Sunday, January 31, 2010

Happy Birthday...

Yesterday was my birthday... I got 30 wishes on my Facebook wall wishing me Happy Birthday... My relative, friends from different part of the world wrote me a short message. They are from Malaysia, UK, USA, Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore etc... Thank you.

So how i celebrated my birthday? I decided NOT to have a huge party, just taking my parents out for a nice and quiet dinner. So we chosen the famous Ribs place.

By now, i belief you have already knew where i went for my birthday dinner... :p Anyone have the answer?

Saturday, January 30, 2010

I have no luck

On Jan 29th 2010...

I thought next day was my birthday, i would have much luck than anyone ... I was wrong :( I din manage to get the grand prize. Not even any prize... How sad eh~

So what exactly is the grand prize.
Boss: The grand prize is mine... I'm going to move to a new place.
TZ: Boss, i just moved to a new room. I already bought the Wireless Keyboard/mouse, Lappie interface cable. So the grand prize should be mine.
Colleagues A: No, I have the lucky number "33" means sang sang... So the grand prize is mine... yup mine...
Colleagues B: I have "23" so e-sang ... sure already the grand prize is mine.

The whole table were laughing... We continued to have our food, drink (fruit juice) and some more food and more food until everyone was full.

The first session of Lucky draw... my wishes were came true! No one call upon me to redeem the lucky draw... so he stood the chance to the 2nd session. An hour later, here came the 2nd session... all the microwave, external harddisk, TGIF vouchers, Levis vouchers and so on... I have made a wish. "please don't call me". I think my wished has overboard and did came true... I was not been called...

At the end, only one prize left ... now it's came to the moment they drawn the last lucky number... I wished to get the grand prize. When the chairman drawn the paper, it was blue color... which matched the color i had... then he announced the lucky number and guess what? the number is 42 and what my number is 41... *Sob Sob Sob*

My boss got the grand prize... he was so lucky even I was going to have my birthday few hour later... not even can beat him. sad sad...

Anyway, it's about time i reveal the grand prize... Drum please ...

Friday, January 29, 2010

It's a hot hot Friday...

I woke up sweating and sweating ... early morning the weather already so hot... couldn't even imagine how hot will be during lunch time.

Anyway, it's Friday... shouldn't have ranting so much about the weather. Yup, it's Friday... so what's your plan? hehehe... I'm going to attend my company annual dinner tonight. Yup, i'm lucky as what my friend said. Just joined already have company dinner to go to... EAT, DRINK and PARTY is my plan tonight. Now i don't know what to wear to the office... :( ERrrr.... i think I just wear a normal Friday casual outfit will do... just don't wanna to be the center point of attraction for the PARTY tonight.

Guess what? i heard there are so many lucky draw prizes to be won... I hope i could get the Grand Prize. What is the grand prize? A nice sporty car accompany with a pretty lady... hahaha... how i wish? TZ wake up! wake up! it's already 8am... time to go to work. Hehehee... i will not let all of you know what is the grand prize unless i get it tonight. So wish me luck eh~

Oh, gotta to rush now... otherwise i will get a big white envelope with a BIG notes


Ciao~ Have a nice Friday and enjoy yourself eh~

p/s: anyone planning to go to Midvalley to see the WORLD CUP thingy with your naked eyes... if you do ... share with us your experience eh~

Thursday, January 28, 2010

is Globalization... good or bad?

How many of you work cross culture, cross borders, cross timezone, cross leg? you are actually working in a globalization society... Sometime work global is a good experience but also we need to give away some of our precious rest time in supporting the globalization society. Do you agree with me?

Recently, i have the opportunities to work with people from Middle East and Europe. My previous job i worked with Ugandan, American, Chinese, Costa Rican etc... Hehehe... i would be able to add on two more countries / culture i worked with in my resume.

