Saturday, October 31, 2009

All you can eat ...

How much could you eat when you were in the restaurant labelled as "All you can eat"? A few bowls or plates of food or you are a great eater and wallop lots of food until the owner felt sorry... :p

Anyway, this happened in the famous Steamboat Buffet Restaurant YUEN @ Sunway... This steamboat buffet restaurant was a very popular serving with lots of fresh seafood. We started with the famous chicken wings. "It's out... go Grab it, quick quick!" hmmm... everyone was rushing to get the chicken wings when it's served. But we managed to get it without any fight cause the restaurant was still empty...

Hey don't think that the restaurant was empty eh~. It's empty caused they just opened this section. People came in later and filled up the place. This was only one of the three floors. I should have taken another shots to show all of you how pack was the place.

YUEN restaurant

We started with some oysters and clam... followed by 22 prawns for first round, then 18 prawns and ended with 20 prawns... so what was the total? Anyone? yup! it's 60 prawns for just two of us... the prawn was nice and fresh... imagine if we ate 60 prawns with this size @ one of the restaurant it would cost us a bomb... :p

Two cups of ice cream as dessert before we decided to leave the place and hitting back... I felt so bloated and so satisfied with all the 60 prawns... how many prawns can you eat at one time?

Friday, October 30, 2009

I got them all ...

Is 7 my lucky number for yesterday? Errrr... not really cause it only have 7 models. I have been collecting this for the past 7 weeks... :p The 7th was given by Medie007 last nigh... :)

Is this look familiar?

Can you count how many Coca Cola contour glass i have?

Yup! I got them all ... I got I got ...
The whole set of Collectible Coca Cola Contour Glass

If you still remember my previous post asking for USD200. Now that i have the whole set it's time to bid in e-bay... Anyone wanna to catch them for a pre-bid price of USD180 (10% off from the asking price) ? Anyone?...

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Marking food print @ Penang

I'm going to spend my first weekend of November 2009 in Penang. Since i have been Penang millions and millions times... this round i wanted to mark my food print in my blog to introduce the food paradise to the world... so my reader will be benefit from my posts. Bahija has sent me a mail few months back to request me to send her some recommended place for her next visits. Bahija, do stay tune my blog for latest recommendation eh~

Before going to the recommended places, i would like to seek for some of your suggestion on where i could get more good food. I know couple of nice places which i did visit them on my last few visits. Any new recommendation ?

Any Penangkia mind to share?... I know one Klang-kia likes CKT so much until whenever i ate CKT @ Penang, he asked me to think of his sad face.... Klang-kia, wanna to join me to Penang this round for all the possible CKT that you can get in Penang... :p

Char Keoy Teow (CKT)

Penang Penang Here I come again...

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Photogenic Wednesday - 008

Describe this cat's expression? (10 marks)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Money Money Money ...

I came across a question @ pre-interview or during the interview for a job position. This question is a Frequent Asked Question... "What are your selection criterias for a job?" So what would you answer for this question?

According to Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, most of the working force are looking at Monetary Compensation as the most important job selection criteria.

Is Money that important as a criteria? What would you get if you lose the job without gaining any experience and knowledge... how would you survive in the future?

I usually looking at the balance between job enhancement and monetary compensation... So my top job criteria is not mainly focus on $$$$... I look for those job that could provide me high potential growth on my job career. Second criteria would be the environment, culture of the company. Of cause Money is also one of the criteria but it's not the top most... :p

So what would your job selection criteria?

PS: Hehehe... if you listen to the song Money Money Money by Abba... there's an easy way out... yup! married a rich person ... kakakaka :p

Monday, October 26, 2009

Just another boring day...

Woke up this morning... Looking @ the hazy KL city. My mood turned hazy and bored too. Just another boring Monday. anyway, I'm cooking my lunch now. I need to have an early lunch today... i have an appointment @ 3pm... Bored Bored so Bored ...

How's your Monday?

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Just a piece of Paper

I have been waiting for this piece of paper since August 28th 2009 after i passed my exam. Finally, it came it came yesterday afternoon... :)

I was eagerly waiting for this paper to be delivered for the whole Saturday morning. Basically got stuck @ home since i need to receive this package.

@ about 12 something, the delivery boy came up to my unit and delivered this paper... When i got over the paper, I was so pissed. My paper got kissed by the vampire two holes have pierced through the paper, how? @#$!@@@$

Front of the paper : Two holes formed by stapler bullet

Back of the paper : Two holes (pierced through from the front)

So what is this paper about ... hehehe... it's a certification :)

SAP certification

Yup! It's my SAP certification... When i shown to my friend, his replied "What so important with this paper, you don't get a job".

