Monday, April 30, 2007

Non working day for TZ

My company observed today as the holiday instead of May 2nd. I'm off today... :-> Anyway, there is couple of things that i would need to do for today. First items on the list is to visit the Inland Revenue Board (IRB) then i would like to go for some shopping.

My PT session is on 4pm @ FF-Axis and follow by my usual Pilate Class with Ginny on 5:45pm. I have not have plan yet after the work out ... ;->

hurry! Hurry!... Income Tax form submission

All Malaysian, have you completed your tax declaration? I just finished mine and will send it to the Inland Revenue Board (IRB) tomorrow. It has been a few years, i always finished my income tax declaration on the last day. I don't really like to do work on the income tax as i felt the process is tedious and not user friendly. It is a pain to go through this process :->

But fortunately, i'm glad that my company has completed almost all the calculation for my tax in a single form. My job is to transfer the figure into the income tax form with additional personal insurance and expenses. Yet i complaint so much... :->

Anyway, if you have not complete your individual income tax (not business). You still have about 22 hours to go. enjoy your income tax declaration, it is an yearly event :-p *wink*

IRB/Income Tax Form, See you next year. Adios...

Weekend Gym

I had pushed myself hard for the past few days to march towards my goal. :-)

Since I have to wait for my mom's facial session @ Mid-Valley, I decided to spent 2 hrs @ Fitness First Axis. I managed to attend Ken Yong's Body attack class. He is a good motivator/instructor in Body Attack as he only teaches body attack as of rite now. He placed lots of concentration and effort to make each of the steps/track to be perfect. I would recommend those FF members to attend his class @ FF-Axis every Saturday 2:15-3:15pm. BTW, his class was not pack on last Saturday. Plenty of room to run around.
BTW, maybe you would like to know more what is body attack? It is not a class on teaching you how to attack other people body...*wink* :-p

BODYATTACK™ is a simple, high-intensity group exercise-to-music class that’s fully optioned to cater for all fitness levels. You’ll experience high-energy sports training moves for cardiovascular fitness, along with upper and lower body conditioning exercises

On Sunday, i attended three back to back classes. I attended Ben Sim's BodyPump, Radha's RPM and Cynthia's Body Balance @ Fitness First DU. Am i superman or not? *wink*
But I was so tired that felt asleep @ the couch in my living room while watching TV with mom. hehehe... Anyway, i was satisfy with the push and felt my stamina is improving. :-)

My muscle is sore right now and yet to recovered from my Friday Personal Training Session and yesterday Body Pump. Guess What? My PT shocked my muscle on last Friday by planning an extra tough session on last Friday i.e. whole body training with heavier weight than what i carry normally. My muscle was sore since last Saturday and had a great impact during the bicep track @ Body Pump class. I hardly able to finished the whole track, as I felt the burnt and carrying the 5kg each side weight to my chest was like carrying two huge heavy rock. Anyway, I felt my muscle is tighter and beefy after the intensity workout... :-> It's worth of pain ... :-p

Friday, April 27, 2007

tz-photo open for viewing :->

I created a photo library with Flickr. I'm in progress of uploading my Sabah Trip photo into the library. Do visit and provide some comments/feedback. All the photo were taken by me except those which i'm in the photo hehehe... you know what i meant... ;-p


Long Weekend is approaching :->

Another 6 more hours... start the long weekend. The company that i'm working for has decided to observe Monday as the holiday instead of the national holiday on Tuesday and Wednesday. So i have a long weekend. Jealous? hehehe...

Unfortunately, i would need to work through weekend to finish some strategic work... :-( Need to get the stuff done and present to the management next week. Moreover, I don't have any plan and all my friends either will be working or out of town on Monday. So what is the different for me. Work is work, one things i never miss is to attend my favor Pilate instructor Ginny's class... hopefully she is not on leave.

For those who are not Malaysian, there are two national holiday on May 1st ... Labor day and Wesak day. So our government has announced the replacement for Wesak on May 2nd 2007. What is Wesak day? Here you go some information regarding Wesak...