Anyway, working with the Middle East is kind of different from working with American, Chinese. They are more into setting up rapport and relationship before getting into business. Hmmm... this is what i felt after working with them for three full weeks. Things might not be done if we don't do another step to setup the relationship... hey i mean working relationship not the love relationship... :p So communication played a very important role here.

Anyway, since some of you have experience working with people from other part of the world... Please do share with us what do you think... is Globalization workforce good for bad?

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Photogenic Wednesday - 020 ( Save the Monkeys )

This is the 2nd week i posted Monkey as the Photogenic Wednesday... this is not the normal Monkey... it's the world famous proboscis monkey...

the monkey was hiding his face

still very shy to show his face

finally he showed his face

I took these pictures when i paid a visit to Sabah two years ago. This was taken @ a river cruise on the longest river in Sabah i.e. Kinabatang river. The so called Eco Tourism site. It was a nice trip with an exciting boat tour along the river. We managed to see the mangrove snake hanging down from the trees... and of cause we saw these Monkey along the way. The tour guide told us the Monkey will not go anyway reason being they have no way to go.. behind the few trees are all those palm oil estate... I was pissed when i heard that thanks to our lovely government approved those plantation company to clear those nice jungle and green the land with palm oil... and left a few trees besides the river and promote to the world that Malaysia has nice Eco Tourism... is this cheating or what? it's really really sad and ashamed to be a Malaysian? Errrr ... I really have no comments. What would you say?

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Cari Makan @ Penang: Sg Tiram Food Court

Last year before Xmas, I went to Penang with my parent... My uncle bought us to this food court near the Bayan Lepas International Airport. What so special about this food court? This food court actually served variety of Penang hawker food... from O-Jian (Oyster omelet to all kinds of fried noodles to Rojak (mix fruits) etc... anyway their specialty is the Char Tuak Ban (fried Broad rice noodles).

BBQ squid with Sambal

My uncle has ordered two types of Char Tuak Ban... one is dry and the other one is wet... hmmm... which one is better? Actually both also taste good.

Char Tuak Ban (wet)

Char Tuak Ban (Dry)

Fry Noodles with Fish head

Since i was not full yet, my cousin has order me another specialty which is the Fry noodles with Fish Head. This was the first time i had fish noodles fried. Usually we would have fish noodles in the soup. It taste a bit like Mee Goreng mamak...

Anyway, I enjoyed so much on all the food that my uncle and cousins ordered... YummY~

Summary Rating:
First Impression (greeting customer) : 2/5
Ambience (table setting, environment) : 1/5
Customer Service (Serving food, response to customer request) : 3/5
Food & baverage (taste, quality, value for money) : 4.5/5
Overall rating : 2.6 / 5

Monday, January 25, 2010

my very first time using 32 inch monitor

After reading Lifebook's blog entry "Hello, stop showing off"... I bet someone out there sure saying i'm showing off now... Hmmm... I'm not showing off but just wanna to share with you on my experience of using 32 inch monitor.

I bought a LCD TV few months back...

i wanted to use this 32 inch LCD to be my monitor as well other than watching TV... I would like to use it as monitor for blogging, facebooking etc... Finally, last week i managed to buy a set of wireless keyboard with mouse and the connector from my lappie to 32 inch LCD. Now i could sitting on the sofa in the living room writing blog and facebooking comfortably... It's as easy as ABC...

But i did encountered one problem which is the resolution and the wording of the windows... it's so tiny until i need to sit in front of the big 32 inch monitor... So i google a bit and found out that i could set the resolution within the windows... so no need to get a 42 inch LCD instead... blek~ wallaaaa... it worked well... i could sit as far as i wish to blog and facebooking now. ;p

Guess what? This blog entry is written using my 32 3inch monitor together with my new wireless keyboard and mouse.

Happy blogging eh~

Sunday, January 24, 2010


My mom knocked @ my door ...

Mom: Son, we are leaving for Kuantan...
Me: Have a nice trip eh~

Then i continued my nice sleep until about 9am. I felt better after visiting HKL yesterday and got some medicine from the doctors over there for RM1.00. I slept the whole boring Saturday to get myself back up again.

