot to take something slightly heavier before the workout. So i have come across low sugar after exercise #4. The PT passed me a glass of COKE to rejuvenate. 

Anyway, the workout is superb and i'm considering whether should i go ahead of signing up for 30 torturing session training sessions. Or i should give myself sometime to try to build my 6 packs myself.

What do you think?


It's 1:11am SAT... what to write?

Friday, July 22, 2011

Roti Sai Mai - Ayutthaya specialty

When I travelled to Ayutthaya, our tour guide has asked the driver to pull over and got us the Ayutthaya's specialty dessert called Roti Sai Mai...

What is Roti Sai Mai? It's Thai-style candy floss or cotton candy which is wrapped in a sweet roti. This treat is a favorite of the Thais. I have recorded on how we ate Roti Sai Mai...

Next time if you have a chance to visit Ayutthaya, don't forget to get some Roti Sai Mai eh~

Thursday, July 21, 2011


The 三点三 originated from Hong Kong as the Hong Kong People take their afternoon tea break @  3:15pm.  I have been in the training since Monday and we have our tea break @ 3:15pm everyday too for 10 mins. It's not enough time to get some food from the cafeteria downstair.

One of my colleague said she wanna to get the Jagung (sweet corn) from the cafeteria.

Petronas Twin Tower
Colleague A: i'm going to buy Jagung from cafeteria now.

Me: Oh you are going to buy Petronas Twin Tower and eat it.

Colleague A: i only will get one jagung.

Me: Make it two so that i can officially announce you bought and ate Petronas Twin Tower.
Colleague A: you are bored hor... start talking none sense.

Colleague B: So anyone wants to eat Berjaya Time Square?
Colleague C: What do you mean eat Berjaya Time Square? how to eat Berjaya Time Square?
Colleague B: hahaha... if TZ said Jagung = Petronas Twin Tower. Then brownie = Berjaya Time Square.
Colleague C: hmmm... yummy~ Let's buy and eat Berjaya Time Square.
Me : Wow~ all of you learnt fast eh~ Anyone want KL tower?

Colleague A, B, C: What is KL tower?
Me : Guess...

Anyway, any of you know the answer? what food when you eat i could said "you are eating KL Tower"? ...

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Photogenic Wednesday - PhotoWalk 2010 @ Malacca

These photos which i took during the PhotoWalk 2010. My friend and I went to Malacca to participate on the photowalk 2010 event. It was fun and able to socialize with all the photographers from various places.

Old Sundry Shop
Hanging tough
Step to the MUSEUM... high traffic flow
Not showing off his butt, he is working on his assignment.
Malcca River
Anyway, for more photos visit A Picture A day.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Free PT session

I was walking into the gym yesterday night. Bump into Twilight Man and his Personal Trainer (PT). So his PT was asking when i would like to sign up for PT session... "hmmm....errrrr.... " said me.

Then all of sudden, the PT offered me a free trial session. He quickly drag me over to the PT counter and pull his scheduler out and try to fit me into his session.

PT: How about Wednesday 8pm?
Me: I could not make it, i have a meeting.
PT: How about Thursday 7pm?
Me: I have training this two weeks and the training ended on 6pm. Might not be able to reach 1MK on time for training. 
Me: How about next Monday? 
PT: Monday too late... what about Friday?
Me: Friday i'm okay, how about 8pm? 
PT: Okay see you @ 8pm.

So, now i gotten a free trial PT session but of cause no obligation... Now, i'm thinking if i decided to sign up for PT session, I just don't know what is my target... request him to train me to have a 8 packs abs? and to have a nice arm? and nice back and chest? and ....

Anyway, I had PT few years back if you read my post about my PT sessions. Now really not sure whether should i get a PT?

Monday, July 18, 2011

Galactic Laser Tag @ Mid Valley - Team building

The company that i worked with has allocated quarterly team building budget. The first team building of this year we went Archery, then we went Paint Ball for the previous team building. So this round we went Laser Tag...

Last Friday was our teambuilding days. Few days before the Friday, i sent out a mail to all the counterpart around the world to inform on our offsite teambuilding. On Friday itself, we gathered @ Mid Valley just in front of Galactic Laser Tag @ Mid Valley.

We went up to the report counter straight after everyone was at gathering place. The process from reporting to playing the game took us about an hour. After the briefing, we were asked to choose a vest with the named on top. So I choose the vest with the name "VIKING"

Picture adapted from
Anyway, we have signed up for playing two games. It was fun and we are running inside a gloomy and  dark room with just a bit of lights... With the lights on the vest and the gun... it's not difficult to spot your target.

Picture adapted from
The mission for the first game is to kill each other i.e. individual... just to give ourselves familiarize with  the environment. Then followed by the 2nd mission which we are group into team. At the end of each mission, there is a score in the billboard... 