Wesak is celebrated by Buddhists to commemorate the birth, enlightenment and death of Buddha - all three events having taken place on the same lunar date according to Buddhist reckoning. Buddhists observe a vegetarian diet to 'cleanse' themselves prior to the occasion. Thousands of devotees gather before dawn at temples for prayers, offerings, meditation, chanting and alms giving. Doves and tortoises are also released in a symbolic gesture of liberating the soul and forsaking past sins


Thursday, April 26, 2007

Body Bump Class with Isaiah @ FF-Summit

I had a good time working out @ Isaiah's Body Pump class yesterday. He modified the class a little and was tougher than a normal 45mins class. Way to go Isaiah... He went slow for each reps and made sure that our posture is correct. He kept the class motivated to carry on our workout thru out the class. It was a good experience work out with Isaiah.

BTW, I confidently increased the weight that i carried for all the track. Unfortunately, after 3 quarters of the Bi-cep track... i felt hard to finish this track. My bi-cep and forearm was burning and could not keep up with the instructor on the reps. Yesterday was my 1st time to use 5kg each side for bi-cep track. Will try out few times to get my bi-cep use to this weight... I feel the impact as my muscle is sore today :-)

Anyway, I felt satified and motivated to attend another Body Pump class tonite. Guess What? one of my friend whom work out in FF - Island Plaza Penang has started to pick up Body Pump too. If you still considered whether wanna to pick up Body Pump... go ahead and try it now. You will not regret :->

Tips: All, try not to bother about the weight that others carries... the most important is your own posture. This is imporant so that you will not hurt yourself because of bad posture. Once you got the posture right, you could increase the weight easily. I started mine with 3.5kg each side which is lighter than lots of people in the class hehehe... even less than some of the lady ;-p. It took some time for me to get use to the posture and now i have slowly increased my weights that i carry.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Malaysian: Pay your tax before April 30th 2007

Hey all Malaysian, it's time to pay your income tax before April 30th 2007 . Oops, I have yet process mine. I need to close this item latest by tomorrow. I think i better use the convention way i.e. filling up the BE form sent to me from the IRB. Received the form couples months ago and it is still sitting on my table @ home collecting dust :-p.
Anyway, it is simple as i'm not owning any business or trust unit etc. Just fill it and pay.

Here is the link for your reference:
1. Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia:
2. Electronic income Tax (e-hasil):

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

tough day - information overflown

I had meeting since 0730am this morning. Lots of decision, vision, goal, mission, information... etc, has been made/passed down via meetings. I need to get out from the office... information overflown :-> Indication of the busy months to come :-p

I have to make a tough decision whether to go/no to go on some implementation of the software. I don't feel stressful on the decision as i got a good customers support. Guess what? the collague that i invited to visit Malacca last month is a main stakeholder for the decision. Don't put me wrong, i did not ask for the customers' favor to solve my challenge. But she has provided a great support on the decision and commit to help the team out to influence the management to go ahead with the proposal... :-> No conflict of interest here... work is work... friend is friend :->

Anyway, my others project is going to kick start too and my mission is to get more information from various people within this week. i.e. more meetings. I think by the end of this week, i will have information overflown and need some time to digest and organize. hehehe... this is my specialty, collect information, analyse and recommend solution/plan of action...

I think i should call it a day now and heading to Maxis for gym. It has been a week i didn't visit Fitness First - Maxis... not sure all my gym buddies miss me or not ... let me find out tonight. BTW, I bumped into a PT / RPM instructor from Fitness First -Island Plaza, Penang. His name is Andrew. He still recognized me and he was surprised to see me in Fitness First - AXIS yesterday. He thot that i have another twin brother in Penang whom likes to attend his RPM class ... hey who actually pretend to be me to attend his class huh?... Brother, can you attend Alan's 7:30pm RPM class in Penang tonite?... I could not make it, i need to attend NOR's basic step class tonite @ Fitness First - MAXIS...

Monday, April 23, 2007

First day of Work after 9 days vacation ...