Now, I'm @ Station 1 Cafe, Jaya One now writing this blog entry. This blog entry has already took me 1.5 hours... just trying to upload the pictures to my Flickr a/c. It's due to the sucks connection in Station 1 cafe. This would be my last time to sucky Station 1 Cafe for internet access. Finally, we decided to move over to Starbie and i managed to get this done... Yup it's done!

Anyway, let's roll back... A relaxing Sunday after 1.5 hours of gym this morning... Had a nice and quick Korean lunch @ Kimchi-haru. They have set lunch with one Ice Lemon Tea for around RM20 per pax.

Hmmm... not sure what to have for dinner now and i will be home alone tonight and tomorrow night... Anyone wanna to cook for me? :p

Friday, January 22, 2010

Virus Spreading...

Sneeze Sneeze here and Sneeze Sneeze there
Cough Cough here and Cough Cough there

All this sneezing and coughing sound you could hear clearly in my office... Seems like everyone are sick... The virus spreading in the office widely and faster than I expected...

First was my team member... he has been sick since i first joined. Then my another colleagues whom sitting besides me. *sneeze sneeze* Another colleagues whom sitting opposite me *cough cough*... So how could i resist of the virus spreading... I have been trying to avoid but unfortunately my body gave way to the virus... *Sob Sob*

I have missed my gym for third days now due to the virus attack and the rainny day. Guess what? One of my friend commented in my Facebook stated that "poor poor stalker waiting for you @ FF". The stalker must have been missing me... Wow~ i have stalker in the gym... is it a good things or a bad things?

Anyway, i hope i could recover during this weekend...

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Cari Makan @ Ikea Cafeteria

How do you pronounce IKEA? anyway, that's not important cause almost all of us know where is IKEA.

I went to IKEA Cafeteria for the past two Tuesday night before my Easy Step @ Fitness First The Curve. Every Tuesday is the meaty ball promotion day. 10 meaty ball only sell RM9+ which the normal price is RM10+... so actually you save RM1+ for every plate of meaty ball you purchase.

Besides the meaty ball, I also like the chicken wings which i don't need to fight for it like in YUEN. The chicken wings are crispy outside tender inside... Yummy~

There were couple more choices that i didn't have chance to try it because i always have this for my dinner. Go ahead to give this a try... It's yummy~

Summary rating:
First Impression (greeting customer) : 3/5
Ambience (table setting, environment) : 4/5
Customer Service (Serving food, response to customer request) : 2/5
Food & baverage (taste, quality, value for money) : 4.5/5
Overall rating : 3.5 / 5

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Photogenic Wednesday - 019

Three monkeys
Reminds me about three little pig story
What is Three Little Pig Story about?
Just google it ...

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Anyone don't know what is Facebooking? Please raise your foot ... blek~

How many of you who are working now have the chance to facebooking in the office? Can you show your hand? Hehehe... my company did not block facebook. All my colleagues were in Facebook during office hours. Is there productive... errrr I really have no idea. Anyway, i think most of them are facebooking during break time. They are on Farmville and World Cafe too. Froggie, you are not the only one... Anyone can teach me how to steal from others. :p

Until today, no colleague actually add me in Facebook... hopefully i will be out from the loop... I just don't wanna my colleagues to come into my social networking world. I still prefer work is work... social network is social network. What do you think? So CH Voon, unfortunately i could not share on my job or work that i do currently in this blog. This is a social networking blog not work related ... Sorry~

It's pass my sleeping time... So to those who has the access to Facebook in the office... Happy Facebooking eh~ For those who bosses or management has blocked the access... Too bad... but you still could Facebooking @ home eh~

Folks, enjoy facebooking eh~ ciao!

Monday, January 18, 2010

what colour is Monday?

Everyone knows what color is Monday... Anyone here don't know?