The score board for mission #2
Unfortunately i was assigned in Yellow Team... our team has the lowest score among the 4 teams and the fewer members among team too. Anyway, it's just for fun... 

It will be nice to have a blogger shoot and have fun one of these days. Anyone interested? 

Sunday, July 17, 2011

A date with Harry Potter

"You're cordially invited to the screening of HARRY POTTER THE DEATHLY HALLOWS PART2 on Saturday July 16th 6pm in e@Curve! See you there!" I received this text in my iPhone.

hurray~ i got the invitation to the latest and hottest movie in town for this month. The Harry Potter final episode. There are another friend of mine were invited too... :p Anyway, my friends and I have sitting in the Starbie coach sipping coffee and reading some books while waiting for the show to start on 6:35pm. 

The first scene of the movie for Part 2 was the last scene of Part 1... so how many of you still remember the last scene of Part 1?

Anyway, the story continues....

I think i would not describe too much and blog about the story line. This is because there are so many of you out there haven't watch this movie yet... I don't want to be the spoiler :p If you wanna to know the whole story, please buy a ticket and watch the movie.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

On watching Magical Musical Show @ Amphitheater Sunway Lagoon

Two more days to go... this musical show will be ended. My sister has given two ticket to my mom and I to watch the musical show.

the RM100 per ticket has been upgraded to RM200 per ticket
We gotten the Yellow Zone ticket which is RM100 per pax but due to low audiences / turn out rate, we were upgrade from Zone Yellow to Zone Blue i.e. RM200 per pax.

My mom and I, we reached the Sunway Lagoon entrance @ about 6:30pm and we waited for the crew's direction to allow us to go into the lagoon. about 15 mins later, we were directed to board the tram and it carried us over to the amphitheater.

The entrance
We walk passed this the entrance and got a nice seat on the blue zone. The seats that we had was very nice and it's quiet in the center of the amphitheater.

The stage taken from where i sat
We waited for the show to begin roughly about 20 mins and finally the shows start... (the clip below is not recorded by me, i obtained from YouTube via gwmchin)

BTW, you may get more clips on the magical musicals from gwmchin's channel
Anyway, below is the official preview...

... last chance to watch it live before Sunday July 17th 2011 eh~ Last show is Sunday 17th 2011 9:30pm.

Friday, July 15, 2011


" This is not a ballroom dancing class " said the instructor.
This class was introduced recently in Fitness First and guess what? i have started to hit this class since the LOSE IT program claimed whoever took up the program will be able to lose weight. Is this effective... hmmm  so far i haven't see the result yet as i only attended two classes. Yesterday evening was my 2nd class. So what is LOSE IT!

Are you convince to join the class now? I have marked my calendar to join this class every Thursday @ Fitness First 1Mont Kiara. BTW, I'm yet to attend Dave's conducted class on LOSE IT!. I bet it will be even more fun if he is teaching.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Annoying Uncle's scream

I'm not sure why some people like to spoil the nice and enjoyable environment...

I was attending the Joe Lim's RPM class yesterday evening @ the Curve. There was this uncle who was screaming from track #1 to track #7. As the RPM class progress... and the track was getting harder. The scream was louder. So what he screams? He basically screaming "ah ah ah ... come on... yay~ yay~ Yes ... " hmmm... Is this sound like someone is having sex and scream for more? It's definitely annoying. Especially you were enjoying the music while working out in RPM.

Guess What? The uncle didn't put on the expected resistant in all the tracks. The track #7 which is mountain climb. Therefore the resistance must be high and you need double the strength to work on Track #7. The uncle was shouting and screaming for more with his signature scream... Yes! Yes! yay! ...

Since he was screaming like having sex, so not sure whether  he has organism after track #7 and cum in his pant. There is definitely none of my business, but I would say his scream was so soooooo soooo ANNOYING.

By the way, anyone in the class you attended, his/ her screaming for attention was so annoy? If you have met this scenario before please do share with us eh~

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Salted Swimming Pool

I was @ the drinking station sipping the 100+ ... Suddenly i overheard the conversation about the pool which i think it's so funny

Member A: hey after the steps class, it's nice to go for a swim.
Member B: I went weeks before and tasted the water in the pool. It's so salty.
Member A: Eeee... that's why i don't want to go, those members after workout must have just jumped into the pool without taking any shower.
Member B : Agreed i saw a couple of them, they are so unhygienic.  No wonder the water tasted so salty.

I was laughing loud inside the moment i heard their conversation. How many peoples' sweat to make the pool water become salty... the two members obviously have no brain. Moreover, they didn't know that the pool in Fitness First Empire Gallery is actually the sea salt water which is good for skin. 

So i told this story to one of my friend who always swim in the pool... 
Me: You know what? there were two members saying that members in the gym always jump into the pool without showering after their workout. Therefore the sweat has made the water become salty. 
Friend: *Laughing out loud* must as well saying that members lazy to go to toilet to pee... and they just pee in the pool. Hence the pool is salty now.
Me: *Laughing*...