"Wow you are tan!" This is what all my collagues, friends and family members' reaction when they met me... Am i that tan? i bet so. My parent got a shock when they picked me up in KL Sentral last Saturday. Yesterday my PT also got a surprise look on his face when he met me in the gym. This means i'm really tan and mission accomplished as i wanted the tan so much :-)

What is your 1st day @ work after a nice one week vacation?
Guess what mine is? I'm drowning with lots of emails in my Outlook waiting for me to read... sounds like "TZ, read me please, i'm important etc". Fortunately, i don't receive lots of junk mail. This has left almost all of my mails are those mail that needed my attention. I just completed scanning through my mail and tagged all the important mail to be replied by end of today. Another couple of minutes to lunch time, just don't bother to start my mail replying now... decided to take a quick break and blog a little. Boss is not around and she is in Australia enjoying her vacation now. hehehe... ; -p

I need to use my rest of the afternoon to complete my to-do list and schedule couple of important meetings to iron out those items that needed to be closed by end of the week. I received the first call from my customers from Chengdu requesting for decision, what a good start. :-p Anyway, I have fully charged my battery to undertake any coming challenge in my job after the short break. As expected i will be very busy for this week on planning the remaining week task/deliverable, closing outstanding items from the week before etc. hehehe...

It's lunch time now. Catch up with you later. Enjoy the rest of your day eh as i enjoy mine with all the emails :-p For those who are going to hit the bed... sweet dream.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Got tagged ...

I got tagged by Musa last week.
Each player of this game starts off with ten weird things or habits or little known facts about you. People who get tagged must write in a blog of their own ten weird things or habits or little known facts as well as state this rule clearly. At the end, you must choose 6 people to be tagged and list their names. (Can i change the last statement which i would not wanna to continue with 6 people. hehehe...)
  1. Morning shower is necessary for me. If i do not take the morning shower, i will be very moody the rest of the day.
  2. The watches and clocks that belongs to me are 20 mins faster than yours. Don't ask me why, i felt more confident and comfortable to be 20mins faster than everyone. I'm not Kia-Su (worry to loss).
  3. I could sleep as few as 4 hours but i could not sleep more than 8 hours. I would feel sleepy if i slept more than 8 hours or less than 4 hours.
  4. Beware of TZ whenever he is hungry. A hungry man is an angry/aggressive man.
  5. I like to buy shoes. So far i have lots of Nike gym shoes and couples pairs of boots. I like to wear boots... why? Looks cool ... LoL.
  6. No internet no life... Do you feel how important internet for me?
  7. City is more suitable for me after my vacation in Sabah. Jungle is only for vacation. Once a while is okay... not able to stay too long. Don't put me wrong, I'm still against cutting down forest and turn the land to Plantation (palm oil). Let's protect our forest :->
  8. I drive a car but i don't wash my car. Still, my car is clean. hehehe... Guess how?
  9. I will craving for the food, see and smell in my mind. Next step: grab the food. Fortunately, I'm not craving for KFC rite now :-p
  10. TZ - The walking KL and Penang map. Whenever, my friends/collagues wanna to go to a place in KL downtown, they will come to me. Recently, walking map has covered Phoenix / Chandler Arizona USA... LOL.

I don't wanna to tag anyone. Hope you enjoy :-> Adios.

Mr. Elephant, wrong bus

9 days with Sun Bear Wong

I got an invitiation from a scientist whom work in Danum Valley, Sabah to visit Sabah for the past 9 days (my Sabah vacation). He called himself Sun Bear Wong ... :-p Anyway his real name is Siew Te Wong. He is a wildlife biologist. Here you go a short introduction from the Malaysia Local newspaper on him.

WONG Siew Te can talk for hours on end about sun bears. His passion for his study subject is genuine and apparent; so it comes as a surprise to hear that he never actually chose to study them. “It was by chance,” says the gregarious researcher from Bukit Mertajam, Penang, who had always wanted to work with animals and had bred dogs, fish and birds as a teenager.