Anyway, it's Monday again... I have started my current job for 2 weeks and today marks the beginning of the 3rd week. Is the job interesting and exciting? Errrr.... i would say... so far so good but kind of bored cause i am handling support TASKS instead of PROJECTS. Anyway, i'm looking forward to get my very first project with this company. :)

Let's don't talk about the job on Monday morning...

Last night i was on Facebook... i saw this message from my friend on his status "... hates Sunday night as much as he hates the last day of a long holiday" Hmmm... suddenly i have that feeling too. I never hate Sunday night so much because i liked the feeling of preparing for my next day work... but for this job I have nothing to prepare on... Just need to hit the office the next day and pray that no problem/issue reported. Now i feel that i'm so not motivated to go to the office... Another boring day... Sigh~

Okie~ gotta hit the office now. Otherwise i will be late for work.

Wishes you all have a nice nice Monday and a good week ahead eh~.


Sunday, January 17, 2010

Less and less comments

My blog was getting less and less people comments... especially after i started my work. Hey folks don't put me wrong that i'm upset of no one commenting in my blog... just curious on the sudden drop of comments... why?

Maybe it's less pictures.
Maybe it's less good information.
Maybe my blog entry is not long enough since everyone likes something LONG.
Maybe it's nothing much interesting to comment.
Maybe it's Twenty Ten... the resolution of bloggers are NO COMMENT.

Is my blog not interesting anymore or just the blog communities is very quite nowadays?

Saturday, January 16, 2010

2nd weekend

It's 2nd weekend after i got a job... the job that i have was not very busy at this moment. The actual work was not started yet but lots of learning and coordination with people from different part of the world. Sound interesting eh~ For the past two weeks, i have been looking forward for weekends ... I bet most of you who are working have the same wish eh~

TZ life has changed ... No more starbie @ weekdays, no more gym during office hour... no more blogging and no more photographing during weekdays... 24 hours seems like so short to me... I need more time to make my life more interesting... give me more :p

Anyway, it's weekend again... so how you wanna to spend your weekend ? Going for a movie, gossiping with your friends, sitting @ Starbie surfing and chatting with friends... or sleeping in your comfortable bed?

I have my weekend planned ...

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Driver from our lovely neighbor

This morning when i was on my way to work... there's one driver driving his car, from the car plate i could identify the car was from our neighboring country. The driver was driving like as if his private road... "Hey Dude, i'm trying to get to my office, i don't wanna to be late" So i gave the car a big HORN... Guess what? the driver still not driving into the outer lane... he still drove like a snail in the fast lane. Hmmm.... so i didn't give him a damn and horned until he went into the 2nd lane.

Guess what? I was driving to The Curve after work... there was one driver from neighboring country just cut into my lane without signal and before the traffic light... I was so pissed but after i drove about 100m ... i saw the police has stopped the damn driver... Yuppie~ He got the SAMAN!! he got the SAMAN!!! served him right... blek~

So anyone know which country driver am i talking about?

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Photogenic Wednesday - 018

Same Same but Different
I bet you are able to see a lizard or Gecko in the picture ... right?
Taken @ Arizona 2005

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

MAXIS Value plan - Is it VALUE FOR MONEY?

The telco companies in Malaysia are in a steep competition lately... I'm in the middle of shopping for a more suitable postpaid service provider to switch... I'm still couldn't decide whether to switch to DIGI Postpaid or Maxis Value Plan with MAXIS broadband.

