Thursday, September 3, 2015

Merdeka weekend with Sister and Nephew

Sister and Nephew are in town last weekend during the Merdeka weekend. Most of my friends have gone to the BERSIH 4.0 but i didn't take part of the event as my sister and nephew were in town. Hey, this didn't mean that i support the kok kok gai as he has said that whoever didn't appear in the Bersih 4.0 means support him. Come on, some of us just tight up with something else.

Anyway, let's just don't talk about the event. Later my blog got blocked. :')

I spent my Merdeka weekend with my sister and nephew in Port Dickson... My sister have rented two room in Thistle Resort which my parent were there too... It was so crowded with families...

I was enjoying the sea breeze with the "People Mountain People Sea" but still not that bad as i managed to build the sand castle with my nephew.

Was there only 2 day 1 night... Short but enjoyable. How's you celebrated the Merdeka weekend?

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Garfield Run @ Singapore

Not sure how Garfield runs... He is so so sooooo FAT FAT FAT!!!!

Anyway, I'm going to participate on the Garfield run this coming September 19th 2015 @ Singapore. Hey it's NOT a kiddy run but i think there will be lots of kiddy adult as they wanted the Garfield T-shirt and finisher medal ;-)

Are you growing up with Garfield and Odie?

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Have you got caffeinated?

It's tough to kick start the day especially yesterday was the national holiday with a long weekend... I'm not sure how you could start your engine... I usually start my engine with a hot caffeinated drink... Yup~ It's coffee~


Monday, August 31, 2015

Life post MBA

1.5 years of MBA has passed so quickly without even notice. The rushing of getting all assignment and exam done semester by semester have occupied most of my time. Classes has jammed up my weekend calendar. I was busy with classes, assignments and exam preparation.

People said it's very tough to go through the process. To me, it's a matter of how your priority, commitment and time management. No doubt it's taxing to go through the 1.5 years MBA courses but it also given me lots of fun and knowledge gained throughout the period.

The best jackpot that i gained from is to have this MBA totally FREE. Not a single cent paid to obtain this certification. YES~ my previous company has paid for it... You must have wondered why I said FREE. I suppose to have a bond of two years with this company but guess what? I was given the chance to get out from the company without need to be bonded as i was given the choice to obtain the Voluntary separation package.

Anyway, back to after MBA, since i was so FREE... I decided to sign up a two weekend course on INVESTMENT in US market through Beyond Insights, an investment training institute to learn about how to invest in US market with a right method and reduce risk of losing the capital if we do it right.

It was an overwhelming two weekend with all the financial figure which i was not fond of... Anyway, reality bites, no matter how you don't like it. You have to love it cause they will help you to make MONEY~

Other than the Investment courses, I have also sign up Thai language class and a sales class etc!!!

Now, I'm looking for a nutrition class to attend~

Friday, August 14, 2015


It's has been 6 weeks after i finished more than 50% of my Level 1 "pas-saa tai' class. Now, i can speak a little bit of thai...

Kub kub class
Revision on thai language

Saturday, April 18, 2015


The next few posts, let me bring you to my #throwback of my India Trip back in March 2015. Hope i will not bore you to death~

I supposed to post this straight after I come back to Kuala Lumpur but... something comes up which have drawn my focus to... Now i could reclaim my time to blog about India trip. An interesting and fascinating trip to me~

Friday, April 17, 2015

MBA Final Semester

My final semester has started. This semester I'm taking two subjects i.e. Accounting Finance and Marketing Management. According to our senior, these two subjects are not tough. Can I party over these two subjects ;-)

Anyway, still gotta focus on the study to make sure I finished the MBA by July 2015. Since my MBA was sponsored by the company, I don't need to pay a single cent to obtain this certification. So the only thing I gotta do is to work hard and get over it. 

Last semester was the worst as there were 3 subjects and all 3 were not so straight forward. It took time to do the assignment and study the subjects. Anyway, I got them all passed!!! ;-) My only concern now is how i could make use of my MBA to get a better job in the future. Maybe i should ask, could I get a better job with my MBA?

When you throw a stone and you might hit MBA graduates on the Central Business District (CBD), just like now degree holder is just a paper to go into the working life. So what about MBA? Sigh~ 

Okay~ i shouldn't be so emotional in the Friday afternoon which most of you have planned how to party over the weekends. I'm waiting for my classmate to arrive in a not so quiet but empty Starbie... Don't ask me why eh~

Starbie on Friday Afternoon