He is pursuing his PhD with University of Montana on The ecological effects of selective logging on Malayan sun bears (Helarctos malayanus) and bearded pigs (Sus barbatus) in the tropical rainforests of Borneo.

9 days with Sun Bear Wong, i realized how important is our rainforest with the animals that staying inside the forest. BTW, traveling with Wong, I observed that he has a vision and passion to educate the world to help on saving the forest and all the animals. He explained to the tourist from UK, Belguim, Canda and Spain whom stayed with us in a home stayed @ Mabul island. The tourists were enjoying themselves while learning from Wong. Way to go Wong...

Malaysia Government should start to ban the logging in Sabah and others places in Malaysia. All the different animals will be gone if the government do not do something about it. I felt so sad to see most of the beautiful rainforest disappeared from Sabah and turned into Palm oil...

Anyway, if you would like to find out more about Sun Bear Wong research, here you go some links... Please help the Sun Bear... they need your help :->

How adorable! So cute!!!...

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Back to the city ...

I reached KL @ about 13:10 and took a bus from the airport to KL Sentral. Dad picked me up @ KL Sentral. Dumped my dirty laundry to the washing machine, took about 1.5 hrs to finished the laundry. After transfered my clothing to the dryer. I just took a nap... :->

No TV for me for the past 9 days ... the life that i had in Sabah was sleep @ 9pm and woke up @ 6am. What a healthy life eh!. Finally, back to the city that i used to... trying to adapt back to the city life ... hehehe :-p Anyway, it was a fun and adventurous trip for the past 9 days @ Sabah. I had experienced different kind of things which the people whom stayed in the city would not have experienced ... :-> So, city sneakers / folks, go out from the concrete jungle and go into the real tropical jungle. Will feel differently...

I need to take a break rite now to have my dinner, i'm hungry... (just woke up from my afternoon nap... tired!). Will continue later ...

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Hello from Danum Valley - Sabah

This is my last nite in Danum Valley Field Center (DVFC). I enjoyed the jungle trekking / nite safari ride and following the scentist to visit their animal trap. By the way, my friend cooked us dinner every night and we managed to talk lots of biologist from various country: Canada, UK, US etc. This is a really different environment.

There is one outstanding things that this field center provide which helped to speed out the research, the internet access to all the staff :-> I got to use this service to update my blog too :-p

Guess how tall is this tree?

Monday, April 16, 2007

Picture from Mabul-Sipadan :->

I spent 2d/1n @ Mabul-Sipadan and managed to take couples of nice picture. Unfortunately, i don't have an water proof camera to snapshot some beautiful picture of the reef /coral... the water is cystal clear and lots of colorful fishes... hehehe... :->

Anyway, here you go a picture from the beautiful Mabul island water village. I could not upload too many as the picture is too huge to upload. I was not staying in this resort, i stayed with the local people in the home stay together with tourist from various country British; Belguim; Canada; Spain etc...

I'm not staying here. :-p

I'm @ Danum Valley Field Center right now. I will start my jungle adventure tomorrow for the next two full days. Will be heading to Sakau for the cruising on Sabah longest river on Thursday. Will try to update whenever there is a connection to the internet... no promise. See you.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Vacation @ Sabah : The island of Boneo

I'm having my vacation @ Sabah. I just got back from Mabul-Sipadan island. Currently, i'm @ Samporna. Heading to Danum Valley tomorrow morning, will be out from the civilization for another couples of days. I would not be able to find any Internet connection until i got back to the town of Sadakan... hehehe... So you will expect a slow update of my blog :-P

Blogger is on vacation ... look out for my update on my interesting and adventurous trip @ Sabah.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Last PT session tonite after 6 months...

I had my last PT session tonite... :-> Guess what? I renew another 25 sessions which additional 5 session free. Total 30 sessions. My PT is planning for a diet + workout program for me to follow so that i could get the goal that i desired within next 6 months... hehehe... not going to mention what my goal is :-p

Anyway, i got a free gift from continue my PT sessions. I will stop for a week for my vacation and will start the new refresh program two weeks from now. Honestly the PT session getting tougher and tougher. I felt tired after the PT session but satisfy with the workout and going to see the result soon. I will upload the photo later. Let me know whether u see the change eh!