I have been googling around and found that there were so many people complaint on MAXIS Customer Service... initially i thought maybe it's case by case but until i experienced myself with my friends last Saturday @ about 1:30pm, MAXIS CENTER KLCC

We went over to the front counter to pick up a number... the number slip stated 1:39pm, so we were patiently sitting on the couch and kicked started our waiting mission... 10 mins ... 20 mins ... 30 mins... 40 mins... 50mins at the end, my friend was served on the 60 mins. Guess what?My friend just wanna to check why MAXIS has charged him extra for the month of DECEMBER 2009 and we gotta to wait for 60 mins to get to our turn for two SIMPLE checking which only took 15mins. Sigh~ Sigh~ sigh~

While sitting @ the couch, I have the opportunities to observe how the MAXIS customer service center operates... All the servicing staffs took up all kind of services randomly...
  1. There are 20 counters in total.. at least 6 of them are not open... one or two counters took more than 30 mins to serve ONE customer... YES! It's more than 30 mins... :(
  2. Some of the servicing staffs were flirting with the customers and some of the staffs just walking around... Please don't ask me what were they doing... I think you should direct this question to the DEPARTMENT HEAD of MAXIS CUSTOMER SERVICE.
  3. A caucasian couple complaint to me during some small talk while waiting for their turn... they wanted to disconnect their broadband services which they claimed that it was USELESS... the connection was so slow until YAHOO page was not able to load. Yup~ It's YAHOO page... So how true was this... can any MAXIS Broadband User please help to understand the pain that the couple faced?...
  4. According to the caucasian couple, to disconnect the MAXIS Broadband service, the deactivation only can be done @ MAXIS Center, KLCC... NOT even the Maxis Service center @ Bukit Bintang... how true was this?... Hmmm.... I'm not sure... Anyone?
  5. I came to understand one of the existing customers told me that sometime it's difficult to make or receive a call due to no signal or busy network in certain area. It happened regularly... So Maxis user please help me to understand this...
Given some interaction with some existing customers and understand their pain of using MAXIS as the provider... Now, I really don't know should i sign up with MAXIS Value Plan and suffer together with them or just go for other providers like DIGI... What do you think?

Monday, January 11, 2010

What is this?

Is this an animal dump?
Is this a alien eggs?
Is this one type of food?
Errrr..... What is this?

Sunday, January 10, 2010


What actually wrong with picture shown above?... Hmmm.... you might not realize it if you are one of them... but if you realize, you must be a pedestrian who wanted to cross the road in the polluted metropolitan city of Kuala Lumpur... But just figure out how to cross it...

I was trying to cross the road to the other side one evening... What i encountered was the difficulty to cross the road by walking in a straight line... I need to walk crisscross in order to avoid knocking down those INCONSIDERATE motorcyclist who stopped their motorbike on top of the zebra crossing.

BTW, do you know the exhaust pipe of the motorcycles/motorbike were extremely hot... you would burnt your leg if you are not careful while crossing the road. Beside it's also a safety issue for those pedestrian, what if the motorcyclist wanna to rob the pedestrian... they could do it easily while the pedestrian crossed the road.

So dearest motorcyclist... please be CONSIDERATE and DO NOT stop on the zebra... How are you going to cross the road with this situation?

Saturday, January 9, 2010

61-1227 - 3 2 square Starbie

Two Sunday ago, i wanna to explore a new place in Klang Valley... Yup, a new place for me but might not be a new place for some of you... it's has been a landmark in PJ quite sometime ago... This is a business park called Three 2 square... Have you heard about it?

My friend and i was having lunch over in Boston @ this place

After lunch i saw the Starbie @ the corner and i was so excited to mark my 61st outlet before end of year 2009. Yup! It was my last marking of Starbie in the year. This Starbie is quite big and spacious... at least it's bigger than the outlet @ Jaya-One. The Starbie in fact was very quiet too when we were there.

Okay! Let's forward to Jan 9th 2010... As you know i go to FF Maxis for pilate every Saturday... so i went today for the class too. After the class, we headed to the curve for a quick lunch and headed over to the Starbie @ Borders for some coffee and spent my first relaxing Saturday after a whole week of busy work... Guess what? i met the first blogger in Year 2010... I met Jay Tee who is the medical student base in Sabah now... :)

@ about 6:45pm... we left the place and headed home ;p

Friday, January 8, 2010

Hurray !!! It's Friday...

It's so fast... I started work for a week already :p Another three more weeks to go and it's pay check day.