So, is this just a piece of paper or what?

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Jerry

Birthday without a cake, birthday without a birthday song, birthday with a nice dinner @ Chili's Midvalley one week ago. Is there advance enough for a birthday get together? :p

hehehe... it's Jerry boy's 21st birthday which is NOT here yet. So please don't wish him Happy Belated Birthday eh~

Happy Advance Birthday Jerry

There's total 8 of us including Jerry has attended the advance birthday thrown in Chili's. It was a fun night in regardless of the incompetent service from Chili's, in fact it was a bad service as per said... As I had read about it from the forum in the internet... So expectation is being lowered. hehehee... i accepted all as per the fact other people have reviewed in the internet... :p

Anyway, in regardless of the service they provided. I was enjoying myself with the companies of my fellow bloggers friends. Just a nice night thanks to the organizer, Anton. He got us together to celebrate Jerry's advance birthday.

So anyone wanna to know what i have for dinner that night? hehehe... i had Southwest Grill Lamb... it was a very huge portion but at the end i finished my portion... :p

Hmmm... someone is getting the golden key in two days ... I would like to wish you a very happy 21st Birthday... hmmm... how i celebrated my golden key birthday? Oh... i wouldn't wanna to write about it here as it would be a long long story...

Happy Birthday Jerry
May all your wishes come true eh~

Friday, October 23, 2009

OldTown White Coffee

I woke up early this morning ... got myself ready to follow my dad out to pick up my car from the Car Hospital. Hope that the doctor could discharge my car in the morning... So i could hit the gym in the afternoon. As Manglish dude mentioned, "Car... Gym.... Car... Gym... etc". Please don't ask me what he mean, I was blur too... Just forget about it... :p

Since i catched my Dad's taxi out early in the morning, i have to find a place to get online... all the cafe with Wifi in the surrounding was still closed... I have no choice to walk my heavy leg into the Oldtown White Coffee. NO CHOICE...

Getting inside the cafe without ordering was very bad... so i have no choice to order something. Surfing through their menu... I came across a RM4.50++ breakfast set #1 (Two eggs, One piece of Kaya/Butter bread, One Oldtown White Coffee)... As i wanna to upgrade to ice coffee... it cost me another RM1.00++ just for the ice and sugar. Was not very happy and keen about, i updated my FB

TZ is waiting for his car to be ready... sipping sugar water @ Oldtown Cafe. No other choice since he wanna a Wifi connection... :(

A friend of mine actually asking what do i mean sugar water? Let me show you...

hehehe... this is what i meant sugar water. Their coffee was getting worst. I request for less sugar but they just ignored my request... sigh~ sigh~ sigh~ For the amount that we paid for the coffee, the quality is not there and the amount of coffee is getting smaller and smaller. BTW, the bread was prepared upfront, it was harden, kaya/butter was not melted into the bread... I was so disappointed with their food too. I really missed the toast @ Chong Kok kopitiam, Klang.

Talk about the environment, Oldtown cafe no way can compare to Starbie. No smell of coffee... music is loud, kids running wild with unbearable noise, burning toast and worst with BO staff... Unlike, Starbie, nice coffee smell, morning greet by the staff, soft music... What a nice kick to start the day...

So what would your choice?

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Horoscope - Do you believe what it review?

I followed my Horoscope review of the day very closely since young... I usually follow the horoscope saying @ The Star. But recently i got to know oh! Not the Astro that has a satellite and providing the satellite TV in Malaysia.

Anyway, I was eager to know what is my Horoscope online before the Star review... so here is the review for my star... btw, i'm....

October 22nd 2009 review
You feel that you've been fighting for a deeper understanding of what you want or believe in. You are now sure to become clear, decisive, and self directed about where you want to be in this respect. This is a great time for setting goals and beginning the journey towards reaching them. Emotions: Fair ~ Money: Good ~ Wellness: Good Power Numbers: 39, 17, 30, 20, 45, 25

So what is your horoscope and do you believe what it review?

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

No Car No Life

Lots of people said...

do you think so?

Remember my previous post Car On Strike. Finally, i have to send my car to the workshop for a huge fix. A month ago, my car broke down when i came out from the gym one night. I was stuck on the roadside waiting for the toll truck to toll my car to the workshop. And my mechanic has fixed and it worked well until last Sunday.