Okay back to the hot items. Finally, i completed the hot items and guess what i have another item that required to finish before my vacation. Management needed this inform before end of the week to make decision. I'm struggling to come out the data now and decided to blog for a while to clear my mind and later go back to finish up the data. :-)

Things getting busier as i transition to my new role. I will be dragging into some political stuff too which all the while i tried my best to stay out from it. But with my new role, i need to deal with it, scary? let's see ... hehehe...

My cousin just called a moment ago to confirm that she and her boyfriend will be pulling overnight in my condo tomorrow. We will be going to Tawau on Friday morning together. I have not finished cleaning my messy room due to busy work. Anyway, planning to complete this assignment tomorrow after work i.e. no gym for my for tomorrow :-( Fortunately, they will not arrived in KL until 1am Friday early morning... hehehe...

Hot item before vacation

I will miss partial of the Human Dynamic training today and tomorrow due to some hot item that needed my attention before vacation... :-(

I had a meeting last nite. During the meeting, there was an AR came into my plate which i only have two days to close it (today and tomorrow). I would need to excuse myself from the Human Dynamic training. I'm still not sure what dynamic group am i in until today... need to talk to the instructor this afternoon during lunch.

Anyway, i would need to go rite now. Otherwise, hot item getting hotter :-p


Busy! Busy! Busy!

Two days later...

Underwater @ SiPadan - how beautiful

Next Week...
Danum Valley

Hey friend! I'm coming to visit you :-p

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Give and take ... :-> What a busy day...

I enjoyed my training for the last two days. Learnt new concept on the human dynamic. Trying to explore myself but i'm still not sure which group of the dynamic that i belongs to... :-( Anyway, according to the instructor, we still have another 2 days to find out. She also mentioned that some of the past participants only realize few months later after the training. I hope i'm not belong to this group ... hehehe... :->

Anyway, training followed by vacation is a no-no for future plan. This combination has really killed me. I have to work extra hour to accomplish my assignment so that i would not be the gating factor. With the short four days plus whole day training, you could imagine how much extra hours that i need to work. How much? yet to calculate ... hehehe...

I don't mind as it is actually a give and take... My company organized this training which not only benefit me on the workplace but also my life outside the company... why i would say so is that it will help me to understand and appreciate others dynamic. Provided i have mastered some level of understanding on human dynamic.

I started the day with 0730am meeting and will end the day with 12:30am midnite after i completed one meeting and a couples of email that need my attention. BTW, i need to send out the presentation for tomorrow morning meeting... :'(

No matter how busy i am, there is one thing i would not give away unless i have no choice. Guess what is it? Bingo, you are right, my gym session. I need gym to release my whole day stress so that i could proceed with a new day tomorrow. I attended NOR Step class as usual. Today class is moderate maybe she knew i'm tired "Wink ;-p"

Monday, April 9, 2007

Are you a Emotional Physical or Physical Emotional?

I have waited for this training since my last job @ Sony. If you have attended the training before from the title of my blog. You should be able to figure out what training that i attending for this 4 days.

I'm attending the Human Dynamic training from Mon-Thurs (Msia). This training will help you to explore your personality and lies within yourself. From this you would be able to also understand others personality. This will really help you to work with others early and avoiding some unncessary conflict. The 1st day of the training that i attended today is mainly of giving some concept of what is human Dynamic etc.