I know some of you are aiming my pay check so that i could treat you dinner, lunch or a Char Siew Pau... I would say... folks "Sorry! No trick'r treat, not Halloween yet" Blek~ Anyway, thanks for looking forward for me to give you a treat... :p

I have been busy and got so tired after whole day work and gym workout... So everytime i wanna to start my blogging... I felt so sooooo sooooo sleepy... Exactly, i gotta hit the bed now.

Nite nite everyone.... Ciao!

ps: Ed... i think yours is much more shorter than mine... :p

Thursday, January 7, 2010

24 hours is not enough...

I wish i have more than 24 hours ... i utilized my 24 hours and left only 15 mins for my blogging time... Sigh~ is this my Twenty Ten Resolution? Definitely NOT. I could not sacrificed my gym and sleep time... So i have to sacrificed my blogging time temporary :'( I'm so so soooo sorry folks... just stay on I need this whole week to adapt to my new environment and need some time to adjust my time management.

Hehehe... in the office, I have so much documents to read yet so little time... moreover, i have so many new thing to learn. Oh ya! my colleagues are so friendly and helpful.... Just wanna to answer Manglish comment / question on my last post... I'm on my way to gel into the group... GELING IN PROGRESS... :)

Anyway, it's time to hit the bed again... stay tune eh~ TZ will be back with more nice nice pictures once he could manage to get up to speed on his new environment eh~

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Photogenic Wednesday - 017

Whose backside ?

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

All New...

TZ has opened his new chapter yesterday...

He is in a new environment, new faces @ the beginning of 2010... It's was a tiring day for him... but he enjoyed so much of meeting new faces in this new environment...

Managed to hit Chiyoko's class @ FF Manulife on time ...

Anyway, it's late now ... gotta hit the bed and prepare for tomorrow. Ciao~

Monday, January 4, 2010

A fresh new Chapter...

It's the 4th day of July Janury today. What are you doing in this first working day of the year?

For TZ...
he has to wake up early...
he has to stuck in the jam as everyone does...
he has limited lunch hour...
he has to a bid to the hours stated...
He only able to hit the gym after 6pm...
No more Starbie, Tony, gym in the daytime for him...
How about going to YUEN... still valid able to go... anyone?

Anyway, it's a good fresh start for TZ ... how about you? Any interesting things to share?

May this year be a good year for all of us

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Cari Makan @ Kuala Lumpur: California Pizza Kitchen (CPK)

December 31st 2009, KLCC, Kuala Lumpur. The last dinner of the year was also our last 2009 blogger gathering. One of the blogger has organized this event @ this popular California Pizza Kitchen (CPK).

We arrived @ 8pm, we quoted the organizer name and the lady manager sent her assistant to let us know they don't have a table for 12... so we called up the organizer whom were on his way. After a bit of hooha... they finally setting up tables for us. The next thing we realized that they were combining three round tables to make up a big table for us... and a couples of chairs... what surprised me was the two stools was slotted in and it became part of the chair.

Hawker food center table setting in a Full Service Restaurant

Hmm... first thing came into my mind... Is this a new theme that California Pizza Kitchen has for Twenty Ten? "A HOMEY MEAL: Make your self @ Home" ... new setup for its guest... even our house table and chair is way way better than this...

Blogger A: Wow! they actually setup like our canteen table...
Blogger B: Is there any chance that we could get a table inside?
Manager : Even you wait we couldn't get you a table for 10 people. You might have to sit separately.
Me: Now. how could you give this setup for us? *pointing to the two stools*
Manager: *Angrily shouting* The chair can be changed.

Then she walked back into the restaurant and left us outside the restaurant... BTW, is this how a Full Service Restaurant Manager treated their customers... Later, i saw them taking out two chairs and replace the stools with the chairs...

