Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Cats and dogs are unable to cure Hazy Kuala Lumpur...

Hazy Kuala Lumpur

You must be thinking why Cats and Dogs are able to cure Hazy Kuala Lumpur... Long long ago, there was a saying Raining Cats and Dogs means raining very heavy. Usually when Kuala Lumpur has a heavy rain, it usually clean up the city with haze. 

I was driving in the evening of Monday, the rain was so heavy that i hardly can see and followed by a traffic jam due to the rain... 

Raining Cats n dogs

Anyway, the Monday Cats and Dogs were not able to chase away the haze. Hopefully the coming Thursday, Friday and weekend Cats and Dogs may chase away the haze eh~

Just stay healthy during hazy day eh~

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

On going to TRX 45 mins Circuit Class by Jacq Ng

I managed to hit the gym at around 5pm yesterday. I straightaway went to see the class schedule for 5ish class... Any class i could attend, wanted to kick start my week with a light workout especially NO GYM for the past 4 days.

5:15pm was the TRX class by Jacq Ng. I quickly changed to my exercise attire, went to the front desk for registration, walked over to the group exercise main studio. Jacq  was there preparing for the class. He actually saw me looking at the board earlier.

He was surprised that i changed so quickly and headed to his class. BTW, i was surprised as he addressed me by my full name. Wow~ how you know my full name? After some thought, i think he knew my full name is because he is the Personal Training Manager in 1MK and i have signed up for so many PT sessions with his team. So, should not have any surprise he knew me by name eh~ :-)

Back to TRX, it was a circuit class and Jacq being a pleasant and encouraging facilitator. He has made the class very enjoyable, 45 mins passed so quickly and we really have a good workout since options were given to us. In additional,  he encouraged us to listen to our own body... Some of the exercise i just have to forgo since i have lost some momentum/stamina without going to gym for 4 days.You must be thinking how could this happen, but for a core gym person like me... it makes a different kub~

For those people who don't know what is TRX and never see TRX,  here is a video clip...

Monday, September 29, 2014

On planning how to spend the long weekend

Oct 3rd - Oct 6th 2014 is a long weekend in Malaysia and Singapore. So, my travel buddy from Singapore will be coming to Malaysia for spending a long weekend with my friends and I.

So as a host, what should i plan for this long weekend? I have a few options and got a quick discussion with my friends

Option #1:
2 day 1 night in Ipoh + remaining day in Kuala Lumpur
  • We will drive up to Ipoh and visit the surrounding area (e.g. Gua Tempurung etc), then spent a night in Ipoh happening downtown booze area. Next day come back to Kuala Lumpur. 
  • Day 3 will chill out in Kuala Lumpur 

Option #2: 
3 days 2 night Pulau Ketam, Klang area, Kuala Lumpur downtown
  • Day trip to Pulau Ketam to visit the fishing village and have seafood lunch, evening chill in cafe @ Klang
  • Be a tourist in Kuala Lumpur for 2 day 1 night including visit attraction in Kuala Lumpur and booze booze at Changkat Bukit Bintang at night.
Option #3: 
Staycation in downtown Kuala Lumpur for 3day 2night.
  • Find a nice hotel and staycate in downtown Kuala Lumpur. Enjoying food around Kuala Lumpur and booze booze at night
This are the 3 options that we have in mind... We tried not to go too far from Kuala Lumpur due to foresee the highway will be jammed up with people traveling on the long weekend.

So, any suggestion?

Sunday, September 28, 2014


Sister is in town for a weekend... I was not going to gym since Thursday until today - Sunday.

Thursday - No gym
After work, went to Grapes in Cyberjaya with Colleagues for Happy Hour before heading to airport to pick up my sister and sent her to the hotel. Too late for gym and i didn't not bring my clothing with me.

Friday - No gym
Wanted to hit the gym at 4:30pm but ended up the rain was coming and didn;t want to get wet, so decided to skip gym and went out dinner with my parent and le sister.

Saturday - No gym
Went for lunch with parents and le sister in Sukiya, planned to hit the gym after dropping them back to my condo. Ended up Dad suggested to head over to VW to have a test drive on Polo and Jetta. So gym didn't happen due to too rush for me as we have planned to have dinner at port klang. Sigh~

Sunday - No gym
Had brunch with my friend came back for holiday from Scotland. Initially, i have planned to hit the gym after the brunch but ended up sitting in Tous Les Jours, Bintang Walk for the whole afternoon until sister called for dinner. Quickly sent my friend back to pick up his car and headed home...

Total 4 days of  NO GYM day... Oops~ am i getting fat?

Saturday, September 27, 2014

On swinging like a monkey

Fitness First Avenue K has installed a racks of functional workout... It has becoming quite popular outlet after its make over on reflecting the latest Fitness First Rebranding. They have installed some new tools and workout equipment. One of them is

Functional Workout Rack - Monkey Bar (the Gray rack)
The Monkey Bar rack was for those members whom wanted to workout their arms and abs... this workout rack is a whole body functional workout. Not really fully utilized at this moment as not many people able to swing from one bar to another. 

Back to the Monkey Bar Workout... I was trying to swing myself from one bar to another... the most i can finished was 5 bars which not even 1/3 of the total bars. Anyway, i'm trying to reach as many as i could on my next attempt. One bar at a time~ :p

Anyone has tried this workout?

Friday, September 26, 2014

Coffee Place : Epique coffee company

So many coffee place in Malaysia... there are light the mushroom growing rapidly. Last week, I went to this small coffee place called Epique Coffee Company which located at Empire Damansara.

Epique coffee company
I purchased the coffee latte and my friend got the ice white chocolate.

Coffee Latte from Epique Coffee Company
Epique Coffee Company
Sitting there in the coffee, i just wondered what is this cafe specialty. Google for some information about this cafe. What is their specialty... etc. What i found in most of the people whom been to this cafe, according to them, Epique signature is Gula Malacca Banana Cake...

Gula Malacca Banana Cake
Just a normal banana cake with Gula Malacca...
Overall this place is nice in term of ambiance, coffee and cake is just so so only. The place is quiet and it's good place to catch up with your friends.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

On friend visiting and bringing Anthon Berg

My friend visited me in Kuala Lumpur last month. He knew I like chocolate liqueurs, so he brought along Anthon Berg for me.

The box has 16 different types of liqueurs inside the chocolate. From famous volka, Canadian Club to XO and brandy... I just had one last night and hmmm... it's yummy~

Too bad i could not send some over the internet for you to taste. Close your eyes and imagine the smell of the liquor and chocolate eh~