Friday, September 19, 2014

Coffee Place: Coffee Factory

Coffee Factory is located inside a very unique place i.e. The Grand Shanghai SetiaWalk Mall Puchong. Have you visited the place? If not do visit Coffee Factory as this place is very cozy at the corner of the old Shanghai place. You will experience drinking coffee in the street of Shanghai in olden days...

This place has nice coffee and friendly staff. Besides, i have tried their food like pasta and sandwiches. It's delicious.

Coffee Latte
I will the nice coffee art with the doggie biscuit... It was a cute combination.
Anyway, just pay a visit and experience yourself eh~

Next Cafe : Epique Coffee Company

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

On staying over @ Hotel Majapahit Surabaya

My friend booked the hotel Majapahit for a night in Surabaya, on our way to Ijen Indonesia. This hotel was built in 1910 and was around for nearly 100 years. It was a luxury hotel and it's design was all victorian style.

By looking at the outside and inside, it's just a normal hotel with nice historical architecture. But it has the historical story behind this building...

The hotel was the site of the famous "Insiden Hotel Yamato" (in English "Hotel Yamato incident") on 19 September 1945 in which young Indonesian revolutionaries tore the blue part of the Dutch flag flown in the hotel to change it to the red and white Indonesian flag in the lead up to the Battle of Surabaya. Following this incident it became known as the Hotel Merdeka, or the Liberty Hotel. (Detail: Hotel Majapahit @ Wikipedia )

After visited this hotel, i have learn on how the Indonesia flag come about....
How Malaysia flag come about. Anyone?

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Happy Malaysia Day

Roll back ONE YEAR ago in Sept 16th... Where was TZ be in?


yup, i was in Kuching... by now you must be asking, where will TZ be this year?
hehe... TZ will be working this year. Not going to anywhere. Boss is in Kuala Lumpur...

Picture from

Monday, September 15, 2014

Touring Kuala Lumpur - Day #2

My boss and I decided to do a half day sightseeing and have a nice seafood dinner. We actually planned to covered 2 places but we only managed to cover 1 place + a dinner. Really free and easy eh~

Royal Selangor Pewter Visitor Center 
The Royal Selangor Pewter Visitor Center is built on the extension of the existing Royal Selangor Pewter factory in Setapak. This factory produces the pewter for all the outlets around the world, as far as London, UK and Toronto, Canada. In short, the only Royal Selangor Pewter factory in the world. 

We were welcomed with the World Largest Pewter Tankard... 

World Largest 
A guide was assigned to explain the history of Royal Selangor Pewter and she brought us around the Royal Selangor Pewter... The Royal Selangor Pewter was founded by a Chinese migrant on 1885 and he settled down in Kuala Lumpur, the town with Tin. The whole session was informative and good for kids to learn about Pewter. 

As we finishing the visitor center, we don't have time to head over to the National Mosque, we ended up skipping the National Mosque and proceed to Port Klang for seafood.

Bagan Hailam
My colleague and I have chosen Bagan Hailam to have our seafood dinner.  Journey from Royal Selangor Pewter took around 1hr via DUKE and NKVE.

Bagan Hailam seafood restaurant was located at North Port of Port Klang, we ordered three dishes for 4 adult and 1 children.

  • Sweet and Sour Crab 
  • Steam Prawn
  • Assam Stingray fish

Steam Prawn
Sweet n Sour Crab

The food was yummy~ and every was so satisfied.

Before sending them back to the hotel, i brought them over to have a quick tour to see OLD KL at night... "It looks different, the building looks nice" said my boss~

It was a 1.5 days tiring tour around but it was fun to host people in my lovely metropolitan Kuala Lumpur... 

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Touring Kuala Lumpur - Day #1

Sept 13th 2014 Kuala Lumpur
TZ was hosting his boss and brought his boss around Kuala Lumpur for sightseeing... 

Batu Cave 
Our first stop was Batu Cave, climbing 273 steps and we finished the temple within an hour. We skipped the dark cave which has been closed to the public for decades. The bats' smell was so bad... Anyway, we went down immediately after we decided not to proceed to the dark cave. 

Statue on top of the temple @ Batu cave
Next, we went to the Istana Negara to catch the changing guard, unfortunately we missed the guard changing... but we did see a guard riding on the horse... 

Guard @ Istana Negara

It has been long time since the last time i visited National Monument. So the surrounding has changed but i still know there is a small car park within 10m from the main gate. So we parked our car and walked into the National Monument.

National Monument 

We had our lunch break at THE CURVE... Then, we went back to old KL visited the Dataran Merdeka, where the world tallest flag pole is located... Wow~ it's Tall, that's from my boss reaction ;-)

Tallest Flag pole in the world - Dataran Merdeka

KL Gallery is a new attraction in Old KL. This cool place is located 100m from Data Merdeka. We finished the sightseeing on tallest flag pole... We didn't know it was free to visit and understand the KL future. 

Future State of Kuala Lumpur

Finished the slide show and went outside the KL gallery building, i noticed no one queued up for the I love KL, So quickly went for the shots :p

TZ with I Love KL

Handsome? I think i have at one picture on I AM AMSTERDAM... 

We went to Central Market and China Town, my boss wanted to go shopping, I was walking behind her to make sure her handbag intact with her all the time. Guess what? We saw one person was being beaten until he was bleeding from his nose... Scary experience in Chinatown eh~

Saturday, September 13, 2014

On being a Tour Guide in Kuala Lumpur

I was born in Kuala Lumpur... Yes~ I'm a city boy.

My boss is here for a few days and i have volunteer to be her tour guide to bring her around Kuala Lumpur... We have planned out a list of place to visit~

Batu Cave
New Istana
National Monument
Dataran Merdeka
Central Market
Petaling Street etc...

It has been long time i haven't been a tour guide as no many visitor from outside the country...

Friday, September 12, 2014

Coffee Place

I'm a coffee person since I was in Canada for my studies... I like to taste different coffee from various cafe. Cafe market in Malaysia is like mushrooms... booming and basically you can get different cafe all over the place. Some has its uniqueness and some just a typical coffee place. Let's explore the cafe eh~

Every Friday, I'm going to post and share with all of you the coffee place i have been and hope you can also share your view if you have been there.

Let's exchange ideas starting next Friday eh~
Next Cafe: Coffee Factory