Since our organizer agreed to take whatever we could get... we accepted the table... Guess what? straight after we sat down... there were a group of 10 peoples (mix of Caucasion and non-caucasion) walked in and requesting for a table... The front desk staff registered one of their name into the list and asking the group to sit @ the sofa beside the front desk to wait for their table... Later, the staff ushered the group to walk into the restaurant for their table. I straightaway felt that we were cheated and discriminated over what the manager told us earlier ... she was lying or what?... can i say that the restaurant management is racist too?

Let's fast forward to the food & baverage, I ordered a cocktail for my drink which i would say it should be listed in the Mocktail session under the menu... No alcohol taste at all, just sugar water and got charged for RM18++ ... sigh~... The food on the other hand was so dissatisfied... it was so sooo salty... Especially the Garlic Noodles was salty and oily too... it was nice on my last visit but really disappointed... Maybe you could argue that this was not their specialty... hmmm.... the pizza we ordered was NOT good... NOT cheezy and it tasted salty too.

Anyway, there is ONE LITTLE good things that i would like to mention over here. One of the staff (i should have asked him for his name) was very responsive towards his customer requests... I requested Parmesan cheese... and... the next thing i knew... the cheese was on the table... I thought it would take forever or even better NOT appear on the table given we encountered such a bad first impression of their customers service... ;p

Overall, I would NOT recommend this place to anyone... three words to describe DISAPPOINTED, BAD customers service and NOT VALUE for money... We spent around RM500 for 10 person dinner in this SELF-CLAIMED Full Service Restaurant... which i was not convinced.

Summary rating:
First Impression (greeting customer) : 0/5
Ambience (table setting, environment) : 0/5
Customer Service (Serving food, response to customer request) : 0.5 /5
Food & baverage (taste, quality, value for money) : 0 /5
Overall rating : 0.5 / 5


Saturday, January 2, 2010

Countdown Twenty Ten...

As i mentioned earlier, this year i was having the opportunities to get myself down to the base of the KLCC to view the so called splendid fireworks... errrr.... yup a countdown gathering

Flashback Dec 31st 2008, i was taking fireworks pictures from my balcony and i consolidated into this clip...

Flashback Dec 31st 2009, We have a small blogger gathering to leap over to twenty ten... during our dinner, we were talking about what were we doing on Dec 31st 2008... hehehe... i told them i was taking picture on my balcony... but one of the blogger said there were no countdown on 2008 to 2009 in KL... later i asked them to check my picture on the net... :p

Anyway, it was a nice dinner on the whole despite of the hiccup before the dinner between us and the restaurant manger (will tell u more about this in the future post). After dinner we went around KLCC park to secure a nice spot for view the "splendid" fireworks display... Due to the amazing crowded crowd in the KLCC park, we decided to walk away from the center of the crowd and settle @ the road near Isetan. This was the first time i sitting like that...

Picture taken by Jerry, copy from Medie007

When we sat there, we saw the wave of people kept walking towards the KLCC park direction... I got two snapshots using my Canon Powershots.. you must be wondering where is my Nikon D70... hehehe... i was too lazy to bring my camera and tripod. Tough to take care my baby... :p

Ten, Nine, Eight... Three, Two, One... Happy New Year... We hardly could heard the countdown and suddenly what we heard was people scream followed by the fireworks...

Damn! My battery gone off after 50 sec of recording... I didn't have any backup... i have no choice but to switch the recording from the camera to TZ's memory... Unfortunately, i could not show what has been captured in TZ memory over this post... if not it will be interesting... Anyway, it was a great countdown 2010 with my fellow bloggers.

Dec 31st 2010, ***blank*** (will fill in the blank later), wanna to find out what would be filled in this blank? Stay tune for a year eh~

Happy Twenty Ten
very big thanks for the blogger that organize this event

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy Twenty Ten...

Good morning everyone,

It's 1st day of the year... how do you feel on the first day of Twenty Ten... Great?~

Anyway, wish you all the best on Twenty Ten... hey don't just stay @ home, go out and enjoy different environment which will gain different experience... :)