Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine From Angry Bird

Last Thursday, I got an update notification when click into the Apps Store. One of the notification is to update Angry Bird Season games. I wondered what is the latest season set of games.

After looking at the icon... Realize that the season update is for Valentine. So now Piggy and Birdie are going to celebrate Valentine.

Will Piggy be the valentine of Birdie?

Happy Valentine Day

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Streaymx down...

My streamyx down since early Friday morning about 12am according to my sister. I only noticed it was down on Friday morning 7 something which i wanna to login and read the facebook updates. Since i was rushing to work so I didn't manage to phone them to launch a report. At the end, no internet access. I managed to phone them and the service will be up within 24 hours.

I ended up doing my work after dinner in Starbie yesterday.  Of cause this blog update is written in Starbie too. Anyone know which Starbie am i  now?

Anyway, since Streamyx line down... Should i say YES for amazing thing happen?

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Your Choice

Which one you choose?
1 (Dark Orange)      2 (green)
3 (Light Orange)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Special Home Cook Food

I'm not sure how much food i had last week... The amount of food has made me wanna to hit the gym for hours to burn it.

Anyway, these are the special home cook food... My aunt cooked these food :)

#1 Bak Kee (Port, Peanuts and Corn Starch)
This food served with rice noodles and it's served every first day of new years. For the past decades, we were having this food first thing in the New Year days morning.

Take a closer look....

#2 Lau Shiu Fan (Rice Noodles with Crispy Pork)
This is one of my aunt's specialty... I like this especially with plenty of crispy porks.

#3 Beef Ball (Home made but imported from Thailand)
Why i say home made but imported from Hatyaai Thailand? It's because it's homemade @ Thailand. My uncle went to Thailand, bought them and import back to Malaysia.

#4 Fish head noodles
Another specialty from my aunty, i think i blog about this before in my previous blog... Anyway, this is a yummy fish head noodles.

If you given the choice to choose one of the above, what would be your choice? 

Saturday, February 5, 2011

My very first gym session on Year of Rabbit

Lots of good food which make me gained at least few kilograms within these few days. So, I decided to hit the gym on the 2nd day of CNY.

Since i have the First Club membership from Fitness First, I invited my cousin to have gym together with me. We left my aunts place and headed to the only Fitness First in Penang which located @ Island Plaza.

When we arrived in the front desk, i presented My First Club membership and informed the front desk crew that i wanna to sign my cousin in... what surprise me is that they have change the policy which i could only sign a person in on Weekend without informing the members.

FF Crew #1: Sir, today is Friday, First Club membership could only use on Weekends.
Me: Oh, is there true? i signed my friend in before during Public Holiday in Kuala Lumpur.
FF Crew #1: Sir, if the Public Holiday is dropped on the weekend, then you are able to sign in the person.
Me: No, I remember clearly i sign my friend in and it's not a weekend. When is this change? So...
FF Crew #1: Sir, you can get our daily guest pass for RM45.00...
Me: Errrr.... what else cause i did sign my friend in previously...
FF Crew #1: Sir, our manager is not around, so i could not do anything now... give me a minute.

Then the crew went over to discuss with the other crew, the other crew came back and ask me...

FF Crew #2: Sir which outlet that you have signed your friend on Public Holiday...
Me: I could not remember, it's long time ago when i just got my First Club Membership.
FF Crew #2: Sir, we will allow you to sign in this round only.
Me: *show a happy face* Thanks a lot.

The Crew passed me a card for the locker and then pass my cousin another card. We happily went into the gym...

I spent 1.5 hours with my gym workout and felt so nice after the workout... So not sure wanna to go for the gym workout today :p

PS: I could only bring friend with me to the gym on Saturday, Sunday only... No Public Holiday.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Dong dong dong x12

Happy Chinese New Year. This year is the cutey and furry year. The year of rabbit... Are you born in the year of rabbit?

Basically, my Chinese new year is very routine. Every year we have reunion dinner @ one of my aunts house. What we ate?

After the dinner, as what we did for the past years, we went to the temple for Chinese New Years eve prayer. A 1.5 hours prayer and heading back home...

One hour before the countdown, we were sitting @ the living room to chit chat while waiting for the New Years to come. When the moment the clock hit "dong dong dong" for 12 times. We wished everyone happy new year and later hit the bed after all the wishes :)

Happy Chinese New Year. May the year of Rabbit brings you luck and prosperities...

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

@ penang

Tz just checked into the Island of Penang. Who else is in Penang for Chinese New Year celebration?