The time that you need to invest is quite taxing as there are no laptop, no sneaking out for meeting etc. This has made me busier than usual to cope up with my work after the training.
Anyway, three more days to go. I hope to get to know myself in depth after the training. hehehe... :->

Happy Birthday Mom

Yesterday was my mom's birthday, we celebrated mom's birthday in a private clubs i.e. Chung Ling's Boy School Alumni club house. Dad's reserved a table of 15 for lunch. We had nyonya crusine and superb dessert. Unfortunately, i could not show you what we had as i forgot to take picture of the food. you know the food is so tasty. hehehe... ;-p

I invited my mom's extended family: grandpa, uncles and aunties, cousins etc... :-> Lot's of catching up during the lunch. One of my cousin is going to get married in Nov 2007. She is working very hard to get a nice and slim body to get into the wedding gown. Guess what she is working on rite now? She is taking Yoga and Pilate classes ... :->

So happen that one of my uncle just came back from Vietnam for vacation. So we managed to meet my uncle too. All of my mom's bro and sis were there yesterday except one aunty whom need to work on Sunday. Otherwise, we would have a full house. :->

Anyway, my mom was happy as you could see at the picture. Simple celebration but full of laughter and happiness.

Friday, April 6, 2007

Food intake confession ... harder PT session

I have my personal training session @ Fitness First Summit. As usual my PT Isaiah Kee, he asked me what food that i had for the whole week. So to make the PT session more challenge, i purposely confessed all the food that i taken in detail. After hearing my list of food that i taken, my PT planned to get me to work harder than normal today... :-> hehehe... I'm so bad :-p

Anyway, i decided to continue with my current PT for another 25+5 session. I think he knew what i wanted and he is planning /designing to fulfill my goal. I would not wanna to blog about what my goal at this moment. Let's make this a surprise later :->

I had an hour of PT session with 40 mins of X-Trainer cardio and 10mins rowers after the PT session. My muscle is a little sore as I work extra hard for my PT session tonite. Anyway, i'm planning to attend my usual PILATE class tomorrow @ Fitness First Maxis.

Change, please come in ...

After the whole day meeting yesterday. I was so tired and decided to skip gym for a day. So i done some workout @ home.

Guess what? I'm reporting to the country manager. This has confirmed after the org announcement but unfortunately no promotion for me this year. Anyway, i will strive for next year then ... hehehe... I'm happy to get what i have right now. And the new role and assignment will provide me more visibility to the upper management and also more opportunity to learn up the business process and of course more opportunity when change strikes again... :->

One of my collagues is quite sad as she still in the junction and could not decide what she should be heading for her future career. We sat through lunch yesterday and analyst the case. I'm not sure since when i become job analyst ... hehehe... :-> Anyway, i could not blog this in detail as this is confidental :-p

Moving forward, i will be more busy and more travel for me, might need to sacrify my gym sessions which i try not to... but sometime i could not help it as i need to stay back for meeting to close some outstanding items like yesterday ... :-(

Anyway, life goes on ....

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Meetings hopping day; looking forward on coming vacation

My calendar is full today. Meeting will start in 15mins and i will be jumping from one meeting to another for the rest of the day. I'm looking forward for two meetings i.e. 1130 and 1500. These meeting is regarding my new assignment / job. Wish me luck eh!... :->

I decided to skip one so call meeting / sharing as i could not manage to be in the office before 0930. hehehe.... this is not important :-p

Hurray! I received a mail from my cousin's friend yesterday regarding my vacation next week. Guess what? I will be leaving for Sabah, east of Malaysia for my 9 days vacation in 8 days. He sent us the packing list so i could get prepared on the items needed for the whole 9 days this weekend. hehehe... Sabah here i come.

Here's the itinerary
Day 1 (13 April): KL -Tawau, go to Mabul island / Sipadan for 2 nights.
Day 2 (14 April): Mabul island /Sipadan
Day 3 (15 April): Mabul island / Sipadan- Danum, overnight in Danum.
Day 4 (16 April): Danum
Day 5 (17 April): Danum
Day 6 (18 April): Danum
Day 7 (19 April): Danum- Sukau. Spend a night at the Kinabatangan river to see the proboscis monkey and other wildlife
Day 8 (20 April): Sukau, after the morning boat trip, go to Sepilok, spend a night in Sandakan
Day 9 (21 April): Sandakan - KL


I just got a cancellation mail on my 0800 meeting. I gotta go right now. So i could manage to attend the 0930 meeting in the office.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Cool TV Commercial

I found out there are couple of cool adverstisements in the world recently.