On Monday, I was switching car with my dad cause i need to attend to an appointment. My dad was going to help me to send the car to the mechanic but the car was behaved normal, no sign of jerking. At the end, my dad did not send the car to the mechanic.

Yesterday, when i was on my way to the gym, my car jerked and totally stopped. But later i managed to drove to the workshop after cooling down the car. So now my car is in the workshop. What's the problem? The gearbox was not able to use anymore... it needed to be changed.

Anyway, I'm grounded now @ home.. No car to go to the gym.. no car to go out anyway.

As people say No Music No Life... TZ say No Car No Life.

Photogenic Wednesday - 007

Reflection from the sunglasses

For more pictures, visit A Picture A Day @

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Where am i?

I was going through my photo collection for my A Picture A Day post.. I came across this picture

Anyone wanna to know where am i one year ago? just visit this post here

Monday, October 19, 2009

Guessing Job

If you given a mission to find out what is the things that display inside the pictures... I know someone will not like this post as it's a guessing job...

Is this rose? Maybe...
Is this one kind of food? Maybe...
Is this some displayed artificial flower? Maybe...

So any taker would like to guess what is this?

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Car on Strike!

My car is on strike... Just now when i was driving out to The Curve for gym. I was forced to drive back home after seeing the light blinking on the "N". The car suddenly got a choked and i could only used Gear#1 (from what i felt)... BTW, I'm using automatic gear... and the other gear was not functioning at all... Now, life without a car in the polluted city was no joke... I have an appointment to go on tomorrow but now i need to send my car to the mechanic and gI could not even go to the appointment without a car cause to go to the place really needs car... So now what should i do?

Since, i got my car strike on me, once i came back i immediately checked what is my luck today... Don't put me wrong, I just wanna to check and whenever luck i got from this Facebook application... I actually do not belief... As i clicked on the button... The screen appeared with the number below... my lucky today is only 20%...
No wonder my car was striking on me... I still considered whether should i push the appointment to another day and proceed to get my car fix. Or just go ahead with the appointment and get my car fix later... Fix or not fix? Errrr...... maybe i should consult Twilight as what Anton said... Since Twilight has the crystal ball... So Twinkle what should be my decision... Fix or not fix?

How lucky are you today?

Thanks to Jerry who tempted my curiosity on trying out this application in Facebook called "How lucky". This application will show you the percentage of lucky for the day by just a click on the screen... So i appointed my facebook a/c to be my fortune teller to tell me how's my luck of the day. I started on Friday after seeing Jerry's luck... guess how lucky am i for the past two days

The day before i got this
Yesterday i got this
hmmm.... for total wise... there is a uptrend of 11% of luck... so I need to check out what will be my luck today? Anyone wanna have a wild guess? or any psychic here who could predict my luck for today and tomorrow?... Hopefully I will not get what Jerry has gotten on Friday for any of the days...

Jerry's luck on Friday...
If i get this on Monday, how?... I need 100% if not 99% lucky for my coming important event on Monday... :) Please don't give me the 2% thingy on any days eh~ Please please...

So how lucky are you today?

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Study Once, Study Twice... OK?

To all the readers that study for exam. Study Once, Study Twice, you should be OK for your exam :p Give yourself confident to take your coming exam eh~ Just Do It :) Medie007, Jerry all the best to your coming examination... mine will only be 2 months later :p


Friday, October 16, 2009

Murukku Where are you?

I spent my Diwali @ Uganda last year... Diwali is not a holiday in Uganda... So i worked throught the whole day. But my Indian colleagues took leave @ home... he made me tasty murukku and papa-don . The lights of the apartment were on for the whole night. Gosh~ The Uganda people has not enough electricity supply yet my Indian colleagues still on lights up the whole apartment....

This year i am back to Malaysia... unfortunately i was not invited to any Diwali celebration... what a sad case. No Murukku for me... Guess what? Last night, all of the sudden, I crave for Murukku and placed an update status in FaceBook. Got two replies...


is craving for murukku all of the sudden... maybe it's the diwali festive season... Anyone care for giving him some murukku to ease his crave...
Friend #1 reply : ask Sxxx (Need to protect the person identity)...hehehe
Friend #2 reply : Got a whole tin of murukku from a Summit last Thu... VERY NICE!!!!!

I wanna Murukku... anyone care for giving me some... Murukku where are you? For those who celebrate Diwali festival... How do you celebrate, mind to share?

Happy Diwali

Pain in the butt...