Anyway, please take note, the pool in FF Empire is a SEA SALT WATER POOL.

Feel Goood Run 2011 - Run like celebrity, run with celebrities...

I feel good ....

Me: You didn't tell me it's sponsor by Berita Harian and New Strait Times. I would not participate the run if i knew it was sponsor by these two newspaper. Does not feel good now.
Friend: hmmm.... I also don't know.
Me: Anyway, it's already registered...

I felt not so good the moment i found out the sponsors. Why? Cause this newspaper always report those sensitive issue and yet our lovely government always covered the truth. That's the reason this newspaper dare to publish all those none truth information... sigh~

Anyway, let's get back to the feel good run 2011...

Before the run - Still haven't woke up
Along the way there were so many people camwhoring... smile 1-2-3... *chit chat* I was walking / running alone. So no one to camwhore with...

Can you see Starbie?
Anyway, when i was passing by Starbie @ Central Point BU... I was so tempted to grab a drink from Starbie. But the competition has its own rules that i needed to abide. So i forgo my Starbie and continued to walk / run...

When i came across the board marked the final 2KM with the tag line "Don't Give Up!" Since when i gave up, i was just conserving my energy for the final 2KM run... TZ started to run again... Run TZ Run,
Last 2KM - Don't Give up Eh~
Finally i was @ the finish line and heard lots of people clapping and cheering for the runners when they arrived to the finish point... So i successfully completed my very first 7KM run... Since my stomach has already calling for food. immediately we headed over to Paparich inside One U for our breakfast.

TZ camwhore with his Medal *wink*
I managed to camwhore with my gold medal
So anyone want to know how the gold medal looks like ....

The Feel Good Run 2011 Medal... Nice eh~
That's all folks for the 7KM feel good run on July 3rd 2011... My next coming run will be on Sept 25th 2011 The Taiping Internation Marathon 10KM... See you there eh~

Saturday, July 9, 2011

You are grounded!

Parents usually told the children "you are grounded" whenever the children done a very bad things or something wrong.

Picture from
Today JULY 9th 2011. our lovely government told his citizen " You are grounded" so what exactly we as this lovely country citizen has done wrong? The nation just want to voice their concern and wanna to request some improvement on certain "in justice" system. But at the end, all of us got grounded. So, no more Malaysia Sales Carnival shopping in Bintang walk. No more drinking and chatting with friends in Pavilion... etc. No more gym @ Fitness First.

BTW, freedom of speech, freedom to voice, freedom to ask, freedom to.... etc has packed into a trash bag and sent to a far far land. Please don't ask me where eh~ cause i'm not in the position to answer you. Ask our lovely PM.

Anyway, we as the KL people are grounded at home. So can we pronounce KL in curfew state? People from outside this lovely country what do you think?

PS: if you want to know more what actually happen in this lovely country... please visit Malaysiakini, The Star online, New Straits Time etc... or google some of the keyword like KL roadblock etc (you can figure out what to google eh~)

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Model of the week

The model of the week goes to ... "Drum please".... Fluffy the Cat. 

Fluffy is a arrogant cat as she walked with shaking her butt. I like to take her picture cause she know how to pose. Why i say so .... 

Hey is this pose okay?
Staring on something...
Too close, i look so big...
Time to sleep now... Nite nite.
I like to take her picture as she knew how to pose... So, do you agree she is a nice and fluffy cat which likes to camwhore?

Sunday, July 3, 2011

The NTV7 Feel Good Run countdown - 00:00:00

Let's the run begin...

The NTV7 Feel Good Run countdown - 6:00:00

Left 6 hours to go...

I just gotten the goodies bag from my friend. The goodies bag consists of

Water bottle, Towel, T-shirt and feel good bag
Anyway, i'm aiming the gold in color medal.
Better hit the bed now. Ciao~

Saturday, July 2, 2011

The NTV7 Feel Good Run countdown - 24:00:00

24 hours to go for my 2nd run  
The 7km NTV7 feel good run 2011 

Not sure how much time i will take to finish this run... but i will try my very best to finish the run. This will determine whether i would be able to finish the Penang Bridge run in November within the qualify time to get the finisher medal.

Anyway, this is a fun run, a run like a celebrity and run with the celebrities... of cause the focus is to enjoy and camwhore :p 

BTW, who is your favorite celebrity/celebrities?

or none of them but this ... *wink*


Friday, July 1, 2011

On insomnia

I was working on some documentation which i didn't realize by the time i finished the work, it was 2:30am... So i quickly shutdown the computer and got myself ready to hit the bed. When i was laying on the bed i couldn't sleep any more. :(

Then i on the computer and read some of the blogs and slowly i dozed off... hmmmm... i dozed off not because of the blog content was so boring, it's because i was so tired.

Anyway, now i'm awake again... sigh~

picture adapted from