Check this out


Hello Moto

The Yellow Follower
FYI: Digi is the mobile phone provide which cover a wide range in all corners of Malaysia. Look @ the advertisement...

Can i have a bite?

2nd Coming

Attention Everyone: Change is knocking @ the door :->

The department that i worked in is going to re-organize after the F2F of the management in US. Not sure whether whom i would be reporting to... I'm so curious... rumours said that i'm going to report to the automation country manager ... hehehe... is it true ? Still need to wait for another 24 hrs before the official announcement.

Another rumour is that whether i got promoted by reporting to the country manager :-p am I? If yes, let's celebrate my treat for beer ... hehehe ;->

Anyway, let's only worry tomorrow. One good news, guess what? My Fitness Personal Trainer has his own BodyPump class @ Fitness First Summit. He will be teaching the class every Wednesday 1745-1830. Come and attend his class if you are a members of Fitness First, otherwise become a member and join the class. You will enjoy it :-> I will be going to attend his class this evening. Hopefully, he will not choose those tough track as i have not recovered from my 5+ hours workout on Monday... :-p hehehe...

Gotta to focus back to my work and wrap up before 1645 and leave office at about 1650 to beat the traffic ... See u in the gym eh!

Tuesday, April 3, 2007


Another 4 more days to go ... F1 @ Malaysia. Are you the fan of F1 Grand Prix... There are lots of party in downtown KL with the F1 theme.
The Petronas Sauber together with BMW and Intel are having the booth @ concourse KLCC and Low Yat Plaza in conjunction of the F1 @ Malaysia.

I went to Fitness First Maxis for my Basic Step class as usual and realized that the concourse of KLCC is full of people and a huge exhibition booth with the F1 car hanging on the stage. Lots of people were posing and taking picture. Some even purchased ticket from the F1 ticketing booth... I saw two interesting F1 simulation games with actual small version of Petronas Sauber car model sponsored by Intel. Unfortunately no one was there to explain and it was not operate at that time. So if you are in KL, dropped by KLCC and go to the Petronas Sauber booth to take some pictures ... the deco and booth design is much more attractive than last year.

Here are some links regarding F1 Grand Prix
1. Official Formula 1 website :
2. Malaysia Sepang Circuit site:

** Picture Source from Sepang Circuit website

Grounded in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia ...

The collague of mine will be leaving for US this weekend after she got the new assignment... She is so lucky... :-> I'm virtually went to US and came back ... hehehe.... :-p

Hey, I got a new assignment too. How come i'm not going to US only stay put in Malaysia... :"(
Anyway, with this new role, i hope i could go to US this year... Of cause other than biz trip, i could do my yearly shopping with my buddy in US and went hiking together. :-> Not to forget i could buy more Nike Shoes ... :-p

Hey, Arizona! Stay put... i will visit you soon ....
It's time for gym again. Will wrap up my work and hit the gym.

Earthquake @ Solomon Islands

I heard the news from the radio while driving to the office this morning. The earthquake has triggered a tsunami and swept over the city of Gizo in Solomon Islands.

Here is the story highlight from CNN.COM
• 20 dead, thousands homeless, Solomon Islands government says
• State of emergency declared in Solomon Islands
• Earthquake estimated to be around 220 miles northwest of Honiara
• USGS: 8.0 magnitude quake was followed by 6.7 magnitude tremor


Monday, April 2, 2007

Spent 5+ hours workout @ the gym...

I had a great workout today, spent about 5+ hours in the gym.

  • PT session + warm-up : 1.5hr
  • X-trainer (cardio): 0.5hr
  • Pilate : 1hr
  • Bicep, Tricep and Shoulder workout: 0.5hr
  • RPM: 1.25hr

I never been in the gym for 5+ hrs. Today, i had broke my own record ... hehehe... Getting a little bit tired now but i felt good...

I weighed my body before the PT session. I'm a little upset as the result shown that i have gained 200g of Fat and loss 300g of Mass muscle for the past one week. I think it is because i'm switch my working hour to US timezone and i have taken too much food during the night time... :-( Anyway, I will have my weight again this Friday to see the assumption that we made is correct.