I'm looking forward to get a nice bubble butt which most of the gym goer wanna to get... yes! A nice sexy bubble butt... it's has been long time i neglect working out my lower body... So i have planned to workout my lower body starting today...

Picture taken from vanettenstudios

My workout now has included leg press and any possible exercise + machine on lower body.. Today, I have started my leg press exercise... I did three sets with 10 reps each on 100kg...

picture captured from technoGym website

Now my butt was so sore whenever i sat down on the chair... Luckily i have the fitball... Sitting on the ball felt better... BTW, no pilate class on this coming Saturday due to Diwali festival. Now i don't know which gym and what class i'm going to attend. Any suggestion?

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Finger Exercise @ Abs Machine...

I have been discipline to hit the gym for the past two days... Today i bumped into my ex-lunch buddy Matt who also a member of Fitness First. When i about to hit the gym, Matt came out from the gym as he has done his workout... Stopped over and have a quick chat with him. Then he left the gym and gone home.

Matt the Angmoh

I went up to place my bag in the locker then hit the cardio area for my 10 mins cardio warmed up. After the warmed up i walked over to the machines that workout my back... followed by chest and then later my arms.

When i wanna to work on my abs... there was an arrogant but ugly lady who wore Nike outfit, walked like no one but herself in the gym... She went over to the abs machine... unfortunately I was a bit slow and not able to grab the machine before her. So i moved over to the tricep machine which located beside the abs machine. I looked @ her hoping that she has a quick workout and left the machine in a few minutes... Guess what? She was so creative and worked out with her finger using the abs machine... By now, I think you might be thinking how she did her finger exercise using Abs machine?

Heheheheee... She didn't do any abs exercise but she was using her phone to send text. I gave her an unhappy stare... she looked at me and continued doing her text... WTF... I was not very happy and asked her how long she would need to use. She gave me a look and continue her text... I was not in mood today to bamboo these kind of people today, only wished that she would scolded by others. So i walked away and used another machine for doing my abs... This was so not TZ... :p Left the gym @ about 5:30pm and headed to J-one for my hairdo... :p

Anyway, just wanna to understand from you... what would you do if you came across this kind of selfish people?

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

1212 - an important day for me.

Anyone care to buy 4D for 1212? If you win don't forget to treat me eh~ It's an important day for me and it's might be a turning point for me to invite myself back to the corporate world.

I have been struggling to try to get myself back to the corporate world but i think my opportunities is just not here yet. While waiting for the opportunities to arrive. I decided to sign up an certification examination to upgrade myself to be Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP). Many of you were asking what is CSCP?

The APICS CSCP brings your company's entire value chain into perspective. By giving you a truly end-to-end view of the supply chain, you become the expert, not just within your organization's walls—you become the global expert.

From manufacturing to service, in business and consumer markets, the increasingly important role of effective supply chain management affects all organizations. Customer expectations are high—with the APICS CSCP, you can ensure that your company not only meets, but exceeds them.

So, my trip to Penang last week was the start of my preparation for this CSCP examination. Today i got the replied from the registration office. I officially announce to have my exam on 1212 this year.

Okay... gotta go back to study. For readers that having exam in the next few months. All the best to your study eh~ Let's study and strike our goal eh~ We can do it!!!! ....

Photogenic Wednesday - 006

Are they brothers?

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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

No Mood :(

No mood to go to gym...
No mood to study...
No mood to go anything ....
Sigh~ Sigh~ Sigh~ Sigh~
Just wanna to take sleep

Hopefully after a sleep, the day ahead will be better...

Monday, October 12, 2009

Asking for USD200

7 different colored glasses waiting for you to redeem each time when you buy a set meal. Errr... of cause not all 7 glasses in one shot. By now, i think most of you know what am i collecting now.

Yup! It's the McD free Coca-Cola glass for 7 different colored... So far i have 4 out of 7... another 3 more to complete the set.

Me: Sis, look @ my 4 different colored glasses that i have collected so far.
Sis: oh... the glasses from I'm Loving it... i got a few from last round.
Me: hehehe... i have another 3 more to go for a set of 7.
Sis: what are you going to do with this after you have collected all?
Me: hmmm.... no plan yet.
Mom: Errrr... need to get space for the 7 glasses.
Me: hey, maybe i should sell it in e-Bay... maybe someone will buy for this collection.
Mom: How much are you going to sell?
Me: Errrr.... how about USD200 per set.
Sis: wow! Don't think you can sell...
Me: Let's see...

What do you think? Can i sell this set of glasses for USD200 per set? Anyone will go ahead and bid for USD200?

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Election vs Erection

Today is the by-election of Bagan Pinang, Negeri Sembilan... It's an interesting by-election. I was attending my Strategic Management Resource (SMR) class this afternoon and felt so bored, decided to text my friend to tease him...

Me: Dude, who will erect for today on the by-erection in Bagan Pinang?
Friend: I'm having an erection :p
Me: Wow! The by-erection really make you so excited. Blek~

Then, no reply from my friend... I think he really got an erection... hehehe :p

Anyway, don't put me wrong that i could not differentiate election and erection... I just wanna to tease my friend... Whoever that reply my text... Thanks for helping to take away my boredom in the class.

What will be the result of the by-election... hmm... I don't have any news yet but let's wait for the result eh~

Friday, October 9, 2009

Cambodia Fried Rice Noodles?

Monday night
Cousin: TZ, Have you tried the fried rice noodles by Solvet (My aunty's house maker)?
TZ: Nope...
Cousin: Let's have the fried rice noodles for tomorrow dinner. Are you okay with the fried rice noodles?
TZ: I'm okay with anything for dinner.

My cousin was asking Solvet to cook the fried rice noodles for dinner on Tuesday night. Solvet comes from Cambodia and have been working for my aunty since few years back. Anyway, my aunties family likes her so much...

So after the confirmation from my cousin... I was so happy as i would be able to taste the Cambodia Fried Rice Noodles...

Let's fastforward...

Tuesday Night
I was back to my aunty's place straight after my class. Solvet was cooking and the smell was so nice.

TZ: Hehehe... the Cambodia fried rice noodles smell so nice. Looking forward to taste it.
Cousin: Hmmm... you must be very hungry.
TZ: Yup, I'm hungry. Maybe i should ask Solvet for recipe of Cambodia Fried Rice Noodles...
Cousin: What Cambodia Fried Rice Noodles?
TZ: Solvet is cooking it right?
Cousin: (Laughing) that's not Cambodia Fried Rice Noodles. Solvet is cooking Hokkien Fried Rice Noodles...
TZ: Aiyo, i thought i could taste Cambodia Fried Rice Noodle... I was excited for the whole day and see i have my camera with me.
Cousin: (Laughing) Maybe next time ...

So after Solvet setup the table, we were having our Hokkien Fried Rice Noodles but cooked by a Cambodian... The noodles was so tasty... So shall we call the noodles as Hokkien Fried Rice Noodles or Cambodian Fried Rice Noodles?...

Hokkien Fried Rice Noodles

Thursday, October 8, 2009

I feel so Wet

The mother nature has been crying since Monday noon... She was not stop crying until Tuesday noon... total crying time : 24 hours. hmmm... What happened to our mother nature? Maybe she was too sympathize with the Padang earthquake, the Samoa Tsunami and the taufan @ Philippines.

Jerry dude at once mention what he did when the mother nature is crying ... so mother nature has cried 24 hours... so what were our Jerry dude did? wanna know more about what he mentioned... just visit his entry (Jerry Kiat).

Anyway, back to the wet weather in Penang. Luckily the rain stopped after 24 hours... otherwise i would need to request Twinkle dude to send my Gondola from Klang River to Penang so i could cruise for nice nice food over here...


Let's flash back to Monday evening, since our class supposed to end on 5pm but since we couldn't get over to the carpark to pick up our car... We decided to stay on until 6pm... wrong decision as I ended up stuck in the jam. All the car was moving so slow as the road was so slippery.

I woke up early morning Tuesday and found out that outside was still raining ... I felt so wet when i jumped over to my car and drove to my class... Rain never stopped until noon... Anyway, everywhere was so wet after 24 hours of rain in Penang. One of the blogger in Penang even said that i brought the rain to here... am i?

hmmm... just wondered anyone of you actually sang the song related to rain or danced to request for rain?

Penang port

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Photogenic Wednesday - 005

heeeeee.... haaaaaa!!!! this cowbow ride on ostrich instead of horse

For more pictures. visit A Picture A Day @

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

TZ is in Penang

TZ is in Penang now. For what purpose? Nope not for vacation, not for searching food to eat, not for visiting relative and friends... So what is TZ doing in Penang?