I have another 3 more PT session and i will be completed my 30 sessions of PT with Isaiah Kee from Fitness First Summit. I'm still in consider whether i should continue with another 25+5 sessions or stay with 10+1 sessions to archieve my new goal ... :->

Not Working - Day off

Just woke up. What a relaxing Monday after a busy weekend ... :-> Today is a day off for me as my company observed the replacement day off for Saturday National holiday. Hurray... for those who are working rite now. Please don't be jeolous eh!... think about it you are productive... :-p

Work is off but gym still on. I have an appointment with my PT this afternoon @ about 3:30pm @ Fitness First Axis. I have been off from gym the whole weekend. My body is getting lazy. I need to go for more work out tonite ... :->
It's going to 1pm... need to get going to take my lunch at least 1.5 hr before the workout. Enjoy the rest of your Monday eh!...

Sunday, April 1, 2007

7 more mins to FOOL people ... Happy April Fool

You still have time to fool people in Malaysia, 7 mins to go. This year no one fooling me neither did i fooling others. Let's countdown the and grab this few minutes at least to fool one more person. Otherwise you would only be able to fool the people that live in far west (e.g. India, US, Canda, Europe etc) Do you get the idea ... hehehe... i know who I wanna to fool now... :-p

Ching Ming Festival / Tomb Sweeping day

Friday March 30th 2007

My parent and I left Kuala Lumpur for Kuala Kangsar (KK) at about 3pm. We reached KK at about 6pm in the evening. I enjoyed a very relax evening in KK after dinner :->

Saturday March 31st 2007
I woke up at about 6pm to get ready to pay a visit to my great grandfather tomb which located north of KK. It took us 1.5hrs from KK to a small town named Batu Kurau. On the way, we stopped @ Taiping (another town) for breakfast and aunt bought some ingredient for our lunch which she could not get it at KK.

We reached the graveyard @ about 9 something and started to get working. Mom touched up the word on the tombstone with red paint. Dad carried the umbrella to block the sun for mom and himself. Aunt preparing the food for the prayer and I helped out to place the color paper on top of the tomb.

Mom touched up the word

Dad blocked the sun

Aunt preparing food

Mission accomplished. Color Paper placed

After all the food prepared, it is time to pray to invite my great grandpa to his tomb to taste the food. We used the cropstick as the communication channel (hehehe... like mobilephone :->). Then dad flip the two coin to invite great grandpa to taste the food. This is a culture and belief of Chinese since the older generation... how true it is i don't know ... :-p About 15-30mins later, my dad flip the two coin again to ask whether my great grandpa has already finished his food. If yes, it's time to burn the prepared money / gold. At the same time, we started packing all the food and left the tomb and headed back to KK.

PineApple; Rice Dumpling; Mandarin Orange; Banana and rice cake.

Dad flipping coin to invite great grandpa

Money; Gold and Silver for other world

Sunday April 1st 2007
We paid a visit to three tombs today. One of them is my great grandmother's tomb and two others are my grandpa's and grandmom's. Fortunately, these 3 tombs are located in the same site within Kuala Kangsar. We reached my great grandmother tomb at about six something which the sky was still dark. We went through the same procedures as of what we did for yesterday. The different is more people visited my great grandmother's; granpa's and grandma's tombs. :->

Placing the color paper (nephew:Chong, cousin:Chew, newphew:Yan)

Dad communicate with Great Grandmother

Nephew flipped the coin to invite great grandmother

Burning Money-gold-silver to another world

Mom and Cousin in law(two nephews' mom) are preparing food

Pray and communicate with grandma (white-shirt: cousin thye and blue-stripe: cousin kwan)

We left the graveyard at about 9am after finished visited all three tombs. Had breakfast in one of the home style stall before heading back to my aunt's house. Left for Kuala Lumpur after lunch. That's it for the weekend in Kuala Kangsar for the Ching Ming Festival. Reached KL @ about 4pm and i hit the bed for my nap. I'm so tired after all the activities during my weekend.