Hehehe... this trip to Penang is to attend CSCP pre-examination course. As i mentioned earlier, my CSCP exam is coming on this December 12th 2009. My lecturer has offered me a free course on CSCP pre-exam course. Unfortunately, the course is not in Kuala Lumpur but it's in Penang. Since i have place to stay in Penang... my aunty place. I just accepted the offer immediately on two Sunday ago. I left KL on Sunday evening... missed Anton's cooking on Sunday night gathering ... Sigh~

How's the course? It's a nice preparation course. Very organized, step by step... Hopefully this will help me more on my study for CSCP certification on this coming December 12th 2009. Anyway, gotta hit the bed now. Need to go to class tomorrow. Ciao...

Monday, October 5, 2009

1Malaysia Hostel

Our lovely government is planning to build 1Malaysia Hostel to encourage unity among all ethnic to stay together and be unity. Will this concept work?

What would you think about the concept of 1Malaysia Hostel? I could not imagine how the concept is because i never stay in hostel during my life. When i was in University, my university did not have any hostel, we need to stay outside the campus.. btw, as all of you knew i was studied in Canada... they didn't have 1Canada Hostel too... according to my friends whom stayed in the hostel, you may choose your own roomie... blek~

Okie. Back to the 1Malaysia Hostel concept, i belief some of you are currently staying in the hostel or previously did stay in the hostel in Malaysia... what would your comment about 1Malaysia Hostel? Do you think it will work when our lovely government force the ethnic which came from different background, culture and religious to stay together in one roof? And asked the student to accommodate each other from various perspective... will this really work? I bet our lovely government really have to consider what is the impact of this concept. Please do not execute this concept until you have don't your research...

Anyway, don't put me wrong... i'm not against the 1Malaysia Hostel concept but i would like to trigger a discussion and look from the different angle and perspective of people that has experienced the hostel life in Malaysia. This would help all of us to further understand the 1Malaysia Hostel concept... Do place your comment eh~ Let's have a nice discussion on this 1Malaysia Hostel concept.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

LaoMaZis 老妈子

Since my parents, my sisters' wedding anniversary were very near to each other. Last night was the mid-autumn festival. So my sister decided to organize a family dinner to celebrate both her wedding anniversary, my parent anniversary and mid-autumn festival.

When you talk about 老妈子 in chinese... this means mother... so what mother usually do is cook for the whole family. So this restaurant that we went to has a very unique name. 老妈子 is a small and simple restaurant with a homely ambiance.

So, we order two meat, one tofu and one vegetable...

周庄猪手 (pork leg)

Take a closer look @ the pork leg

Lao Ma Zi Special sauce steam fish

Lao Ma Zi tofu

The price is not cheap for 4 dishes cause the portion of the dishes were kind of small... the serving was so slow... if you don't mind the small portion and have time to wait for the serving... then you may consider this place ... overall the food is nice but value for money wise ... it just so so only... i.e. not that cheap.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Mid Autumn Festival / Mooncake festival

Anyone know the story behind of the moon cake @ mid Autumn Festival? Let's google and see what is the story behind this Chinese festival...

This festival is also known as the Moon Cake Festival because a special kind of sweet cake (yueh ping)prepared in the shape of the moon and filled with sesame seeds, ground lotus seeds and duck eggs is served as a traditional Chung Chiu delicacy. Nobody actually knows when the custom of eating moon cake of celebrate the Moon Festival began, but one relief traces its origin to the 14th century. At the time, China was in revolt against the Mongols. Chu Yuen-chang, and his senior deputy, Liu Po-wen, discussed battle plan and developes a secret moon cake strategy to take a certain walled city held by the Mongol enemy. Liu dressed up as a Taoist priest and entered the besieged city bearing moon cake. He distributed these to the city's populace. When the time for the year's Chung Chiu festival arrived, people opened their cakes and found hidden messages advising them to coordinate their uprising with the troops outside. Thus, the emperor-to-be ingeniously took the city and his throne. Moon cake of course, became even more famous. Whether this sweet Chinese version of ancient Europe's "Trojan Horse" story is true, no one really known. (captured from RegiTour - Chinese Mid Autumn Festival or Moon Cake Festival)

So, do you discover any hidden message inside your moon cake?

BTW, my dad's business friend has given us a box with nicely decorated with Chinese traditional outlook... what is this box about... let's see what is inside?

The Chinese style box outlook

Front art of the Chinese Style Box

So What is inside the box, hehehe.... if you relate to my blog title, by now you should be able to guess what is inside the box...

Six mooncakes stored inside the box

One of the mooncake in closer look

The mooncakes are just so so in term of taste... I still prefered those traditional favorite.. Lotus with duck eggs and Mix nuts. What is your favorite mooncake, care to share with us? ...

Happy Moon Cake Festival